Nina Kabra - Private home tutoring and Child Minding services

Nina Kabra - Private home tutoring and Child Minding services

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Ms Nina Kabra is honoured, proud and grateful to be selected by Haringey Council with her article featuring on their official facebook business page:
& "London Borough of Haringey Council's" - "People Magazine" featuring Nina's article on Page 30, marketed "The long road to success" by Haringey Council editorial team.

Nina Kabra, 40, from Harringay, always dreamed of becoming a Chartered Accountant after university, she said, “I applied for training vacancies and got a job at Hillier Hopkins, a top 50 accountancy firm.”

Everything was going well but then there was a family setback. Nina explained, “A number of my family members had life-threatening illnesses and I couldn’t focus on my ACA exam. Unfortunately, I failed one exam and my training contract was terminated. I was distressed but retook the exam privately and passed.”

Nina did not let the temporary setback get in the way and continued to work with small accountancy firms for a few years with a small business on the side.

The National Career Service then put Nina in touch with Haringey Works, she said, “They helped to improve my CV and I took webinars on interview skills and did mock interviews. Last July, Haringey Works organised a job fair and invited lots of local employers. It was such a positive experience as I had three interviews.”

Through the job fair, she was introduced to Tottenham Hotspur and secured a part time role. Shortly afterwards, Nina got another job.

“Haringey Works organised a virtual Greggs information session which I attended, and I was offered a supervisor position at Haringey Retail Park. When I got the call that I had been selected, I was happy and grateful.”

Four months on, we caught up with Nina to find out how she’s doing. She said,” My job is going well. I am grateful to be working at Greggs. I’m pleased with my progress. I’m supporting the daily running of shop floor activities. I’ve taken on more responsibilities. I’m very thankful to Haringey Works for helping me.”

Haringey Works have now launched a new Temporary Recruitment Service helping local people get jobs with the council.

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We are very excited to announce that we have won 'Hotel Spa of the Year' at the Hotel Awards Scotland 2019.
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