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Videos by LEAD Training in Walsall. LEAD engages with people and businesses to provide training solutions that align their skills and ambitions with the needs of the local and wider economy. Our major strength is that the management team has 20 years experience in the education Industry.

Government funded Skills Bootcamp in Data Analysis for Business with LEAD Training

LEAD is excited to offer you Data Analysis / Analytics (Level 4) training, to add up to date, innovative, in-depth knowledge and skills to you or your business at no cost.

Data Analysis is used in business to help organisations make better business decisions. Whether it’s market research, product research, positioning, customer reviews, sentiment analysis, or any other issue for which data exists, analysing data will provide insights that organisations need to make the right choices.

This training is Free with limited spaces, it's open to unemployed, self-employed, or employed people and businesses in the West Midlands. LEAD will work with individuals and employers to offer dynamic and flexible training solutions.

Are you 19+, unemployed, self-employed or employed? Or are you an employer looking to up-skill your workforce to meet the demands of the Digital world?

All you have to do is get in touch…

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Government funded Skills Bootcamp in Data Analysis for Business with LEAD TrainingLEAD is excited to offer you Data Anal...