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Ali Bobs on Google review

I'm so blown away by the Dog Training experience with Dean Ashton. He is so knowledgeable and experienced, what I managed to learn in 2 hours I know has changed my relationship with my dog forever and I am beyond grateful. Dean's methods are kind, gentle and positive. He helped build the relationship and communication between myself and my dog within the first 2 hours, and it already is so evident that my dog is so much more relaxed and happy. I adopted my then 5 month old (approx) three months ago... he had been handed into the rescue with his brother where they were I assume he had lived his first 5 months with endless, unsupervised play... He had never been out for a walk before, and certainly never been off the leash in a public place. My dog is now in his adolescent phase and bursting with confidence and testosterone and is overwhelmed with excitement at every dog we pass in the street... My dog Pablo is a mixed breed, possibly Tibetan Terrier with a dash of Poodle, full of energy and excitement. I was afraid to let him off the lead in a public park for the first time to even practice recall as I just couldn't predict what would happen... With Dean's guidance and supervision, we were able to safely do some recall exercises and build on the relationship between us.. Pablo was then able for the first time, to experience an off leash walk and some dog interactions as Dean just has the ability to read all of the other dogs approaching and know how they were going to interact and respond with an over giddy Pablo. I just knew that Pablo was in safe hands and that Dean had the knowledge and experience to guide the situation. We also practiced gentle lead walking, and the difference now already in Pablo is phenomenal, it's such a pleasure to walk him now without the pulling. Dean is so kind and patient and generous with his knowledge. I felt so empowered after the training session to build on what we had worked on and keep growing the connection between myself and Pablo. He's already much calmer at home too, the two hours spent with Dean on the Heath has been the biggest gift imaginable for my dog . Thank You So Much Dean, Pablo is just transformed and I'm so excited for our adventures going forward.


Rakhee Radia on Google Reviews
Short version: Dean is AMAZING. Since getting our cockapoo Rolo, now 6 months, we'd had some awful experiences with other trainers. The first, who ran puppy classes we went to (free through the council) branded our puppy an attention seeker and told us we pander to him too much. The second spouted all sorts of outdated nonsense about pack theory and dominance and said that our pup would be looking to my partner for direction as he is a man (!) and also insisted that Rolo wouldn't do anything for vegetarian treats (I don't handle meat and we don't have it in the house other than pup's kibble, but she insisted on using it in our home) and that Rolo was crying out for meat and didn't have a good bond with me because I don't give him what he wants (the vet has since put him on vegetarian food due to allergies...) By this point we were at the end of our tether. Then we found Dean. His approach was totally different - much more empathetic. I actually emailed him in advance to tell him all about the previous experiences and his response was really reassuring. He took the time to listen to all of our issues and concerns in our initial consultation and gave us practical tips but also reframed our approach, as others have said, to thinking about what our pup wants and what motivates him so we can all have a nice life together, rather than just getting him to 'obey' for the sake of it. We then met for an in-person session on the Heath, where Dean gave us both the skills and the confidence to let Rolo off lead - which we think will make a huge difference all round, to our enjoyment of our time with him but also to enriching his life and tiring him out more so that he's calmer overall. We then suggested buying his package of sessions to use going forwards, and he very honestly and admirably told us we didn't need them! We'll still book a few more sessions as we go, but the fact he told us that was hugely refreshing. He also went well over time on both our sessions. It's not an overstatement to say he's changed our lives - and we know he's there for follow-up support if needed. He's a fair bit more expensive than other options, but we wish we hadn't wasted our time and money and had gone straight to Dean. Highly recommended.


Elicia McGregor on Google
I couldn't recommend Dean enough to any dog owner. We came to Dean for help with our Romanian rescue dog (ex-street puppy) Rufus, around issues with anxiety when we left him alone in the house even for mere moments, and what we thought was very specific dog-dog aggression (only when other dogs were under tables). Dean took the time to listen to our concerns, get context (which was so important for a dog with Rufus's start in life), and formulate something to help us when we met on the Heath for our session. He even took the time to come with us to a pub to see Rufus's issue with dogs under tables in action, and try out some techniques with us to help settle Rufus's nerves in these situations. He explained everything clearly, and gave us time to practice his techniques and watch them work. All his work was positive reinforcement based, completely aversive-free, fun, and founded in the most modern and up to date understandings of dog behaviour and developmental stages. He is clearly passionate about the bond between dogs and their owners, and always has your dogs welfare and best interests at the forefront of what he does. The results speak for themselves to be honest: in just a couple of weeks, we now have a dog who couldn't care less if we pop out for half an hour or if we have a wine in a pub garden with other dogs around. Dean is a warm, friendly, knowledgeable guy who takes the time not only to think about techniques that can best help you, but also to validate what you are already doing that is working well. If you're reading this, you probably have a dog and know that it's an absolute minefield of conflicting advice and often times unsolicited advice- and so to have Dean cut through all of that and provide his understanding of your dog with a bit of "keep doing that, and also try this" was incredibly containing. The way he explained everything was also so easy to follow and remember after the session. He also took a follow up call from us, to think about how to move our progress forward and into other areas/situations. If you want a trainer or a behaviourist for your dog, who truly knows his stuff, stop searching now and contact Dean!

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Assisting Decision-Making on Age of Neutering for 35 Breeds of Dogs: Associated Joint Disorders, Cancers, and Urinary Incontinence Neutering (including spaying) of male and female dogs in the first year after birth has become routine in the U.S. and much of Europe, but recent research reveals that for some dog breeds, neutering may be associated with increased risks of debilitating joint disorders and some cancers, complicating...

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