Onward Network

Onward Network

The network plans to:

1. Promote citizen science activities;
3. Organise webinars from experts and stakeholders from around the world;

ONWARD is a project funded by the GCRF of UK and is dedicated to developing a network of scientists and stakeholders sharing a common interest in better understanding of environmental controls on outbreaks of water-related disease. Set up a website that will be used to: draw attention to relevant publications; provide information on sources of relevant data; facilitate collaboration among members,

Operating as usual


ONWARD WEBINAR No. 6 - "Climate and Health: Conquering Water Borne Diseases in the 21st Century" By Dr. Rita Colwell (Distinguished University Professor at UMIACS – University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies)

On 17th of Mar. 2pm UTC.

Visit the website and register for the webinar at:



Online lectures (11-28 February, 2022, 19:30-20:30 hrs IST) and hands-on training (March, 2022)
Under the auspices of ONWARD (Open Network on Water-Related Diseases, http://www.onwardnetwork.net) project, an international training course is being organised on monitoring microbial quality of water using remote sensing and in-situ measurements.


The 2021 A.G. Huntsman Medal is awarded to Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath in recognition of her outstanding research achievements in the development of the use of optics and satellites in marine science as well as her dedication to developing international cooperation and capacity building in oceanography and ocean-colour remote sensing.
26th of November, Friday, 2021, 19:30 (IST)
The 2021 award ceremony and distinguished lecture can be watched as a Livestream webcast: https://vimeo.com/event/1372612/82afac71f8


ONWARD WEBINAR No. 5 - "Analysis Of Environmental Factors Supporting Recurring Cholera Outbreaks In Sub-Saharan Africa" By Cristiane Girotto (CEng, BEng (Hons), MRes), PhD Student, University of West London, UK.
On 5th of Nov. 2pm UTC.
Visit the website and register for the webinar at:


ONWARD member Mahasweta Saha wins the Asian Women Achievement Award!


Lead investigator of ONWARD, Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath wins the prestigious A G Huntsman award for 2021. The news is delightful as the same was awarded to Prof. Trevor Platt, FRS in 1992. Prof. Platt had conceptualized the idea of ONWARD.

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