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Tom(Bishop)is chilling this evening in readiness for the PTO European race in the morning. 7am BST time for the men’s race with the women’s following. Some great sponsored HUUB athletes racing - Annie Haag / Al Brownlee/ Lucy Byran to name afew and of course Tom . Get up and cheer him on. It’s going to be one hell of a race. Go Tom.



Just a few words.
I have been competing in cyclo-cross for maybe around 20 years mainly in the Notts and Derby CX League. Then there were just 2-3 women racing and sometimes just me in the women category.
We raced with the vet men and at times over the years with the senior men. Some of the courses we rode would never now meet health and safety rules - Brickyard ( think that what it was called) near Tansley always stands out - over a broken stone wall into space and hope you landed !!!
Now there are separate races for women
Anyway, I did have a new hip earlier this year and need to look after it a bit. I am not hanging up my bike totally, but racing cx is now on the back burner. Raced throughout my cx career for Team Empella and wish them all success in the future.
I am proud to have achieved some success wins in the Notts and Derby cx league in different age groups, Midland over 60's champion and the biggy was winning the national over 50's cx title. Still love to watch cx racing and hopefully see some of you at the worlds in Belgium early next year. Happy Christmas and enjoy your racing.


Here at Running at 40 Plus we are all runners. We are all equal…..


Winter training for most is now in full swing. It's time to reflect on 2022 and look forward to next season in 2023. Time now to concentrate on your weakest discipline - which I would imagine could be transition?
It's the 4th and sometimes the most important one not just to be practised the week before the race> the other one to practise throughout winter is the famous brick session usually bike to run; well why not try swim to bike?
Time also to have fun in winter ; try cyclo cross or cross country running. Both muddy but they say mud is good for the complexion.


So Kona this week folks , spread over 2/3 days so lots to watch. If you are there racing have a great race. It's getting megga bucks to go about £10,000 or remortgage the house to get there for many!! I do wonder how long it can stay in this iconic place? There are many races around the world a tad cheaper and most enjoyable but the 'chitty' of Kona speaks alot. For many of us at the mo' it time to chill and look back at races in 2022 - what happened / what can I change? . Then look forward to 2023 and maybe include something you have not considered before- gravel racing. sure good way to improve your bike handling skills. You can never have too many bikes. During winter check out cyclo- cross or cross country running. hard to mix the two so choose one and have a go. At the end of the day we are competing to have 'fun' , although at the time it may not feel like it, but after the bear and soak in the bath it's worth it.


I have taken up nordic pole walking and wow I am amazed at the benefits. I had previously seen folk and thought what ---- ,but now for those who want more stability and confidence over uneven ground they are ace. So I know no more running but hey nordic walking here I come. If you are a triathlete who is unable to run you can with the organisers agreement use poles in a race.

There is a glimmer of light appearing now for racing from summer. It will be good to get out there again and I have just signed up for my first Tech Official role - something that is very rewarding and if you are ever interested take a look on the BTF website or give me a call. Happy training everyone.

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