Guitar practise

Guitar practise


blues turn around, this is the best one I executed.
Hello everyone!
Whenever I strum the strings of my guitar I hear a kind of vibration around the tunning pegs on the headstock,thereby making the sound production awkward,please what might have been the problem?
On the page the link to your website keeps coming up won’t connect and retry.
Loved finding your page. Also asked to join the private group!

Improve your guitar playing in the fastest time possible? You're in the right place. Complete beginne

Operating as usual


Have you ever played a line 6 Variax guitar?

Some great modelling presets and alternative tunings at the flick of a switch


What chord is this? X02010

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all about having fun remember


Do you hate the F chord?

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Keep them fingers curled!


Don't boast about being 'self taught', you're basically saying… "I have lots of bad habits!"

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A good guitar teacher will save you LOTS of time and money 🎸


If you could have dinner with any musician dead or alive who would it be?

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don't fool yourself, keep your practise sessions focussed


What’s the first song you learnt to play?

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If you understand some piano basics then that will definately help with your guitar scale knowledge


Is 10 minutes practise per day enough?

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keep your guitar visable as you are more likely to pick it up :)


If you could go back in time and attend any gig where would you go?

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Is this you? let's turn that sad face into a BIG smile. keep following 'Guitar Practise' for Quality content that will help you improve in the fastest way possible 😁


"Bedtime?" she said. More like shred time! Do you tend to play late at night?

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struggling with chords? dont give up, you will get there. 😃😎👍


If you really want to get good at guitar you will find the time to practise. Come on now. You Can Do it

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just don't have time to practise, don't even have time to eat 👀


What is the most difficult song you CANT play?

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always remain teachable


How to get your fingers to stop hurting from the guitar strings?

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OUCH......... know what I mean?


It's a myth. No, you don't need to be able to read music to play guitar. Tag someone to encourage them!

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reading music is scary??? 😃


did you know bob dylans acoustic guitar sold $965,000? Is that overkill?

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"Wait, it's missing a string"


Whats the best guitar meme you've seen?

Guitar Practise - Coaching you to Success

Guitar Practise was formed to fill a gap in the online guitar lessons space. Have you ever been so excited to learn something new on guitar only to realise days or hours later that you just can’t do it? :(

That is because you don’t just need to be shown what to do, you desperately need coaching along. Maybe you have hit a ‘road block’ in your playing and can’t seem to breakthrough.

We upload weekly videos and then have a LIVE practise session that covers the topic of the weeks video.

Guitar Practise is here to equip, inspire and motivate you. Everything you need to know to advance your guitar playing.

You need a place where you can upload your own videos and get feedback.
Don’t wander around alone in the desert any longer, join our facebook group ‘Guitar Practise’ and lets see you get to that next level.

See you there!

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