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Operating as usual

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 10/01/2024

Spotlight on our Ballet Apprentices who come from a variety of dance schools across Yorkshire for some extra training with HowlyBallet through our Project Resurgence programme.
We have such fun with everyone!


We are looking forward to welcoming our students back after their festive break - to be fair, the last session was so fun, they needed the time off :-)
Did their feet ever touch the ground? We don't think so!

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 02/01/2024

Our homework over the holidays has been for our ballet apprentices to work on their batterie technique.

And HowlyBallet thinks the best way to get started is in this position, to build your strength and core.


Yes, these two tiny dancers are indeed the cutest pair you've ever seen.
We really encourage our students to be kind, friendly and supportive to each other - and these BFFs already had it well covered.


We can teach a lot of things when it comes to technique...but the joy that dancing gives you is a gift we cannot give.
It is so heartening when we see the pleasure our ballet apprentices get from their HowlyBallet sessions.

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 28/12/2023

We are hoping our ballet apprentices are having a fantastic festive break - but we know you will be doing your homework on those pirouette techniques.
We can't wait to see the improvement in January!


We've found our angel for the top of the tree...we need look no further :-)
Some beautiful work (and Christmas costumes) by our Ballet Apprentices in the last session of 2023.
Have a great holiday students and we can't wait to see you in 2024!


Merry Christmas from the first ever crew of Ballet Apprentices at Project Resurgence. We wish you a very merry Christmas!


Leaping into the weekend like two of our ballet apprentices who are working on technique and positioning in our festive masterclass.
These dancers are all under 11 years old, and are showing such dedication each week.

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 22/12/2023

We have finished off our 2023 sessions with a festive masterclass that was full of joy. We are really enjoying seeing the progress of our ballet apprentices - HowlyBallet can't wait to see you again in 2024.


Shape yourself like a ski slope! Some top tips on getting the perfect position to start a pirouette from HowlyBallet, making sure our younger apprentices understand where their weight should be!

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 19/12/2023

We start every session with a warm up: arms in fifth and remember that position comes out from your hairline for perfect placement!
Our ballet apprentice's are really developing their technique in our festive masterclass.

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 18/12/2023

All I want for Christmas is....
Remember: feedback is a gift! When your dance teacher offers you corrections they are doing it to shape you into the very best dancer you can be.
HowlyBallet is constantly walking (dancing) around the room and offering advice on positioning and strengthening for our ballet apprentices.


Shape the rainbow! Top tip of the day is when you make that reach, be sure to shape like a rainbow so it looks as beautiful as it feels!
Our Project Resurgence dancers are taught ballet technique in a very age-appropriate way to make sure it sticks.

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 16/12/2023

Boys do ballet too! We are so pleased to have HowlyBallet teaching a new generation of boy ballet dancers...getting in to the spirit with our festive-themed classes for bags of fun!

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 15/12/2023

Ballet isn't just about passion and drive...we also like to have fun every now and again too.
Our last session of the year with HowlyBallet was a feast of festive fancy dress.


If you aren't pushing through the floor so hard you are worried about your downstairs neighbours ceiling, then HowlyBallet says you are definitely doing it wrong.
How much swoosh and push can you get on that glissade (a joining step in ballet)?

Photos from Project Resurgence 's post 13/12/2023

Spotlight on our Ballet Apprentices who come from a variety of dance schools across Yorkshire for some extra training with HowlyBallet through our Project Resurgence programme.
We have such fun with everyone!


There's always time for a group huddle for HowlyBallet to break down the next move and answer questions.
We find this back and forth the best way to learn for our ballet apprentices.


starts with a smile - and it makes our hearts happy to see our Ballet Apprentices enjoying their classes with HowlyBallet (even after a two and a half hour lesson!)


Look it's Taylor Swift!
Top tip for arabesque - bringing that point down the nose line. Which famous person do you pretend you are pointing to?


Leaping into the weekend like...
If you aren't booked on to one of our Summer Intensives yet then make sure you make the jump before it's too late.
We promise it'll be bags of fun and HowlyBallet will teach you plenty !


Our ballet apprentices get every move broken down in detail with an explanation of which muscle group they need for a particular exercise.
Glutes are needed for so many things in ballet.
Can you feel the burn?


A back so straight HowlyBallet can rest his latte on it.
The Ballet Apprentice is all about smashing traditional ways of teaching and making it simple so the kids can understand.
Hands up if you've been practicing 'latte back'?


Reach for the stars! Our beautiful ballet apprentices are smashing it week after week.
What do you reckon to those port de bras? For those not in the ballet world, that means 'carriage of the arms!'


- Remember, practice makes perfect! The Ballet Apprentices start every class with the perfect warm up to a stonking HowlyBallet soundtrack of favourites.


We would like to welcome Tim Jarrett as our ‘Ballet Apprentice’ official S&C (strength & conditioning) Coach for the educational year at Project Resurgence.

This will further add another layer of technical and holistic training for our young dancers/athletes as we create the most comprehensive and inclusive ballet programme in the UK.

Tim is undoubtedly one of the top sports coaches and trainers and with his input, alongside the classical ballet teaching of Martin Howland we are developing a new methodology of training the next generation of dancers/performers.

Tim will be visiting us throughout the year to add s&c work and a practice strategy that can be implemented between sessions.

Martin & Tim will confer and design a programme suitable for technical growth, strengthening and confidence building to allow our students and families the opportunity to train together at home.

It’s a total collaboration and with further visits from various external consultants will provide us with opportunity to create the strongest, most motivated and educated students in the country.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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