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Videos by Cosy Cottage Childcare - Telford in Telford. We are an OUTSTANDING Quality Assured home-based childcare setting in Madeley, Telford. We are working towards our Curiosity Approach accreditation. Follow us on Instagram too!

Blossom trees 2022

2 short video clips we found… 😊

Other Cosy Cottage Childcare - Telford videos

Blossom trees 2022
2 short video clips we found… 😊

Dressing up & dancing 2022
Dressing up & dancing (January 2022)…“Remember when we had a play date?”“Yeah… when we were sassy” 😄

Dancing & the overhead projector Nov 2021
The benefits of it getting darker earlier… using the overhead projector! 🙌 🖤November 2021 at Cosy Cottage

Children 2-5 years hula hooping! 2021
This summer, our 2 - 5 year olds have been practising with lots of will and determination to hula hoop! 🙌

Barefoot 🦶
Barefoot 🦶 August 2021 in the garden

In the garden April 2021...
A few video clips of children following their own interests in the garden April 2021 at Cosy Cottage

Following own interests in the garden March 2021
💚 A few random video clips of children following their own interests in the garden 😊 March 2021

☘️ St Patrick’s themed water tray...
☘️ St Patrick’s themed water tray March 2021 ☘️

Singing happy birthday 🎶

Bouncing along on Dominic the donkey Dec 2020
Being physically active inside by bouncing along on Dominic the donkey to the song 🎶 Practising and developing gross mot...

Milk bottle rockets Autumn 2020 🚀
Testing out their milk bottle rockets 🚀 November 2020 at Cosy Cottage

Tap tap art on a pumpkin 🎃 @CCC 2020
This year we decided to do something different with our pumpkin... To practise and develop our fine motor skills we used...

Practising to play hopscotch
2-4 year olds practising to play hopscotch. A great game to develop number recognition and gross motor skills.... Octobe...

Autumn 2020 dancing at Cosy Cottage
Children free style dancing with autumn coloured scarves and artificial leaves to a song we have enjoyed playing over an...

Using our crates in different ways... #Sportsweek
Due to typical British weather our ‘Sports Day’ was a bit wet... 💦🌧💧although we still did some races in the rain (for t...

Layered body puzzle competition
🧩 Puzzle competition as part of our sports week ⏱ Using a stopwatch to record how long it takes to complete a layered bo...

Listening and dancing to 50’s music
Children listening and dancing 💃 🕺 to 50’s music 🎶 ....although there’s a little ‘domestic’ going on in the background a...

😋🍕 Pizzas made by children (August 2020)

Sports Day - Summer 2019 🏅
Sports Day - Summer 2019 🏅

Children following their own interests in the Cosy Cottage garden during autumn term 2019 🍁🍃🍂

Sharing our love and enjoyment of books
📚 During the lockdown, remember the importance and share the love of books. 📚 Books are for all ages. 📚They can be enjoy...

A video from Autumn 2019 - pumpkins 🎃 #memories

Festive fun, running with our jingle bells on... 🔔 🔔 🔔

Summer Term 2019 memory... Using our parachute at Madeley Community Orchard

May 2019 memory... Team work from children 2-4 years creating their own obstacle course using crates and decking.

Adding a little sunshine to a rainy day... A snapshot of this mornings circle time (August 2019)

🕷 🐌 🐞 Finding real minibeasts in the Cosy Cottage garden - Supporting children not be afraid! Developing their interests...

Summer Term 2019 - 🦋 Minibeast theme... 🐝Minibeast picture hunt in the garden 🐌

Balancing and jumping off loose parts #risktaking #buildingconfidence 2 - 4 year olds. April 2019 memory

Memories from April 2019... Using loose parts in the garden to practise hurdles with 2 - 4 year olds 🏅