Allan Storer Art Classes

Beginners and Refreshers to Oil Painting in London
Twickenham and Kingston Upon Thames. Twickenham weekdays limited to three for personal attention.

Sundays, Cass Art, Clarence Street, Kingston: Up to ten

Operating as usual

Photos from Allan Storer Art Classes's post 09/02/2024

Lots and lots of art this weekend and great work from students who have never worked with oil paint before. Just beginning their journey.👨‍🎨


The Final Day.
Step Seven. Mindfulness.

Everyone is talking about it. Mindfulness is not a new phenomena for artists and us oil painters though.

Painters have been focusing in the artwork in front of them, constantly in the “ now” since painting began.

Go back to stone age people and the cave paintings of the Palaeolithic period and Homo sapiens were at it some 36,000 and 15,000 years ago, feeling the need to tell their story, and free up their minds with some fertility art or hunting scenes.

Despite progress and inventions ironically we 21st century lot, are more stressed than ever. Strange, despite all our inventions ! Somethings not right.

We feel the need to free up from physical and mental limitations and intrusive thoughts, “ Oh my god did I leave the rubbish in the correct bag” etc.

Oil painting or any painting in any other medium is a healing act, a balm for the soul and mind, a meditative process.

Art is therapy and is recognised as rehabilitative as I know very well having worked in a profession where art was very much my tool of access to blocked mindsets.

Much more eminent than myself Van Gogh, whose ambition for a career in the church was thwarted by mental illness and crisis fought depression and several unsuccessful torrid love affairs resorting to painting as his coping mechanism. What was therapy for Van Gogh is big money for the art dealer.

Painting in my case oil painting, is not only an enjoyable activity, but it is incredibly good for our mental health and wellbeing with remarkable psychological benefits.

So, now it’s time to dig out the sketchbook and paintbrushes, and if you are up to it get along to an oil painting class and embrace your creativity!


Day Six. Pressing The Destress Button.

I know when deep in my painting I’m in a world of my own. # and “how do I get that line or perspective just quite right” takes priority over bills and national politics.

I think Freud said the artist stands outside of society looking in.

That makes us artists commentators, able to detach and stand away from the everyday and concentrate on being in the “ now” rather like a tough gym session where our only goal is to reach that target.

Escaping the daily struggle, the artist is reinterpreting conventional concerns and perception as the painting goes beyond purely a representative imitation but takes on its own identity for the artist as they create their other world of alternative values and meaning.

Although the painting may not turn out as planned or imagined, influenced by happy accidents and stretches of imagination the finished work has worked as a contemplative study facilitating reflection and awareness of this alternative world. The world of “ you” “ me”. Our inner world.


Day Five
Painting to develop communication skills! 🎨🌍✉️

Unlock your subconscious and express your emotions to both yourself and the world. Wow!

Through your artwork, you can communicate your deepest feelings and connect with others on a profound level.

But that's not all! Painting also serves as a fantastic ice-breaker, allowing you to bond with artists and art enthusiasts worldwide.

Join our painting classes and experience the joy of sharing your artistic journey with like-minded individuals.

Not only will you return with a stunning painting but also a network of lifelong friends!

Grouo painting is an opportunity to develop your communication skills while immersing yourself in the vibrant world of art. Start painting and let your creativity speak volumes!


Day Two and the journey is requiring a bit of Tender Care in the need for emotional wellbeing.

A picture they say paints a thousand words!
Picture that !
That painting on your wall, or the one you paint says a lot about you! It is a public or private announcement !
Hey World this is me !
From the soft p**n of a Jack Vetriano to the chocolate box Suffolk scenes of a John Constable the psychologist dinner guest knows what is going on behind closed doors. Do you ?

Those unknown, unrealised feelings buried deep down in your subconscious, unconsciously manifesting themselves on your living room wall and or painting easel !!! 😲 Ask any Surrealist or Freud or Jung.

These feelings reveal themselves through physical shape, a colour or even a brushstroke resembling nothing more than that!
A William Turner, Rothko, Tracey Emin or a million more.

It is all about psychology and that’s why psychologists love art; it is just another tool to hammer at the cell door and release the inmate of anguish and torment.

“Though I sang like the sea in my chains “ wrote poet Dylan Thomas and I know what he felt.

Psychological trauma, plain depression, feelings of disempowerment, low self esteem, loss of confidence etc. etc. lie dormant for a lifetime, suppressed by our outer self image.
T S Eliots “ Prufrock “ if you have the time!
The patient or victim needs a safe, non-threatening environment to slowly express these mind threatening demons before they erupt into some kind of Mt. Vesuvian life drama.

Ah I hear you cry!
A painting class with Allan Storer can save my life ! 😉. Say no more?

On a pragmatic note however, learning to better express yourself, through the medium of painting is an act of self-care and supports your emotional well-being.
There you have it, the prescription is waiting in art.
Pick up your paint brush and get painting.


Grab Your baclavas ( Is it balaclavas?)
Hoist the Ego and clear your minds. I am on an amazing seven days journey fraught with danger and challenges as we navigate the inner most chambers of your mind.
Learn from the detours, and cherish the moments of awe as we embark on the Seven Days Journey to the Bottom of your Mind. “

The Seven Psychological Painting Steps in a Painting Class with Allan Storer” 🏴‍☠️👨‍🎨😊🥸

Day One of Seven.
What do you Really, Really want ???

To sit on the fence all your life?
To walk in the centre lane and get knocked down in both directions ?
To be a Lib/Dem and form a coalition ?


Be the Real You ?

Painting ! Yes painting stimulates both the right and left sides of the brain. On the left we’ve got rational, logical challenges – like structure and composition and on the left the creatives challenges of
visualisation and aesthetics 😎

It is an “ all brainer” 🤓 mastering new techniques and skills challenging boredom and depression, triggering all that lovely dopamine activity in your brain. 🕺💃

One of my painting classes is basically a gym session for your brain and a compliment to your intellectual prowess.

More excitement to come……. Tomorrow ! 👨‍🎨


The Kidding Game

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

CJ Jung


📣 **New Post: The Reality of Social Media.

Is social media is killing the "golden goose" namely Freedom it claims to promote?

Contrary to popular belief, social media platforms are becoming more restrictive, with free speech coming under attack from populist ideologies, sub consciously promoting a conformist agenda.

Twitter itself a den of hatred and false news, yet we contribute, just because unjust lies get under our skin and we feel the need to sort it, rather like rugby tackling a High St. mugger.

Minority and individual opinions/values are often castigated, ridiculed, and accused of being offensive by a collective mindset that determines what is right and wrong. This is a worrisome trend that brings us closer to a state of totalitarianism.

When it comes to small businesses, the challenges are even greater.
We’ve heard all the repetitive messages before! No matter what the industry the messages are the same. It’s good for you! Will make you richer, live longer etc. etc.

The hopeful who really wants to be rich and enjoy a good healthy lifestyle needs the “ Time” to do it.
And social media is the “ thief of time”

Adequate and efficient online business presentation is exorbitantly expensive, despite what professional marketers may tell you. They lure you in and you can spend a few hundred pounds here and there, hoping for those big sales.

But unless you're willing to invest tens of thousands, your money is better off in the bank where you will not lose it.

Moreover, any person who can play around with a keyboard and basic internet skills can set themselves up as professional website designers and social media marketers build a decent website and create top end, professional business profiles /images with meaningless reviews and sell inferior services, products and scams.

It's a headache that customers have to deal with and it takes out “ Time”and bear in mind Time is money because we pay for it and unlike your double glazing is irreplaceable.

From the frustration of losing your bank card to the struggle of fixing an inefficient laptop, these problems consume more and more time and energy.

Personally, I don’t believe or trust anything on the internet, I’m not happy with my security floating around on a cloud over which I have no control and can be misappropriated by some metaphysical omnipotent power without my say so.
Accepting that Digital may be the new religion I believe in the importance of a
verifiable address
and telephone number
before conducting business with any company online.

I also promote this personal customer service/contact as my own art business ethic.

If I'm taking someone's money for a painting or tuition I believe they deserve courtesy of conversation if they require it. It’s respect, ain’t it !
…..and good business practice.
[email protected]


📣 **New Post: The Reality of Social Media**

I'm concerned the reality of social media is killing the "golden goose" Freedom! it claims to promote. Contrary to popular belief, social media platforms are becoming more restrictive, with free speech coming under attack from populist ideologies.

Minority and individual opinions/values are often castigated, ridiculed, and accused of being offensive by a collective mindset that determines what is right and wrong. This is a worrisome trend that brings us closer to a state of totalitarianism.

When it comes to small businesses, the challenges are even greater. Adequate and efficient online business presentation is exorbitantly expensive, despite what professional marketers may tell you. They lure you in, making you spend a few hundred dollars here and there, hoping for that big breakthrough.

But unless you're willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars, your money is better off in the bank. Moreover, anyone can build a decent website and create a good profile to sell inferior services, products, or even scams. It's a headache that customers have to deal with.

From the frustration of losing your bank card to the struggle of fixing an inefficient laptop, these problems consume our time and energy. Time is valuable!

Personally, I believe in the importance of a verifiable address and telephone number before conducting business with any company online. I also promote this personal customer service/contact as my own business ethic. If I'm taking someone's money, at least I will afford them the courtesy of conversation if they require it.
It is simple good business practice.

Will we accomplish an online environment where freedom of speech and small businesses can thrive that is a big question.


I’m thinking the reality of social media kills the “ golden goose” ie. Freedom, it says it promotes.. On the contrary it is quite restrictive in that free speech is increasingly under populist attack. Minority/individual opinions/values are castigated, ridiculed and accused of being offensive by a collective mindset of what is right and wrong.
I feel we are marching closer to totalitarianism.
As far as asmall business is concerned. Forget it !

Adequate efficient business presentation on the internet is extortionately expensive despite what professional marketers trained to tell you say.

They pull you in, you spend a few hundred here and there, gaining a few hits and a little bit of a profile believing you are doing well and the big break will come.

Unless you are prepared to spend tens of thousands your money is better off in the bank!

Needless to say anyone can build and present a decent website with a good profile to sell inferior services, products and create scams.

It is all a headache we the customer have to deal with. From losing your “tap and spend bank card to attempting to put right your inefficient laptop so you can continue living.

Personally I like to see a verifiable address and telephone number before I do business with any company on the internet and promote this personal customer service/contact as my own business ethic.


A Child’s Christmas in Derby’s West End.

Was it Jesus or Santa who came first at Christmas; the enduring quest for a belief in something like the reason for it all or the immediate fulfilment for material self gratification?
The story about a baby born in a stall in a barn and visited by wise man and Kings, always felt out of kilter related by comfy western attired rounded smug, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth Sunday School teachers and confirmed by a cloaked man in a dog collar from a pulpit to a judgemental, holier than thou congregation in the big church.
Ah the Turkey !
But the guy with the big cotton wool white beard camouflaging black eyebrows and greying hair, new clean wellies, pretending his cardboard structure on the second floor of Derby Ranby’s was an Icelandic grotto.
Mean to say, did they think I was a fool !
Even the cardboard reindeer’s were immobile.

Up the wooden escalator, clutching Granny’s hand lest she falls back down. She did one year ! and this weirdo places me on his knee asks if I’ve been a good boy for mummy and daddy. For Goodness Sake !
Just give me my freebie and let me go.
Ho ! Ho !

It’s the night before, The Quarn Tavern is festooned with tired crepe garlands and the grubby paper fold up bell granny offers up to the same ceiling point every ear.

The pubs to***co smoke filled passage way is crowded with becapped, pressed trousered suited chain smoking comrades, knocking back pints of Mitchell’s and Butlers bitters, shoulder to shoulder as they once were in the not so long finished war. Songs from the “ Front” rather than Christmas carols, “ The Siegfried Line” George Formby, Henry Hall and Vera Lynn is their repertoire, these decent hardworking blokes who have unquestioningly served their country now flirt with my mother, herself a young demobbed WRAF as red faced she squeezes through them to the back living room. She won’t come out until closing time ! How she hates it all ! Christmas at the pub Huh !

Me on the other hand ! I love it!
King Grandad in his castle, behind the bar, portly and bald, ex Somme, local hero, local boss man, boxing gloves from younger days hanging between the mirrored overflowing optic shelves. J***y Walker, Gordon’s, Ooh Sherry, port, advocate, Babychams with their sweet little reindeer
Logo and personal wide brimmed glasses. No red or white wine then.

Polly, her daughter Florrie and Mrs Mosley in the corner draped over the bar catching grandads pearls of wisdom. They are his groupies. At the other end of this dense cigarette smoked, beer swilling platform sits Goffy on his regular bar stool, open mouthed staring at the ceiling.
“ Catching Flies” claims grandad as he serves Goffy another pint of mild. Goffy doesn’t reply. He never does. Silence !
Sammy Tassell bar manager waistcoated and pristine cheerfully, efficiently dashes from pump to pump and my father reluctantly pulled in to assist with staff shortage pulls pints, sharing jokes with customers he’s known since youth.
My mother wishing he was a family man tonight. After all they’ve got me !

Four coal fires are blazing, two in the tap room, one in the snug and another in the bar, Granny Storer on fire duty ever ready with a bucket of slack to dull their cheer if they roar to cosily and rosy cheeked customers get that bit to comfy.

Soon my Grandfather will break into song too. Leading from behind the bar, “Sally Down the Alley, We’ll Keep the Home Fires Burning “ and my Granny realises all business propriety is lost.

Soon beer will flow freely, songs will abound, order will become chaos and I’m bundled up the “ Apple and Pears” to await a visit from the bearded weirdo who will knock back a mince pie and small Sherry, leaving me with a large paper bag they call a sack.

What with him and the noise downstairs, can I sleep ? No !
A bit later and Grandad appears at the door.
“Nothing to be afraid of here lad. You know if anyone comes in here what your old Grandad will do to them” and he tenderly produces a cosh of hosepipe with a chisel rammed down it and disappears back to the revelry.
It’s Christmas Eve again ! Will I survive the night. I’m only five and would rather be drinking already!


I’m thinking shall I go to Church this Christmas Day! I usually try to. Why ? Because it’s Christmas, and that’s what we ought to do at Christmas because that’s what Christmas is all about. Happy Birthday Jesus 🎂🥳
But then again historians say Jesus was born in October and that date we celebrate is in fact the winter solstice celebrated by primitive peoples as the beginning of hope for the arrival of spring whilst the Romans celebrated the festival of Saturnalia between 17th and 25th December paying tribute to Saturn, the God of Agriculture and Harvest.
Oh and whilst I am talking about the Romans let’s not forget it was these empire makers that brought Jesus to British shores in approximately 314 years after they had crucified Jesus for being an anti govt. political activist and calling himself King of the Jews, despite the fact Pontious Pilate was the legal ruler and several Jews had allotted to become Roman citizens. ( rings a few bells as history repeatedly repeats itself)
Christianity was reaffirmed in AD597 when Pope Gregory the Great sent a guy named Augustine later known as Saint Augustine to re-establish Christianity in England because when the Romans had gone back to the mother land taking with them all the decent Brits. who had converted to become British Romans to protect the mother land from the Goths us lazy Brits. had been invaded by the heathen Anglo Saxons in their boats ! and Britain was rapidly going down the plug hole. ( again)
St. Augustine with the help of Æthelberht a local gang leader becomes the first Archbishop of Canterbury and mission Gregorian is successfully completed. ( sort of ) and we British eventually succumb to the tickety boo 2.4 semi detached car on the drive Christian British family. It’s all good stuff !!

Notwithstanding that Jesus famed for his impoverished birth in a stable may have been very middle class because his Dad ( the earthly one) was a Carpenter and tradesman ( exceptionally middle class on those days) and there wasn’t much difference between a stable and a house ( most animals lived in the house with the occupants then) so Jesus may well have been born in a cave and that Mary was possibly thirteen to fourteen years old ( the common child bearing age then) I /we still trudge off to Churchbon Christmas Day to listen to the same old story told in the same old way.
That the Wise Men and Shepherds are now delivering bombs and missiles with courses of death and destruction to the Holy Lands of course will not be included in the story because it’s Christmas ! And who wants to be depressed at Christmas time ?
I guess if I do go to Church on Christmas Day it will not be to listen to the story. Because I know the story! I will enjoy the carols and the prayers because they are cosy and familiar. It is easier them than nothing. That’s Christmas! It’s comforting it have a reason for it all!
Above all it is my quest to reaffirm and identify my hope, however hopeless, with all other people like myself who live in hope, however hopeless!
A hope that all will be okay because none of us really know anything and indeed it may all be hopeless. But at least we all share it. And that’s our true fellowship if only we would let it happen.
None of us know anything and we all depend upon each other for hope that will carry us through.


Why the problem ? “All we need is love” it’s as simple as that ! It’s us, humans who create this hell hole of misery, loss and grief. We create these dungeons of desperation and depravity! Why ?
All we humans need is love and to love. It’s that simple❤️


I am reading David Mitchell’s “Unruly” a skeletal chronology of Britain’s monarchy and institutions of power. About sums it all up for me. So I’ve lifted some of his thoughts on the matter and added a few of my own……

“The notion that pious legitimacy is the foundation of our institution is completely false.
Our system was imposed upon us either by bare knuckle or sword. Kingly possessions stolen or demanded with menace by nasty and even nastier people under the guise of our masters ie. Politicians ( ironically whom we elect to represent us) Monarchy and managers, leaders and basically all who assume power.

The nastiest getting to the top of the pile by getting rid of the weaker nasty ones below them.

Then proceeding to hang on to their possessions with a veneer of respectability ( call me Sire, Sir, Lord /Lady etc) and the imposition of ritual, customs transacted by way of hierarchy and religion, clothed in impressive gowns, hats and chairs.


A fascinating reinterpretation of LS Lowry's iconic painting, "Man on a Wall." Asto's substitution of Lancashire's industrial landscape with his own character, Goffy, and Dennis the Doxie adds a touch of skilful artistry and wry humor to the piece. It's interesting to see how artists can take inspiration from existing works and create something new and unique.

In Lowry's original painting, the man lying on the wall was a depiction of an actual person he saw in Haslingden, despite others doubting its authenticity. Similarly, Asto's choice to feature Goffy in a similar position suggests a playful and whimsical take on the scene.

Art has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and spark conversations. It's wonderful to see artists like Asto paying homage to renowned works while infusing them with their own artistic style and personal touch. This reinterpretation of "Man on a Wall" seems to blend both admiration for Lowry's original and Asto's own creativity and wit.
Bill Bailey.


The Value of Art: Beyond Sales and Social Media 🔒🎨

🌟 Artists often find they are caught up in a whirlwind of seeking validation through sales figures and social media presence.
But what if this obsession with external validation actually devalues the very essence of art itself? 🤔

💡 The truth is, art is not just a commodity to be bought and sold; in many cases it is an expression of deepest emotions too thoughts, and ideas. It holds the power to provoke, inspire, and challenge societal norms. 🌍

🏆 Unfortunately, this relentless pursuit of validation leaves artists vulnerable to scam art galleries and studios that are merely sellers of space. Similarly, the rising trend of NFTs has attracted scammers preying on artistic gullibility and ego. 🚫

💰 Selling art every day is not a realistic expectation, and let's face it, art is not a basic essential in a money-strapped household. However, its significance in society cannot be understated. 🌈

🤔 So, perhaps it's time for us artists to rethink our approach. Instead of solely focusing on sales, let's ask ourselves: "What is art and why does it matter?" 💭

🔑 By reconnecting with the true essence of art, we can reclaim its intrinsic value and find fulfillment beyond the confines of sales figures and social media metrics. Let's prioritize authenticity, creativity, and meaningful connections. 🌟

✨ Lets rediscover the heart of art. Let's share our thoughts, experiences, and inspirations using the hashtags and . 🎉

🎨 Art is more than just a transaction. Together, we can empower artists and protect them from the clutches of scam artists. 🙌



🎨🌟 Wow! Some creative energy here in our art classes 🌟🎨 Whether it's a sudden burst of inspiration or a steady flow of artistic expression, my classes never fail to deliver! 😍✨ truly captures the essence of these incredible moments. 🎉🎉 Join us in celebrating the boundless creativity that flourishes in our art classes! 🙌🎉✨


I often think about what is a successful artist. Are we all wasting our time etc. ? I guess the search for fame and fortune through art may lead to
“ burned out disappointment” and art/painting could well be purely obsessive behaviour and or self grandeur/importance. ie. “I have something to say and the world has to listen!” “ I want to make. difference/validate my existence.

All pointing to some sort of personal insecurity one could say.
Possibly creativity is ego centric or is it a good rich quality?

A well know painter who had stopped, gave her reason to me as “ there is enough clutter in this world; why should I add anymore to it “

Her statement resonated with me and has made an impression, I admit. She has a point !

Then again artist Mary Fedden when asked why she continued to paint in her nineties replied, “ What else is there to do “

My mother much the same age had the same attitude worrying over a line or colour match in a painting that no one else would see except herself. Then again her family always came first, a priority over painting by contrast to sculptor Barbara Hepworth who put art first like many artists such as St. Ives artist Sven Berlin. Picasso, Leonora Carrington, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon etc. etc. all sacrificing personal relationships for art.

Think Van Gogh, Rothko even Dylan Thomas/ T S Eliot. Hardly happy individuals.

Then there are the Beryl Cook’s of this world, simple and humorous
in their naive approach, although Alfred Wallis and Lowry’s naivety didn’t lend to their “personal joy”

The art establishment appears to laud the slaves of art rather than those who make light of it.

Painting can be a depressing time stealer. After all we only have this life. Rather than staying cooped up in the solitary confinement of a studio we artists could be experiencing the world/life, moving out of our heads and into the real world.

It’s a “ Catch 22” situation. Think about it and you are well on the way to that “ artistic angst “….Bugger! …”


In for the long haul. The splendid . Art for the people.


I’m trying hard !

Photos from Allan Storer Art Classes's post 07/03/2023

Talking about Bacon


I had a lovely day today working with Naomi who has not painted since when! Basically this is her first oil painting. She quickly got to grips with the basics and stormed ahead confirming my belief that you just have to go in the right direction and everything will fall into place. 🏆. Great !

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In for the long haul. The splendid #festivalhall #southbank. Art for the people.
Today #allanstorerartclass #cassart #kingstononthames.
Elgar’s Nimrod and a painting. Good colours here !😊👨‍🎨
Doing just fine. 🏆🥇Art classes with #allanstorerart
#allanstorerartclass  #londonartclass learning oils and colour 🙂
Great Art Class Saturday
Every painter was first a learner. #allanstorerartclass
Top Student Today 😉🏆
Saturated colours. Top student 👍





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