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When in the gym, the word 'Deadlift' is often thrown about in terms of strength, "how much can you deadlift?"...that stuff. But with Deadlifts, like most lifts, has variations such as;

RDL (Romanian Deadlift)
This particular deadlift will switch from using the lower back as much to more emphasis on the Hamstrings and Glutes. What you want to be doing is pushing your hips back and keeping your back straight. From that you want to be lowering the bar down the legs, allowing a slight bend in the knee. With this variation you may not being able to get the bar to reach the ground and that is down to the hamstring flexibility.

Sumo Deadlift
A variation which will require slightly different movement. It will require having a wider stance with the feet and a more narrow grip with the hands. Doing this style will again take a load off the lower back and will shift the majority of load on to the Hamstrings, Hips & Quadriceps.

Trap Bar Deadlift
This particular variation can be seen as an easier lift for the fact of you lifting the weight from the centre instead of in front. As the lift is more centred it may feel better balanced as the grip you hold the bar will be from the sides and be seen as a more natural movement. If you struggle with the conventional deadlift, then this may be a better place to start.


Pushing the limits is always great to do, shows you what you are capable of 💪🏽

Managing to push 120kg seems mad to me, getting stronger each time & this is just through training consistently 🙌🏾

(Felt it in the first rep 😂)


It's Mental Health Awareness week but mental health is something that people will struggle with on a daily basis, all year round & something I have struggled with in the past with feeling low & insecure about myself, especially around the time where i was out with my shoulder injury and I found myself disconnected from exercise on a whole, which didn't help me at all.

It wasn't until I decided to start exercise again, by simply going to to the gym, even if it was for a short session where I was able to give myself a different focus, put my self frustrations into exercise to gain a positive outcome for my mind. Exercise is just one example of how to help, but there other methods too, as everyone is different but we are never on our own.


Still got spaces for my Bootcamp taster session this Saturday 30th April & the following Saturday 7th May! Message me to get booked in and get involved!


This just shows a bit of me, why I got into Personal Training in the first place.

Back in 2019 I was at the heaviest I've been, coming in at around 17st, i wasnt eating great, exercise was at a low point due to my shoulder injury, so wasn't playing football and mentally wasn't in a good place. It wasn't until I saw this picture where I thought something had to change, as I didn't feel like me and didn't like where I was heading.

Its only when I started exercising again where I found my passion for fitness, how it made me feel after doing a session, feeling more energised and eating cleaner made me feel less sluggish. Fast forward to now where I have lost around 3st from there to now and feel a lot better within myself and happier. Its one of the main reasons I wanted to do what I do now, help people on their journey, if that is with weight loss or just to gain some more fitness within themselves, as I know personally how hard it can be, even just starting a plan in a gym.

But its important to remember, everyone has to start somewhere and we all start at different stages.


A great piece of gym equipment that can be found in a gym, and various different exercises can be done with them, I completed a couple of different exercises which can be seen in this short video;

⭕️Front squats
⭕️Back squats
⭕️Hammer curls
⭕️Bent over Row
⭕️Upright Row
⭕️Shoulder shrugs

This piece of kit is a good alternative to using Barbells or Dumbells, as sometimes it's good to switch up what we do, but also a good way to introduce certain lifts before jumping on to the Barbells.

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When in the gym, the word 'Deadlift' is often thrown about in terms of strength, "how much can you deadlift?"...that stu...
BB Back Squat 120kg!
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