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Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you! 💡
Did you know that today marks the start of Deaf Awareness week? The Buzz is the only website for deaf children and young people in the UK ⬇️ 💡
Could these help someone you support? 💡
Great advice from Daniel, one of the Mencap Myth Busters: listen, ask, learn! Check out the myth buster videos ⬇️- powerful tools that would be great to share with pupils. 💡
Could this help a family that you support?💡
For every child! 💡
We loved writing this blog about creating sensory spaces ⬇️ 💡

A great personalised resource that could really help a young person experiencing social, emotional and mental health needs to self-regulate. See below ⬇️. Don’t forget to include:

💡Calming, sensory experiences.
💡Positive affirmations.
💡Soothing breathing techniques prompt cards.
💡Reminders of positive experiences.
💡Distraction activities such as puzzles.
💡Water and small snacks.
💡Reminders of who to go to for help.
We are always super proud of all of our team but wanted to give a special shout out to our very own amazing Ruth Lue-Quee, also known as the brilliant My Mummy Teacher. Ruth’s inspirational and entrepreneurial talents have been recognised by Jacqueline Gold CBE who has awarded Ruth a award. Well done, Ruth! You deserve this for all of your hard work, commitment, passion and excellence! We are proud to have you as part of our Cadmus family! 💡
Some helpful and free resources! 💡

Led by Beccie Hawes, we are passionate about inclusion and delivering the best possible educational

Operating as usual


All set ready to explore how we can promote independence in our classrooms. 💡

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Could these help someone you support? 💡


We had a wonderful day presenting our Sensory Toolbox Course. We explored how sensory needs can impact upon learning and created personalised resources to support our learners 💡


Could this help anyone you support? 💡

We love this time of year, but it can be quite stressful.

The stress bucket easy read is one of our emotional well-being resources (

It will help you understand what stress is. There are also tips on how to manage stress.

Download it here:


Yesterday we delivered a difficult but important session in supporting children through bereavement. Thank you to all that attended. 💡


Look at for these! A great way for our tiny humans to see themselves represented! 💡

Coming soon! We are a little bit over excited because very soon we will be making these available to buy so that little bears and their owners outside of the Norfolk area can access the Toy Like Me Bear Ear Clinic magic too!

Photo by the wonderful Beth Moseley Photography

Timeline photos 21/11/2022

We hope you’ll be joining us! 💡


A great way to get an accessible letter from Santa ⬇️ 💡

Write to RNIB by 2nd December and receive a letter from Santa in large print; audio or braille.
As shared on Martin Lewis programme this evening. ❤️

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Could this help anyone you support? ⬇️💡


We are looking forward to this amazing event! 💡come and say hi! 💡

Beccie Hawes is another of our incredible returning speakers. If you don't know Beccie, here's a bit of information about her;

👩‍💻Beccie has worked in all aspects of Special Educational Needs including mainstream, additionally resourced provision and specialist settings.
👩‍🏫Beccie is currently the Head of Service with Cadmus Inclusive – a service that supports schools and settings with all aspects of inclusion.
👩‍🎓Beccie remains very ‘hands on’ in the classroom and is passionate about being at the chalk face to support teachers and children in order to practice what she preaches.
📚She is the author of ‘The Complete Dyslexia Toollkit’ and co-author of ‘Getting it Right for SEND’ and ‘How to Create the Perfect Partnership with Parents’.
She has also developed a number of educational resources to support learners with educational needs.
🌟Beccie is especially passionate about celebrating learning differences. She strives to support schools to improve quality first teaching to ensure that every pupil has the chance to shine!
🦸‍♀️Beccie is an all round SEND and Inclusion Superhero

To tap into Beccie's expertise and that of other sector leading speakers and exhibitors visit our website

Cadmus Inclusive SENDGroup SEND Bitesize
NEC Birmingham


We are always proud of our whole team but today we’d like to give a special shout out to Ruth, our senior inclusion consultant. Ruth is also known as My Mummy Teacher and has launched some more amazing new products which you can get from her website ⬇️. We think they are amazing and a great way to support learning through play. 💡


Our Supporting Pupils Through Bereavement and Beyond course has now sold out. We will re-run this course, keep your eyes peeled for a new date. 💡

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We are really looking forward to presenting this fantastic session. 💡

Look what we have coming on Tuesday 15th November at 7:00pm.
Our live webinar will be with Beccie Hawes Head of Service at Cadmus Inclusive who will be sharing her tips and expertise regarding a Sensory Toolbox.

During this webinar Beccie will look at;
♦️The eight senses and how they work in the classroom
♦️ How sensory needs impact upon learning and behaviour in the classroom
♦️ Busting the barriers to learning and engagement that sensory needs can cause
♦️ How to develop and implement a personalised sensory diet

To join her live, or watch back later at your own convenience register via our website for non-members.
Members can log in via the portal

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Some useful resources that could support with safeguarding. 💡

Photos from Cadmus Inclusive's post 07/11/2022

Thank you to the amazing SEND team from in Walsall for having us along to participate in your fantastic parent/carer workshop this morning. We loved sharing how we can help children to build their vocabulary and sentences and hearing about the Walsall Local Offer.


We had the most amazing day on a Thursday working with the fabulous team from TTS Resources, Andrew Wilkinson m and the British Audiology Association to explore how we can support children with their audiology appointments. 💡

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We really enjoyed writing this for our friends Trugs Games 💡

Read our latest blog written for Read Successfully by Beccie Hawes - Head of Sevice at Cadmus Inclusive

Photos from TTS Resources's post 03/11/2022

Photos from TTS Resources's post

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Looking forward to something exciting tomorrow! 💡TTS Resources


Have you seen this? ⬇️ Full of engaging and accessible activities for switch, touchscreen and eye gaze users.💡

The 2022 Advent Calendar is now available to download. Don't forget to copy whole folder to your desktop or shared space. As always the program will start offering presents to open at 12:01 AM on the 1st of December in your time zone.


Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack

A great resource! 💡

Timeline photos 28/10/2022

Something important that we consider. ⬇️💡

Research in 2021 found that the family carers of children or adults with a learning disability experience a high level of trauma. Their definition of trauma deeply resonates and highlights how far we have slipped down the road of acceptable and unintentional trauma.

I have sent my son to school but I have an underlying fear that a small action, a behaviour or attempts at communication will be missed and put him at risk. No matter how great the school team are, the complexity of the situation results in the possibility of harm and therefore anxiety. How much more are these emotions ramped up when our children are sick in hospital?

“Trauma is how a person feels when he/she or someone they love is in a situation that could, or does, cause physical or emotional harm. As a result, the person feels helpless or overwhelmed and the world no longer feels like a safe place. They may find it harder to trust people, feel almost permanently on edge or anxious. It may be more difficult for them to concentrate or sleep, and they may have less patience on a daily basis.” *

Does that sound familiar?


* Source: Challenging Behaviour Foundation

Description in [alt text]


To all those celebrating! 💡


Could this FREE resource help someone you support? 💡

FREE Chikdrens ADHD Workbook availae to download and print


A really helpful visual. 💡

Visual aids and story scripts can be a great way to help children become more independent in using the potty or toilet.

The following new easy-print resources on our website provide some cut out and keep tools to support the potty and toilet training journey.

* Toileting visual schedule
* Potty prompt cards
* Toileting social script

We would like to thank April Cottage Therapies for these terrific new resources.

To view and download to print at home visit >>>>>


Did you know that TTS are offering 20% off almost everything? Enter the code HELP20 at the checkout.


Getting ready to celebrate Diwali? 💡

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It can be harder when everything else is harder. 💡


It can be harder when everything else is harder. 💡


It’s important to understand how dyspraxia impacts upon the individual. Everyone’s dyspraxia is different. 💡


Awareness to acceptance. Acceptance to belonging. 💡


Taking a strengths based approach to Dyspraxia to achieve acceptance and belonging. 💡


Today is World Mental Health Day. 💡

Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority.


Did you know that this is Dyspraxia awareness week? Dyspraxia is also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder and can impact upon so many different areas of a persons life. Awareness, acceptance and belonging is crucial!💡


Did you know ⬇️?

Supportive strategies for dyslexics are beneficial for all! 💡


Taking a strengths based approach inspires positivity. Different ways of thinking can enhance all of our lives. Awareness, acceptance and belonging! 💡


Happy peak of the week to you all! Another thought for dyslexia awareness week and beyond. Different ways of thinking are essential in our move to acceptance and belonging! 💡


Free TTS Talking Webinar

Have you registered? Beccie, our head of service, will be talking to a panel of amazing experts about neurodivergence in education. We can’t wait! 💡

What do we do?

We think differently for a brighter tomorrow! Our SEND Advisory and Behaviour Services offer:

  • In school support for all aspects of education for vulnerable pupils.

  • Bespoke and central training.

  • Assessment of pupil need and intervention.
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    We are always proud of our whole team but today we’d like to give a special shout out to Ruth, our senior inclusion cons...
    Our Supporting Pupils Through Bereavement and Beyond course has now sold out. We will re-run this course, keep your eyes...
    We had the most amazing day on a Thursday working with the fabulous team from TTS Resources, Andrew Wilkinson m and the ...
    Todays course - Play Based Therapy Approaches presented with My Mummy Teacher. We had a great day exploring how this app...
    Here’s what we got up to today! 💡
    A fantastic day spent exploring how we can meet the sensory needs of our pupils so that they can self-monitor and regula...
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! ❤️💡
    ‘A great course, lots of important ideas and resources.’ Thank you to everyone who attended today’s My EHCP and Me cours...
    We have now sold all of the places in our Preparing for OFSTED - The SEND Deep Dive. Look out for the next date. We look...
    All of the places on our free ‘Empowering Potential’ course have now been taken. We are really looking forward to seeing...
    We really enjoyed presenting tonight’s webinar with our colleagues from SENDGroup tonight. Thank you to all that attende...
    Today was magical! After assessing a pupil and offering advice, some high quality and bespoke intervention from the scho...





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