Thrive Mindset and Performance Coaching

Thrive Mindset and Performance Coaching

Drifting? Feeling stuck? Rewire your thinking, set goals, take action and move forward.

Operating as usual


No matter if days are rough ...
Obstacles feel real and insurmountable…

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and TRUST that if you want a thing enough, it will find its way to you even if you can't see it ! 💥💜

The other option…

To give up???

❌ NOT AN OPTION! (In my opinion…)


What if it does work out…? 💭 ✨


Have you signed up for my New Habits club yet…? ⚡️

It starts next Wednesday (1 February) and will be delivered over Zoom over 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings!

It’s the RIGHT time to get in touch and book your place… ✨



Is that fresh/clean slate feeling of January leaving the system???

Are you are being high jacked by the very thing you wanted to STOP doing?!
If so… then keep reading…
My club is for you!

A group of like minded, amazing people serious about CHANGE!

If you want included and mean business get in touch TODAY!

It's small group coaching at its best ...
Let's start the month of February better than anyone started this year 😉💜

Let's understand why we do what we do and take steps in the direction we want to go 🚶‍♀️ ✨️

Let's get accountable and feel the magic of having our own back and doing the work 👌🏻

Let's stop dancing around avoiding, listening to what we KNOW WE SHOULD BE DOING ....Reading quotes and tickling our ears 😉

Let's get to the action of real change and enjoy the handbrake coming off! It's fun, it's liberating, it's messy ,it's beautiful!

For more info please check the website OR DM me today to book your space!!! 🌟


Examine your habits!
Are they building what you want or are they the very things that are creating the barrier TO what you want?!

Get clear and honest with yourself!

Want help or more information about my new course starting soon… get in touch 💜



One of the hardest things in the world to do is break a habit.

I KNOW this first hand…
I stopped smoking.

I bet all of you have felt the struggle of TRYING to STOP something!

Funniest thing I found was the more I tried to stop IT the more I wanted to do it..?! Ever felt that?

I would quit the f**s for weeks at a time and then smoke 20 over 24 hours 🙊🙉🙈

I hadn't any idea how to break the addiction ... I would get so far and then rebound back to my little white delicious menthol besties🤣🥰! That love was real!

BUT I decided to use my mind instead of my willpower 💪🏻
Now the thought of a cigarette makes me smile because it's like an old boyfriend who I really liked but knew he wasnt for me... 💭
Why ????
Because I decided I wasn't a smoker anymore! 🙌🏻

Now it's a lot more complicated but at its essence, its super simple…

Come find out more about habits ...
Breaking old ones and creating new ones. Message me today to join my new course kicking off on 1 February✨⚡️💪🏻


‼️If you are in a situation that's creating conflict or resistance… I love this simple little 3 word exercise to help clarify things for the mind!

Try it !?

I use it with clients all the time and it really helps 😉
Let me know what you think…


A Reminder… ✨

Photos from Thrive Mindset and Performance Coaching's post 02/01/2023

You’re going to want to screenshot these tips 🥰🙌🏻


Happy New Year to all my amazing clients, friends and followers✨

Do you have these 3 things ready to take into this new year…?

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my Thrive Tips for the year ahead!👌🏻


Merry Christmas! ✨

Have a beautiful few days putting LOVE at the centre of everything. ♥️

Disconnect from the external noise and cherish the things that deserve your attention!

Remember you are NEVER too old to believe in MAGIC…💜🙌🥰🎅

See you back here in January 2023!
Lots of love, Claire x


As I reflect on my 2022 year at Thrive, I feel so proud of the value I give to my clients.

I reflect on my clients wins, leaps forward into more happiness, greater ability to respond not react, lead teams professionally and personally , have open and fulfilling relationships, have difficult conversations, earn more money, experience more love, stop procrastinating…. to name but a few 🤣!

I have had a light bulb moment of why I am so great at my job.....🤔
Now that's not said to impress you (I did that for years until I understood mindset and did my own 'inside work') - it's to IMPRESS UPON YOU the importance of HONESTY...!


I was 30, 35 ,40 years old and I was not being honest with myself and what I WANTED. I LIED to myself .. sometimes clients waste time at the start lying to me ,but not for long🤣!

I was sucked in to believing I wanted things I didn't actually WANT ???
Social media is killer for this because we are bombarded with everyone else's ideas of what they WANT and then we get lost down a million rabbit holes 🙃

So stop lying to yourself ...! ✋🏻

Be honest about what you want and who you want to be and invest in yourself and hire me as your coach!

I love working with my clients,
I question deeply, I hold a space with absolutely NO JUDGEMENT ...

In this space, magic happens but the client has to be ready to put the masks down and get to work finding/exploring and creating what THEY WANT!

My question is ARE YOU READY ?

If you are feeling there must be MORE TO LIFE then that's a kick up the arse to STOP wasting time!!!

🚨 REALITY CHECK: We don't know how many grains of sand we have left in the timer ?!

Share this or tag a friend 💜 AND if you’re interested in jumping on a complimentary zoom call to hear more about how I can help you… just get in touch today 👌🏻


These 3 things are a WINNING combination ⚡️⚡️⚡️



Happy Wednesday!


💥 Quit being bothered by others and your perception of their life… the comparison traps that always lead to a feeling of 'not enough ' within you!

Just focus on YOU 🙌🏻
What YOU want!

Take action THERE 👌🏻


💭 Something that was a mystery to me for years...
That thing that people repeated “JUST BE YOURSELF!” 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Frig meee… I didn't even understand what that meant and we know the phrase is SIMPLE?!

My mind had trapped me looking outside at the brilliance of others but in a sense, always seeing myself in a position of LESS than!

The freedom when I decided to do the inside work and set myself free to see myself as a being of potential and opportunity.... 🙌🏻

One word which effected EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE ... FREEDOM ❤️ 👌🏻



An early Christmas present to Thrive ✨🎁

Check out our brand new shiny website today:


Stop running away from challenges!
They are opportunities in disguise 🥸

CHOOSE the lens you look through!
The best things we do are the things that challenge us and make us grow.... 💪🏻

We weren't meant to shrink and be small - we were meant to express and grow!


The secret of change is focusing on what you want and placing your energy and attention there… 👌🏻

So often I meet first time clients who are exhausted!!! 💤

When I teach them the awareness to knock the patterns and behaviours that are draining them on the head, they get refuelled and begin the creation of what they DO want! 🙌🏻

If your focus is getting hoovered up by your past, your indecision, your inner critic… it’s no wonder you are wrecked?!

Do yourself a favour and hire a coach or mentor to help you off the hamster wheel! 🙏🏻


THIS is why I created Thrive in the first place! 🙌🏻

I had no clear goals, I was surviving, existing and KNEW there was more to life.

What I didnt understand was HOW to do it?

I used the reality I felt to change myself, expand my mindset, set goals, intentions and focus my energy.

This personal change in turn meant I became super passionate (to the point of obsession ) to help others and build my business!

I KNOW that feeling of merely existing and I 110% KNOW the other side of that 💪🏻

The freedom of contentment, achievement, internal happiness 👌🏻

A new level of living that literally feels like THRIVING! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

That's not to say I don't face challenges, fears or encounter problems and bumps along the way. That is not reality!!!

Nothing exists on one level .....where there is happiness, there is also sadness… where there is light there is also dark… you can't have one without the other !

With the mindset I have, I know on a deep cellular level that I choose my reality and can work through whatever little bump in the road comes my way ✨

Get in touch today to begin your Thrive journey 🙌🏻
Super excited to launch my new website in December 🥳🥳🥰🥰


A thought for this week 💭…

Concern yourself more with what's going on WITHIN you than what's going on around you 🫶🏻


This was a game changer for me 😱

The fear of not being perfect kept me stuck NOT DOING ANYTHING!

When I took the plunge into 'imperfect action’, it felt as uncomfortable as full-bodied submersion in an ice bath when you are cold blooded and have NEVER heard of the health benefits!
Yes… it was at times excruciating 🙈🤪

It has literally changed my WORLD 🌎!

Ask yourself what would you DO if you weren't afraid of NOT being perfect ???


THOUGHTS trip us up all the time!

Interrupt the thought with ACTION…!
Try it!

It's the lack of action that can be the very thing that is keeping you stuck , procrastinating, ruminating and catastrophising!

ACTION can be KEY 🔑


Sometimes we can get fixated on the obstacle or the fail and just stand still!

Don’t! ❌

Move around it , over it, through it … most importantly? JUST MOVE 💪



Do me a favour ...

Ask yourself on a daily basis or several times a day if you feel you are stressed, worried, anxious, frustrated about an issue, a thing, an eventuality ...

“Can I control it?” 💭

If you can't ? Repeat to yourself
CAN’T CONTROL IT … then, breathe and move on!

It's not easy, it takes practice but it is a step away from the continuous worry pattern that your mind is creating, even when it doesn't NEED to worry in reality!

This will be a step closer to understanding your mind and how you can CHOOSE thoughts that are more helpful to your mind and body! TRY IT!


A Monday nudge from me to you… 🫶🏻


I’m excited to share and let you know that our Thrive cross neck hoodies are available to order again and will be arriving in time for Christmas!

Any of my clients know from working with me that the word THRIVE is the heartbeat of my company and why I do what I do. I just love seeing the word 'THRIVE'  being worn by my clients and ANYONE who feels the joys of living life… thriving, not just surviving!

Hoodies are priced at £45.00 (this includes postage and packaging) and as you can see from the photo , the crossneck hoodie is black with a rose gold Thrive and design on the front.

Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL

ALL ORDERS must be messaged to my page with your name, and what size you would like. I will then provide you with bank details on how to pay for your order.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure the hoodies arrive in time for Christmas, you must order BEFORE Monday 7 November at 5pm… when the order will be sent off to the supplier!

So go on… pop your order through to treat yourself or someone else! Spread the word!


There's a real sense of freedom when you have nothing to hide.

When your thoughts and actions line up with your values 🙌🏻 (even when it forces you to have courage!)

Action from a place of integrity... by speaking up , facing fear, saying no or yes,depending on the circumstances!

This can be massively liberating and empowering. 👌🏻


Your energy is currency.
Invest it in the right places.
Spend it wisely. 😉❤️


If you are a dad, a mum, a coach,a team leader, a CEO , a director, a supervisor or manager...

💪🏻 Encourage the best in your squad, family, team, cast… it’s not all about YOU!



When you feel the outside circumstances are showing you nothing but negative…

Look within!
Do the inside work!

Have faith and believe in YOU. 🙌🏻


💪🏻 Don’t. Give. Up. 🫶🏻


Focus on what you CAN do, not on what you CAN’T! 🙌🏻

Small steps galvanise huge leaps 👣🙌🏻

Love from, me! 😉


Feed your mind with goals, positivity, gratitude, love, belief and POTENTIAL!

Give it the good stuff and GLOW UP ✨️


The most valuable asset you have is your MIND… and what you feed it is so important! 🧠

Take responsibility for this otherwise your days will be the same… plus wrinkles, topped with frustration & resentment! 🤔


Keep it simple… 💭

Get off socials, stop comparing and start taking RESPONSIBILITY for what you are thinking, wanting and doing! 🙌🏻

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