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‼️‼️ Attention all ‼️‼️

I have one full time space coming soon for your little ones! Full time spaces consist of 30 hours.

Please share & message me for further information.

Thank you,
Adele’s Little Angels

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Baby sensory time 🖐🏼 ✨

Today one of my newest and youngest of my crazy team experienced her first ever sensory time! Baby A enjoyed making her mummy and daddy their first ever Valentine’s Day card as parents 🥰

Baby sensory has many benefits to aid the development of our little ones! Sensory play benefits our children by:

✨helping build nerve connections in our brain
✨encourages development of motor skills
✨it supports language development
✨encourages problem-solving
✨helps with cognitive growth

Messy play is the best kind of play 🌈✨


Attention all ‼️‼️

I have ONE full time space available for Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 💗

Please share everyone,
Adele’s Little Angels

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 17/12/2022

Our absolute favourite time of year in my setting… Christmas time!!! 🎅🏼🎄❤️

This week has been packed with activities for the children which we have enjoyed every minute of! This week the children and I have…

🎅🏼Enjoyed a walk in the afternoon
🎅🏼Spent time in Santa’s grotto
🎅🏼Seen Santa himself
🎅🏼Completed activities in the Grotto
🎅🏼Made our calendars for 2023
🎅🏼Made our families Christmas cards using our feet

And for the star on top of the tree we had our very own Christmas party! ❤️

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Can everyone please update their knowledge of the difference between a sore throat and Strep A 💗

So heartbreaking the amount of young children losing their lives to this horrible illness ☹️

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 04/12/2022

Santa’s little helpers 🎅🏼🎄

Over the last week the children and I have been preparing our setting ready for Santa Claus’ arrival 🥰 the children participated in decorating the Christmas tree, colouring in our very own snowmen for our displays and plenty of Christmas story times.

Up until Christmas I have plenty of exciting activities planned for the children to carry out in order to get them excited for Santa 🥰💗

Ho Ho Hooooooooo 🎅🏼


Spaces Available ✨

I am now taking on new child care packages to begin in the new year 💗 I welcome all children with warm loving arms into my environment which is a space for learning and development.

Please could everyone share the word ✨

Thank you,
Adele 💗

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Children In Need 💛💚

There are currently over 404,310 children in need… an absolutely heart breaking statistic.

In order to raise awareness around Children In Need I believe it is essential to start from such a young age. The children at my setting now have a basic understanding of Children In Need. To gain knowledge we:
💛 Painted Pudsey Bear’s spots
💚 Counted Pudsey Bear’s spots
💛 Drew pictures of Pudsey Bear
💚 Coloured pictures of Pudsey Bear
💛 Dressed up in Pudsey Bear outfits

Please remember to donate to help The Children In Need 💛💚

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Poppy, poppy what do you say?
Wear me on Remembrance Day 🌹

Poppy, poppy what do you tell?
Many Soldiers in battle fell 🌹

Poppy, poppy what should we know?
The peace on earth shall grow, and grow, and grow🌹

Rememberance day is a special day in everyone’s hearts that the children should be aware of in their early years. In order to gain recognition and build awaresss, the children took part in many activities like drawing and colouring poppys, painting on the windows and learning poems surrounding Remembrance day ❤️🌹


Be a childminder they said! It will be great they said!!!
Catch every bug going!! They never said 😂😂😂😂😂

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 28/10/2022

Freaky Fridays 👻 🎃

Our freaky Friday has been been fun filled completing activities all in preparation for Halloweeeeeeeeen 👻 this included drawing, colouring, painting, glueing and sticking all our favourite spooky characters 🎃

Hope my little angels have a safe weekend dressed in their spectacular outfits for a spooky trick or treat session… 🧹🧙🏼‍♀️

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 27/10/2022

One space available to start please get in touch for more Info and books are already open for January onwards 💙❤️

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 21/10/2022

What a lovely morning we had at the park, splashing in muddy puddles and running lots of energy off.Mc Donald’s treat for lunch 😆. Lots of fun and happy faces to finish the half term off.


I cannot believe I am having to write this status again but if you have booked your child in at my service then BE ON TIME.

This is an independent business that I run on my own inbetween looking after children, my own child, completing school runs, feeding the children, trying to accommodate new children, ensuring that I have activities planned and new learning opportunities available.

From now on if a child has not arrived within fifteen minutes of their booking time then unfortunately I will have to turn children away. I have a busy waiting list that is quickly filling up with families patiently waiting for a space in my childcare setting and therefore I am no longer tolerating lateness.

Please don’t be a Nivens McTwisp 🐇 ⏰

Happy Thursday Folks ☺️✨


Source: Kids Connect Psychology


It’s that time of year where your all having your pre Christmas clear outs before Santa comes with new ! Please give our little setting a thought! Books/role play/educational toys would be hugely appreciated! thank you in advance ♥️

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 06/10/2022

The children have been so busy this week and now our Halloween display is complete! more Halloween activities in store over the next couple of weeks 🧙‍♀️🎃🦇

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 05/10/2022

Our spooky Halloween window display complete. Our Halloween display is underway with lots more activities prepared for another busy few creative days 🎃 🧙‍♀️ 🦇

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 04/10/2022

When the kiddies bathed “puddles” They were so gentle with her. They made sure the water was nice and warm. Afterwards they made her a nice healthy lunch 🥗 🐢

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 03/10/2022

We had such good fun at the new grass hoppers play centre last week! The children loved exploring and playing both indoors and outdoors, eating a not so healthy lunch as a treat and then looking around the garden centre at the Christmas displays !! Lots of energy burnt off ans happy faces all around ♥️


Good morning it’s the last one before the dreaded weekend 😩
Just a quick one that the invoices will be sent out over the course of the day. If anyone requires receipts then just let me know .
On that note can I remind everyone that you are paying for your child’s childcare place not their attendance, so full fees when your child is off ie sick days/ late notice un attended days will still be chargable. However If I am off due to sickness/ bobbys sickness no charge is made and I will do my best to make the missed hours up with your child.
LATE invoice payments and LATE attendance/collection fees will be mandatory due to recent occurrences.
Could we also remember to check up on the weather before arriving and provide your child with suitable footwear /puddle suits so we can go out puddle splashing 😂😂
Thank you once again Adele and enjoy your wkd xx

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 30/09/2022

Happy 4th birthday to my first ever little gang member Calvin! I love seeing all your mummy’s snaps of how much you are growing up and doing so well in big school. You and Bobby-Arlo were cheeky little monkeys together. Can’t wait to catch up with you and mummy have a Fantastic little man lots of love Adele and bobby-Arlo # #

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 29/09/2022

A big happy 3rd birthday to this little loveable terror! He makes me grow another grey hair every time he comes over and definitely keeps me on my toes! He’s come on so we’ll since being in our little gang . Hope you have a fantastic day lots of love Adele and bobby-arlo ♥️


Good morning everyone if you could ensure your child is dropped off and collected at the times agreed please as I have a very busy schedule especially in a morning. I provide the children with breakfast so to ensure the children get to school/crèches on time with full tummy’s I need to have the prompt arrival. On that note picks are also essential to be on time as once the children have been picked up I have to then see to my own family then head out to the pool to teach. Thank you for your understanding Adele 😁

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 22/09/2022

Happy 3rd birthday to our very own myla moo! Your such a lovable funny little girl who’s definitely been here before! Habe a lovely day little legs lots of love Adele and bobby-Arlo # # #

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 14/09/2022

What a busy day we had today. School runs completed. Then off for a walk, home for lunch followed by trip to the pet store to view the animals and fishes. A quick snack break then off to make our scarecrow ! Lots of fun and learning had by all♥️💙

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 06/09/2022

Great start to the morning, pancakes and fruit for breakfast by my new angel before we dropped her off for her first day at school. Now the house is full of my little gang members. Free play till lunch then followed by lots of autumn creative activities 🎃 🌳

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 04/09/2022

The autumn display is painted and ready for the children to fill up with lots of creative work over the next few weeks. We will be also starting our giant scarecrow, going on conker hunts to the local parks around us. Talking/learning about how the season has changed, as well as learning lots of new songs relating to the season especially my favourite di**le dangle scarecrow ! Looking forward to welcoming my previous and new little starters this term. 🎃🍁


Currently I have one space available now Monday to Friday between 9.30-2.30pm can be pushed to 3pm latest. I have no school runs available and no availability after 3pm expect a Wednesday where I can do until 5pm. Feel free to message me for further info thank you Adele ♥️

A creative day spent in the garden We talked about how a rainbow was made. Discussed the colours of the rainbow we were painting and then went on to learn the rainbow song. 🌈

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 19/08/2022

That time of year again! This morning we went to the grocery store to get mango and passion fruit to make our fruit smoothies, followed with picking some blackberries from our garden to make blackberry jam! 🥭

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 14/08/2022

Back from our fantastic/fun and thrown in some educational adventures holiday and now happy to announce the books are open for this coming school term! Non funded and funded spaces are now limited. So if you’ve enquired I will be getting back to you and if your interested then please feel free to check out my page and contact me for further information. I aim to provide a home from home fun loving setting where children are happy and achieve in my care as well as learn and explore along the way ♥️


A creative day spent in the garden We talked about how a rainbow was made. Discussed the colours of the rainbow we were painting and then went on to learn the rainbow song. 🌈


Ready…steady…pizza timeeeeeee 😋 🍕

During todays activities we encouraged the children to consider the bigger picture behind their favourite teas 😋 Within todays activities we:

🍕considered a shopping list
🍕searched for our ingredients
🍕scanned our items
🍕followed cooking instructions

During the cooking activities the children selected the shapes of the pizzas they wanted, choosing from Mickey Mouse, dinosaur and love heart cutters 🤍

Good cognitive development as well as cooking skills for a delicious treat today 😋🍕


Spaces available from September contact me for more info ♥️

Photos from Adele’s Little Angels's post 13/06/2022

This morning we are practicing our shapes ! Learning whilst having lots of fun ✏️ 📕😄


Limited spaces available throughout the summer holidays if you are struggling for childcare please contact me to discuss further.

Spaces available to start also for September, hours/days limited so again please feel free to contact me. Thank you

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