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Private and Group Tuition for children aged 5 - 18 years. Ran by an experienced Primary and KS3 Teac

Operating as usual


GCSE results day. Good luck to one and all. We hope you achieve the grades you were reaching for and that you are over the moon. ⭐️

It can be tough receiving your grades and not seeing what you’d hoped. You are more than a number on a page and resilience is power.


It’s the summer holidays!!! Enjoy one and all, so well deserved.

We still run sessions through the summer holidays, if families choose to. We are super flexible and offer term time only or continuous tutor provision.

Great time now to discuss tutor options if your child is going into year 11 or thinking of sitting the 11+ in September 2023. 🌸

Have a wonderful summer! We sure will be. 😊

Best ‘Blossom and Bloom’ wishes.


🌸🌸 Happy half term one and all 🌸🌸

To our wonderful families…our sessions can continue through school holidays. As always, we leave this with each family to decide whether they want to continue or to have a break.

Let’s hope this sunshine stays ☀️


Sending lots of well wishes to all year 6’s and year 11’s. You’ve worked so hard and now it’s time to shine!! Good luck one and all ☀️


On this beautiful ☀️ Saturday we are delighted to announce…

We now offer GCSE and A Level Physics tuition. Slots now available for immediate or September starts.

Best ‘Blossom and Bloom’ wishes. 🧑‍🏫🌸

Photos from Hyett Education's post 27/01/2022

To our wonderful parents…
This wonderful computing workshop is ran by a fantastic friend/teacher. Pass these details on to your child’s school, as if selected they could have a FREE fun and educational workshop courtesy of the RAF and Hyett Education.🤞


What a lovely way to start the day! 🎉🎉 Congratulations to this student as with hard work and fantastic resilience achieved the grade they needed. Here’s to all the luck in the future. 🎉🎉


Have you got a child who needs extra support, a boost to their confidence or just their sparkle bringing out in Maths, English or 11+ prep? Blossom and Bloom Tuition would love to help. Enrol in January for GCSE or A Level Maths and receive online private hourly lessons for a discounted rate.

We also cater for primary Maths, English and 11+ practice. It would be wonderful to help your child ‘blossom and bloom’ within their education.


Happy Halloween weekend everyone 🎃 👻


🌸 Blossom and Bloom Tuition competition 🌸

As a thank you for a whole year of Blossom and Bloom, we want to give some school goodies away. Good luck!

For your chance to win a brand new Smiggle backpack and pencil case:
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Thank you for supporting a small business that has a huge heart. ❤️👩‍🏫


🌸👩‍🏫Primary (including 11+) and Secondary (GCSE and A Level) Maths, English and Science Tuition. Affordable and high quality private tuition in your home or online.

We’d love to help your child ‘blossom and bloom.’ 👩‍🏫🌸


🌸👩‍🏫 Primary, 11+ GCSE and A Level Maths
🌸👩‍🏫 Primary, 11+, GCSE and A Level English
🌸👩🏽‍🏫 GCSE and A Level Biology
🌸👩🏿‍🏫 GCSE and A Level French
🌸👩🏻‍🏫 Adult Learning English and Maths


Is your child going to sit the 11+?

Our weekly, term time courses would be perfect to help with their preparation. 🌸👩‍🏫


We’ve had lots of enquires asking about 11+ tutoring. We’ve decided to offer group sessions, so more students can access quality tuition. Please get in touch if you think we could help. 🌸👩‍🏫


Good luck to all children sitting their 11+ this September. You should all be so proud of yourselves already. You’ve shown great resilience, worked extremely hard and smiled the whole way through. Big congrats to you all🎉🙌


This month we’ve welcomed three new tutors to our team. They specialise in:
🌸👩‍🏫 A Level and GCSE Biology
🌸👩🏽‍🏫 A Level Maths
🌸👩🏾‍🏫 A Level and GCSE French

It would be our pleasure to help your child blossom and bloom!

Teaching | 01/09/2021

Teaching |

Our updated website, all ready for the new, exciting term ahead!

We wish every student who is returning to school the best year! Smile, always try your best and enjoy seeing your friends.

Best 'Blossom and Bloom' wishes ###

Teaching | Blossom and Bloom Tuition offer Private or Group English and Maths tuition in Wolverhampton, Telford, Bridgnorth and Online for ages 5 - 14 years.


We hope you’re all having a wonderful summer holidays, full of new memories.

We are proud to announce we have Maths, English and 11+ tuition spaces available in September. These are for both primary and secondary aged children.

Our team of superb teachers is growing at the start of the new term and we look forward to welcoming new students.

Please get in touch if we could help.

‘It’s time for your child to blossom, it’s time for them to bloom.’



So proud of all the children we teach! Well done to this superstar. 🎉🌸


If anyone fancies something different and exciting for their children this summer…. Tech Tigers Clubs are fantastic!!

Tech Tigers is back this summer at the wonderful St. Dominic's Grammar School every Tue, Wed & Thur from 26th July. We’ll be giving away an Arcade Coder* to one lucky winner (worth £69.99) at the end of summer. All bookings are eligible and will be entered automatically into the draw. A raffle is added for each child, for each day booked.

Book Tech Tigers now at 🐯

* iPad 5th generation or above is required to use the Arcade Coder and is not provided as part of the prize.


🌸🌸 Weekly Maths 11+ Workshops throughout the Summer Holiday 🌸🌸

These will run weekly starting from Tuesday 20th July for 6 weeks. All online and suitable for year 4 and year 5 students.

Pick all or whichever sessions best fit your child and for as many weeks as you wish.

Comment below if interested and we will send across or drop us a message. 🌸👩‍🏫


We are pleased to announce the arrival of two Secondary Maths tutors and one Secondary English tutor here at Blossom and Bloom Tuition! We are really pleased to welcome you all to the team.

Even though there’s only 4 weeks and 3 days left of this term (not that we’re counting!! 🤣) some of our tutors continue tutoring during the summer holidays so please get in touch if we could help your loved ones. 🌸👩‍🏫


Well done to all the children that attended our 11+ workshops. Polite, hard working and smiley - what more could a teacher ask for! Over for this half term but they will be running again in the summer holidays. 🌸👩‍🏫


Dear parents,

As half term is quickly approaching, hurrah, we would like to inform you that we will be delivering group, online Maths booster workshops. These are for year 4 and year 5 children who wish to sit the 11+ tests.

Please comment below or drop me a message if you may be interested for your child.

Best ‘Blossom and Bloom’ wishes!
Aimee 🌸👩‍🏫


Meet Aimee’s teaching assistant ‘Mr.Buttons.’ 🐶 He has loved online lessons as he’s made lots of new friends 🧒, he’s mastered the bus stop method 🧮 and he loves to watch the students do so well 😌.


To deliver private tuition to families in either Wolverhampton, Telford or Bridgnorth.
To deliver primary Maths, English, 11+ or to deliver secondary Maths, English or Science.


Great club for your children at half term 👍🏻👍🏻


👩‍🏫🌸 We have a weekly tuition slot now available. The session is with our qualified teacher Aimee who delivers Maths, English and 11+ tuition. Get in touch today! 🌸👩‍🏫


🎉🎉 Your chance to win a brand new Smiggle backpack 🎉🎉 just share this post, follow/like Blossom and Bloom and tag four friends for your chance to win! ‘It’s time for your child to blossom, it’s time for them to bloom.’ Spaces available for summer term. 🌸👩‍🏫


Spelling strategies! Create a rainbow with your spelling list from school. Pretty, fun and educational 🌈👩‍🏫🌸


ANNOUNCEMENT 🎉🎉 Proud to now offer private secondary Maths or English lessons for just £19! 🌸👩‍🏫


Spelling top tip #3. We like to call this technique, rainbow spellings. Spell the word in one colour and keep writing the word over the top in different colours. 👩‍🏫🌸🌈


Spelling top tip #2 👩‍🏫After writing a word, draw around the shape of the word. Then, we can learn by remembering the shapes the letters/word creates. ‘Shape spelling.’


Spelling tips and tricks!
Tip #1: when learning spellings, copy out the words using different colours for each letter. We like to call this ‘colourful’ spellings. 🌈🌸👩‍🏫


And the winner is.... 🎉🎉🎉
Congratulations and enjoy your Smiggle goodies. Just in time to start back to school too! 🌸👩‍🏫


❤️ We are privileged to teach your little ones ❤️


Proud to introduce Group Tuition sessions here at Blossom and Bloom. Save money, be alongside friends and have wonderful, high quality teaching. 🌸👩‍🏫


Proudly tuition for English and Maths. Save money, whilst being tutored with a friend.🌸👩‍🏫


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Good luck!!

Let’s home school in style!

Sign up to Paddington’s Postcards with Unicef 19/02/2021

Sign up to Paddington’s Postcards with Unicef

Absolutely love this idea! Supporting children in need, whilst educating others. 💙

Sign up to Paddington’s Postcards with Unicef Sign up for a monthly gift of £8 and as a bear-sized thank you, Paddington will send your lucky recipient a personalised postcard (and more!) every month.


Delighted to now offer Secondary aged Maths tuition. Places available for the next half term. 🌸👩‍🏫 tuition


We’ve delivered 120 hours of tuition this half term. Parents, you’ve home schooled for 180 hours... Enjoy your deserved half term. 🍷🥳🌸

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Spelling top tip #3. We like to call this technique, rainbow spellings. Spell the word in one colour and keep writing th...
Spelling top tip #2 👩‍🏫After writing a word, draw around the shape of the word. Then, we can learn by remembering the sh...
Spelling tips and tricks!Tip #1: when learning spellings, copy out the words using different colours for each letter. We...
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