Jessica W English and Maths Tutor

I'm a teacher & private tutor for primary aged students with English & Maths. Get in touch now! Hi I'm Jessica. I consider self-care to be very important to me.

I am a qualified primary school teacher who is here to help your child achieve their best in English and Maths. I know that one of the most important thing about tutoring is finding the right tutor for your child. I have worked with children of a variety of ages, ages and needs. Most recently, I worked at a specialised provision and am passionate about supporting students who find mainstream scho

Operating as usual


Spaces are filling fast!

Enroll your child into my reading group TODAY! Limited spaces available!

Groups run:
Monday : 6.15pm to 6.55pm - Years 5 & 6
Wednesday: 5.15pm to 5.55pm - Years 3 & 4
Friday: 4.15pm to 4.55pm - Years 1 & 2

Remember you can book your child into any group, irrespective of their age or year group. It is where they fit best and where their confidence will flourish.

Get in touch today.

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😁Are you thinking about signing your child up to enhance their reading skills?

🧐Are you eager to know what your child will be doing and learning whilst sat in front of their screen?

😊I have got you covered. Here is a list of what will take place:

➡️fluency (speed/ word recognition)
➡️comprehension skills
➡️using punctuation marks effectively
➡️skimming and scanning
➡️speaking and listening
➡️echo reading
➡️sharing opinions

✨Sooooo many skills are covered during reading. Many of these skills are transferable into Written tasks too.

💥Groups run as follows:
Monday: 6:15pm to 6.55pm - Years 5 & 6
Wednesday: 5:15pm to 5:55pm - Years 3 & 4
Friday: 4:15pm to 5:15pm - Years 1 & 2

Remember your child can be placed among any of the groups irrespective of their age or year group. This will really support your child to boost their confidence.

For example if your child is in Year 5 and reading level is of a Year 3 level - Your child is welcome to join the Year 3 & 4 group.

Want to have a discovery call?

Book with me and we can have a chat (Booking link in Bio)



I am super excited to be launching READING GROUP CLASSES.

Due to popular demands and requests - I have created group classes for ALL primary aged children.

Classes available for all children ages 5-11.

Your child can be placed in ANY of the classes irrespective of age.

Limited spaces available!
Use the link below to book and secure a place for your child today! (easy to access link available on Profile page)


What is it all about?

Group classes are online, for 40 minutes. This will vary week on week depending on text size and lesson focus.

We will focus on the following:

Sequence or Summarise
Definitions of new words
Antonyms and synonyms using words from the text
Echo reading
Independent reading
Understanding why punctuation marks are used.
Correction on pronunciation to new unfamiliar words

Grab a spot for your child to enhance their reading skills.

Limited spaces available!

Don't leave it until September to join the class!


New Classes Available!

By Popular Demand!

Are you wondering about a class for your Year 1 child who is still learning phonics?

Great news!

I now offer classes for all primary school learners. It’s not just about placing your child in their specific year group; it’s about finding the right fit to boost their confidence and foster a love for reading.

Class dates are as follows:

Mondays 6.15pm to 6.55pm - Upper Key Stage 2 - Ages 9-11
Wednesdays 5.15pm to 5.55pm - Lower Keystage - Ages 7-9
Fridays 4.15pm to 4.55pm - Key Stage 1 - Ages 5-7

Limited spaces available!

Use the link below to book and secure a place for your child today!


Prioritise yourself!

It's not selfish!

You matter—you're only human.
Practice gratitude—what are you thankful for today?
You're doing your best—always.
You have the right to say no—even if it may discomfort others.
All emotions are valid—expressing negativity doesn't define you.
Celebrate your achievements—we often focus on what's ahead and overlook how far we've come.


Have a sneak peak out of the window!

What do you see? Who is there?

Orally create your very own story about people and animals you observe outside. Do they have super powers? If so, what kind?

Let your imaginations run wild!


Online Reading Groups

Focus will be on

Small groups
Phonics Focus
Reading Skills

Starting on Wednesday 24th April 2024

As groups begin to fill, more dates will be available.


Revising can be challenging, but it pays off with sufficient time investment!

Parents, assist your child/children in organizing their schedule. Maintain firmness!

Collaborate on creating a timetable together. As an adult, stay informed about their revision—where, when, and how it's taking place.

Ensure phones and other distractions are kept far away.

Eliminate anything that might tempt your child to procrastinate.

It always pays off at the end!


This is always a tough one to grasp!

The best way is to just write what ever comes to mind. There is always an opportunity to go back to edit.

I mirror this task to an artist. No published art piece is the final piece. There will always be trials and practice paintings and drawings.

Same applies to creative writing. No first piece is the the final piece.

Like, save, share!


Upper Key Stage 2 Statutory Words!

Use the holidays to get your child to read and spell these words.

Most of these spelling patterns will appear in the Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation SATs test. If you child is unsure of the spelling, spelling rule and pronunciation then the SATs may become tricky for your child to access.

Start now so it doesn't all pile up later on- particularly during their revision window.

Like, save, share - Take a screen shot so they're saved onto your phone.


Lower Key Stage 2 Statutory Words!

Use the holidays to get your child to read and spell these words.

When they reach Year 5 and 6 - there will be other spellings for them to read and spell.

Start now so it doesn't all pile up later on- particularly when they reach Year 6 - SATs year.


Key Stage 1 Statutory Words!

Use the holidays to get your child to read and spell these words.

When they reach Year 3 and 4 - there will be more spellings for them to read and to spell.

When they reach Year 5 and 6 - there will be other spellings for them to read and spell.

Start now so it doesn't all pile up later on- particularly when they reach Year 6 - SATs year.


Dominoes (my fave - placing them in a line one behind the other - watching them fall down)

Simple addition and multiplication of the dots - which ever way round you want to play it.

Turn them upside down if you wish to, have them facing up and selecting two dominoes at random.

It is totally up to you!

Give it a go at home!


Become a journalist for the day!

Here are some possible ideas for a heading:

"School Scoop": Covering all the latest news and events from around the schoolyard!

"Kid's Corner Chronicles": A fun-filled look at what's happening in our school community.

"Junior Journal Jottings": Reporting on the adventures and achievements of fellow students.

"Playground Ponderings": Exploring the happenings and games on the playground, with interviews and fun facts.

"Creative Kids Corner": Showcasing the talents of our artistic and creative students through stories, poems, and artwork.

"Sports Spotlight": Highlighting the latest sports news, matches, and achievements of our school teams.

"Science Safari": Delving into the wonders of science with cool experiments, discoveries, and interviews with budding scientists.

"Tech Time Travels": Exploring technology trends, coding clubs, and digital adventures in our school.


Just me, working my magic

I love these kinds of feedback from my students. I get how they feel, I get the struggles. I was one of those students at school. Maths is not my forte and my experiences of it from school has brought many set backs.

It was only when I became a teacher that I had to navigate my way around this because I had to learn strategies and concepts that I didn't learn at school, at the same time questioning why I was never taught in this way - maths life would have been a bliss for me during my primary days if I was.


Pasta doing its thing!

Create patterns and sequences using a range of pasta shells

Angel Hair Pasta
Ditalini Pasta

Have a look at my example? How many different sequences can you create?


Create your own story using toys and equipment at home.

Cheap and cheerful.

No additional material required (paper and pencil if that)

Let your imagination run free!


Playing cards and Uno are my go to!

Calling all parents who have children sitting the Year 4 Multiplication Check

Get the revision rolling for it.
Playing it, memorise it, play it, memorise it!

Do anything and everything to ensure your child knows their tables 1- 12

They have 6 seconds to answer each one!

Also, the same can apply to anyone who wishes to learn their times tables. Being fluent with times tables will help with other areas particularly moving to upper key stage.

Photos from Jessica W English and Maths Tutor's post 02/04/2024

After the Easter holidays.........

Incoming exams and tests for anything and everything.

Year 4 Multiplication Screening
Year 1- Phonics Screening

We've all been there - the struggles, the anxieties, the 'I can't do this'.

There are coping strategies and ways to navigate around this - always!

So many of my students who I tutor experience negative thoughts and feelings about exams and tests- it's normal. But if you're always thinking in this way - how do you get out of this mindset?

Plan a timetable for revision- last minute will bring on the stress and anxieties.
Start revision early - you can always revisit it back later on.
Get enough sleep!


Introducing Group Reading: Forming small reading groups to enhance reading skills

My goal is to boost your child's confidence and self-esteem while honing crucial skills, including:

💥Developing and broadening vocabulary
💥Improving comprehension abilities
💥Encouraging creative thinking and thinking outside the box through collaborative learning
💥Addressing any reading gaps your child may have by ensuring everyone engages with the same level of text. - opportunities to share and discuss ideas,

Remember, reading goes beyond just recognizing words; it extends into various aspects of learning.

Prefer a chat to find out more?? Book a call today! (link in bio)

Limited spaces available! Grab a spot before it's gone!


You will definitely find playing cards and Uno somewhere in my living room!

Playing cards and Uno are so versatile So many maths ideas games. Keep your eyes peeling for more ideas you can explore with.

Switch roles: You turn child- let your child/ children lead the activity.

Play silly - My little one loves any opportunity where he can correct me. Purposely share an incorrect answer.

Give it a go!

Don't forget to:

Like, share, comment!


DIY and cost effective! Right up my street!

Remember to keep some learning going on at home during the Easter holidays, especially if you're to stay put - whatever it is!

Reading, writing, maths, experiments, cooking, baking, arts and crafts anything!

No doubt your children will say they are bored at some stage during the Easter break-

I'll know my one is an expert with saying 'I'm bored' - I would hear it at least 3-4 times daily. Thankfully, we will reside in another country for the duration so if I do hear the words uttered- Help me God!


There is so much out there!

Even as an experienced teacher I am always trying to find and create fun activities that require minimal set up or purchasing of additional resources.

I have made this slightly easier for you. Keep your eyes peeled for some quick and effective English and maths activities you can do over the Easter holidays with your children at home.


🥳I'm officially out of the office!

😮No laptops, no emails, no social media (maybe an odd story of my holiday).

✈️Family vacay with limited WiFi access ( that's my main excuse) 😎

📩I will respond to all emails and messages on Monday 15th April - Don't worry - I will not be ignoring up - I will be soaking up lots of VitD instead!


📒Getting your child to read is a difficult one.

📔Your child has to be willing to read. I know that as a parent I cannot force my child to read when it suits me, so my child and I know that reading is a must before bedtime.

🙃More recently my son has become a confident reader applying his phonics knowledge that he has been learning at school (age 5). The other day I started to his class reading book. Deliberately I was mispronouncing the words or swapping the words with other words. This was the most I had seen him laugh. It was actually funny. We ended up with
"Spread Jam on a bum (I had replaced a bun with bum)"

🧐This was also to reassure that he was understanding the incorrect parts, following the text and this made him correct all the wrongness that I was doing - even comprehension as he was explaining his understanding to me to ensure I understood what I was reading.

😂Now I'm doomed - he wants me to do this with every book I read! - As long as he displays age appropriate reading skills - I'm not one to complain.


✨Benefits of Small Reading Groups:

👉 Your child isn't alone with the tutor; there's a supportive group environment.
👉 All participants share similar goals and motivations.
👉 Group members can brainstorm together when feeling stuck.
👉 Mutual learning occurs as participants exchange ideas.
👉 Confidence and resilience in reading are nurtured.
👉 Reading skills are refined and defined.

Just like the different approaches to reading instruction commonly used in classrooms, such as whole group reading, whole class reading, or Guided reading, early readers and Key Stage 1 students typically engage in small group reading sessions, emphasizing phonetics, vocabulary, and inference skills.

Moving up the school, the skills expand with elaborated questions provided your own opinion as well as sharing ideas from the authors' perspective.

If your child requires additional support with reading words, or applying reading skills.

🌟Send me a DM/ Message of Facebook

🌟Book a call to find out more. (link in bio)

As groups begin to fill up, more dates will be released.


"🔥 Get a Glimpse Inside..."

🔍 Ever wonder what a simple lesson can look like? Take a look

🧠 Step 1: We delved deep into understanding each word in those boxes, providing real-life examples to reinforce comprehension.

📖 Step 2: I encouraged the student to read through the entire word list, strengthening their vocabulary.

❓ Step 3: Identifying unfamiliar words becomes key. We focused on clarifying their meanings.

🗣️ Step 4: Pronunciation is essential! I ensured the student was confident in articulating each word correctly.

🧩 Step 5: Matching the words to their respective word classes helped solidify understanding.

🤯 Step 6: Lastly, we explored the beauty of language—how a single word can transform, adapting to different contexts within a sentence.

🌐 Online tuition goes beyond the surface. It's about empowering students with a deeper grasp of knowledge. Join us in the journey of learning and discovery! 💡

Ready to take your child's learning to the next level?
🚀 Book a call today for more information: (link in bio)

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