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Anglesey Maths

I am a qualified, experienced Maths teacher and musician of many years offering Maths tutoring and v

Price: £30 per hour individual, reductions with group tuition

Operating as usual


Latest availability….extra spaces available during the summer for boost lessons into the next school year, can really make a difference, particularly going into year 11. £35 per hour.

One weekly space available, 7.15pm Fridays, online or at Penysarn, £35 an hour.

Two groups for year 11 available starting in September. One for Intermediate students working in Welsh is at 5.05 Weds. 2 spaces available.

The other group space is 6.10 Fridays - this will become either higher or intermediate in English depending on demand. Please get in touch if you are considering tuition as there will only be 5 spaces.

Thank you!


Fri 7.15pm still available.

I also have a fortnightly space face to face on Sundays at 12 ish available from the end of the month. This will work if you live between Gaerwen and Bryngwran. £35 an hour - please contact me if you are interested. Thanks, Dawn


I have a space come available for maths tuition at 7.15pm on a Friday. It is my only available space apart from y11 groups.
£35 an hour, online or at my house in Penysarn. Please message if interested- they never stay free long!


Would your son or daughter benefit from a Maths boost into the next school year? I can offer a few holiday spaces through July and August, £35 per hour. Stop the
Summer Slide backwards which is inevitable over the long holidays. Improve their confidence and get them help with the topics they struggle on.

Please message me for further information, thanks 😊


Well it’s the last GCSE maths exam for this summer in the morning. Well done to all of my wonderful Y11 students for getting this far, you have all worked hard for it. Best of luck for tomorrow - I will be feeling the adrenaline with you as I’m sitting my Welsh exam at the same time 😬
It’s exciting to see you all succeed but sad as I won’t be continuing to teach most of you. I thank you all for your hard work and trust and wish you all the best for your many and varied futures - remember to follow your dreams xx


I have decided to run small online group lessons for year 11s this next year in order to accommodate struggling students as otherwise I’m full! These will be £20 per student per session, term time only.

Wed 5.05 is for Intermediate students who are taking the exam in Welsh - at this point 1 only have 1 or 2 spaces left (max 5). This group is starting June 21st.

The other time is 5.50 on Friday evening. I am waiting to see what is requested. Could be intermediate level being taken in English, could be Higher in either English or Welsh, depending on early demand.
If you are considering y11 maths tuition now is the time to ask as the other group has filled very quickly.

Please message on
07481 763883 Dawn Walton


My only slot left for June onwards is 2.30 ish on a Saturday afternoon. It would be fortnightly face to face in your home. You would need to be between Holyhead and Llandegfan to fit into my route. Along the A*5 will be fine!!

Please contact me if you are interested in this space, thanks Dawn


Happy Pi day, home of cheesy maths jokes 🤣


Hi everyone, thank you to everyone booking in, my timetable is almost complete for after June!

I only have 1 or 2 spaces left for after June….

1. Friday 7.15pm, weekly. This would be weekly, either online or at my home.

2. A fortnightly space for someone between Holyhead and Llandegfan at 2.30ish on a Saturday afternoon. This would be at your home.

If you have a son/daughter going into year 11 this is your opportunity to have a regular space. I can also offer holiday and cancellation lessons.

Diolch, Dawn


I am currently full, but taking bookings for June (after this year’s GCSE), and onwards through next year. Only 6 spaces left!

If you think your child may need Maths help with GCSE next year please don’t wait until September, put their name down now….3 spaces were filled last week. I will be full for the next academic year before September.


True in many cases!

This can be so true! 💯


Nadolig Llawen to all my wonderful students and parents 🙂 Term finishes Thurs 22nd Dec and starts again Wed 4th Jan 🙂
Oh and I hope you don’t mind but I have decided not to send Christmas cards this year - I’m donating to the Amlwch food bank instead as it’s very badly needed.

Thank you everyone for supporting Anglesey Maths again this year, it’s very much appreciated.
Have a wonderful Christmas period 😊

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Molly, aged 9, created this illustration of me whilst I taught her big sister tonight!!! Isn’t it fabulous?


Hi everyone,

I have had an early Saturday space -9am come available due to reshuffling students. Can be face to face if you are in the right area, or a few minutes earlier online if you are further away. £35 an hour.

I do also have one daytime space available on a Thursday afternoon for someone resitting or home educated.

If you are interested in either space, please message me or call me on 07481 736883 for a chat.


Hi all, hope everyone us settled back into school after a great Summer!

My after school/weekend spaces are full, but I do have a few spaces in the afternoon for home educated students or Y12 resits.

I also have a waiting list just started 🙂 as places do come free through the year. I do also offer cancellation and holiday lessons to people on the waiting list if they would like them.

Please contact me for a chat if you would like any further details.


Fortnightly maths tutoring space available, face to face if you live between Pentraeth and Bryngwran!

Sunday 10.30/10.45 depending on your address. £35 an hour. Please get in touch if you would like more information.


Good luck to all my students receiving their exam results today! Please message me when you have them xx


Spaces keep moving about! My one free space for Maths tuition now is on a Sunday afternoon, at 4.15 to 4.30 start dependant on your address. I will be travelling from Bryngwran area.

£35 an hour- please contact me for further information 😊


Hi everyone, starting to gear up for September 🙂 The Saturday slot for maths tuition has gone but there is now a space for Sunday morning about 9.30 if you live around Llangefni to Bryngwran area, or 9.15 online. £35 an hour.

I will have at least one space come available at the end of November on a Saturday for face to face tuition and no waiting list at present! So please be the first on the list to guarantee a space 🙂 Those on the list also get offered cancellation and holiday lessons until a space becomes available.


Hi everyone, I have one Saturday face to face space that has become available, around 1pm start. If you are in between Valley and Gaerwen, please contact me for a chat.

I am an experienced, fully qualified Maths teacher and tutor. I of course have an uptodate DBS.

My fees are £35 an hour. Please contact me for more information.


Good luck to all my students today.

Read the question twice and then check again after you have answered it
Do your thinking on the paper
Do the ones you are certain of first
If you have time check your work- look for copying slips and slips in arithmetic
Check to make sure your answer makes sense!

I’m sure you will all be fabulous x


Coming up to the end of the year and I have been able to offer places to all on my waiting list! My after school and weekend places are now full from September, but I have daytime spaces for home educated students, particularly y10 or 11.

I am also starting my waiting list afresh, and spaces do open up from time to time through the year. Please contact me if you want to be the first in line for the next space!!


Thanks to Louise Ann xx


Hi everyone, right now I am fully booked both during the day and out of school times.

If you are hoping for tuition I would strongly suggest joining my waiting list for July. I will definitely have 7 spaces opening up from Year 11, 4 of these are already booked 😊

Drop me a message if you are interested.


If anyone is looking for Maths tutoring in the Holyhead area I have one space on a Saturday for someone living between RAF Valley and Holyhead. Timing would be about 2.20pm. Please message if interested.


Update - I have one space fortnightly on a Saturday morning around 10.45. This will be face to face and the student would need to live somewhere between Benllech and Gwalchmai to fit in with my existing route.

If that fits in with anyone, please let me know :)


I am delighted to say I am fully booked! It’s been a fabulous welcome to the Island 🙂

I am starting a waiting list and I am able to offer cancellation lessons and holiday lessons whilst you are waiting for a permanent lesson slot.

The worst case is that I have 5 year 11 students who will be leaving me in June. Their spaces will definitely be available by the end of June and offered in order of students on the waiting list.

Nadolig Llawen a diolch yn fawr xx


There is now only the early Saturday afternoon space left - and daytime Thursday/Friday if home educating or no longer at school :) *

Hi everyone! What a whirlwind month was October :)
Thank you to everyone that has come to me for tuition, I now only have 2 out of 24 spaces left :)

If you are between Gwalchmai and Holyhead areas, I have two Saturday face to face spaces left at this moment - one at 1 PM ish and one at 4.45 ish, depending on your location.

If you know anyone who is looking for tutoring, please share - I would like to help as many students as possible!

Thank you again for your support :)


FDP is so important, used for many numeracy questions, but some students find it oh so difficult. Happy half term everyone, I'll still be seeing some of you :)


When maths meets halloween :) thanks to a fellow tutor for this!


I only have a few tutoring places left as follows:
Friday 4-5pm online and 7.15pm - 8.15pm.
Saturday after 1pm face to face - could be online at the end of the afternoon.
If you are thinking about maths support for your child, please don't wait, judging by the last month they will not be available for long!


Student tip #4 spend a little time on what you know and lots more on what you don't


It's been a crazy week, lots of new students 😁 Tutoring slots are filling up fast!


Student tip #3: When you learn something, test yourself on it a week or so later, to see if you can remember it. Then check 2 weeks later, then 3 weeks.....

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What do I do when I'm not tutoring maths? Today, with my lovely husband, we are crewing a yacht from Y Felinheli to Conwy. Beautiful weather, but dim gwint!