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✨ 2023 ✨ We've got some exciting news coming your way soon! Stay tuned ...

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Happy International Women's Day!

Here's to the incredible women we love, admire, appreciate, learn from and learn with.


2022 is here and we’re excited! We just know it’s going to be a great year ✨


Merry Christmas 🎄

We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful time together, full of joy, happiness and love.

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September is nearly here, so we’ve created awesome new plans that provide you with 1-on-1 customised support. Link in bio.



We know how hard our tutors have worked to support you, and we know how much harder you have studied, practicing paper after paper, draft after draft. Before you think about the next steps, take a moment to breath and celebrate you! 🎓



Ascientia is an online tutoring company that focuses on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. We are currently looking for recent IB alumni to join our passionate and highly skilled tutor team. Successful candidates will have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and excellent time management and planning abilities. We are currently recruiting Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Business Management, Chemistry, Biology and English tutors. Applicants for other subjects are also welcomed to apply.

• Tutoring IB students from all around the world (one-on-one tutoring).
• Creating and developing resources for your students.
• Maintaining relationship will parents and children.
• Maintaining communication with Client Managers.

• Applicant must have completed the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.
• Applicant must have a minimum IB score of 40.
• Applicant must be pursing a degree in a field relevant to the subjects they have applied to tutor.
• No prior experience needed – We provide training and mentorship for new tutors.

• Generous base rate of GBP 30 per hour.
• Training and mentoring for new tutors.
• Access to a range of free resources created by our dedicated team.



We’re proud to say that as a STEM focused tutoring company, majority of our tutors are incredible women!

The face of the Perseverance landing was an Indian American woman 20/02/2021

"I remember thinking 'I want to do that. I want to find new and beautiful places in the universe,'" ... "The vastness of space holds so much knowledge that we have only begun to learn."

The face of the Perseverance landing was an Indian American woman You might have seen her in the front row of the control room, bindi on her forehead, providing constant updates as mission commentator for the historic landing on Mars. Before that exciting moment, Swati Mohan had been working for years to make it all happen.


Over the summer we spoke to a couple of IB alumni about how they managed balancing the IB and university applications. As the new year begins a lot of you will be finalising your applications and deciding where to go. So get comfy and have a listen to this discussion!


We hope you fill the holidays with happy memories, rest and laughter 🎄


One of our tutors shared their thoughts on tutoring and its relevance to their life.


Join our team for the opportunity to share your passion for maths and sciences with high school students whilst refining your communication skills. You can work flexible hours, from anywhere in the world.

As an online tutor, you will provide 1-on-1 sessions to International Baccalaureate students around the world. You will support them as they prepare for their exams, plan coursework and guide them through the diploma.

We provide all our tutors with excellent support through online training and resources. Our office is also open 6 days a week for us to maintain a open and timely channel of communication.

At Ascientia, we believe that success is not only academic. Therefore, our tutor team is made up of IB alumni still active in (and are passionate about) fields relating to mathematics and sciences.

A world first in Cambridge: IB special autism school to open in 2021 – Education Today 27/10/2020

“The Cavendish School will celebrate diversity and accept, respect and recognise neurological and developmental differences to support each individual student through a differentiated programme that builds and focuses on their skills. Through the knowledge and expertise of The Learning Alliance, The Cavendish School will deliver exemplary education provision for students with Educational Health Care Plans.”

A world first in Cambridge: IB special autism school to open in 2021 – Education Today A world first in Cambridge: IB special autism school to open in 2021 6 days ago Behaviour & Special Needs, Mental health, News, SEND, State schools, Wellbeing 1,517 Views The Cavendish School, the world’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) special autism school is set to open on the outskirts ...

The parrots that understand probabilities 02/10/2020

"The parrots that understand probabilities"
Meet the birds outperforming monkeys in intelligence tests.

The parrots that understand probabilities The New Zealand kea can outperform monkeys in several intelligence tests.


Thanks for joining us! Today we chatted with these IB alumni have about their lives since the IB and where they are going next.

On the panel we had:
Mine - Human Genomics, Cambridge PhD Candidate.
Hamed - Geotechnical Engineering, qualifying as a Chartered Engineer.
Shaan - Machine Learning & AI, Oxford PhD Candidate.
Camila - Banking & Consultancy, Master's in Banking and Finance.


Feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of how to start your Chemistry EE? Don't worry, here's a breakdown of how to approach the EE, find appropriate sources and score well in the criteria. Stick around till the end to find out how the EE is helpful at university!


Thanks for joining us!

On the panel we had:
Nicole: Law student at UCL from Malaysia (UK)
Valentin: Integrated Masters in Physics student at Durham (UK)
Rachel: Advertising graduate from Syracuse (USA)
JiaHer: Computer Science and Business double major graduate from Minerva (USA)
Jimena: Medical student at Brighton & Sussex Medical School (UK)

If you have any questions for us or the alumni, please send us a message or drop a comment below!


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That moment when you realise you’ll start your PhD with two publications under your belt 🤯🎓🧠
We’re so proud of our Biology tutor for her incredible achievements! She’s one awesome 🔥👩‍🔬
You can read her latest paper about "Findings from our international collaboration indicate that variants in ZNF407 can lead to gene intellectual disability with variable features."

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✨ 2023 ✨ We've got some exciting news coming your way soon! Stay tuned ...
Chemistry Extended Essay Breakdown!
Balancing the IB and University Applications


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