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We often hear the expression: "every child learns differently." This is basic pedagogy. However, when teaching in a classroom of multiple children, this is not always possible.

Think about it - imagine teaching a singular objective to nearly 30 children who all process information differently, respond to questioning differently and perform under set timescales differently? And now imagine trying to monitor each individual child's progress with this objective, successfully. It's VERY difficult and when I was classroom teaching, I often found I physically couldn't give the attention each child needed.

That's why I LOVE tutoring - one-to-one you can really hone in on a child's learning style. When teaching equivalent fractions, for example, you can use the bar model, visual diagrams, a PowerPoint, a board game, simple written calculations or concrete resources. All of these can be differentiated too. On top of that, you can work completely to the individual child's pace and adapt to meet their interests. Preparing follow-up lessons are easier because it focuses on their specific understanding, not an entire class overall. It's a much more HOLISTIC approach.

If you'd like to find out more about tutoring with me, please drop me a message!

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Very excited to be offering something a little different from my tutoring room over the Christmas holidays!

There are limited spaces left on the macrame decoration workshop so please do message
me if you’d like a space for your child on either one!


The SATs can include some tricky questions which I plan my sessions around. Sometimes though, the session doesn't go to plan and other concepts have to be solidified first before moving on.

This is where my completely flexible and personalised approach comes into play - working 1-2-1 and face to face means I can change and adapt sessions on the spot to meet the needs of the child.

I am super proud of Milo today who, after finding last session a little tricky, came back in with an incredible attitude, recapped halving numbers and as a result achieved the objective of finding 50%, 25% and 75%! Super proud, well done!

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An amazing Monday of sessions today!

In the first session, Alexis was focusing on complex sentences, using both subordinating conjunctions and relative pronouns. We got to use my new Storyteller Dice to get inspiration for our sentences and we created some RANDOM ones (but technically, they were spot on!)

My second session with Robert was a revision of dividing 4 digits by 2 digits using the formal method. Last week, Robert wasn't this method's biggest fan but this week he SMASHED IT! Not only has he grasped the method, but he is using so many other little tricks and tips to increase his speed and accuracy.

Very proud of both of my tutees today!

If you'd like your child to receive one-to-one, personalised tutoring with me, I have a spare slot on a Wednesday, 3.30 - 4.30. Please drop me a message!


Aware this page has been very quiet for about a week! No real reason, other than mid month gets quite busy for me as that’s when I plan all my sessions for the following month, send out monthly newsletters etc.

I did manage to squeeze in a trip to town though and amongst the Christmas present shopping picked up these! I had a set before but left them in my old classroom and they can used for so many different things! Looking forward to incorporating these into some future sessions! ✏️ 💭


Division revision for this Year 6 pupil today! Getting those formal methods sorted initially is essential before moving onto other areas of maths. I added in extra challenge by converting the remainders into decimals and fractions.

I read the calculation policy from your child’s school before I plan in a session - this is because different schools teach methods in different ways. I aim to keep things consistent for your child to avoid unecessary confusion (it also keeps me on my toes!)

Excellent engagement from Milo today and in his own words: “time flies when you’re having fun!”



Wednesdays 3.30 - 4.30

Taster session half price at just £14 (£28 per hour thereafter)

Private message me for a chat and to see how I could help your child! 😊


“At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”


Today’s maths warm up was times table SWAT. I shouted out a multiple and Hakan had to SWAT the correct times table fact. Except…I’d been a bit cheeky and called out a multiple from more than one times table. Cue the double swat! He did great 😊


Bringing this back this week!

(It's also a great Oasis song!)


I haven't done one of these for a few weeks so here is a round-up of the first week back after half term. FULL of learning, as usual!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone x


Figurative language lesson with Gareth today! We looked at many different types of figurative language, including idioms.

An idiom is a common expression which means something different to its individual words. Where something is meant figuratively and not literally.

For example: “it’s raining cats and dogs” or “they were walking eggshells.”

Gareth’s final activity today was to create idiom art with the literal on the left and the figurative on the right - can you tell what his idiom is?!


There was a monster in my tutoring room today…he was very good at addition and subtraction though so he was forgiven.

Happy Halloween! 🎃


Another week completed in my tutoring room! So much more amazing learning as happened, including the areas below!

It may be half term next week, but I still have some of my sessions on! Stay tuned for more content next week.

Have a super weekend all!


10 reasons why I should be your child’s tutor!

Wednesday 4.30 - 5.30 left!
£28 per session.
DM me for more information/to book!



Gareth’s session today involved looking at higher level punctuation, including colons and ellipsis. What better way to display his knowledge than via a doughnut!

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Where do I tutor?

I’ve worked super hard to create a cosy tutoring room which has everything on hand for a seamless and resourceful tutoring session with your child. Even my daughter Esther likes to get involved in setting up before everyone arrives!

I always knew I wanted to tutor face to face when I started as it’s so much more personal. I always offer the child a drink, the child can totally immerse themselves in their learning and they’re even greeted by my dog Lola if they like (she LOVES saying hello).

I have one available session now on a Wednesday between 4.30 - 5.30. Please DM me if you’re interested for your KS1 or KS2 child.


Alexis did such a great job today working on prime factor trees!


Another week gone...another weekly round-up!

Thank you again to all the children who have worked so hard this week. You are amazing!


Instead of sharing a Thursday Thought today, I wanted to share this piece of writing which one of my tutees Hakan created. Hakan's task was to write a setting description, with a huge focus on using adjectives to describe the senses. With a framework to support him, he added his own describing words and general creativity to write a magical piece. I particularly loved his idea that each book would smell like its topic!

If you'd like to leave Hakan a review below, I can pass on the messages during our next session!




My Thursday Thought!


Two posts today to make up for yesterday’s lack of! Can you guess this week’s teaser?!


This week’s Word of the Week!


Another week has come and gone! Lots of amazing learning has happened again this week. Check out some of what we got up to below!


Sometimes, I even sing songs...


A bit of a thinker for you on this rainy afternoon!


This week's Word of the Week is...


Derives from the Latin for "maternal Uncle."

Who knew?!


It's been another super busy week here at HQ!

I said a final goodbye to a couple of tutees this week as they take their final 11+ exam tomorrow! Goodbyes are always sad but I am SO proud of them, their efforts and their attitudes towards their learning.

All my children come to me after a long day at school and to come and switch back on must be tricky at times - but they all try their best and they do it with a smile!

I can't wait to see what next week brings ☺️


Do you know anyone who is looking for 11+ tutoring for their child?

I have a session available starting next week and continuing every Wednesday. From 3.30 - 4.30. DM my page for more information 🙂

I also have a waiting list already for parents seeking 11+ tutoring for their children starting September 2023. Do get in touch if you would like to be added to the list as spaces fill quickly!


Thursday’s Thought!


It's a shape based teaser for this week! Answers on a postcard (or just typed below, either is fine...)


This week’s Word of the Week is…


It’s always good to increase our vocabulary and learn new words! This is a huge focus during my 11+ sessions.


The absolute BEST of luck to all my past and present students who are taking the 11+ exams over the following two weekends. You have all worked SO hard and I am super proud of each and every one of you! ❤️


Did you know...?

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This week's amazing piece of learning comes from Lara. We are looking at a range of non-fiction texts throughout our English sessions together and this week's was newspaper articles.

We discussed the difference between tabloid and broadsheet and had a go at writing informative captions and catchy headlines. Lara then used a computer program called Canva to create a newspaper article. She included an informative opening paragraph, quotes and a clear and concise recount of the event, all whilst applying numerous computer skills! It was a real challenger of a session and she did super well.

If you would like to leave a comment for Lara below, please do and I will share at our next session :)







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