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Photos from Sacred Health's post 27/12/2023

My daughter says to me ‘mum not everything is about Breathwork’ 😂

Whilst she has a valid point (it’s not going to solve many of the worlds problems) it IS the answer and key to a whole host of bodily functions and HOW we experience our lives 🙌

For example

The breath can help you with your skin - to improve its tone and texture and vibrancy due to the cleansing properties of breathing fully and deeply and to the effect this has on your hormones and nervous system 🫁

I have breathed with hundreds of people who experience an increase in their positive outlook, creativity and energy levels after regular breathwork practices- and you can too! ✨✨✨

When we are stuck in old ways of thinking about ourselves - whether this be lack of confidence, self belief, doubt etc we can use the breath to tap into our subconscious minds (and super conscious minds) where the 95% of our potential lies within - once we connect to this it becomes much easier to have new beliefs as we can see more clearly 👀

When we breathe using conscious connected breath (a breathwork practice that I often use with clients and groups) one of the most incredible experiences is to feel empowered to make new choices - this is often because we get to see our full potential and the clarity needed to get us there

By connecting the breath and focusing on the felt sense of the body we access deep wisdom (often from many lifetimes in our family line that we hold in our cells) which helps our bodies heal and become healthy

I hope you’ll join me for this experience of Breathwork which is included in Expansive AF (a four day retreat with coaching, dance, lessons and an incredible community of people)

You’ll find the link in my bio above

Reach out in the DM’s if you have questions

Much love and can’t wait to start the NEW YEAR sharing all of this with you 🩷




I was 15 years old hiding in a friends bathroom

Every sense in my body alert
Heart racing and throat dry
Listening as he got closer

The terror I felt as I waited knowing what was coming

The shame I felt as I heard my friend desperately trying to protect me from what we all knew deep down was inevitable

He smashed the door down and pulled my head onto his knee smashing my two front teeth out - roots and all

I remember how the floor got further away as I slowly stood and braved myself for the next punch and spat my teeth out

The moment after where I felt the surge of chemicals in my body relieving me of the pain

That moment in time when I looked into his eyes and he into mine - captured forever in my mind

Then he ran and all hell broke loose

Police and ambulance
Shaking cold body as I climbed into the ambulance

My dad arriving pale and terrified himself

It was the beginning of the end
A pivotal time with no going back

Despite the weeks of initial recovery - dentistry and hunkering down at home under the watchful eyes of my mum

I knew he could not get away with it any more
My survival instincts kicked in
My desire for something better

I knew I needed support to get away - & it was there

I saw my first mentor who worked with me on the physical, emotional & energetic parts of me that needed healing and were seeking change

I was so so lucky that I came from a home where my mum knew about healing and personal growth and that doing the inner work was what I needed to be safe

Today I think about all the women who were living in fear and beaten last night and my heart breaks wide open

And it is exactly this which was the reason I have created the low cost and transformative ACTIVATE ALCHEMY & the TOXIC RELEASE method facilitator training

I absolutely want to contribute all that I can to create a better world where people do the inner work & feel supported as they grow

To release toxicity in the relationship they have with themselves and others

And feel empowered by the choices they make

& experience magic again

Sending my love today to all who needed to read this 💕💗💕💗

To join activate alchemy find the link below


Come and Breathe with me to bring in more of your light, deepen into gratitude and connection

7pm U.K. time

Link in the comments to sign up


My podcast guest today is Natasha De Grunwald who is an experienced teacher and practitioner of Thai Massage, author of The Dissected Woman and a business mentor who has been in the wellness industry for over 3 decades. She is also the Founder of the London Institute of Thai Massage.

This conversation was tender and heart opening as we covered a wide array of topics.

Listen here:

Or if you're on IG - Link in bio



How to Experience Success and Achieve Your Goals

The idea of setting goals is not new and if you are wanting to grow and expand your business it is an integral part of your success.
However, the experience of many entrepreneurs, therapists and wellness professionals is they are either not setting goals, or if they are they are not reaching them and this leads to feeling stuck or overwhelmed or just downright fed up
So the question is - what can you do differently to make sure you set yourself up for success?
You will find the answer inside this weeks episode where I share with you some unique ways of looking at this that WILL give you actionable tools - I have a few spins on this you will not have heard before.
You’ll be able to implement the tangible strategies I give you straight away.
In this weeks episode I teach you about:
⭐ The importance and health of having multiple goals
⭐ How to move the dial furthest and fast
⭐ The cycles in your business and how to embrace, integrate and appreciate them
⭐ What a stretchy goal will do for you in comparison with an unrealistic goal or easy goal
⭐ Setting yourself up for success
⭐ How to create achievable steps and have a master plan to follow
⭐ Failure as healthy motivation
⭐ What is happening when multi-tasking and preparing for action
⭐ How and why to activate the autonomic nervous system to get laser focussed
Link to episode in the comments



As a therapist, I always ask clients about their own births as it is clear the effects it has on the physical structures of the body as well as the physiology.

Birth is a massive event in your life - your own birth and the birth of your children but what if it could be a positive rite of passage rather than something to fear?

Have you ever considered just how much your own birth has impacted your life, your choices, your mental health as a child and all the way into adulthood?

What if it could have been different? What would the impact of this be on the world when it is such a fundamental event in life.

There is a huge amount of evidence to show how significant birth is - for the whole family and our communities at large.

In this week's episode I am talking with the magnificent Kemi Johnson - an expert in the birth world - an activist, educator, birth nerd and birth keeper.

In this powerful episode we talk about:

⭐ The impact and trauma of c section on the body - every layer of the body is cut into and this is more significant, affecting your baby and your own body in ways you may not have realised are linked.

⭐ The power of Bowen technique (which I teach on the sacred Health training) for the whole family and how it positively impacts babies health.

⭐ What is Industrialised birthing and what a birth looks like when there is real choice and autonomy?

⭐ Impact of birth on body and first breath - the links to anxiety and function.

⭐ We talk about the anatomy of the breasts and specifically them being an extension of the heart.

⭐ What it looks like to birth outside of the system and how complimentary therapies such as Bowen are vital for everyone.

And if you want to be able to work with babies and whole families using light touch check out our Sacred Health 4 trimesters and beyond training (link in comments)


🎙️ New Podcast Episode 🎧

⚡ Have you ever realised that you reach a certain level of success and then sabotage it?

⚡ Has you business had huge surges of clients only to find you get eerily quiet soon after?

⚡ Have you noticed a pattern when it comes to the success of your relationships, your communications, your happiness?

⚡They swing from being out of this world to downright terrible

In this weeks episode I ask you to look at where you could be ‘upper limiting’ yourself?

Have you put a ceiling or limit on what you believe you can have in this life?

I know I have done this in the past and I tell you exactly how that impacted my business and what you can do to make sure you break the cycle and start living the life you REALLY want

I would LOVE to hear if you have experienced this before so let me know. Link to the episode is in the comments


Have you ever experienced unexplained pain in your body and wondered to yourself ‘what is going on?’
Would you implement a daily self-care practice if you knew beyond doubt that you would look, feel and live better?
Have you ever considered there may be ways to (naturally) prevent the acceleration of the ageing process?
In this week's episode of the Dissected Woman podcast I have the pleasure in talking about all of this (and a huge amount more) with Sue Hitzmann who is a scientist, researcher, New York Times bestselling author, teacher and the creator of the Melt Method™.
This is one of the most educational episodes so far and I am excited for you to listen and learn and implement some of the suggestions that come from the conversation.
Other topics which form part of this episode include:
⚡The Felt Sense, your connection to the internal and external worlds and why you must integrate this as a practice
⚡The link between Fascia and hormones
⚡What is Sedement and how does this cause pain
⚡Natural pain prevention and understanding the root cause
⚡Tips for a healthy menopause
⚡Health, ageing and longevity
⚡Death, grief and staying in the present moment
Listen to the full episode by clicking on the link in the comments


I am excited to announce this weekend I am offering a FREE meditation session focussed on the felt sense /interoception

Come and FEEL what your body is saying to you - take 30 minutes to listen in, to sense yourself

This is something we often don’t make time for as holistic practitioners but when you take that sacred time to go within you will benefit enormously - there will be messages there, you’ll feel your breath, notice where you are tense

And where feels good In your body

Take 30 minutes to slow down and listen to those whispers of the heart, the gut

You’ll find the link below


Bodies in anatomy books all look the same to me - mostly white men who have defined and ripped musculature 💪

They are also always depicting white-skinned people

In Thai Massage Dissected I specifically wanted the illustrations in my book to be more real, relatable AND inclusive - to show people of colour and body fat, p***c hair and ni***es 💥

To show the layers in all their glory and the superficial fascia in situ

I also wanted the book to appeal to therapists

AND to those readers with an interest in more deeply understanding their own bodies

When we are constantly seeing images in doctors surgeries, anatomy books, manual therapists clinics which do not look like the body we live in it causes disconnect

whereas the body is the ONE thing we all have in common and it’s good to see diversity and inclusivity in medical books - we need more of this

Image from the book Thai Massage Dissected


It's new podcast episode day

In this episode I talk to Shazzie whom I know will inspire you whatever area of the business world you are in. She grew a raw food and superfood blog when very few others were blogging and turned it into a huge business before moving into business mentoring. She is an absolute visionary and early adopter and talks about her fears and how she overcame them to live the life she now has. We all can learn so much from this episode. Enjoy.

For more information about the Fear to Freedom course advertised in this podcast click this link:


What can you win?

1st Prize 🏆
📕 a signed copy of Thai Massage Dissected £33.00
👏 A 10% discount on a course of your choice this year (between £15 and £240 depending on the course)
🌿Ya Dom herbal inhaler £25.00 (if you don’t know what this is ask me!)
💪 Massage balm from Thailand for muscle tension (with the amazing herb Plai of course) £15

2nd Prize 🥈

📕 A signed copy of Thai Massage Dissected £33 💥✨
🌿 Ya Dom herbal inhaler (£25.00)
💥 create cracking content course for people in the wellness/service industry £45.00

3rd prize 🥉
🌿 Ya Dom £25.00
💪 Thai massage balm £15

What you need to do:

📸 Take a photo of any Dissected Woman podcast thumbnail or posts

✅ Post and share on your stories and Instagram feed (and tag me )

✅ Use these hashtags in your posts

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟rate and review on apple podcasts

The prizes go to those of you that take part and do the most to help get word out there FAST 🚀

Closing date 30th September 2021

Mindful Massage 25/04/2021

Handspring Publishing Limited

Mindful Massage Massage – is not only considered essential by professional athletes but also an effective route to wellness for the rest of us. This is something I appreciated when I moved to Sydney in 2004. Thai massage therapy spas were on every street and


Today a copy of my book was delivered and I finally get to see it in print and hold it in my hands!

Available now for preorder

Handspring Publishing Limited


You are too darn busy for self care 💇‍♀️

And you’re bored of that word - it just makes you feel bad 😔

It highlights how little of it you do 😱

It shows how far down the list of priorities it is 👎

Yet what if I told you the Who am I experiment will be

Morning bursts of loveliness

Straight into your inbox 🌞

With a daily task that will

Excite you (oooh!) 🔥
Inspire you 🧚‍♀️
Give you insights 🤔
Be fun 🥳
Stimulate your creative juices 🎨
Integrate into your day ⏰
Bring some much needed magic into your life 💫

You will not feel overwhelmed
You don’t need to carve out time to fully participate and feel stressed 😫

You’ll wake up excited to see what your task is each day 🌼

And in the process you will feel self connected, joyful, happy 💗

You will get unstuck from those pesky patterns (watch out world 🌎)

You’ll meet so many wonderful women sharing the experience 💃👯‍♀️👭🧕🏼🕵️‍♀️

Doesn’t that sound like EXACTLY what you need as we come out of lockdown?

And there’s more...

Treat yourself and sign up here

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Testimonials like these make my heart sing 💕💕💕
Come and join us on 9th - 12 th January
There is an experience coming up that you’re going to love 💕 If you’ve been feeling low and overwhelmed 🙌Bored or fed up...
Who’s ready for some regular breathwork?
NEW PODCAST EPISODEHow to Experience Success and Achieve Your GoalsThe idea of setting goals is not new and if you are w...
WHEN WELLNESS MEETS BIRTH ACTIVISM As a therapist, I always ask clients about their own births as it is clear the effect...
🎙️ New Podcast Episode 🎧⚡ Have you ever realised that you reach a certain level of success and then sabotage it?⚡ Has yo...
🎧 NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🎙️Have you ever experienced unexplained pain in your body and wondered to yourself ‘what is going ...
Come and join us for a FREE felt sense meditation to Moore morning at 9.30 am
It's new podcast episode dayIn this episode I talk to Shazzie whom I know will inspire you whatever area of the business...
Today a copy of my book was delivered and I finally get to see it in print and hold it in my hands! Available now for pr...
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