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We are so saddened to share the devastating news that sadly our beloved Mr Lough died this morning. He died peacefully at home as he hoped.

We had learned a few days ago that his cancer had spread but even though we knew this, his passing this morning has still shocked us all and left everyone reeling.

Our thoughts of course are with Richardโ€™s family: his partner Sarah, and their children Lauren and Alexander of whom him he always spoke with such love and pride.

Richard was a wonderful man; he was a brilliant teacher and he truly loved the children he taught and they loved him equally in return. He took such joy in their achievements and even though he stopped working in the Autumn Term, he still was so pleased to hear about how well the children were doing afterwards. His face would light up whenever he spoke about them. He was so animated, so full of joy and fun and made every lesson an adventure for the children he cherished and worked so hard for.

He was such an integral part of Halberton School and there will be reminders of him everywhere. His Tiverton Town FC sticker remains and will remain in his classroom. He was always positive, fun and up for a laugh and so enthusiastic and such a lovely big character that it just is so hard to imagine he is no longer with us. We will always miss him and never forget him.

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We are so saddened to share the devastating news that sadly our beloved Mr Lough died this morning. He died peacefully a...

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