The Bearded Chef Shropshire

The Bearded Chef Shropshire


Yum yum. Saved the best for Boxing Day

Best ever πŸŽ„pudding 🀩
Thank you so much for our three course anniversary meal. Was absolutely so so tasty and we will be definitely using your services again.

If anyone out there is on the fence, my wife Claire Mayhew and I totally recommend that you get off that fence ASAP.
Highly recommend the fabulous beef wellington, accompanying roast potatoes and medley of greens, we thoroughly enjoyed last night. Great communication, clear Instructions (for the minimal cooking required) and all packaging recyclable. Oh and I almost forgot, the complimentary dessert was most welcome too - thank you. Very much looking forward to sampling more dishes in the future.
I was thinking of something to get my parents for a wedding anniversary celebration.

I messaged Markus Witcomb and he messaged me back with a recipe.

Then he got to work on this ....

Happy anniversary mum and dad and compliments to the chef πŸ‘πŸ‘
These went down an absolute storm at home this evening! So tender, tasty and melted in our mouths, accompanied with a delicious sauce! Thanks Markus!
Just eaten the beef wellington & duck roast potatoes for lunch. OMG never eaten anything so amazing in all my life. It just melted in your mouth. Well done to the Bearded Chef your food is just delicious....
I want more of it x
Thankyou Bearded Chef for my delicious lunch - beats the staff resraurant anyday. Today i enjoyed chicken filo pie with mustard mash and yummy thick gravy. πŸ˜‹
These burgers were absolutely delicious. So tender and tasty. Thank you :)
I would like to thank the bearded chef for yet another lovely meal provided for me and my grandson out of the goodness of his heart, I so enjoyed my callaloni, I haven't had it for years. Its not just eating the food that's doing good, but also the feel good factor that there's something to look forward to once a week, and I shouldn't be cooking wearing oxygen so it's something better than a takeaway or a micro meal, I thank you very much for your kind heart and generosity
Thank you for my super green smoothie....going down a treat..πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
Thank you Bearded Chef for the amazing beef koftas that we had for our BBQ, they we’re delicious...highly recommend πŸ˜‹ x

Lovely breakfast naps this morning, perfect after walking the dog in the rain. Thank you 😊

Passionate about local food & drink, providing different dining experiences across Shropshire.

Operating as usual

PreventALL Spring Raffle 2022 - Tickets Β£10 each 02/04/2022

PreventALL Spring Raffle 2022 - Tickets Β£10 each

Local charity Prevent ALL are running a raffle to raise funds.

Some amazing prizes to be won kindly donated by local businesses.

This will be the last dinner party I'll do (first prize) certainly for this year so do get involved ❀️

PreventALL Spring Raffle 2022 - Tickets Β£10 each Spring Raffle to support local families across Shropshire & the Midlands with children going through treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (or other blood related cancers). Also supporting research into childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.


With a heavy heart, I have decided to close down the business until further notice due to a number of reasons - some based on increasing energy/fuel, supplier, rent costs etc.. which isn't making it sustainable to continue and some for personal reasons.

I'm not going to say anymore at the moment apart from a HUGE thanks for all the support over the past few years - I never knew it would become what it has.

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 14/03/2022

Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini.

Starter from saturday night's private dinner event in .

Spinach pesto, tortellini, basil olive oil, sunflower microgreens

Simple but tasty.


No photos from last nights event as we were scurring around feeding 14 guests 🀣🀣

However we did take an action shot of flambΓ© bananas in rum.



Starter: Duck breast, plum dressing, beetroot marinated in juniper berries, borage, pomegranate, leaves


Starter: Cod marinated in honey & soy with fennel, apple and borage.

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 04/03/2022

Some quick canapes for tonights dinner party.

Whipped goats cheese, honey, caviar, sunflower microgreens on a blini!

Microgreens from Paul at πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 04/03/2022

Beef Wellington prepped for tonight's private event.

- Beef fillet
- Mushrooms
- Shallots
- Thyme
- Marsala
- Parma Ham

Encased with puff pastry.

That's 3/4 of the headache done... just need to make sure I don't balls up the final part πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 02/03/2022

Porchetta take 2...

Had a spare piece of pork belly so I thought I'll do another porchetta but this time with a Spanish twist.

You can pretty much stuff it with anything so today:

- smoked paprika
- garlic
- pimento peppers
- dry sherry

Topped with a quick chimichurri for a bit of extra kick.

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 02/03/2022

Does anyone want to see the return of the Cannoli?

A sweet Sicilan treat made from a mascarpone & ricotta filling which is sweetned and mixed through a range of different flavours.

Pictured below:

- pistachio
- mint & chocolate chip
- amarelo cherry
- coffee
- hazlenut

But plenty more flavours to come.

Was thinking of then making a return for Easter.


Today was a bit stressful so cracked open the red wine sooner then I'd like...

I ditched the risotto in favour of orzo pasta...

Nice combination with the tomato ox cheek...

Pulled nicely after 3 hours slow cook

Topped off with some Microgreens from


If you're up in the Lakes give this place a hollllllaaaaa ❀

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 01/03/2022

Braised Ox cheek in a red wine & tomato base.

We've had quite a few bookings this month as part of our private dining menu for Ox cheek so why not make it for tonights dinner....

But I'll be shredding this and then adding to a risotto for something different.

It's a real deep meaty part of the animal and shouldn't be wasted.. don't be put off either as to where it comes from.

A little tender loving care and this will be lovely.

Braised for 2 hours in the sauce it should pull apart 🀞

Come back for the final result.


Don't forget your eggs, flour, milk and whisk tomorrow!

It's pancake πŸ₯ž day πŸ˜‹

I'll be making up some buttermilk fluffy pancakes with my usual go to toppings ❀

What's on your pancakes tomorrow?

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 27/02/2022

Sunday roast prepped.

Porchetta this weekend.

A cheap cut of meat making a cheap but very tasty meal (minus the marsala but you can leave this out)

- 1kg belly pork (deboned)
- 2 tbsp marsala (optional)
- Sage
- Rosemary
- Thyme
- Orange zested
- Mortadella (optional)
- Salt
- Pepper

Roll then tie. Leave on a rack or plate uncovered in fridge for a few hours to air dry the skin.

Come back later for end result!


My 14 year old boy with his version of carbonara!

Looks fab.

He loves his pasta and loves to make it for himself when feeling peckish ❀


If you've emailed me, left a voicemail or messaged me then please bare with me.

I'm working through my backlog of enquiries and I will get back to you.

Sorry it's taken so long.

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 20/02/2022

A late Sunday dinner...

Sage stuffed chicken breast & a blue cheese chicken breast, creamed leeks, stuffing, yorkshire pud & white wine & tarragon gravy.

Sunday done!

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 20/02/2022

A few snaps of the starters from last night's hen party in Market Drayton.

Canapes - Goats cheese, honey, lemon, caviar, leek microgreens

Starters - Chorizo & Scallops, salad leaf, pomegramate molasses

Wild mushroom rarebit on ryebread, pale ale, dijon mustard, worcestershire sauce

Microgreens from

Cheese from

Scallops from


So excited...πŸ˜€

Trialing a beautifully lemon scented flower tomorrow on our whipped goats cheese canapes.

Thanks to for the sample

Violas Florist Polska Kwiaciarnia

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 15/02/2022

A local event tonight for a belated 30th birthday (or for a 31st) dinner.

- Coconut dahl with a saffron roti

- Ham & chicken terrine, spiced roasted pepper dip, crackers

- Beef wellington

- Lemon tart (not pictured)


So thats beef wellington number 10 done and ready for delivery this afternoon!

Shropshire beef fillet, sherry duxelle, thyme, parma ham, puff pastry scattered with purple & black poppy seeds.

Will be accompanied with a black truffle potato gratin, merlot gravy & green beans.


Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 12/02/2022


Scallops, puy lentil dahl, nastrium



Blini, harisso rose mayo, paprika, crawfish, caviar, pink radish

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 12/02/2022

Cheeseboard... Course 5 from tonight's dining event.

Cheese from

Microsalad from

Figs, peaches, apricots and grapes from

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 10/02/2022

Sunday dinner on a Thursday....

Well why not (only day I'll get one 🀣🀣🀣)

Roast chicken stuffed with roasted tomato and pork sausage, yorkshire pud, shallot and red pepper stuffing, hassleback spuds, smoked bacon, leeks and cream, tenderstem brocoli, chicken and white wine gravy.

Few hours to make, minutes to eat!!!

Meat from the fabulous team at


If you're looking for something different this summer to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, special occassion or just a get together with friends, the I have a few informal options.

- Freshly made pizzas in our outdoor pizza oven. 48 hour sourdough stretched in front of you and then a choice of your toppings added and fired in the oven. Range of salads available too

- Spanish BBQ. I'll bring our outdoor paella pans and fire it up to make a seafood or non-seafood paella for you. With a range of other tapas options why not celebrate a brilliant sunny summer with a Spanish twist

- A range of traditional Bratwurst dogs with a range of numerous delicious toppings, burgers and general BBQ goodies are also available.

Minimum of 12 people.

I know everyone says it but dates in general are filling fairly quickly at the moment for my services in general so avoid disappointment and book a no-obligation slot now πŸ˜€

Contact me to make enquiries and book!


Canapes from tonights service...

Blini, mascarpone, hot smoked salmon, caviar, kohlrabi, honey

Valentines Day | The Bearded Chef 03/02/2022

Valentines Day | The Bearded Chef

Let's talk valentines day β™₯

I have a 5 course pop up event at Deli 45 on the 14th Feb at Β£55 per person. Some tickets still available below πŸ‘‡

Alternatively if you fancied staying at home I can prepare a beef wellington, black truffle gratin, asparagus, merlot gravy and an assorted range of handmade truffles from my good friends at Lefevre Chocolate priced at Β£50 for 2 people. Meal will be delivered Sunday with full cooking instructions.

Link to order below πŸ‘‡

Limited availability.

Valentines Day | The Bearded Chef Celebrate the day at the Deli 45 with 5 courses and a some extras on us.

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 03/02/2022

Yes another pasta dish...but I love pasta ❀

Beef Ragu Pappardelle with Burrata

Slow cooked for 4 hours, pulled and finished off in the reduced ragu sauce.

- Brown off the short rib in either in a frying pan or whack in a tray and cook in the highest heat for around 7-8 mins
- In a seperate pan, sweat off some diced carrots, diced celery, crushed garlic, thyme, star anise, bay leaf for about 10 mins
- Add a good glug of red wine and cook for 5 mins
- Add some beef stock and mix
- Pour over the beef and reduce the oven to 170 degrees celsius
- Cover the beef with 2 layers of foil and cook until falling off the bone
- Pull the beef off the bone and mix in with the ragu
- Cook your pasta of choice and mix in with the ragu
- Serve with parmesan and burrata (optional)


I've got a beef wellington available for 2 people complete with black truffle potato gratin, asparagus, red wine gravy and some assorted handmade chocolate truffles by Lefevre Chocolate

Available for delivery Friday or Saturday.

Simply follow cooking instructions provided for a delicious meal this weekend.

Β£45.00 including delivery.

Message me to order.

Last one left.

Photos from The Bearded Chef Shropshire's post 01/02/2022

When the plan was to make a chicken, guiancale, wild mushroom and leek pie but decided sod it and replaced the pastry with linguine!

Made a small pie topper for the neighbour on her amazing achievement on raising over Β£3k with for the charity this month πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

1. Cook off diced chicken, diced guiancale (or smoked bacon or pancetta) until browned
2. Lob in the diced leeks and mushrooms
3. Chuck in a glug of white sherry or white wine. Cook off for 5 mins.
4. Flick a chicken stock in there with some water
5. Mix
6. Add some fresh tarragon and a sprinkle of smoked paprika
7. Cook for around 25 mins until most of the liquid is reduced and chicken cooked
8. Splash in a good dollop of creme fraiche
9. Salt and pepper
10. Cook for 10 mins until nice and creamy
11. Serve with pasta or add to a pie dish with some puff pastry (cook puff pastry to cooking instructions)


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