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Vote for Klam! 03/09/2021

Vote for Klam!

Give Klam a vote, it's a great tune with a great sounding production!

Vote for Klam! Who will be the Opening Act and take home 10K? You decide!


Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to offer tracking (recording) or a rehearsal space at the moment, we apologise to anyone currently booked in. This will not affect any work on mixing, composing, mastering or editing.

Photos from Jasmin Jet Music's post 05/06/2021

A client of ours is playing Party at the Palace this year, check out her page and get tickets while you still can!


What is the best and worst experiences you have had as a producer or sound engineer?

Haze 21/05/2021


It's finally arrived, the new release Haze by Klam featuring Diecast Romance get it now on all good music platforms!

Haze Klam · Song · 2021


If you could offer one piece of advice to a musician who is recording for the first time, what would it be?


A friend's new album is out, check it out when you can!

New album is available for your listening pleasure on various platforms, download, streaming, even have CDs for all you old schoolers.

£9.99 for CDs (includes P&P).



Ok everyone, let's talk music! What's the one song that you can never get tired of hearing yet others claim to be "overplayed"? 13/05/2021

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