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Back at Blackdown on this beautiful day, and we’ll be here tomorrow. We’re next to The Agility Orchard, where all of our physiotherapy blocks are from.

Why bother with static work? Well, it is harder than it looks to stand still (or plank) with good posture! Four legs make it easy to disengage a hip muscle, lean forward, or twist.

Getting the posture basics down means that during movement, you have more opportunity to influence joint stability. Conditioning is the next step, adding protection for the whole structure.

Ultimately, this means better body communication in response to handling, training, and injury-risk scenarios.

Photos from Prehabvet's post 07/05/2022

Beautiful day at Blackdown, seeing old faces and meeting new.

This beautiful face is Duffy, who stopped by for a fitness check and a smile. She’s just a young lass; we had a chat about her training habits thus far, and how her posture is developing - the best time to do it.

Judging in Ring 5 tomorrow - see you there!


You can now check out the "services" tab and take a peek at our clinical work.

We're next in Devon on February 4th, and South Wales on February 18th.

That's great, you say - but got training on the brain? Well, we've got a place for that at our February and March workshops, based at K9 Kindergarten in Caerphilly, Wales.

February focuses on breaking down those little movements behind skills, and is ideal for the current puppy or pre-competition athlete. Skilled dogs are welcome too, but it's learning for you - not the dog.

Got an inkling that circling ten times in one direction doesn't adequately prepare a backside? Wondering how to advance from a side change to serpentine without excess repetition? Our puppy workshop is focused on the movement behind the skill, with the goal of building a more sustainable athlete long-term.

Our jumping workshop in March is an extension of this, but adds turns, acceleration, and deceleration over Grade 1-3 sequences.

Push your boundaries and explore how to rate a skill more quickly, build room for handler learning while reducing canine impact, and see just how much your dog can do.

Book online, but if you've got any questions - send us a message, we'll get right back to you.

By the way, we might have collies, but that's hardly where our expertise ends. Currently writing this in the midst of five family working gundogs. If you know the answer to what clothing masks both red and black fur, hit us up.

Blackdown Members Show – PREHABVET 14/01/2022

Blackdown Members Show – PREHABVET

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of judging for Blackdown's Christmas Show. It was a fantastic opportunity to plan courses in advance of the Kennel Club season.

If all course builds involved that much cheer and friendliness, I'll be a judge for life. Many thanks for all your help, kindness and positive feedback about the courses.

Maps available here:

If you're located towards Caerphilly on Sunday (January 16), I have two spots left for performance assessments or clinical massage. You can visit our website for booking information, or message me.

Two movement-based workshops are also planned in February and March. It's an excellent chance to learn patterns behind backsides, foundation work, startlines and jumping. It's agility - but focused in a way that grabs the behaviour correctly from the start, conditions the right muscles in movement, and protects your team long-term.

Blackdown Members Show – PREHABVET Course Plans Blackdown Members Show January 14, 2022 Steeplechase ASteeplechase BG1-3 Jumping Courses for Blackdown’s Christmas Members Show (unaffiliated) on January 9, 2022. Weaves in G1-3 were replaced by two jumps. Blackdown Hills in winter. Share this Facebook Messenger Whatsapp Email Tags: g...


Welcome, 2022!

We're looking forward to bringing a lot of resources to the table for you this year, and have been privileged to see all of your lovely teammates over our first few months.

Regarding appointments, we now regularly see clients in Cullompton, Devon. Upcoming spots available for fitness screens, soft tissue sessions, and performance analysis on January 11th.

We can also be seen in Caerphilly, Wales. Limited spots left available for January 16th. Arena training is on an all-weather microfibre surface with Galican equipment and can be hired.

Visit our website for booking and details.


We'll be at FAB Agilty Show this weekend, August 27-28th. Don't be afraid to stop by and chat - it's your chance to poll a vet.





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