Consecrated a year ago, Diversity 9649 is a travelling Royal Arch Chapter based in the Province of Do

A newly consecrated Dorset travelling Royal Arch Chapter that meets at various masonic halls in the Province of Dorset. We meet at lunchtime with a breakfast or lunch festive board.

Photos from Dorset Freemasonry's post 03/12/2023

Only two more sleeps until ASHLARS 2023. This is Dorset Freemasonry making a positive difference to young people's lives 😁

Max Events Bournemouth United Grand Lodge of England


LEVEL - Our vision is to improve awareness of the mental health and well-being of our members. In the current climate, this has never been more important.

We are currently seeking candidates for MHFA training. If you are interested, please contact your Lodge Secretary.


Thank you everyone who supported Max Platinum today. Truly awesome is a good way of describing the kids experiences.

It will take the team a few days to sort all the photos and videos. We can't wait to update you.

In the meantime here is a photo of the PGM about to throw an axe!


Birthstones and the Holy Royal Arch (updated)
Have you ever purchased an item of jewellery as a gift for a partner or a new-born having first found out the colour of their birthstone?
Did you wonder how many types of birthstone there are? Well, there are twelve. There has been much argument over the years as to which twelve, but twelve is the number.

Twelve is an interesting number. There were twelve Apostles, twelve signs of the Zodiac, twelve months in a year, twelve days of Christmas and twelve tribes of Israel.

Did you ever wonder where the idea for birthstones originally came from? Well, if you are sat in any Holy Royal Arch Chapter meeting, the clues are there in front of you. If you are sat in a Chapter meeting at St Mary’s 707 in Bridport they are staring you in the face!

The strange extra garment on the chest of the 707 Third Principle is the Breastplate of Joshua. This item of regalia dates to Victorian times and is not often seen these days in English Chapters. St Mary’s Chapter 707 was consecrated in 1870, so the possession of a Joshua Breastplate fits with their history. However, the wearing of such a breastplate did not begin with Joshua.

The first such breastplate was made for Aaron, the elder brother of Moses. It was made on the direct instruction of the Most High for Aaron’s newly appointed role as the first High Priest of the Israelites. This event occurred when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land.

The breastplate was designed to represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The Most High dictated exactly which stones should be placed on the breast plate and in what order and to which of the Twelve Tribes of Israel they should be dedicated. Each stone had the name of the tribe engraved below it. Some Masonic copies of the breast plate have the name written in English whist others, like the 707 example, have the tribal names in Hebrew.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel were named after the ten sons and two grandsons of Jacob, so the stones linked to actual people. The colours of the stones were used as the background colours for the Tribal Ensigns which stand on the floor of every Holy Royal Arch Chapter. So, the Ensigns reflect the breastplate.

Aaron, like Moses, died before he was able to enter the Promised Land and the role of High Priest and the regalia which went with it were passed on to his son and on down the line until they arrived with Joshua, the Son of Josedech in the period explored in Chapter ceremonies.

Historically people used to try and collect examples of all twelve stones, although there has been argument for centuries about which types of stones they actually were; because the Israelites didn’t have a mineralogist with them in the desert and old names can be confusing. In the end most people settled for the stone which corresponded to the month in the year in which they were born. In 1927 the Jewellers got together, and more or less agreed which gemstones would relate to which month and things have been fairly regulated since then.

Which brings us back to the present. When we get back to normal, I suggest you make a visit to 707 Chapter to have a look at this amazing old piece of regalia. And I hope you will remember what it is all about next time you buy somebody a birth stone!

Article courtesy of Mark Hinsley


If you’re struggling to sponsor children for the Max Platinum event Tony from Llewellin Lodge can help. Tony is a teacher and has 12 Sports Ambassadors who are worthy of sponsorship.

Email for details: [email protected]


The first to complete the 216 miles to United Grand Lodge and back is…


Followed closely by Blackmore Vale No.3625 at 199 miles and The Ashley Lodge No.6525 at 173.1 miles.

Massive congratulations to Team 622 who have managed to complete the virtual challenge walk in just three days! A truly inspirational effort.

Collectively the 17 participating lodges have walked an astounding 1455.8 miles within the first three days, but they are not stopping there.

The mastermind and coordinator of , Bro James Whatley of Llewellin Lodge No.7907, said:

“A huge well done to The Lodge of St. Cuthberga. Let’s now all work together and get that mileage as HIGH as possible. We are now going to make sure each lodge makes it back home by completing 216 miles. That’s a shared total of 3672 miles. Working collectively, we will see just how high we can get the mileage total and raise funds for Festival25 to which we have a stretch target of £5000. Your generosity has been immense. This really sends a special message of Health / Fitness and Wellbeing goals that can be achieved when we work together. Thank you all and happy exercising.”

If you would like to show your support please visit:


So far 12 Lodges have registered for the Llewellin Lodge no.7907 virtual challenge walk to UGLE and back. 216 miles in total.

It’s time to train, time to register and time to sponsor your team(s)!

To register a Lodge team or as an individual for in support of contact
[email protected] or speak to your lodge Charity Steward for more details.

20201029 Address to PGL 29/10/2020

20201029 Address to PGL Graham Glazier's address to the ProvinciaL Grand Lodge of Dorset. Recorded in Blandford Masonic Hall on 29 October 2020. This video was recorded in complianc...

25 October 2020 vLog 25/10/2020

25 October 2020 vLog ......... Brethren, what I am asking is that you seriously consider returning to work. The longer we stay away – the easier it will be for some, not to retur...


This evening one of our Poole Lodges return to meeting!! Dunckerley Lodge 3878 meet in the Covid secure Poole Masonic Hall with the . Llewellin Lodge 7907 and The Ashley Lodge 6525 come back over the next week.

Not quite back to normal but a start!!


Over £3000 Raised for Zetland Court During Lockdown!

Among the annual events missed due to the current suspension of Masonic activity was the AFZC Zetland Court Summer Fete on the 6th June.

Not only was this a loss of a fun family event firmly fixed in our calendar it's cancellation represented a significant drop in the funds available to the Association of Friends of Zetland Court in their quest to help improve the daily lives of the residents of the court.

To help offset that loss Dorset Freemasonry set up an online appeal for those who would have attended the Fete to donate to in lieu of their attendance.

We are pleased to announce that, supported by Freemasons from across the Masonic border in Hampshire and IOW, this appeal raised a total of £1593.75 including Gift Aid.

In addition The Masonic Charitable foundation has matched this sum with a further £1500 as part of its Matched funding scheme made possible by Festival donations from Provinces around the country, bringing the total to £3,093.75

Although not a substitute for the Fete this is a boost to their annual income and will go some way to enhancing the daily lives of the residents by helping to fund trips out and providing entertainment.

On behalf of the Province of Dorset a big thank you to all those who contributed to the appeal either personally or as part of their Lodge.

We all look forward to next year when we can once again enjoy the hospitality of the Fete in the warm summer sun.



Having received a donation of £1,000 from the Dorset Freemasons, The Swanage School is able to start providing free home-cooked meals for families and individuals in and around Swanage who would benefit from this service due to self-isolation, other vulnerabilities or hardships caused by the current situation.

Using the school's facilities, our kitchen staff will make and package freshly prepared meals ready to be re-heated, with an initial aim of cooking up to 80 meals three times a week (likely Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and delivering to homes. We will directly offer this service to our families and will ask the primary schools, local charities and the food bank for referrals, however we would also like to make this a wider offer within the community.

If you know of someone who would benefit, maybe a neighbour who is struggling or someone who is shielding, or would benefit yourself, please get in touch with us on [email protected] or call 01929 500599 and leave a message. We hope to be able to secure additional funding and, if demand exists, to continue the service for as many people as possible whilst we are able.


Third place in the t-shirt design competition goes Daniel Berry of London Haven Lodge 7300. Well done Daniel.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?