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Happy Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you! 💡
Did you know that today marks the start of Deaf Awareness week? The Buzz is the only website for deaf children and young people in the UK ⬇️ 💡
Could these help someone you support? 💡
Great advice from Daniel, one of the Mencap Myth Busters: listen, ask, learn! Check out the myth buster videos ⬇️- powerful tools that would be great to share with pupils. 💡
Could this help a family that you support?💡
For every child! 💡
We loved writing this blog about creating sensory spaces ⬇️ 💡

A great personalised resource that could really help a young person experiencing social, emotional and mental health needs to self-regulate. See below ⬇️. Don’t forget to include:

💡Calming, sensory experiences.
💡Positive affirmations.
💡Soothing breathing techniques prompt cards.
💡Reminders of positive experiences.
💡Distraction activities such as puzzles.
💡Water and small snacks.
💡Reminders of who to go to for help.
We are always super proud of all of our team but wanted to give a special shout out to our very own amazing Ruth Lue-Quee, also known as the brilliant My Mummy Teacher. Ruth’s inspirational and entrepreneurial talents have been recognised by Jacqueline Gold CBE who has awarded Ruth a award. Well done, Ruth! You deserve this for all of your hard work, commitment, passion and excellence! We are proud to have you as part of our Cadmus family! 💡
Some helpful and free resources! 💡

Led by Beccie Hawes, we are passionate about inclusion and delivering the best possible educational

Operating as usual


Today we are thinking of everyone collecting their GCSE results. Remember that you are so much more than your grades. You grades are not what you are capable of. Shoot for the moon, in you miss you’ll land in the stars! ⭐️🌟⭐️💡


How will you be marking this important day? 💡


Some more great top tips that not only provide vital development opportunities but also tonnes of fun! ⬇️

Top Tip Thursday - movement activity day 8.

Desk drumming.

This is a great activity that anyone can do. Essentially you and your class ‘drum’ along to some music:
You can drum with all sorts of different things:
🥁Foam swimming woggles (I love these as hey – who has ever got hurt by a swim woggle? They can be bitten and eaten though so take care if your pupils might do this!)
🥁Plastic bottles (like empty pop bottles). You can fill these with rice or coloured water for a more visual and sound stimulation.
🥁With your hands (flat hands, fists, or clapping).

And in all sorts of places:
🥁At your desk.
🥁On a Gymball.
🥁On the floor.

There are some great videos on you tube that you can show and everyone can drum along with. Look up desk drumming, cardio drumming or drum fit and so many examples come up. Lots of videos show older people doing this as well as children – this activity suits all ages, the benefits apply to all.

Drumming is great for developing motor skills including coordination, rhythm, bilateral integration, crossing midline, shoulder stability and stamina.
🥁If you drum on the floor then up to the ceiling you can gain a change in head position for that all important vestibular stimulation – remember though that we have already discussed that this can be challenging for some pupils so don’t push it if your pupils cant look up or down.
🥁Take both woggles off to one side of the body and you have an activity that works on crossing midline.
🥁Make your two hands work together (banging the two woggles on each other) and you get bilateral coordination skill development, you can increase complexity by making one hand do one movement and the other do something else, or even coordinating hands and feet.
🥁Bang your woggles in a circle around your body watching them as they move and you get visual tracking (remember the clapping in a circle in Grease Lightning?).
🥁Banging the woggles gives a shoulder and back workout which will help build the stability and muscle strength needed for writing and other fine motor tasks.
🥁Beating out different rhythms can work on auditory and visual memory. Can you beat a rhythm and your class copy it?
🥁The resistive work this gives you is great for regulation but do bear in mind that exciting music and fast visual images can be very alerting so you may need to follow this activity up with a calming exercise.

I find this a great exercise to do with pupils who like to push and hit others – it gives them the sensory feedback they are looking for but in a much more productive and functional way.


Our thoughts are with all that are receiving results today. Whatever you get please remember that you willl always be more than a set of grades. You are more than good enough and capable of so much! 💡


Some great food for thought! ⬇️💡

Timeline photos 31/07/2023

Could this help someone you support? 💡

This toolkit from Ambitious about Autism supports autistic young people into the job market. The toolkit has sections for autistic young people, careers professionals and employers. It's free to download & includes many editable forms and templates.


A great visual to support discussions about mixed emotions. 💡

Every young person should see this.

💡 thepresentpsychologist

Timeline photos 26/07/2023

We are all signed up and looking forward to our training in September!💡

⭐ Be recognised as a TS Friendly school, employer or organisation! ⭐

Once you’ve completed your TS training with our team you can now join our growing community of TS Friendly schools, workplaces and organisations! This has been created so we can highlight and celebrate organisations who are Tourette’s-aware.

Read more here!

Timeline photos 30/06/2023

We are very much looking forward to presenting this! We hope you’ll join us! 💡

Don't forget to reserve your spot for our webinar on Tuesday.

Cadmus Inclusive


For all those celebrating. 💡


Sending lots of love to this chap! ⬇️ A fantastic model of recognising when self-care should be a priority. Well done Glastonbury goers for being supportive. We can all be more kind! ❤️💡

hi x


We are very proud to have earned honorary Scout’s badges for our work on celebrating neurodiversity and inclusion. It was our pleasure to develop a bespoke training package to support Scout leaders! Our badges have taken pride of place at our Cadmus Inclusive Hub.💡

Photos from Cadmus Inclusive's post 19/06/2023

We have had the most amazing afternoon exploring creative approaches to help the children and young people that we support to tell their stories their way. A HUGE thank you to the amazing Frances Ford from the wonderful RSVP West Midlands for facilitating such a great experience. We can’t wait to put it all into practice! 💡

Photos from Caudwell Children's post 17/06/2023

Could this help a family you support! 💡


Could this help you to help someone? 💡

Fantastic FREE Webinar coming up from the BDA! It will look at how to encourage learners to make sense of numbers by making maths meaningful, practical, visual and enjoyable.

Register free today:


A free resource ⬇️ 💡

Celebrate Father's Day with Magic! 💙

We are excited to offer FREE Father's Day cards available in two designs. Simply create an account to access them from the Makaton Library!


But wait, there’s more! 🎉

Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial as a Premium Member to unlock more resources 🚀

🔗 Sign up for your free 7-day Premium trial here:

Share your love through Makaton 👐


Have you seen this? 💡

NEW children's book about PDA by Sophie Cook ( on Instagram) coming soon! Pre-orders for signed copies are being taken until Friday 16th June via:

The book will also be available via Amazon soon - details to follow.

The PDA-Saurus has decided to embark on an adventure to find her autonomy, but will she find it? Come along on her journey of self discovery, as she meets new friends and discovers who she really is.


Thank you to everyone who attended tonight’s Sensory Toolbox webinar presented in partnership with our fantastic friends at SENDGroup 💡

Timeline photos 08/06/2023

Have you booked your place? 💡

Our webinar next week is from the ever wonderful Beccie Hawes Head of Service at Cadmus Inclusive

It will explore the eight senses and how they work in the classroom. This will include how sensory needs impact upon learning and behaviour. It will look at busting the barriers to learning and engagement that sensory needs can cause, as well as how to develop and implement a personalised sensory diet.

This session is suitable for; Educational professional: teachers, teaching assistants, senior leaders, SENCos, pastoral staff, learning mentors.

Tickets are available via this link

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant - Ref: TV18423 - Walsall, West Midlands job with Chuckery Primary School | 163924 07/06/2023

💡We are hiring! 💡
We are looking for a Speech and Language Therapy assistant to join our Cadmus family of schools to work with our Speech and Language therapist.

Follow the link below to find out more. ⬇️ 💡…

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant - Ref: TV18423 - Walsall, West Midlands job with Chuckery Primary School | 163924 CADMUS Family of Schools Speech and Language Therapy Assistant 37 Hours per week term time only Salary: Grade G5 SCP- 9-14 £23,194 to £25,409 pro r...


Did you know that today is Tourette’s Awareness day? 💡

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) | Parent Guide 04/06/2023

Could this information help someone you support? 💡

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) | Parent Guide Find out what OCD is, how it might impact your child's mental health, what help and treatment is available and how you can support your child at home.

Photos from Cadmus Inclusive's post 01/06/2023

Today some of the team are busy ‘doing a learn’ so that we can be even more trauma responsive for the small humans and their adults that we support. Thank you to RSVP West Midlands for delivering todays training💡💛


We loved exploring the versatility of voice recording devices. So many ways to learn from just one resource! ⬇️💡

Voice recording devices have endless learning opportunities ✨.

One way in which they can be used is to 'hold’ a sentence. The child records their sentence onto the voice recording device and can play it back as many times as needed to support them with their writing 🎥.

In this blog, Beccie Hawes explains different ways that voice recording devices can be used to support learning 📣

Cadmus Inclusive


We really enjoyed exploring this inspiring and versatile resource. Read our blog for lots of ideas for how it can be used. ⬇️💡

Our Creative Writing Tubs offer a kit packed full of unique, engaging objects, artefacts and characters to inspire fiction and non-fiction writing to get children's creative juices flowing 📚.

In this blog, Beccie Hawes explains the value of Creative Writing Tubs and how this resource can inspire children's writing ✍️

Photos from Attention Autism Centre's post 26/05/2023

Some fantastic curriculum linked ideas! 💡


We having a wonderful time delivering Makaton Level One to our participants today. We have lots of training opportunities available. Follow the link below to find out more. ⬇️💡


Could this help someone you support? 💡

PDA turns 'parenting norms' upside down. Here are some FREE resources to help which are available to download from our website...

Our information sheet for parents and carers can be used to help build a ‘toolkit’ of helpful approaches:

Being a parent when you are PDA yourself can present some unique challenges which may benefit from some unique approaches. In Parenting as a PDAer, some examples are provided by PDA parents of PDA children:

Photos from Cadmus Inclusive's post 21/05/2023

Having the privilege to work with children and young people brings many magical and inspiring moments. This week was no different! A determined, aspirational and very resilient small human asked to meet with us to see what we could do to help her with the next stage of her reading adventure. Reading is such a powerful gift and it was a pleasure to help this young person discover the magic and unwrap one of the greatest gifts we can give! 📚💡


Aided by none other than Mickey Mouse (we don’t just let anyone deliver training), we had an amazing day supporting colleagues through their Team Teach training at our Cadmus Inclusive Hub in Walsall. You can find out more about our Team Teach offer here ⬇️💡

Photos from Autism West Midlands's post 16/05/2023

Could this help the family of someone you support? 💡


Have you seen this?

This amazing online conference is a partnership between the Singing for Health Network, Sing Up Foundation and Music for Good. It will bring together international leaders in Singing for Health research and practice, to share their expertise and experiences in relation to singing for Children & Young People's Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Our brilliant Makaton tutor Rebeca Thompson and her song writing partner will be presenting one of their fantastic projects.

Find out more here ⬇️ 💡

Photos from Cadmus Inclusive's post 16/05/2023

We had a fantastic time presenting at the SENDGroup virtual conference this morning! Thank you for having us and for all of the amazing feedback! See you next year for more! 💡


This week is 💡

Pudsey’s temporarily removed his bandana.


Did you know that today marks the start of Tourette’s Awareness month? 💡

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Walsall?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

What do we do?

We think differently for a brighter tomorrow! Our SEND Advisory and Behaviour Services offer:

  • In school support for all aspects of education for vulnerable pupils.

  • Bespoke and central training.

  • Assessment of pupil need and intervention.
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    We are always proud of our whole team but today we’d like to give a special shout out to Ruth, our senior inclusion cons...
    Our Supporting Pupils Through Bereavement and Beyond course has now sold out. We will re-run this course, keep your eyes...
    We had the most amazing day on a Thursday working with the fabulous team from TTS Resources, Andrew Wilkinson m and the ...
    Todays course - Play Based Therapy Approaches presented with My Mummy Teacher. We had a great day exploring how this app...
    Here’s what we got up to today! 💡
    A fantastic day spent exploring how we can meet the sensory needs of our pupils so that they can self-monitor and regula...
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! ❤️💡
    ‘A great course, lots of important ideas and resources.’ Thank you to everyone who attended today’s My EHCP and Me cours...
    We have now sold all of the places in our Preparing for OFSTED - The SEND Deep Dive. Look out for the next date. We look...
    All of the places on our free ‘Empowering Potential’ course have now been taken. We are really looking forward to seeing...
    We really enjoyed presenting tonight’s webinar with our colleagues from SENDGroup tonight. Thank you to all that attende...
    Today was magical! After assessing a pupil and offering advice, some high quality and bespoke intervention from the scho...





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