A Tibetan saying:
The effectiveness of the treatment depends on how much the doctor cares about his patient.

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Timeline photos 21/05/2023

We are working on "Minds in Business"


"A formal education will earn you a living.
Self-education will earn you a fortune."
- Jim Rohn

Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast 30/01/2023

REFLECTING BACK ON THE TIME WE HAD TO THINK & TALK DURING COVID ... with University Professor James Piecowye of Zayed University, Dubai.

Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free.


Formula Win Selling ... The ultimate reading for new sales professionals starting outπŸ‘https://a.co/d/1yASej0


Feels good to wear a shirt again (it seems covid made clothes redundant)


Using Formula Win R.A.C.E. at AJW Singapore


Top managers at work training Qatar


Everyone involvedπŸ‘ leading by example πŸ™




πŸ˜‰ Formula Win Selling ... " If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you....... "

Timeline photos 15/04/2022

Here here...

We have much more control than we think. But we have to expose the body to the natural elements, such as cold and heat, and take it out of its comfort zone. It’s positive stress. It makes the body and mind work. X


'Formula Win Selling' will soon be face to face again


To the Family Children of the late PREMSING GURUNG (aka RAJESH GURUNG): Shirish and Chetan, Nisha and Binaya, Pranay, Sandy and Sanjay, Sajni and Pranaya, Sajib and Rasna, Angshu, Ajay. Punam and Sujan, Janam, Sachina and Amir, Soniya and Prakash.

A huge Thank you and gratitude for the very kind donation given to Shamrock School in memory of your beloved one, late Premsing Gurung aka Rajesh Gurung, who loved children.

All the students, parents and teachers of Shamrock School Nepal express our deep and sincere condolence for the early loss of your dear family member PREMSING GURUNG (aka Rajesh Gurung)

May he rest in peace (R.I.P)

The donation was handed over to the school Principal, Shova Gurung, by the friend of Shamrock, Bir Bahadur Gurung, aka B-ray Gurung, on behalf of the family members on Saturday 24 April 2021.

Special thanks to B-ray Gurung.

Habits in the rain (ELP evidence) 26/06/2020

Habits in the rain (ELP evidence) A short video clip to share with fellow habiteers and coaches. 'ELP evidence' clips show how Resultants walk their talk :-)


Congratulations Class 8 ... amazing results :-) We are all so very proud of you .... and of your excellent Shamrock School Teachers ... I also look forward to my Online learning from them this weekend.

Congratulations to all the students of class 8 for passing the final exam taken by the Exam Board of Pokhara Metro City Office. Among the total 14 students, 5 of them got grade A plus, 7 got grade A and 2 of them got grade B plus. With this result, students have completed the Basic Level Education (Class 1-8).

Photos from ELP Ltd's post 06/02/2020

is born! Embedding positive new habits into sales & sales management @ in

Timeline photos 31/01/2020

Just 5 suggestions before launching into the next decade: 1. Hang up your achievements in plain sight. 2. Be proud of yourself😀 3. You did it before - you can do it againπŸ‘ 4. Say 'thank you' to all your supporters, team mates and competitors - never take their help for granted πŸ™ 5. Stay healthy (in body, in spirit, and in mind)πŸ•‰οΈ HAPPY 2020 ..


An enlightening (& fun) time spent with good friends at the Acclivus family in Dallas, Texas.


Understanding clients' beyond their needs is key to ELP's way of 'turning rhetoric into reality"


A real pleasure to work with Papertrail & Teufelberger in Austria. Training on "www.papertrail.io' 'The' industry standard PPE inspection app (in your pocket) now available in the German language.


The one advantage of jetlag - no excuse for not going to the gym 😁


Doha-Dublin-Dallas (quite a week for ELP Ltd 😁) feeling verrry fortunate to know such fantastic friends, colleagues and clients ... Merry Christmas πŸŽ…


A great pleasure to work with the AJW Singapore Team 'Transforming aviation efficiency' Thank you all for your fantastic, high energy, 100% interactive engagement.


A facebook catch-up ... here are a bunch of photos from the last few months working with fantastic people all over the world. ELP was fortunate enough to work in Canada (in French) Germany (in German) As the year draws to a close we still have some exciting training and consulting to share in Austria, the USA, Qatar and Singapore.


an I CAN attitude and resilience are vital in today's business world.

While waiting to go in for my triathlon swim, I met a lady from a village near the slate mines of Snowdonia ... On hearing I was from Anglesey, she told me that back in the 1800s, when the men would walk from Anglesey to the quarries in search of work .. they'd be asked about their mining experience.... 'yes, I can do that, of course I can do it' (mi fedra i gwneud) Since then Anglesey and its people are known in Welsh as 'Gwlad y Medra' - translated it is 'Land of the Can Do'. ... I repeated those words 'Gwlad y Medra' for the following 1 hour and 39 minutes, as I swam, cycled and ran till my heart almost beat out of my chest (it's hilly and sandy around Harlech castle).... it's my new Anglesey mantra :-) ... Mr Obama must be from here too! Yes I can!


Shamrock School Nepal - UK Charity # 1,158,847

Members of Shamrock School today dealing in the currency of kindness by donating in aid of those affected by storms in the southern districts of Bara and Parsa.
A big thank you to all the helping hands who managed to raise Rs 5130! πŸ‘
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.


Looking forward to Key Account Management tomorrow in Austria


Experience UK Ltd has now rebranded as ELP Ltd ... ELP explains what Experience UK Ltd actually did ... we create training EXPERIENCES which allow participants to LEARN and then PERFORM better than before.

Word of Mouth 28/02/2019

New Orleans - Madrid - Singapore ...and epic tour for a whole new take on sales value add and influence for respected customers


Word of Mouth in New Orleans - How Story Sharing influences from ELP.




Profile Pictures


Welcome to Shamrock School Nepal

First mural in Shamrock School is finished after a few days of work!πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘β€οΈ Thanks again to all volunteers who participated to this mural and of course our donors! In the next few days we will start another one, inside the school on the playground of the children! 🌈 Artists Volunteers are welcome😁

experienceuk.com 16/09/2017

ROI from training, Sales, Leadership, Training, Resilience

Experience UK's new website reflects the whole picture of success which we deliver - from Assessment to Learning & Performance Management and beyond. Feel free to share on Social media.

experienceuk.com Employee development which increases the amount of learning actually used in the workplace. Assessment - blended & experiential learning, performance.

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an I CAN attitude and resilience are vital in today's business world.