TLC Teenage Life Control

TLC Teenage Life Control

TLC has been set up to help to help teenagers with emotional challenges and give them VIP therapy & They deserve the best chance of designing the future.

Working with young people has always been close to my heart. There are too many great kids who have low confidence, low self esteem, think they are not special or important or lovable. It is a passion of mine to show them how to change their emotions, beginning to have dreams and design a life that makes their dreams come true. To be successful on a career which suits them, have the most rewarding


As well as helping children directly, it's great when parents use/pass on the knowledge to help children. Everyone's a winner 🥳 Children (primary especially) shouldn't be scared to go into school in my opinion. Children seem to be more open to using emotional management methods when they need it and share the know how when their friends are in distress, love it 🥳❤️


Covid time for many is simply a nightmare come true! Luckily children are resilient but what is not being addressed effectively is how what happens in childhood affects the child now AND in the future. Many teachers and parents are blind to these changes or have not been “trained” to notice, then deal with them? How do you manage when your 7year old goes from happy go lucky to angry and shouting they don’t want to be here any more? Few will know technically the best way to deal with this.
Too many children and young adults are suffering more than usual due to the lockdown and Covid influence on society. They are challenged emotionally, losing confidence, having more fears (often irrational), displaying frustrations, angers and having sleep upset, including disturbing nightmares.
In lockdown it has been a great joy to be able to help children and their parents to help manage and minimise this potentially psychologically damaging phase in our history.
TLC has enabled one to one working, teaching valuable life lessons, increasing confidence, dissolving fears and teaching NLP to teenagers, (a great addition to a young CV which makes them stand apart from other candidates-how many teenagers know about the structure to achieve success and communication “secrets” and how we operate). It has also been a joy to write influencing bedtime stories to help aid sleep and build self esteem in young children – although adults have loved them too 😊
Let’s help empower our young people to achieve and be happy. They are the future and let’s equip them with skills for life success and protect/manage their mental health for when life may give them an unexpected slap.
Thank you to all those who have supported the TLC cause

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