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The boy shows some promise.
Can you do this one?
Hey Bob, We've got a maths problem here that we are struggling with. Can you, or anyone on here, help us please? (we are looking for explanations *how* to work out any of the angles labled 'a' to 'm', rather than just the answers!). Daughter wants to find all the angles that she hasn't found yet... It's not homework, but a puzzle she was trying to do.
Maths humour. You gotta love it.

Qualified and experienced tutor offering private GCSE maths tuition in the Walsall, Cannock and Brownhills areas.

Operating as usual


This time will fly by.


Only 67 days remaining until the first of this year's GCSE mathematics papers. Exam preparation has begun. New tuition enquiries are still coming and unfortunately, I don't have the capacity to take anyone else on.
Take a look at this problem and see what you make of it.


When a straight line cuts through a curve (in this case a circle), there can be two points of intersection. Solving these two equations simultaneously will find the coordinates of those two points. Higher tier GCSE maths.


This just in from one of my private maths students. Another happy customer.

Grade 4 short of a 5 by a hand full of marks which is still a good result bearing in mind you only had a short time to work with her. Jodie is well made up with it and has said that without you she would have most likely have failed. We can never thank you enough, Bob, for your time and effort.


Another satisfied customer. Well done, Gabrielle.


Good luck and best wishes to everyone who will be receiving their November 2021 GCSE resit results today.


If you want to push up to grade 7, or possibly beyond, then knowing and applying these aspects of circle geometry will be a required skill. I get asked to go over these quite often.

Photos from Walsall maths tutor's post 02/11/2021

Working with higher tier GCSE maths students on some geometry.


Well, private maths tuition for the 2021-22 academic year is well and truly underway. Working 3.5 days a week at college allows me some time to take on 5 tuition clients without running myself into the ground.
ALL of last year's year 11 were awarded passing grades. 4, 5, 6 and 8 are the grades that my four students achieved. I was so every pleased for them. Their hard work, together with some structured tutoring paid off and helped those young people get the grades that they were really capable of.
Once again, I am fully booked. If the November resits go well for one of my current students then a place would open up in January 2022.


It is that time of year again. My 2020-2021 tuition students have almost completed all the assessments that will be used for their teacher-assessed GCSE maths grades; as all my students were year 11s, this means that I am about to finish for the current school year.
I am taking reservations for tuition to start in September. My main focus will be to help year 9, 10 and 11 students to prepare for GCSE maths. Please contact me through this FB page if you might need a maths tutor, or feel free to mention me to any friends or family who might need a maths tutor.


Here you go. It's been a while since I last posted a maths teaser. Can you solve this with an algebraic method rather than trial and error?


How would you tackle this one then?


ABCD is rhombus. AB and AD are both = 5cm and are radii of a circle with centre A. CB and CD are also both = 5cm and are radii of a circle with centre C.
Angle BAD = 69 degrees.

1) Work out the length of AC

2) Work out the length of PQ

3) Work out the area of the dark shaded region


Take a look at the higher tier GCSE maths probability question. Can you solve it?


In the last few weeks, some of my students have had to self-isolate, as have I. Thankfully now that all my private tuition is conducted online, there has been no interruption.


Just a quick post to let all friends and followers of Walsall Maths Tutor know that I am still here and still doing maths tuition in these challenging times. Not surprisingly, I have had to stop tutoring students in their homes (or my home) to minimise the risk of coronavirus transmission. All 6 of my current students are now tutored completely online.
Since April, I have looked at a wide range of apps to come up with a solution that allows tutor and students to see and hear each others, and to have a shareable workspace that works like a digital online whiteboard.
Will I return to Face-to-face tuition in the future? At this stage, I honestly can't say. Let us see what we see.


So, as we all know, the class of 2020 didn't get to take their GCSE exams because of the COVID pandemic. Now that the results are out (based on teacher assessed grading), I am pleased to report that my four tutees who should have sat exams were awarded grades 4, 4, 5 and 6. Result!


Is this the future for my GCSE maths tuition business? There is currently no clear guidance specifically for tutors who tutor face-to-face in clients' homes. Some tutors are tentatively returning to face-to-face tuition, with mitigating measures to lessen the virus transmission risk, whereas others are preferring to stick with online tuition until the virus alert status drops from 3 to 2.
Personally, I am still undecided as to how best to proceed. Let us see what September brings. At least I know that online delivery works well.


Following the closure of schools and college, and the COVID lockdown, I am expecting that there will be a lot of demand for private maths tuition for students entering years 10 and 11 in September 2020.
I am hoping to be able to offer 1:1 in person tuition, but having seen how well online individual tuition, I will be offering that, too.
Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any GCSE maths tuition requirements.


For anyone who visits my Walsall maths tutor page, this is just a quick message to let you know that I am currently doing online GCSE maths tuition. With a smartphone, a laptop, a whiteboard app, a video calling app, and a digital pen, online maths tutoring really does work. Some of my current students might even stick with it even when the restrictions are eased and face to face tuition is allowed again.


All students who had been entered to sit or resit GCSE maths this summer will be awarded calculated grades following the government's decision to cancel GCSE and A level exams.
How well is your child's school supporting their maths learning whilst the school is closed? If they were borderline, or not on track to achieve a grade 4 or higher, will they be ready to sit the maths exams later this year if they need to?
Is your child currently in year 10 with a very important final year of secondary school ahead of them?
As and when the current restrictions are lifted, I will be returning to in person tuition, but for the time being, I am offering online GCSE maths tuition. With a laptop, a smartphone, a decent internet connection, and the latest in screen-sharing and online whiteboard apps, you can see, hear and engage with the maths tutor as if they were there with you.
Walsall Maths Tutor is very much open for business. Please get in touch if your child could use some help in developing their maths skils.


This is a 'crossover' question suitable for both higher and foundation tier GCSE maths candidates. Can you work out the total number of apples?


Here's a question suitable for higher tier GCSE maths candidates. Can you work out the values of a and c?


Currently using my unexpected down time from tutoring to learn some new ways of working. Tutoring online requires a bit more advance lesson prep but it can work really well if you have the right apps, the right tech, and if you can adapt your style of delivery. I have the good fortune to be a member of a FB maths tutoring forum where other members have shared their time, knowledge and experience to help me get up and running. This old dog is learning some new tricks.


Now that in person tuition isn’t an option, and probably won’t be for quite some time, I am switching to doing online GCSE maths tuition. Please get in touch if you like to discuss how this could work for you or your child.


With schools having just closed for an indefinite period, but possibly until the end of the academic year, are you concerned about your year 9 or year 10 child falling behind? Social distancing is changing the nature of private tutoring. In response to this, I am transitioning to online tutoring. If you have a laptop, large tablet, or a Mac with a webcam, microphone and sound, please get in touch if you would like to see what online maths tuition could look like.


Welcome to 2020 to all of you who follow my posts. Things have been quiet on Walsall Maths Tutor for a while but now that we are half way through this academic year's course of study, I thought it was time to reintroduce regular problem solving questions. Please reply in Messenger to avoid posting spoilers.


Well, 2019 finished with two of my tuition students getting very positive reports for their progress in maths. Now students and tutor are all enjoying a well-earned break before everything starts up again in the middle of January. Another student is awaiting results for his November GCSE maths resit. Fingers crossed. Last thing to report is that two very forward-thinking new clients have already booked me to start tuition in September 2020. That's all for now. Happy new year to all friends, family, colleagues, tutors, clients, and prospective clients who like or visit this page. I wish you all the best for 2020 and beyond.


This is how we roll. Cup of tea, mini cakes, biscuits... The hour just flies by. This student is now in top set and doing really well. Another student has gone up from set three to set two. It’s great to see these young people developing their maths skills.


My Walsall Maths Tutor page has been very quiet during August as I don't do any tutoring at that time.
Now that the 2019-20 academic year is up and running, I will be starting up the tuition again from 16th September.
This year is already fully booked so I won't be taking on any more students.
As the year goes on, I will be posting the usual assortment of maths challenges and comments, so keep an eye out for new content from time to time.
Regards, Bob.


As I am a specialist tutor of GCSE maths, this is a quiet time for me seeing as my students have now broken up for summer. My year 9 and year 10 students who will be with me again from September have all been given homework 😞 to help keep their skill levels up over the long summer break from school. I have completed my exam paper marking and am looking forward to my 4 week break. This year, I will be tutoring 2 days of summer school.
For anyone looking for a GCSE maths tutor for September, unfortunately I have already filled all my available places for the 2019-20 school year.


Now that things are getting quieter on the tutoring front, as I approach my summer break, it is the time when an army of teachers (myself included) mark the nation's GCSE exams. For maths, the days of sending the actual exam scripts up and down the country are long done. These days, papers are scanned, anonymised, and marked using specialist, computer-based marking software. For the next 3 weeks or so, this is going to take up nearly all my spare time. Here we go!


Higher tier GCSE maths probability question from one of this year's papers. How would you tackle this?


AQA had this as one of the later questions on their foundation GCSE maths paper 1 (non-calculator). Have a go.


Show your working out, please, and make clear and easy-to-follow.

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