Life Awareness for Children

Life Awareness for children is about giving life skills which cover knife crime, drugs, criminal accountability, and making the right choices.

Life Awareness 4 Schools Presentation's for Year 6 Students covers the following

* Bullying
* Drugs
* Knife Crime
and much more

Operating as usual


Good luck to all the children who are returning to school today. You are amazing! ⭐

Good luck to all the children who are returning to school today. You are amazing! ⭐


Tomorrow is a new adventure. You can do this!

Tomorrow is a new adventure. You can do this!


So true


If your that person waiting around for your friends to call, it's time to change. Take the lead and get out there. It can be hard but you can do it.


London we are united


London we stand together. You will not win


Do you remember having no worries, going to school happy, excited and full of joy. Well not everyone feels like that even in primary school. Everyone has that right. If your being bullied, tell someone make it change.


Every child matters. Did you know that from 10 yrs old you could be arrested and receive up to 4 years in prison for carrying a knife. NOT using it just having a knife on you.


Change your path in life today. WIser say's NO to knife crime. You are the only one who is important, you matter, you make a difference, your special and unique.


A true friend will stick up for you no matter what, they will believe in you and accept you for who you are. Believe in yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to.


Don't take family for granted. They will not be around forever but their love is forever, no matter what. If you have a problem share it with someone that cares.


Be yourself. If you have worries, tell someone. That's what friends are for, not to judge you but to help guide you along the path of life. True friends will be with you at the end of that path.


Over Easter take the time to re connect with your kids before they think you don't care


Do you really know your child and what is going on in their world? silence is dangerous! NO school NO pressure,
Take the time to listen.


Wiser says stand up to bullies say'NO'


Don't sit in silence. There is help out there all you need to do is ask for Help.


Had enough of bully's? Take 3 easy steps Record it, Report it, Don't support it.


#stopbullying Stand up to bully's. Say No


Don't let anyone tell you your a loser. You are unique and there isn't anyone that can replace you.


Home Alone, would you answer your front door to strangers and tell them your life story ? Treat your computer like your front door, be Wiser and stay safe.


Life Awareness for Children

Just be yourself and try your best. 100% effort is all anybody can ask.


Just be yourself and try your best. 100% effort is all anybody can ask.


Except people for who they are and don't judge them as you don't know what goes on in their lives


Happy New Year
Keep Safe and check out tips from WISER throughout 2017


Remember Christmas is a stressful time, it brings families together and it tears families apart. Children have feelings too. Count your blessings and be thankful


#knowledgeIsPower 😊


Life Awareness for Children

Christmas Jumper Day whoop whoop! Any excuse to have a bit of fun ☃️❄️


Christmas Jumper Day whoop whoop! Any excuse to have a bit of fun ☃️❄️


Be a FB Wizz. Don't give out personal information online as you might be telling strangers your whole life. Both parents and kids should be more careful what you post


Remember you could be breaking the law. If you sext it's a criminal offence. DONT BE PRESSURISED. Once it's out there it's there to stay.


Drugs ruin people's lives, break up families and have disastrous effects on our communities. There are lots of bad habits that are acceptable but this isn't one of them.


Wise up with Wiser and ditch the attitude!!


Drugs! When you take illegal drugs you are in your own small world! It damages your life and any career you thought you might of had. GONE In a flash!


It's as simple as that!! No need to say anything else


Life Awareness for Children's cover photo




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