The Daisy Foundation Antenatal and Baby in Telford

The Daisy Foundation Antenatal and Baby in Telford


Hi All,
I'm not sure if this is permitted on here so apologies if not.
I have a new hypnobirthing course starting on October 5th and thought there might be parents on here who may be interested.

Please feel free to share with friends far and wide.

The course is will be run online however, I also offer a 121 service if parents prefer.

Thanks everyone 😀[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D
Charlie had a lovely time at daisy tinies today 😁
Shared from The Daisy Foundation Antenatal and Baby in Telford. I've definately felt/done all of these at some point!
J x
Great time at wrigglers last week. Love theme week.
Thank you, Janette @ The Daisy Foundation Antenatal and Baby in Telford, for a fabulous, fun-filled term at Wrigglers. Xara especially loved the last session with a Halloween theme 🎃 👻 🕷🕸☠️ although her favourite part is to eat the props 🙄🙈

I have already signed up again for the next term. See you soon 😊
Thank you so much Janette for an amazing 10 months taking me from bump to baby. We have loved your classes and made some mummy friends for life 💜
See you next time for round two 😉🥰
I will treasure so many fond memories of that cosy room, where I first entered with my fragile 6 week old baby boy. A new mum. Today we left. A nearly 8 month old crawling around, having grown physically himself and me emotionally as Mother. I've gained so many great friends from this tiny intimate class, without whom my Maternity Leave just wouldn't have been the same. I left with tears falling from my face today. I can't recommend Janette and her lovely, warm and welcoming classes enough. If I manage to find a way to do them again with my next baby, I will most certainly be back. ❤️😢
Hello everyone, and thanks for letting me post on your page.

I am a local mother and Registered Nutritional Therapist.

I believe that good nutritional advice should be accessible to all which is why I am setting up a series of tea & chat sessions throughout 2019. At these sessions people can come along, learn more about the specific nutrition topic, have a cuppa and a healthy snack, ask me questions, meet likeminded people and go away with healthy nutritious meal and recipe ideas.

Everyone loves a cuppa tea and a chat don't they (well I do) which is why I thought that this was the best way to get my message out.

My first session on the 9th Feb is on Children's nutrition up to teen age. If you are baffled by all the information out there? Wondering which nutrients your child should be having at their age? What the specific nutrients help with and in need of ideas and inspiration for how you can get them into their diets? then come along.

I have years of experience (as a mum and as a nutritional therapist) and am passionate about providing children with the best nutritional start that they can have.

You can book your place via the link below or message me directly via my page if you have any queries, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kate x

Facebook = Kate Bevan Wood - Nutritional Therapist
Hope this is ok to post here. But when I was pregnant I came across this and it definitely helped with cost of getting everything my baby needed

Babies and children can be expensive not now!!!

Nearly New Baby/Childrens Sale
🌟featured on Dragons Den🌟
Few stalls available for booking
�Saturday 16th February 2019�2.30pm-4.30pm
Randlay Community Centre
TF32LH���Need to declutter after Christmas?�Want to sell all outgrown baby items clothes toys equipment to other mums?�Keep 100% of takings on day �table booking available�Goody bags for 1st 100 through the door �£2 entry, kids free! I sgoody bag for first 100 through the door �Free parking �Refreshments �Any questions please just ask
Archie enjoyed being a Spooky Skeleton today ☠️
Happy Halloween 🎃 xx
Archie had fun at Daisy Wrigglers today & enjoyed watching & catching the bubbles 🐯 xx

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From Active Antenatal Birth classes to Tinies, Wrigglers and Cruisers classes for your little one, we are here to support, empower and build your confidence from birth until your baby is 18 months old with our range of classes.

Operating as usual


This is one of the hardest posts that I have had to write and I have been putting it off, but I don’t feel that I can any longer.

This month will mark the 10 year anniversary since I started teaching Daisy Birthing classes. I had a 6 month old at the time as well as four other children and was going through a very difficult time in my marriage as well as having postnatal depression.

Daisy gave me the lift that I needed. I loved the training and then teaching. I met the most amazing women and I felt that I was helping them in a small way at an important part of their lives.

Over time, I added in more classes and started to teach Parent classes as well as Baby classes. They are all so different and no two classes have been the same.

I haven’t always been in Telford though. I started teaching Daisy classes in Exeter in Devon, but moved here 7 years ago. I sometimes wonder how many mums, dads and babies, I have seen over two counties and ten years.

It’s certainly been an interesting ten years personally too.

I have had another baby, got divorced, moved counties, written and published a book, re-married, gained two step-sons, left my secondary school teaching job to focus on Daisy, moved house (again), gained a grandson, started up a second business and become a virtual assistant.

I have grown and changed as a person in that time. I have gone from a woman who didn’t know herself, was in an abusive marriage and had mental health struggles as a result, to a woman who is comfortable with herself, who has positive relationships and knows how to be compassionate towards herself.

The last 18 months, as I said earlier this year, has been incredibly difficult. It caused me to take a step back for a couple of months and simply pause and breathe. It was the first proper break that I had had in the ten years and I needed that time to re-evaluate.

I was hoping that with the vaccination programme and the declining cases that we would be in a more normal situation when I returned at the start of this month. I was wrong. The anxiety that I felt previously was back with worrying about if someone in class would have covid or if someone in my family would. Just yesterday, I had two children at home due to the number of covid cases at their two schools. Fortunately, they don’t have covid but not knowing if they will be in from one day to the next or if they will get covid (or myself) is a worry especially when you are working with pregnant mums and young babies.

There is also the financial side. I am not even covering my outgoings at the moment and made a loss over the last 12 months. I hung on thinking that things would be changing with covid and cases would be under control, but it is higher than this time last year and I don’t know if and when things will change, and I can’t hold on forever.

So, it was a massive sadness and a decision that I have gone backwards and forwards with, that I am announcing that I am stopping teaching classes after this current set. It really breaks my heart as I have put ten years of my life into this and I absolutely love what I do, but it is time to hang up my hat and do something new.

That new thing is something that I have had in the background for a while. It is still helping mums, as that is where my passion lies, but it will be through my own business rather than a franchise.

I have called it The Mums’ Movement, because it sums up what I want to do. I want to start a movement that empowers mums, that gives them confidence, that lets them leave expectations behind and believe in themselves. I want to move mums from being tired, overwhelmed and guilt-ridden to centred, restored and calm.

I am hoping with all of my heart that my new venture is a success because I love the interactions that I have in Daisy classes, and this continues that, but without the anxiety of working face-to-face or the expense of having a studio.

I am looking at selling all of my equipment and furniture. There is so much of it, from yoga mats and balls, to toys and kallax units and playmats. I will probably send an email out with details in case anyone would like to buy anything, or pop it in the Daisy Telford Facebook group. If there is anything that you know you would like, please feel free to get in touch and let me know.

Lastly, I want to thank you – everyone of you – because you have made my time teaching Daisy classes so amazing. It has simply been the best time. I am just so sad to write this email and tell you that it is coming to an end.

If you would like to stay in touch (and I would totally love it if you do), this email won’t work from the 1st of January 2022, so please use my new business one instead – [email protected] or feel free to friend me on Facebook

I am going to miss teaching classes so much, but I wish you all the very best and hope that I may see you in the future.


Hi everyone

I hope that you are keeping well.

Just a little announcement to say that I will be back in three weeks time!!

I popped it on the website a few days ago and spaces are already filling up.

All Daisy Tinies spaces have gone already, but I may put another class if there is enough interest, so just let me know 💜


Giving ourselves the gift of self-care, allowing ourselves a space and time to slow down, and recognising that one hour of protected time to re-charge makes everything feel so much easier.


Cuddle those babies! I can certainly vouch for just how quickly they grow up!


Just beautiful x


If you're coming to Daisy Baby classes today, you may want to leave a bit of extra time x

Expect Delays in Oakengates

A truck didn't quite make it under the railway bridge in Oakengates this morning. According to an eye witness on the scene, the lorry is 'Very stuck'.

It's not known if this is likely to affect rail services.

pic: Mr Noto esq.

8 Handy Dos and Don'ts for a New Dad | Pregnant Chicken 12/06/2021

8 Handy Dos and Don'ts for a New Dad | Pregnant Chicken

This is a nice wee article about how partners can get through those early weeks and months of new-parenthood...

..althought it's a bit on the negative side - don't do this, and don't do that.
How about tips on what partners can do, and how to support and enjoy and make the most out of this time...

What tips would you give new dads?

8 Handy Dos and Don'ts for a New Dad | Pregnant Chicken Here are 8 pieces of advice for a new dad to make those difficult weeks with a newborn baby much easier and make your partner less stressed.

Is the Western way of raising kids weird? 08/06/2021

Is the Western way of raising kids weird?

A really interesting read.

Is the Western way of raising kids weird? From sleeping in separate beds to their children to transporting them in prams, Western parents have some unusual ideas about how to raise them

I Didn't Know Who I Was Anymore - Her View From Home 04/06/2021

I Didn't Know Who I Was Anymore - Her View From Home

This is so powerful - please ask for help if you need it 💜

I Didn't Know Who I Was Anymore - Her View From Home Postpartum depression took over my mental health and I didn't know who I was anymore. To the struggling mama, keep fighting.


Letting go of things that don't serve us brings with it a great sense of satisfaction. Negative experiences are unable to impact us in the same way when we are doing things that bring us joy and happiness.


Meeting other mums in your area through Daisy Tinies classes is the perfect way of finding your amazing Mama tribe!


Be kind to yourself. 💕


Confident Mama Moments - the power and absolute uniqueness of the Golden Hour.


Anyone agree?


💜💜 Baby Massage and Movement Classes in Telford 💜💜

Daisy Baby Tinies is a weekly postnatal class for mum and baby in the ‘fourth trimester’ to help you learn how to use baby massage and movement to aid calming, soothing and connection with your baby.

In a Tinies baby class you will learn beautiful full body infant massage sequences coupled with reflexology and gentle soft stretches/yoga.

Your baby won’t need to lay on their back for extended periods in order to participate (so ideal for babies who need cuddles, or babies with reflux). And if your baby cries, it doesn’t matter, just have a cuddle.

Baby massage is known to be able to calm babies, help bonding, aid colic and communication. We focus on a different area of the body each week and provide free organic massage oil so that you can use the comforting massage routines at home too.

Using gentle movements and some vestibular rocking, we help integrate the moro reflex, work on fine and gross motor skills, and stimulate baby’s inner ear and balance systems and get them ready for moving.

A lovely relaxing small class for both mum and baby.

Due to social distancing, classes are limited to 5 mums and babies and pre-booking is essential.

The next set of 6 week classes begin the week of the 7th of June.

If you have any questions, please message me or email me [email protected]

To see more details or to book, visit


Skin to skin after birth has so many incredible benefits for you and your baby. 👶🏻

Birth partners can get in on the act too. Just look at the benefits to see why.

If Mum and baby are unable to enjoy skin to skin immediately after birth, find uninterrupted time for it later when you and baby are ready. 💕

Partners are the perfect substitute for skin to skin with baby whenever Mum isn’t able to provide it for herself. 💜

Skin to skin time with baby continues to have plenty of benefits after birth, so keep enjoying those cuddles. 🥰


💕 O X Y T O C I N 💕

The hormone of love and bonding and one that we think about a lot in Daisy antenatal classes. 💜


From easing pregnancy ailments, adapting to your changing body, preparing for birth and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered!


Anyone resonate with this? 💜




Every child reaches each amazing milestone in their own time and their own way. From that first smile or clumsy rollover to sleeping through the night or taking those incredible first steps!

Encourage, celebrate and enjoy each one, but remember there's no rush!


This is so true x

Credit to Charlie Macksey


...and relax 💤💤💤 My favourite time of the week!

When it comes to the early (or in fact any) stage of pregnancy, any number of emotions can overwhelm us: excitement, fear, anxiety, delight, uncertainty, confusion – and these may well be ever-changing! Daisy Birthing antenatal classes help expectant mums enjoy a positive pregnancy and prepare for a confident birth.

So what does Daisy Birthing give you❓

🧘🏻‍♂️ Yoga based pregnancy class for mums only
💤 Birth hypnosis and relaxation
📖 Active birthing and antenatal education
🤰🏽 Breathing techniques
👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏽 Meeting other mamas

Just as suitable for your 2nd, 3rd (or more!) child as it is your 1st.

Message me for details of when the next classes are due to start x

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My Affirmation Cards are now in stock!
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