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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin says that Metaverse isn’t what we think it is.

It needs a better definition for it to work properly, he said at the BUIDL Asia conference in Seoul.

People associate the metaverse with VR, but there’s more to it than that.

“It’s super useful but not really a-verse," he said.


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A Boeing whistleblower said he refused to fly on a plane he'd boarded after realizing it was a 737 Max.

Ed Pierson told CNN he'd deliberately made sure the plane wasn't a 737 Max before booking.

He spent 10 years at Boeing and testified to Congress in 2019 about its factory in Renton, Washington.

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is Raising Prices in the UK but NOT in the US

The Rolex market, a microcosm of luxury and investment, is currently witnessing intriguing dynamics. On one hand, the retail prices of new Rolex watches have surged, driven by factors like inflation, production costs, and market demand. On the other hand, the aftermarket for Rolex watches is experiencing a reduction in prices, reflecting the broader economic uncertainties. In a move that aligns with its periodic pricing strategy, Rolex implemented a notable retail price increase, averaging around 2.5% globally and slightly higher for the UK. The adjustments, a customary practice for the brand, are influenced by intricate factors, including the ever-present spectre of inflation and escalating material costs. The year 2023 marks another increment, with UK prices reflecting increases of up to 11.3%, particularly for watches crafted from specific materials.

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TikTok's New Marketplace Challenges Amazon and Alibaba with Affordable Chinese Goods

TikTok's New Marketplace Challenges Amazon and Alibaba with Affordable Chinese Goods
TikTok, the popular social media app known for its short videos, has launched its Shop marketplace in the U.S., aiming to tap into the lucrative e-commerce market. This move, seen as TikTok's largest revenue-generating initiative, provides consumers with a range of products, many of which are affordably priced Chinese goods. While… (Read DeepDive in bio)


DeepDive: Promising Gains in Space Tourism 👽

Space tourism presents a captivating investment opportunity, offering substantial potential for forward-thinking investors. The space tourism industry is projected to become a multi-billion-dollar market, driven by increasing consumer demand and technological advancements. Estimates suggest that space tourism revenue could reach $805 billion by…

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Huge Black Diamond was Purchased Illegally with Crypto, SEC Alleges

Reports from Bloomberg highlight a stunning revelation involving the creator of the crypto token Hex, Richard Schueler, known as Richard Heart. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has alleged that Schueler illegally utilised millions of dollars of investor funds to acquire "The Enigma," a remarkable 555-carat black diamond. This acquisition comes as part of a broader investigation into Schueler's financial activities. It's alleged that he raised over $1 billion by selling unregistered securities, including Hex coin and other tokens affiliated with his PulseChain blockchain network. It's reported that Schueler and PulseChain indulged in luxury personal purchases amounting to at least $12.1 million, including The Enigma diamond, expensive watches, and high-end cards.

The Enigma, a captivating carbonado black diamond, holds the title of being the largest fancy black natural colour diamond in the world. Weighing an astonishing 555.55 carats, its uniqueness goes beyond size. Carbonado diamonds, unlike most diamonds, are found in alluvial, sedimentary deposits, suggesting extraterrestrial origins due to their proximity to the Earth's surface.

Notably, The Enigma's design bears cultural significance. Inspired by the Middle Eastern palm symbol known as Hamsa, the diamond's shape represents protection and blessings. The motif of the number five, derived from Hamsa, adds an auspicious touch. Black diamonds, often associated with reconciliation and peace, further elevate the significance of The Enigma. Recently, The Enigma was sold for an impressive £3.16 million ($4.3 million) at Sotheby’s auction, and notably, the buyer used cryptocurrency for the transaction. This remarkable gem's acquisition introduces a unique blend of blockchain technology and rare natural wonders, further underlining the dynamic intersection of technology and precious gems.

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Carvana short sellers have lost more than $2 billion this year as the online car retailer's stock has rallied more than 1000% year to date.

The stock gained 40% on Wednesday to close at $55.80. At its lows in late 2022, the stock was trading below $4.


DeepDive UPDATE📢

Whilst everyone has had their eyes and mind set on the progress of ChatGPT, it seems we have completely ignored the emergence of big tech firms producing their own alternative generative AI language model.

It has become apparent that Apple has been quietly working on their own AI model which engineers have referred to as ‘Apple GPT’. Due to its secretive nature further details on the subject are limited in scope, but in recognising that Apple is set to release their Vision Pro device in the near future it is understandable that Apple GPT could work in conjunction with their efforts to progress in the augmented reality space.

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Ideal weekend activities ⛳️👌
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When You’re Married To The Game, Who Pays For Who?🤔


It’s race week in Monaco 🤩🇲🇨


YES!! Front row start for the , let’s go Fernando 👏


Kingdom of Sweets Exposed Again 🤯

A council spokesperson from Westminster Council told Time Out that as of May 2022, an investigation into 30 shops on Oxford Street on accounts of business rates evasion to an amount totalling £5 million. The spokesperson explained: ‘We understand that these shops are far from regular and legitimate businesses with very few serving sufficient customers to be commercially viable. Instead, we believe that these properties are used to avoid business rate bills and possibly commit other civil or criminal offences.’
�Following the release a recent viral video exposing the stockroom that carries souvenir items rather than the expected overpriced sweets, what do you think about the secret operations of this business?


A watch industry first guarantee of replacement, refund or repair of any Audemar Piguet watch bought within 2022 and 2023, which has been stolen or damaged. Such an announcement came from the company’s CEO, François-Henry Bennahmias in efforts to ensure their clientele feel safe following a surge in theft related crimes in the watch industry. Audemars Piguet boasts an average watch price of just over £40,000.

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Buckle up, F1 fans! 🏎️💨 The race just got more thrilling as Audi joins the grid! 🚀🏁 Don't miss a moment of the action, follow us for all the updates!


5 Reasons Why Investors are looking into Art

1. Low Correlation with Traditional Asset Classes: One of the key reasons for the interest in art as an investment is its low correlation with traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. This means that art can provide diversification benefits to an investor's portfolio, which can help to reduce overall portfolio risk.

2. Tangible and Collectible Asset: Art is a tangible asset that can be collected and displayed, which can provide a sense of ownership and enjoyment to the investor. Additionally, art is a scarce asset, which means that its value can increase over time due to the law of supply and demand.

3. Global Market: The art market is a global market, which means that investors can access a wide range of artists and styles from around the world. This can provide investors with opportunities to invest in emerging artists or styles that are not yet widely recognised.

4. High Returns: Historically, the art market has delivered high returns to investors. According to the Art Market Report 2021, the global art market grew by 2% in 2020, despite the pandemic, and the top 100 artists accounted for 43% of all auction sales. Additionally, certain artists and works of art can command prices in the millions of dollars, which can provide significant returns to investors who are able to identify undervalued assets.

5. Potential for Tax Benefits: In some countries, investments in art can be eligible for tax benefits, such as deductions for expenses related to the acquisition, maintenance, and sale of art.

The combination of low correlation with traditional assets, tangibility and collectibility, global market access, high returns, and potential tax benefits make art an attractive asset class for investors who are searching for diversification of assets.


French banks caught in tax fraud scandal - fines totaling millions of euros! 😱🤑

French prosecutors were involved in raiding 5 major highstreet banks throughout late March 2023. The purposes of the raid were to serve accumulated fines over concerns of tax fraud and the embezzlement of tax funds. Some of the baks included names such as: HSBC, Natixis && BNP’s Exane.

The PNF (National Financial Prosecutor’s Office) has mentioned in a statement release that the investigation was in pursuit of dividend tax fraud. Similar investigations have been launched in Germany and other European banks.

Concerns that banks and investors were engaging in a form of tax fraud called “cum-ex” dividend stripping whereby a trading scheme is set up where company shares are traded close to the dividend payout date. The engagement of such acts would essentially blur stock ownership, thereby allowing multiple parties to benefit from tax rebate claims on their dividends.

The PNF followed up that “the ongoing operations, which have required several months of preparation, are being carried out by 16 investigating judges and over 150 investigation agents.”

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Salute Elfbars Goodbye 🫡


What's your take on the owners of F1 rejecting the $20 billion offer? 🏎💨

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Apple & Sony AR/VR headset: Everything you need to know!

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Revolut announces Ultra Plan with an opportunity of 5% cashback, access to exclusive experiences & more perks!

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Microsoft is considering investing $10 BILLION into the owner of ChatGPT

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Richard Branson recalls the moment ‘I woke up to find Elon Musk in my kitchen at 2am’😳

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Space X Valued at $137 Billion in Latest Funding Round 🚀

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