I was introduced to Natasha at Startfit through - Natasha through her vast experience on diet fitness and the body has without doubt saved my life. Weighing in at nearly 18 stone and 5'8" and getting older :-)) massively high blood pressure and having lots of vino - Tash said don't count calories Gray just watch your sugar intake and fat but make sure you EAT LOADS OF FIBRE- oh yea just curb the vino a bit -and above all exercise under my instruction.
Twice a week she comes to my house and I have a personal training session - and she knows exactly the point to take me! Yep I'm slaughtered but feel great after.
I'm about to put pics of me up soon so watch this space with well over 3 stone off since June 2016!!! And still loving life even when it goes to quite a few tiples of vino over what she tells me I should have (but hey hoe I keep that a secret from Tash )
I travel internationally hugely and Natasha's ideas of build lean muscle and the fat will take care of itself has sure worked for me - since Christmas have trekked to Australia -Japan twice - Europe many times and not put a pound on ( oh yea Tash forgot to exercise on those trips !! )
Tash -as Pink says 'it used to be the 'Funhouse' :-)) (yep you know what I mean when I'm lying on the floor at home thinking of old pub and curry times, sweat dripping and can't move reflecting on lots of vinos that I used to have in my totally work orientated life . But have to say the way I feel now it's a better funhouse and still have those little treats (ok a little more occasionally Tash :-)) - cannot rate Startfit Highly enough !!!!!!
Laura Natasha Dilley thank you for providing a day that really packs a punch :-) Always a great start to any day when you are around! Bonus beautiful weather and feeling on top of the work pile.
Stroke can be a life-changing occurrence for both the survivor and their families yet for many people help and rehabilitation support is significantly reduced after discharge from hospital. This is where STARTfit can help.

The next interview will present the many forms of help and support that you can get from this company:
Omg. Where's Day 17??šŸ˜†
So, I finished the 30 day leg challenge just over a week ago and have missed it so much I have decided to do it again starting today. BUNS of STEAL!! Looking forward to the Ab challenge next ;)
Your work has inspired me!! I am eating cleaner and training harder. Can you send me a link for buying a TRX? There is so much on eBay I can't figure out what to buy! Keep up the great work. Xcx
I am looking forward to getting started in the New Year! Please can you put a photograph and details of your Christmas Offer up so that I can "share" it .....and ask my family to get it for me :-)
Don't Miss Out - They're Finally Here!

Beautifully presented, unique Fitness Gift Boxes, ideal for Christmas; Give Your Loved One A Present To Remember; our Health Farm at Home!

The Full Day Experience includes:
A Complete Health Check - Ensure Your Health Is On Track
One Hour Fitness Session - Invigorate and Re-Fresh The Body
Cooking Class - Delicious Clean Eats To Keep Fat At Bay
Nutrition Check - Understand Carbs, Fats, Proteins & Calories
Luxurious Full Body Massage - The Ultimate Indulgence

Call Today For More Details: STARTfit 07976434250
kewl page x

STARTfit is about creating a entire lifestyle-shift that leads to long-term change, meaning you can

I created STARTfit in 2013 having left the Royal Air Force to start a career in health, fitness and rehabilitation. Throughout my journey it amazed me that so many businesses and products offered weight loss services for men and women based around the 'quick-fix', and what amazed me even more was that the same people kept returning to the same services year after year to lose the weight they subse

Operating as usual


Super excited to be part of the Heart Movement right now... only we have a BUS! Yup, you heard it hear, our mindfulness bus will provide a safe space for anyone and everyone who would like a little piece of headspace after such turbulent year.

Enjoy mindfulness sessions and explore how biofeedback tools can show you just how powerful these practices are on your body (and mind!).

Have a look at the schedule to see if we're coming to a city near you, we hope to see you there!

Timeline photos 14/10/2019

Timeline photos

"Good morning my dear Zebra!" The small bird who greeted his old friend the zebra in such a friendly fashion was sitting in Ali the crocodiles wide open jaws and picking remnants of food out of his teeth.

The zebra looked at him with a terrified expression, took a step backwards and then ran away.

"But zebra, you don't need to be afraid of me! We've always..." The bird looked at the crocodile, "what's up with him? Do you know?"

Ali shook his head "no idea. Zebras are strange animals".

In this stressful world of work, deadlines and keeping up with the Jones' it's quite easy to see how our bodies react by fleeing, when in reality there is no real danger. We're not designed to flee, fight or freeze unless our lives depend on it, and daily living shouldn't constitute a threat!

If you're constantly feeling like you're in survival mode, then now is definitely the time to stop and recharge. Let us help you let go of stress, and more importantly give you the tools to keep it at bay. Join us on our specialist 5 day Mind-Body Retreats and enjoy drinking from the watering hole of life!

Products | Intelligent Nutrition - Eat Clean, Train Dirty 09/07/2017

Products | Intelligent Nutrition - Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Just ordered my first batch of food boxes from

First impressions...You get soooo much choice whether you're looking for fat loss or body building, and unlike other places I've bought from the in the past, it seems here you get food for 3 meals a day for a whopping 6 days - no more meal prep!!! GENIUS!!!!!!!

Will keep you posted but this one seems one to watch! Get involved peeps!!

Intelligent Nutrition I CANNOT WAIT for delivery!!

Products | Intelligent Nutrition - Eat Clean, Train Dirty



Just found the best ladies T-Shirt ever!! LMAO!!

COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIFT LADIES T SHIRT ARNIE GYM WEAR BODYBUILDING TOP | eBay Printed to the front. Always wash inside out. Recommended low temperature wash -(30 degrees celsius). Do not Tumble dry. Ladies T-Shirt. 100 % Cotton Ladies Fitted T-shirt. Washing Instructions. | eBay!

New photo by STARTfit Rehabilitation, Fitness, Health (Natasha Minnikin) 13/04/2017

New photo by STARTfit Rehabilitation, Fitness, Health (Natasha Minnikin)

Totally LOVING this adventure into ! So much delicious food it surely can't be good for you!

There's plenty of clean eating options out there, and paleo might not be right for you, but if you stick to clean foods, ditch the processed junk and steer clear of sugar then you'll be onto a winner regardless.

Why do I enjoy Paleo..? I just invested in a waffle machine..! The recipe called for it!! Boom!!!

New photo by STARTfit Rehabilitation, Fitness, Health (Natasha Minnikin)

Photos from STARTfit's post 30/03/2017

My metabolism hasn't felt this good in ages! Loving the home made granola with almond milk, and the flavours in the vegetable and beef stew are immense!

Fancy a nibble? Try the recipes from Paleo For Beginners by Rockridge Press; taste sensation!

Photos from STARTfit's post 27/03/2017

Absolutely LOVING these paleo-based meals; another version of clean eating which, without dairy, grain and wheat in general, is having a rather positive effect I must say! Not even a sniff of bloating, which means Mr Abs should soon be making a bit more of an appearance..!

Remember peeps, if you keep doing what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got! If you're stuck in a food rut then help yourself by planning a food diary for the week ahead. Include meals and snacks throughout the day that meet your macro needs and then FOLLOW THE PLAN! Be disciplined, if you've planned properly then it will be a piece of cake (no pun intended)! Trust me, it works, and your body will thank you for it!


Just about to leave for my own fitness session when I realise that, in old money, it's now only 0430...! Yawn!


Up at 0510hrs today for a circuit session, and now the sun is shining as my reward! That, and the giant cup of tea I'm drinking!


Make sure you allocate some phys time today peeps; remember, 10 minutes a day keeps the grumpy PT at bay... Or something like that!


About Us | Intelligent Nutrition - Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Want to nail your clean eating programme? This is where it's at people!! Intelligent Nutrition work out what macro-nutrients you need specific to your training goals, and then SEND YOU THE MEALS!! It couldn't be easier for those of you wanting help with your nutrition. Love this!!

About Us | Intelligent Nutrition - Eat Clean, Train Dirty If you are trying to eat clean we can provide all your daily meals and also work out your macronutrients to ensure you reach your goals. our qualified personal trainers are passionate about our clients reaching their goals as quick as possible and will help you through your diet & fitness journey fo...

Timeline photos 26/01/2017

A client just sent me this; brilliant.

Photos from STARTfit's post 14/11/2016

Some lovely back muscles poking through there clare rowson! Nicely done!

Photos from STARTfit's post 13/11/2016

I said it before, now here's the photos!!

***2 STONE IN 12 WEEKS***

Go on, show Graham how impressed you all are, throw up a like and give him some motivation for his next 12 weeks :)

Bloomin' lovely!

Photos from STARTfit's post 04/11/2016

IT'S HERE!!!!!

Our beautiful Health Farm at Home EXPERIENCE DAY gift box has arrived.

Experience a full day of luxury, indulgence and...

..hang on... luxury and indulgence?? These are not two words you'd normally associate with health and fitness... but have a look at these gift boxes and see for yourself!

Fitness, Food and Massage; all in your own home.

Have a sneak peak at this perfectly unique gift, and get in touch before they run out this C*******S... (because it's too early to say the full word...)!

For more details email: [email protected]
Natasha: 07976434250

Photos from STARTfit's post 02/11/2016


MASSIVE well done to Graham and Lisa at the end of their 12 Week Body Transformation Programme.


..wait for it..

Went from 34.8% body fat to a healthy 26.3%

LISA GAVE UP SMOKING!!!!! And STILL managed to keep the weight off, losing 27cm from the waist!!


With the risk of sounding too much like 'Hot Chocolate'.. it started with a click...!!

Photos from STARTfit's post 24/10/2016

Yummy home made clean eating chicken dippers last night, and egg white with salmon breakfast this morning. Feeling ready to start my day, woop woop.

.. Now, can I wash that down with a brew...!! šŸ˜‰


Fantastic time teaching two classes of Pilates yesterday evening, courtesy of Supple Fitness in Wellington. Some lovely feedback from the class, really made my night šŸ˜Š thanks ladies and gents, hopefully not too sore today...!



You can enjoy this one guilt free my STARTfit friends! X


Another man-wife team ready to take on the STARTfit 12 week challenge! Here's to another kickstart for lifestyle change - huge well done to L & G for taking the first steps to a healthier future!

Timeline photos 30/04/2016

Timeline photos



You have options... Remember that!


Met a LOVELY lady yesterday for a consultation, and I'd delighted to have her on board. Here's to a new recruit wanting long-term lifestyle change :) Big 'Woop-woop' to her for making that decision to start and then being motivated to DO IT! :) :) :) Exciting!


Sugar Intake

Excellent video; tells it like it is. Remember, 25g of sugar a day is the limit... Out of interest I was feeling thirsty in this lovely sunshine and picked up a can of sparkling 'Innocence' lemon & lime... 18g of sugar. Nearly my entirely daily allowance in one drink... Don't be fooled by the branding peeps. STARTfit:SMARTfit!

Photos from STARTfit's post 15/04/2016

Training in the sunshine! Who says fitness is a chore hey, take Bethan's example and top up the vitamin D while you train. Here we nipped onto the beautiful riverfront in Shrewsbury and did a full body session using the , a and of course a trusty mat. Simples.

Fancy a fitness session in the sun? STARTfit is offering small group Personal Training classes along the Shrewsbury riverfront for men & women who want to try something different. Grab your friends and give me a call; make fitness fun this year!!


Think before you drink

Remember, you're aiming for less then 5g of sugar per digestive sitting, and no more than 25g of sugar per day... 2 cans of these drinks and that's your entire daily allowance of sugar done... That's without a single meal...! STARTfit:SMARTfit! Know what you're slurping!!!

I had a severe stroke when I was running a half marathon 07/04/2016

I had a severe stroke when I was running a half marathon

Stroke can strike at any age, but the determination and persistence shown by this young chap is a testament of what recovery can be achieved with a lot of motivation. Worth a read...

I had a severe stroke when I was running a half marathon Against all odds, I'm hoping to restart my second year in September


Partner workout!

Partner pt at its best!!!


Fitness at the airport.... Genius!

What is Make May Purple? 31/03/2016

What is Make May Purple?

Purple. The colour of my slippers, Cadbury's chocolate & Stroke Awareness Month! Time to start planning!

What is Make May Purple? What is Make May Purple? Make May Purple is the Stroke Association's annual stroke awareness month, which takes place every May. Friends, families...

ARNI ā€“ Welcome to the UK ARNI Institute website for stroke survivors and... 27/03/2016

ARNI ā€“ Welcome to the UK ARNI Institute website for stroke survivors and...

I'm absolutely DELIGHTED to announce that alongside my Stroke Rehabilitation referral work through Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI) I will also be working with the Physiotherapist, the Occupational Therapist and the Speech Therapist at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital as an Assistant Practitioner, helping assist client rehabilitation throughout Shropshire.
Remember, even if you are years post stroke we may be able to help you in your recovery. Call ARNI for details and to find an instructor near you.

ARNI ā€“ Welcome to the UK ARNI Institute website for stroke survivors and... I want stroke rehabilitation and exercise Iā€™m a therapist or trainer wanting to qualify in stroke rehab I want to donate to stroke charity The ARNI...


Another fab achievement to start the Bank Holiday; my client JC has absolutely stormed ahead with his progression having upped his training to 3 times a week. At the start of our journey he attempted the Sf 20 Minute Fitness Checker (see below for link) and managed to get all the way through to 12 Burpees before the time ran out. A few months later we tried it again; not only did he complete the full challenge, he did so with 3 minutes spare! WELL DONE JC!!!

Why not have a go of the STARTfit 20 Minute Fitness Checker?!

Great prep for the Phase II Body Transformation Challenge!


An absolutely WHOPPING well done to my incredible SF client Clare who has dropped her body fat percentage from 28 to 18!!!!! YES, 18% body fat!

I'd love for her to see how AMAZING that really is so if you're willing to show your thumbs up then please 'like' so I can tell her it's not just me who thinks she's done a cracking job!

18% - superb!! Well done Clare

My husband, Andrew Marr, had a stroke. Now I know it could happen to anybody | Jackie Ashley 28/02/2016

My husband, Andrew Marr, had a stroke. Now I know it could happen to anybody | Jackie Ashley

Huge thanks to the family for spreading the word on such an important topic.

I would like to relieve any worries however that being over-active can 'cause' stroke; it can be a trigger if you are at risk, but it is not the actual cause.

High blood pressure can weaken the artery walls and so anything that subsequently raises the heart rate, such as exercise, can result in a burst. The primary factor however is the high blood pressure. The arteries aren't likely to burst without this weakening of the wall and so exercise isn't the true cause; in fact, staying fit and healthy reduces your stroke risk as it reduces blood pressure in the long term.

Be health savvy!

Do you know your blood pressure? If not, book a quick check with your nurse; it could help save your life.

My husband, Andrew Marr, had a stroke. Now I know it could happen to anybody | Jackie Ashley Strokes among men aged 40 to 54 have rocketed in 15 years, yet the resources available to treat and rehabilitate are painfully scarce. This must change

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