Year 7 - September 2023 ICC parents page

Year 7 - September 2023 ICC parents page

This a parents support page for any questions, queries etc. Not linked to ICC

Operating as usual


From a parent!

from Gemma Selleck

Good evening

my daughter has come home in a panic after loosing her pe top today 🙈
just wondering if anyone has a named pe top Autumn selleck

many thanks


From another mum (I have answered, but any other ideas)

Can I ask if anyone doing Spanish knows how to log on to languagenut? Olivia has homework but doesn’t know how to log on as won’t accept her email or password x


From Fiona Nelson:

One of my twin daughters in Y7 (Grace Nelson) thinks someone may have accidentally packed her PE shorts after changing a couple of days ago.

No luck at lost property. They have her name sticker in the label on the waist band (& possibly in the leg ticket too).

Thanks, yours hopefully,

another stressed Mum! Xx


Good evening, from Dani Ackrell

Hi, my son thinks someone may have accidentally picked up his PE t-shirt after their lesson yesterday. Could you please check bags etc

Many thanks
A stressed mum 🙄



Can you believe this weather? I'm sure it's against us!!


I am sure it's just to wet to meet up, and unfortunately I have no space in my diary between now and next Wednesday to arrange something else.

My dearest apologies 😢

I hope you all have an awesome final week before the big day, and wish all the new year 7s the bestest of luck on the next stage of their lives!

From Vikki and family ¹



I'm going to cancel the meet up/social this afternoon as its just to wet! I'm really sorry!



We are still planning on meeting up on Thursday at 10am at the Spinney

Sorry for the inconvenience


Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

"Playdates" "meet ups" this week! (What do I call them for secondary school children?)

I will be at Woodlands Park (the Spinney) by the zip wire at:

2pm on Tuesday 29th August

10am on Thursday 31st August

Bring your own snacks and drinks. If you want to bring siblings please do, as I'll have my 7 year old as well as my oldest

Hope to see some of you there if you can


I'm thinking of arranging a get together next week at The Spinney Park for all the new year 7s (and siblings as I will have to bring my 7 year old)

Please can you write below what days are good for you and I'll pick a day



Welcome to the page!

This is for the children starting year 7 at ICC in September 2023!

Feel free to add posts, questions, activities that the children might be interested in, support each other, offer help and so on!

I'm here if you want to pm me, and I will try to help, or I will ask others who can help.

If you see others struggling, please let me/us know so we can group together and solve the problem.

Feel free to post anonymously if needed.

Good luck, and wishing all our young people all the success in the world 🌎 🙏 ❤️



Only 2 and a bit more weeks till the big day?

How are the parents feeling?

How are the children doing?

And your back to school shopping? Spent a small fortune? Opened another credit card? Remortgaged the house? (Sorry! Trying to be funny!!)

I had booked in with Clarks tomorrow afternoon (Monday 3pm) but the youngest was poorly tonight so that's been chucked out the window!!

You are all doing so well on this journey, trying to figure it all out!

Tell us something funny from this summer to cheer each other up! My 7 year old told me the other night that I'm not a very good owner!! (Not long till he's back at school....bless him.....)


Rebecca Perks hi lovely, you should be able to post on here ok


Have you started the uniform shopping yet?

So far we have got the blazer, two jumpers, a tie, a pack of two pairs of pe socks, pe top, pe shorts and an apron! It was eye-watering when we got to the till......😬😬😪

I got an email at some point over the weekend about their stationary too! I'll try to attach a photo of the list!

Hope your holidays have been nice so far!



From September 2023, Ivybridge Community College will be working with Class Charts, an online application enabling parents and carers to review their child's progress in College.

For further information on the program or how to use it, a handy guide is available to view via the link:


9 school days till the end of term!

Are your year 6 children up to anything exciting at school before term ends? (My son Isaac has a production tomorrow and Wednesday night, a trip to Woodlands with his year 6 friends, a post school picnic and other exciting events that go hand in hand with Manor primary school 50th birthday! We need the holidays before it's even started!!)

Anything planned for the holidays?

Let us know below!



Any past Manor Primary School students in this group? We're celebrating our 50th birthday and would love to invite you along to visit the school and also see our brand new library!

All past staff and pupils welcome! Please phone or email to let us know if you can come - [email protected] / 01752 893182.


Is your young person taking up the reading challenge this summer? Let us know how they do!!

2 days to go!


I've just liked the 4 primary schools in Ivybridge so that we can support them as we leave, those of you who come from other fabulous primary schools could you let me know which one so we can follow those pages as well!

It would be nice to see where everyone comes from and see how the schools do as we go through the college!

For example Manor Primary School in Ivybridge is celebrating its 50th birthday this month and is putting on lost of events to celebrate! If you are a previous student of that school let me know as there is an event coming up where you can revisit the school, but you have to book your place!



Good morning

I have set up this page so we can support each other as we start our journey with the children into secondary school.

Ask questions, give advice, help each other, arrange meet ups, invite others joining icc in September

My name is Vikki, my oldest son Isaac, will be going into Miss Only's tutor group!

Make sure you say hi!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?