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Operating as usual

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I don’t have enough time
I can’t do it
I'm not motivated
I’ll do it next week

How are your excuses stopping you achieving your goals?

That might sound a bit harsh. But would you rather I tell you what you want to hear or what will help you grow & become the best version of yourself?

Excuses may even sound legit - But often this is confirmation bias where we tell ourselves a story & then look for evidence to back it up to the exclusion of anything that suggests otherwise.

If you're dealing with the same challenges as 3 months ago, have you REALLY taken action to resolve it? Or are you just making excuses?

EVERY challenge has a solution
• If you don’t have time - Get a VA
• If funds are tight - Create an offer or attract more clients - You can learn how to do anything free on YouTube or Google
• Your team isn’t communicating - Understand what’s really going on for them from their perspective
• If you can’t find a solution - Form a mastermind with other business owners & bounce ideas off each other weekly, fortnightly or monthly

It all starts with taking responsibility without guilt & knowing there’s a solution.. You just have to find it.

What’s an excuse you've been telling yourself lately?

I appreciate this is tough, but you owe it to yourself

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"I'm really sorry, but we're not the right fit."

The power of being able to see this is enormous. You’re saying so many things in this one statement:
- I know who I WANT to work with
- I value myself & my time above money
- I respect you & don’t want to commit if I can’t deliver
- I trust myself

I think we've all had situations where we WISH we'd said this but instead enthusiastically proclaimed, "Welcome aboard"... Only to regret it later.

What does it take to be in this position of complete power & self-mastery?
- Knowing yourself & your business
- Knowing exactly what you want & whom you want to work with

But it’s also understanding & challenging that nervous inner voice telling you to:
- Offer a discount
- Take the job - who knows when you’ll next get an enquiry . They might be a nightmare to deal with, but the money will make up for it; It won’t.

Yes, times are a bit tough, but there is always going to be a reason for that fearful voice to SOUND like it has a valid point.

Take a stand, back yourself & you'll never look back...

Or continue to compromise what you know is in your best interests until it eventually runs you into the ground. If not now, when?

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Is your market completely saturated?

Every potential client that calls or emails is also getting in touch with your competitors This can tempt even those with nerves of steel to drop their prices in the hopes of winning the business

Unfortunately, all that really does is covers your costs and gets you right back where you started, with:
- Less energy
- A slight feeling of having achieved something
- Which dissipates as soon as the cold harsh reality kicks in that you've been busy rather than productive

Picture this, there are 5 businesses in the same village, they all:
- Look the same
- Say the same things
- Have the same offer

Now, imagine this... What if ONE of them started looking, sounding and offering what the others couldn't

What impact would that have on their revenue?

Now, I know you might be thinking "bullsh**, I'm completely different from my competition"... But, consider for JUST a second there might be some truth to this for your business... What would it mean if you were the business that stood out and offered what your competitors couldn’t?

Your market can't be saturated if you're the only one in it.

Photos from Aaron Hayle Coaching's post 12/03/2021

What are your chances of dying on any given day?

Hit by a double decker, choking on peanut, heart attack

I'm talking REAL world, logic based facts.

It varies - Anywhere from 0.16% for a male to die falling off a ladder to 0.66% for a healthy 30-year-old dying from Covid.

Let's say WORST case scenario it's 1% - Meaning there is a 99% chance you'll see another sunrise.

Survival means; the state or fact of continuing to live or exist.

A strong survival instinct may have helped us evolve to this point, but it does nothing to serve us now when getting a bad google review or deal falling through.

Fact is, there are very few things that can ACTUALLY hurt us today.

We all know fear is an emotion & doesn’t give 2 sh**s about logic, but we should never be more concerned with survival than we are growth

If you're thinking f*** growth I’m just trying to survive

Is running a business right for you?

If you're blinded by survival you're equally blind to the opportunity that will get you out of trouble - Meaning you will only dig yourself a deeper hole

That might make some angry

Anger comes from fear.. Fear comes from not knowing

Shine a light in the dark corners you're afraid to look in, find the answers you need to skip survival & go straight to growth.

Timeline photos 10/03/2021

Did you read that before you hit post?

Were there crickets or a roaring applause of engagement that followed?

How much more time can you invest in writing stuff people don’t read, don’t connect with and don’t care about?

Much of the time, this can be solved by simply trying the mum test or equally effective, little kid test

If your dear mum or an innocent kid who assumes very little about the world doesn’t "get it", how can you expect anyone else?

Everyone is busy and everywhere is noisy, your audience could easily have the attention span of a child or tech vocabulary/knowledge of your mum.

Gone are the days where you can say, I have a thing, it looks like this and is this much - Wanna buy it?

It's your responsibility to educate your potential clients on:

- The symptoms they may be experiencing
- That could be caused by a specific problem
- What will happen if they don’t do something about it
- And how you can help them make that transformation

You have to connect the dots for people in simple plain English, otherwise the 5, 10, 20 minutes or 3 hours it took you to write that last post will be wasted.

What can you do to make sure you're speaking your potential clients language?


The days are getting longer... & so is your to do list

Regardless of how many things you tick off

Frustrating isn't it?

Keep this up & burn out could be around the corner

Best case, be in the same position 6 months from now, with less hair & a belly

There are FAR more things to be done than you have available hands & number of hours in the day

If you make a lack of time your scape goat you will never break out of this habitual mindless cycle & you be stuck in this rat race...

With no escape...
Becoming time's slave...
Till the end of time...
& then some...

I think you get the point

The alternative?

Take ownership & responsibility for how you choose to spend your time - No exceptions

The moment you make an excuse is the moment you give your power away

"There was a client emergency, I couldn't get anything else done and my day was ruined" - No, you prioritised the most important thing.

The most frustrating part is we already know what will set us free:

Prioritise - What you & ONLY you can do
Delegate/Outsource -Everything else
Eliminate - ALL the things that are the digital equivalent of you pushing papers around your desk

You are the master of your destiny... IF you choose to be

If you're ready to stop making excuses & start getting to work - DM me

Timeline photos 05/03/2021

There's a lot of new players entering the market!

How long did passion keep you going through the hard days and the long nights when you first started?

What piece of advice would you give someone starting out?

Timeline photos 03/03/2021

Acting like an infant?

If you're only in your first few years of business, you might have every reason to - But knowing gives you choice as to whether that’s where you want to stay.

Knowing which stage of your businesses life cycle you're in can also give essential clues to:

- What’s needed
- What is expected
- What's next

Unless you've thrown out the rule book and playing by your own set of rules.

Are you in:

- Infancy
- Adolescence
- Growth
- Maturity

Where do you want to be?

If you'd like to find out more, you can read the rest of the blog at https://aaronhayle.com/expand-the-life-of-your-business/

Timeline photos 01/03/2021

This was my biggest takeaway from the book The Chimp Paradox

E.g. if you want to be confident, powerful, generous, you're already those things... But your chimp (the emotional, subconscious, egoic whatever you want to call it "mind") hijacks you and stops from being yourself in an attempt to protect you. It’s what makes people feel like theyre not enough and why marketing is so powerful.

If you want strength - It's because you don’t feel strong enough
If you want power - It's because you don’t feel powerful enough
If you want money- It's because you don’t think you're rich enough

Wanting something comes from a sense of lack and fear that drives many of our actions. But you are already all those things - So there's no need to want them. If it weren’t already in you, you wouldn’t want more of it. If you don’t appreciate art, ci**rs or golf, it's highly unlikely you wish you did.

Which begs the question... If you are already who you're meant and want to be... What stops you seeing it when you look in the mirror?

Timeline photos 26/02/2021

You're comfortable enough to make you feel like you have something to lose but not enough to make you feel fulfilled.

You're given a choice . . .

Do what you've always done to stay where you are?

Or take a risk and try something different to get somewhere new?

Timeline photos 24/02/2021

How did that deal fall through? I was so close to closing it I could almost see & feel it! Then I find out the Manager, Director or even the Business Owners is no longer in the picture.

There wasn’t even a hint of this last time we spoke!

Now I'm back to square one & the only thing the replacement knows about me is how much I cost after seeing my proposal sitting in the inbox they just inherited.

Many of us know this scenario all too well, unfortunately & it may become an even more common occurrence with the wave of redundancies last year

So, what can we do to minimise the risk of this happening?

- Get to know ALL the stake holders & include them
- Accelerate the buying process by inviting them to webinars, networking events or anything of value you're apart of to increase the number of touch points to make them comfortable
- Ask about decision making process, stakeholders, timeline & budget in the first conversation

These things aren’t always avoidable but it might be worth taking a few extra precautions to make sure the effort & energy you put in pays off.

How do you make sure your hard work doesn’t go in vain?


That feeling of panic when you're slightly older laptop freezes.

Made even worse when you remember the last time you backed everything up was months ago.

Ever feel that way about your personal "operating system"

Stay with me here

We all run "apps" every day.

Work is an app, relationships are apps, cooking is an app (Not a great app but gets the job done)

Some apps we you use every day, others you download & forget about

Eventually over time, your operating system gets full of useless crap using up your bandwidth & can turn into procrastination, self-doubt poor decisions...

Which can affect your quality of work & personal life.

A coach can help you upgrade your IOS or Android System so that your apps run faster, better & more productive all round.

It helps fix any bugs in the system, conserve battery life & helps protect you from threats.

You can have all the latest state of the art apps (strategy/tactics) in the world but if your operating system (Mindset & Belief System) can’t handle it, then it's like trying to fight with one hand tied behind your back...

Or giving the speech of your life... While you're still on mute.

When was your last upgrade?

Or is it time for one? If so, send me a DM to discuss.


Timeline photos 19/02/2021

"Vision trumps purpose"

I heard someone say this a few weeks ago...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it if I'm honest. I searched for purpose for a LONG time... And then got very excited when I decided my purpose is helping other people find theirs.

Well.... That’s part of it anyway... It's has developed over the past few years.

Having purpose is exciting and gives daily efforts meaning - The only way I can see the above statement making some sense is if;
Vision is inclusive of many... Whereas purpose is more about yourself... Yes, maybe your purpose is to help others... But it's still about you.

Vision is about designing a better future for all of us and setting forward with intention.

Purpose perhaps has a bit more of an intuitive let the universe guide you in the moment sort of a feel.

What do you think?... Vision or Purpose? And what's the difference for you?

Timeline photos 17/02/2021

I want a £1 Million business.

I want the time to just be able to think or catch my breath.

I want... World domination *cue evil villain laugh*

But do you REALLY?

And once you get it... Then what?

Money and time (and even world domination) are rarely the finish line...

They're the means or vehicle to get you to something greater.

Another example of a vehicle is Sam Eaton and my Masterclass we run every Monday night 6pm - Not only is it the best possible way to spend a Monday night but it also gets you what you want:

- More of the right kind of enquiries
- More customers
- More revenue
- More profitability
- More purpose

But it also gets you what you REALLY want:

- A fulfilling business you're not chained to and can be proud of
- More time with the family
- More fun and adventure
- More holidays - just kidding - Well 2022 hopefully!
- A way to advance a cause you believe in that will make your staff, customers, friends, families and local communities lives better

Come check it out - There's no sales pitch, we love discussion and engagement rather than passively watching and they're always good for a laugh.

Check out www.marketingthatgetsresults to register

Timeline photos 15/02/2021

Eyes on the prize!

What gets measured, gets done.

Are you measuring what you want to measure or what NEEDS to be measured to ensure continued progress?

Morale's got to be high, but revenue generating activities should be equally as important and vice versa.

Delivery of products/services should be operationally flawless but is that in line with customer expectations?

If you only measure the bits you want to measure you're only getting half the story.

What aren't you measuring?

Timeline photos 12/02/2021

What's one thing you've taken from this week that made you like all the effort was worth it?

Now it is time for the weekend and recharge

Timeline photos 10/02/2021

One in three people WILL buy more at the point of purchase... IF YOU ask them.

I mentioned that to someone last week & it made them feel sick thinking about all the money they've left on the table.

Imagine if every third customer you saw, decided to increase their spend by 20-50%, simply because you asked.

How often do you REALLY up or cross sell at the point of purchase?

Join 5-9 business owners on a Mastermind starting on the 23rd February.
Get in touch with me for more details!

Timeline photos 08/02/2021

Fishing in all the wrong ponds?

By that of course, I mean, are you getting the clients you LOVE working with at least 7 out of 10 times?

If you wake up to an inbox full of client enquiries & arent curious and excited to find out more...

Then chances are... Possibly not.

The wrong clients will suck the love & passion out of what you do quicker than anything else!

Being all things to all people make you nothing to no one.

I know there's a person banging on about niches every other post... But what’s stopped you from choosing one?

Or if you HAVE chosen a niche but still don’t get the kind of clients you want to follow around in the hopes they'll drop a strand of hair, tissue or any other DNA source to make more of them - Perhaps you haven’t quite gone specific enough?

Many of us started our business because we want to (or are only capable of) working with people we like & as a business owner, we are in a unique position to do just that.

How are you letting your DREAM client know you’re open for business & a specialist in all things them?

How could you tweak it to make it even more clear?

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Twickenham?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Aaron Hayle Coaching

Hi, Aaron here! This profile is MOST relevant for you if you are a Small-Medium Business Owner who would like some help getting their business back on track & succeed in difficult times & beyond.

I'm a Coach who helps Business Owners develop a Resilient & Resourceful mindset, so that you can have the business you want, doing what you love, no matter what the economic climate.

Taking 11 years’ knowledge working with SMEs & Corporate in Advertising & using that experience to coach Business Owners through Generating Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Refining Processes, Fear Resolution & Planning, Unlocking & Maximising Staff Potential and Mindset, so that you can take any challenge imaginable & handle it calmly & effectively.

So, how do we go about doing this? By understanding the key challenges you’re facing right now, such as:

▶ Current & future knock on effects of the Coronavirus
▶ Reduced sales equalling less cash flow, causing more stress each day
▶ Reduced or unable to keep staff on at all, meaning you must do everything
▶ Being unable to communicate with or even find your existing customers & unsure whether they’ll come back
▶ Fear & reluctance to change with the times, resulting in your business being left behind
▶ The possibility of the above leading us into Recession & even further uncertainty

Times are pretty tough, so to resolve these & any other frustrations, I offer a complimentary 45 minute strategy call to get you absolutely clear on:

▶ Understanding your challenge based on the facts & how you can resolve it & move forward
▶ Focus on mid to shorter-term vision for your business (3-12 months), but with the longer-term big picture always in sight
▶ Exploring resources, past experiences, beliefs & how they can help you become a more skilled & capable operator
▶ Your creative potential & how you already have ALL the answers you will need
▶How to create a strategic weekly plan that removes all obstacles & guarantees your success

By the end of the call, you’ll have a plan on how to move your business forward 1 step, if not many, even if you decide working together isn’t for you right now.

If you see value in working together & we both decide we’re a good fit, then I look forward to helping you develop the skills & mindset that will enable you to have the business you want, but more importantly, the even stronger capable business owner you will become along the way.

Either way, let’s:

▶ Keep in touch using the “Connect” button
▶ PM me with your details to arrange a chat
▶ Call 0749 178 3540 or email [email protected] for more information

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