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Operating as usual


A huge well done to those who have already taken their online Theory exams this week.

Good luck to all students sitting their exams today or over the next couple of days ✨

Remember, take your time! Re-read the question before answering & check, check, check 🤞🏼


‘Power your brain’ 🧠 🎶


This is quite a throwback now but I was listening to some older rehearsal videos this morning, here’s one favourite.

From the ABRSM 2019 Grade 4 repertoire, William Gillock’s Holiday in Paris is a delightful, charming little piece that (for me) conjures up the image of someone dancing carefree around the city of Paris!

A beauty of music is that each listener hears its story differently ✨

Grayson impressively captures the character of the piece and delivers its story. Notice how the tempo rubato - manipulation of the speed - creates a whimsical feel. We have lovely depth and range of volumes and some fabulous pedalling, all adding to the piece’s unique charm.

Congratulations, Grayson. You have proved that time, hard work and dedication pay off and the results are becoming more and more impressive.


We are really excited to be welcoming new students joining us for piano lessons from next week ☺️

🎶 We now have limited spaces available 🎶

- Sunday mornings
- Monday & Tuesday evenings (after school)

☀️ We have DAYTIME SLOTS available for homeschooled children and adult learners ☀️


🎶 1-1 spaces available 🎶

Located in Brownhills, Aldridge or Online

£10 per 30 minute lesson

Message for more details



We are welcoming new beginner piano students for face-to-face or online lessons from June!

If your child has a love for music or you would like them to try something new, message to book in ✨

We tailor our lessons to suit each student’s goals, strengths and weaknesses. Many of our students have taken the exam route with their lessons, advancing through ABRSM Practical and Music Theory exams, and others prefer to play for fun! 🎶

Whichever route you decide to take, we can help guide you along the way to discovering a passion for playing the piano!

Lessons are located in Brownhills/Aldridge area or can be done online if preferred.

Message for more details ☺️


1-1 lessons available for piano 🎹

£10 for 30 minutes

Based in Aldridge or Brownhills

Message for more info ✉️


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all keeping well 🥰

We are hoping to restart our group piano & music theory sessions as soon as we are able to do so.

We would love to welcome as many students back as possible and it would be awesome to have some new faces joining us too!

I’m trying to get an idea of numbers to work out logistics & hopefully start compiling class lists.

If you are interested in re-joining our group sessions when they recommence or want some further info, please message me.



We now have two tutors with availability for beginner piano lessons 🎶

Drop me a message for more info ☺️


Basic demo of a rare 1953 music typewriter.

I want one



Hi guys,

Could parents and students who’re submitting a performance exam video please watch the following video for further guidance.

If we discussed entry for October and I’ve submitted the entry, you should have received an email with invitation to register for an account. Please follow information carefully and register.

Please let me know once you’ve done this. Don’t submit any videos until we’ve discussed them.

I will post a link to the regulations. All parents must read these in full please. The performance sheet to be held at the start video is available at the bottom of the document. If you’re recording landscape, please print landscape, if you’re recording portrait, please print portrait.

Fill in the information as the guidance suggests. Any questions please let me know.

Please ensure that students are recording from a stand and are not resting the recording device on the instrument itself. If you’re holding the device, please please ensure it is steady. A stand is recommended.

These exams are completely new to me too, and the board has not been particularly clear about the process until now. Any questions you have please drop me a message (NOT ON THE MUSIC SCHOOL PAGE AS I WON’T RECEIVE) but please bare with me. I’ve had lots of entry submissions and am writing feedback for mocks and lessons every day. If it takes me a while to get back to you, please just drop me another message as a reminder.

Thank you
Danielle 😊






I’m currently trying to make as many entries as possible because the ABRSM server has been crashing due to high demand. If you’re due to submit a recording for a performance exam for October/November please could you send me DOB and email address ASAP along with the fee below.

Thank you ☺️



Hi guys,
I’m having trouble with my online banking and after trying with pin sentry, still no use. I’m trying to sort this issue with Barclays. I have, however, had multiple low balance texts which means some payments are not being made.

Could you please check transactions from your end and line them up with the lessons we have had please. You can do a search for my name in your bank transactions to see the dates you have transferred and check those against the Facebook video logs, or the FaceTime logs.

Thank you 😊



Please find the two forms needed for ABRSM Performance Exams at the bottom of attached document.

For all students wishing to submit recordings for an exam, these two sheets must be presented at the beginning of the video.

The full guidance is below. Please can parents familiarise themselves with the guidelines. Students under 18 will need a ‘responsible adult’ to be part of the process at home. More details given here.

Thank you




Good posture is something we should always practise, but with many students now practising for their video submissions I wanted to post some tips. Hope parents find these useful. Please watch out for bad habits at home 😊


For any students currently preparing for a Recorded Performance Grade, please can you ensure I have the following information ASAP.

• name;
• date of birth;
• grade and subject being entered for;
• email address for candidate or parent/carer;
• any access arrangements or reasonable adjustments.

Thank you xx


Student challenges!
I CHALLENGE the following students to post a video of them playing the named piece in the comments section below 👇🏼

Harry - Allegro
Zara - Agincourt
Patrick - Arabesque
Ella - Petit Jeu
Jude - Witch
Amy - River Flows in you
Shray - Agincourt
Sophie R - Theme
Natalie - Ja Da
Grayson - Hallelujah
Hudson - Minuet in C
Mai - Film Noir
Lily - Andante in A
Sophie W - Plauderai
Marissa - Lonley Road
Maisie - Mai - Weigenleid
Rhys - Arabesque
Jacob - Egyptian Level
Nell - Who said Mice
Tiki - Blues in the Attic
Rach - Allegro
Emma - Echo
Alfie - dusty blue

I’ve not included everyone in the challenge this week, as I know some of you are finishing up pieces. I will include all of those students next time 😊


Sophie recently challenged herself to learn the ABRSM G5 Alternative piece, Hang up. I’m so happy she did, the piece is beautiful. We have only spent a little bit of lesson time on this so far, Sophie has learnt this by sight reading (which makes it even more AWESOME).

Well done Soph 😊


Hi guys, I’m experiencing very bad internet connection at the moment and can not get on to reply to everyone’s messages. Sorry for inconvenience


LOVE this ABRSM G4 piece, ‘The Reef’. Here’s a clip of Sophia practising -working on capturing the image of the sea crashing against the rocks with her use of articulation & dynamics.

Fantastic work Sophia! We will soon be ready to sit G4 🎹😆


Amber started 1-1 piano lessons recently! She only had a handful of lessons before we went into lockdown

Through our FaceTime lessons, Amber has learned her ABRSM G1 pieces. Here’s a clip of her practising ‘Egyptian Level’. 🎹

Really happy with your progress Amber 😊


A few weeks ago, Hudson decided to learn a 4th ABRSM piece outside of his lessons!

He has done a fantastic job of learning ‘Happy Day’ with a bit of help from his mom 🎹.

Now we are polishing our performances before entries open for Recorded Assessments 😁💪🏼


Super pleased with students’ progression with the video lessons. We haven’t let the screen stop us 💪🏼 and now plenty of our students are preparing for the new ABRSM Remotely Assessed exams.

Here’s a video of Natalie practising her ABRSM G2 piece, ‘Musette in D’. In a matter of a few weeks she has completed three ABRSM grade 2 pieces via video lessons. Keep up the hard work Nat, it’s certainly paying off 🎹☺️


Brilliant video of Alfie plying his ABRSM G2 piece, ‘Dusty Blue’ with his dad on the guitar 🎸

Well done, Alfie Quick 🎼 👍🏼



If you’ve learned Hanon Exercise 1 - could you please post a video of your progression on the exercise today 🎵😊


Love it when parents get videos of students practising without them realising 🤩!

Here’s a clip of Sophia practising her ABRSM Grade 4 piece, ‘The Reef’. Such a dramatic piece😍. It sounds BEAUTIFUL Sophia, lovely work 🎵.


Jude has learned Egyptian Level (Grade 1 ABRSM) piece in just three VIDEO lessons 😁! I’m so impressed with his progress. We had not yet started our grade preparations before lockdown but we didn’t let it stop us 💪🏼 We still have some work to do with our counting and performance directions but what an EXCELLENT start. Jude is now also half way through his second grade 1 piece in just a matter of weeks 🎵


Sophie tasked herself with learning this version of ‘Don’t worry, Be Happy’ a couple of weeks ago and I was super impressed by the final result. This was a completely independent task and no lesson time was spent on it so very big well done to Soph 👏🏼 🎵 Excellent work!


Morning guys ☀️

Two prerecorded ear training videos have been uploaded online today focusing on intervals. If you’ve not already given me your Gmail for access to these additional resources please leave it below and I’ll add you to the files. 👂

Thanks 😊


New Ear Training Video 👂 has been posted! Those who have given me their gmail should already have access. If you want additional video and worksheet material please comment your gmail below 👇🏼



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 🎶

Who is he?!

Your job is to create a fact file that includes important info about Mozart. Here are some ideas of what you can include —
-Date of Death
-When did he start playing?
-Picture of Mozart
-Musical genre/style of Mozart’s compositions
-What influences did Mozart have?
-Where was he from?
-Interesting facts about his life
- 3 of Mozart’s FAMOUS compositions are ...

Listen to the 3 pieces that you have listen in your factfile and write a few points about them -Describing the music and how it makes you feel

You can do this research task on paper or on a computer 😁

Post end results below 👇🏼


Disney medley on plastic bottles | Kaboom Percussion

Next week’s challenge? 💁🏻‍♀️



Listening 👂

Today’s challenge should be a little more fun!
It will also be for the entire Easter weekend so you can spread the videos out over a couple of days 😊

All you need to do is LISTEN to the following YouTube clips.

🖊 Write down the name of the song and see if you can pick out any MUSICAL FEATURES

For example - is the pianist using ...
Scale movements?
Dynamic contrast?
Legatos / staccatos?
Is the melody being played in the RH or the LH?
Is the melody a single line or harmonic line? (Is there sometimes more than one note playing in the RH?)

Then - how does the music make YOU feel?
Is it relaxed, complicated, busy, chilled?
Is it upbeat and happy or is it slow , sad, reflective? ☺️/ 🥺/ 💭
Listen to the words of the music (most are songs you can find the lyrics for) - what’s it about? Does the song tell a story? 📖
How does the music help tell the story? 🎶
Does the music match the words? (For example if the song is about something SAD, does the music also sound sad, if so - how?!)


Post your thoughts below 👇🏼

E Aural Trainer - Recognising Time Signatures - Grade 3 Aural - MORE PRACTICE TESTS 07/04/2020

E Aural Trainer - Recognising Time Signatures - Grade 3 Aural - MORE PRACTICE TESTS


Try these exercises to help better your understanding of the aural section of the exam where you have to clap the time signature.

This is quite a tricky concept to begin with, many students confuse BEAT and RHYTHM. So this should help iron out those issues.

I’ve posted in grades - if you’re above grade 1 I recommend working through all videos UP to your grade rather than just starting at your grade level

Grade 1-2 : https://youtu.be/9dVCCeyxBLs
Grade 3 : https://youtu.be/RZ3ncsAqwc0
Grade 4 -5 : G4 https://youtu.be/WWOIOESL50w

Comment below to let me know how you got on 👇🏼

E Aural Trainer - Recognising Time Signatures - Grade 3 Aural - MORE PRACTICE TESTS Want a DISTINCTION in YOUR next ABRSM Exam? https://www.music-online.org.uk/2019/01/how-to-get-distinction-in-abrsm-exams.html In this video you will get mor...

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Danielle's music school offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn an instrument, whether it be from complete scratch to experienced playing, from toddler to adult.

DMS Tutors are music students who are passionate about their own musical study and want to help foster such a passion within their students. Being students, many of the tutors are young. This has been a fabulous asset in regards to the relationship between student (children particularly) and tutor. DMS tutors are relatable, fun and friendly but also know their stuff. All DMS tutors are Grade 5 + certificated in the instrument they tutor. I provide resources, materials and lesson assistance to my tutors. Each tutor uses the DMS Animal Approach (teaching Cat, Dog, Elephant) rather than standard alphabetical note reading. This encourages younger children, and even those pre-alphabetic, to learn more effectively!


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This is quite a throwback now but I was listening to some older rehearsal videos this morning, here’s one favourite. Fro...
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