Christina Head is Laughing Crow

Christina Head is Laughing Crow

Transformational Life Coaching creating positive outcomes by releasing sub conscious limitations

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Hi everyone, it’s been a beautiful few days with the U.K. as if in a winter wonderland. It’s reminded me of my father. In the cold weather he would wear a big wool overcoat and I remember the feeling of the soft warm wool against my cheek and the slight smell of to***co and Old Spice as he held me in this arms and when it was really cold he would wrap me inside his big coat to keep me warm and safe.
I miss his strong male energy and certainty about what is right and wrong and the feeling of knowing he was there for me.
Later, after my mother died in a terrible car crash I lost him completely. He disappeared down a black hole of grief and despair and never came back. I was 12. We never spoke about the crash or how he felt or of his love for her and he took his grief to the grave. Not knowing what else to he he simply reverted to his childhood script of.
‘if I don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.’
I then ran wild until I eventually found help in my 20’s through meditation and counselling.
The work I do now in transformational life coaching is all about choices. Going back through choices made at difficult times and seeing how the choice could have been different. Letting go of the old scrip that kept you safe at the time and finding the courage to re write your future.
I was very angry with my father for a very long time. It wrecked my early life but now I see he couldn’t help it. I eventually forgave him and then had a beautiful dream of him taking me to lunch in a posh restaurant and we talked. Openly and lovingly like two adult people with the deep connection of father and daughter. Then I knew it was done but sadly this was some years after he died.
I wished he’d had the courage to make different choices then.
It’s always possible to change our early choices that at the time we’re relevant and kept us safe but now hold us back and stop us going forward to a real experience of being fully alive.
This is where a trained life coach can help by showing you when and where your choices sit in your sub conscious and helping you to re-write and let go of limiting beliefs and outdated scripts. It’s a magical journey of discovery and renewal.
I still feel my father around sometimes keeping an eye, guiding my current choices,his big beautiful smile that was so lost for so long and remember the big wool overcoat he kept me warm with in better times.
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Every morning before I get out of bed I spend half an hour or so setting my intentions for the day. It takes half an hour as my mind wanders off so easily with random thoughts that I have to keep bringing it back into focus.

There are four core principles of working with the Superconscious field. First is to say to yourself:
‘I choose today to Iive a life I Love.’
step into that feeling and imagine what a life you love could be for that day
Then second is:
‘I chose to be the predominant creator of my life’
Step into that and feel the power of choosing how you will create your day, loving the outcome whatever happens.
Thirdly is:
‘I choose to live my true nature and purpose.’
Step into that and feel what’s it’s like to truly be yourself and express you gift as a human being. Everyone has a gift. Something they excell at. Step into that and honour your gift
Then number four:
‘I choose health and vitality.’
Step into that, see and feel where you are already healthy and choose to build on that.

By saying to yourself these four choices you are re-educating your subconscious mind to be aware these positive choices are safe and in this way, slowly, the old rules the sub conscious holds you to, can be re aligned. ⚡️ ZAP ⚡️
Enjoy and go forward in whatever way you really love ❤️ have a great day🎄

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I had the good fortune to do some transformational work last night with a lady who has multiple health issues to the point where she is unable to get out of bed for long, hasn't seen her children for a long time, and never yet seen her grandchildren. Still she is cheerful, optimistic and engaging with life in whatever way she can. I was struck by the indomitable spirit of humans to survive and despite massive challenges and setbacks she is determined to live long enough to have her grandchildren come and stay with her in the New Year when they will be old enough to travel.

The will and need to survive is so strong in us but it can also trip us up. As babies in the womb we are totally safe, warm, fed carried and loved (mostly). Then we are born and separation from source start to happen. Slowly, slowly we move further away from our nuturing parents and by 4 yrs old have learnt how to survive in whatever way necessary in the circumstances we find ourselves. Decision made then to do whatever is needed to please the parents, the life givers, sit in the subconscious and although necessary at the time, when one grows older and becomes independent, those ways of being may no longer serve and may in fact hinder our progress as they keep pulling us back to a place where we know we survived.

The child may have learned to behave well to gain the parents approveal and love and this then become their lifelong script. Or they may have learned that they only get time and love with mum when they are ill and this then sets up a pattern of behaviour that served them well at the time but as an adult hinders progress and causes pain,hardship and life long illness.

It may be that the child learned to kick off to get attention and becomes stuck in innapropriate tantrums as an adult, again hindering progress and causing painful adult relationships.

There are so may ways we learn so young how to survive. In fact as may ways as there are individuals. Everyoe has their story, has contracts they made with themselfves as children in order to survive.

Of course, then as an adult one forgets the decisions made as a 4 yr old and so life can be confusing and depressing as we do not understand why we behave the way we do or how to change it.

This is where Transformational Life Coaching can help so much to go back into the memories stored in the superconscious part of the mind and release decisions made then that are no longer appropriate so you can be free to be or have whatever you want in your present life.

Its s simple and beautiful process where the skilled coach will help you re code your past, step into your present, take control of your life, find your own inner power to create a future of love, joy, financial abundance, or whatever is your heart truly desires.

If you would like to know more about this remarkable journey please contact me at [email protected]

Have a great day, Christina


As of 1st January 2023 Laughing Crow is changing to:
.t.l.c.transformational life coaching

I hope you will all stay with me as I re-brand, re-invent and re-vamp my page for a more up to date version of who I am, what I do and what I offer.

Watch this space🌲


I came across this beautiful tunnels of trees the other day in Christchurch and it made me think of journeys taken and destinations dreamed of. This one was like a celebration. So pretty, so green, calm and inviting. The destination? Who knows. It could be colourful it could be drab, it could be fabulous or it could be dark and dreary. Right now, in this moment lies the reality.

A cool, green and calming experience under a leafy canopy making me feel sweet joy inside to be there and gratitude that such beauty lies all around us. I felt the earth and the trees, the breeze and the rustle of the leaves and my world is incredible. Being able to live in the now, not concerned with what might be or what if this happens or that doesn’t happen, is amazingly grounding, stabilising and real. Real life is fabulous, always, the mind wanders off the path here and there, down dead ends, up hills and into fantasy worlds.

Then one day you wake up and wonder how you got there and where are you anyway😱. Come back to the now and you will see yourself still, in reality, on the journeys path and everything else was just a dream.

In an instant you can come back, look around and see you are home again, with your beautiful self, that person who has always been with you , loves you, protects you and wants the best for you. Who is that person?


If you would like to know more about Transformational Life Coaching
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I see so many people in the street, on the train, in the cafes, shops and restaurants looking 😞 sad, lost, and confused. I think to myself, I’ve been there. Many times I thought life wasn’t worth living, that things would never get better, that I would never have my own family or home or friends. I drifted from place to place, job to job, never feeling I belonged, hopeless and full of longing.
You would not have known I felt like that as on the outside I was getting on, working, looking after myself OK but inside was an emptiness. A longing to know why I was here, why was anyone here and what was it all about. Why were some people apparently happy and had everything and some were poor and miserable. Nothing seemed fair or right.
Then slowly I realised there is a place inside of me that is just naturally happy and peaceful, a place not affected by the good or the bad, not affected by sadness or joy, by poverty or wealth, by having or not having. A place that exists in the moment, the now, a feeling inside that’s outside of every day life. A connection to the superconscious energy that exists before you are born and takes you back when you die. An energy field that holds every memory of your existence in this life, previous lives and all you ancestry through family DNA. A place that simply is, unconditional, pure, innocent and creative . Through magnetic mind transformational life coaching it’s possible to access areas in your existence where you’ve made decisions, good at the time as they kept you safe, but now are holding you back, and change the contracts you made with yourself, setting you free to enjoy the amazing life you could have now.

There is a magic to life that once found allows everything to fall into place, it starts to make sense a wonder takes over and life becomes a joyous gift.

Wow, you are not broken , you just have stuff holding you back. Want to know more?

Contact me at :[email protected] or on messenger

Have the best day you can possibly have and be the best person you can possibly be today


Buttercups and clover. A quintessential English field.
Huge thanks to the farmer for allowing this field to exist and to all other farmers in the world for allowing some of their land to turn back to it's natural state.
This world of ours is full of conundrums.
Such beauty and such ugliness existing side by side. The light and the shadow are two sides complementing eachother. One not possible without the other.
When hard times come and everything looks dark, sleep evades you and worries crowd into the night, remember the dawn will come, the birds will sing again and the sun will come out to greet the day again.
Rise above your troubles and see what you do have is amazing.
Often we drift into places we don't want to be in but you can choose how you want to live. Take control of your day and choose to have the best day possible even if troubles are all around you. There is as much love as there is hate, as much beauty as ugliness and we feel the same emotions, fears, loves and desires. One family.
Choose to feel the love inside for yourself. Be your best friend. You were there at the beginning and will be there at the end. Love yourself. See you are alive right now, that you have everything you need right now despite the ups and downs of the changeable wind. Ride the wind instead of being thrown around by it, choose to be the best person you can be today and see how your day can transform in a moment just as the sun, as soon as it starts to rise above the horizon, beams light across the earth in an amazing colour spectrum of ever changing beauty.
Have a great day even if it’s a tough one. Don’t despair. Be strong, take heart and remember the buttercups and clover live then fade and go over. Then from the faded comes again new life.

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A mom and her babies 🥰


"Come to the dark side... we have treats."

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!


‘Did you know your’e Not Broken?’

‘Really Not Broken? I've never been told that before. I feel broken!’

‘No; really your’e not broken. You’ve just had stuff happen to you. Your true self is still there dying to be set free. Your inner spirit is whole and beautiful, if possibly a bit battered, bruised and scarred from life’s ups and downs, but still there, shiny and gorgeous. You just need to have the emotional pain, that does not belong in the now, dissolved and transformed to stillness, understanding and freedom.

Would you like to be free of anxiety, worry, panic attacks or faceless depression? I specialise in freeing people from past trauma, PTSD, hidden anxieties, and other mental health issues through Transformational Life Coaching. Using One-on-One personal coaching or low cost group sessions. I can help you find hidden causes for present day anxiety, alleviate day to day stress, insomnia, lack of confidence, work issues, bullying and a host of other trauma related mental and physical health problems.

I have over 40 years of working with people in all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds and would love the opportunity to help you on your journey through difficult times.

One-on-One sessions are one hour by zoom and the first session is free:
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Group session by zoom with interaction through the chat box cost £50

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Hi, Transformational Life Coaching. This is my service to you alongside 40 yrs experience of healing people with Homeopathy. So, what does that’s mean. What is Transformational Life Coaching?
It’s an opportunity to finally lay down your burdens. Step outside of the circle of depression, sadness and hopelessness. Step into you true self. Born of spirit, full of light and love and excitement. Just like the little baby that gazes with awe into a life to come.
An opportunity to bring into existence a clean sheet on which to write a new story.
It is an in opportunity to regain that innocence that is truly yours. To wash away the layers of hurt, dissapointment, trauma blocks, and all the other stories you have created for yourself and see the real person that is still there, unbroken, pure in spirit just dying to come back to life and write a new story with a new consciousness. To create a life experience with true choices instead of drifting here and there at the mercy of the wild wind. To see again the beauty, joy and excitement that life can give you.

This is Transformational Life Coaching.

If you would like to know more please contact me at:
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"Okay one pic, but try not to look like a tourist." 😂


The gentle breath. How many breaths do we have before we die? Of all the body’s functions breathing is the one absolute must have. A regular in and out never stopping for more than a few seconds. The total life giver; the gentle breath. Hardly noticed, always present, always now and now and now. How many ways can we breathe 🧘‍♀️ in through the mouth and out through the nose. In through the nose and out through the mouth. In through nose and out through the nose. In through the mouth and out through the mouth. In through the heart and out through the crown. In through the belly out through the lungs. In through the crown out through the throat. So many ways the mystical breath of life can fill the body with light, with energy, withe love , with power.
The first breath in when we are born and the last breath out when we die. Such a marvel, such a mystery. What do you choose? Take some deep breaths to centre you,ground you and clear your thoughts. In and out, in and out, slowly, calming and deeply empowering, then ask yourself what is it I truly love? How would I love my life to be?
If you would like to let me know what it is you truly love:

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Then think of 5 things you love to do. 5 things that make you happy? Ask yourself when was the last time you did any of those things? Doing things you just love to do puts your life in balance. If you feel stressed or depressed try doing at least one of your list every week. Enjoy your breath:



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