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Hi Wrekin Viewers!

I have yet again been in the wars!

On my weekly health check Miss Till noticed that one of my teeth was cracked and very sore - she took me to my friends at Haygate Vets and they said I needed an operation! 😳

The Haygate team know how important I am to the children at WV so they took lots of pictures so you all know I’m doing ok.

The nasty tooth is all gone now (Miss Till has kept it to show any interested children as it is HUGE!) and I’m recuperating at home - I’ve got some stitches and some medicine so I’m not in any pain but I’m not allowed to be at work for a little bit.

Personally I blame the squirrels... or maybe that tree I tried to chew... or maybe the sticks..... it absolutely was not my fault though 😈

I have been told I’m only allowed soft food for a week so that’s a bit of a plus, much better than dried kibble! But I’m not allowed on any walks!!

If any of the children see any pigeons on my field that are taking advantage of my absence make sure you let me know!

See you soon and I miss you all lots and lots!

Maslow 🥰🤕

Ashford Kennels
Haygate Veterinary Centre


We are very pleased to announce that fromSeptember we are increasing our Nursery and starting a Day-Care service. We will be accepting children from the age of 2 and opening for longer - 8.00am to 5.00pm. We hope it will be very successful.

We also have free 15 and 30 hour places too.

Please like, share, comment so that as many people as possible know about it.


Further updated guidance.

1. Stories that MOMO can ‘hack’ into an account and set challenges are fake. There have not been any reported cases where this has happened. Please reassure children that this cannot happen.

2. There are an increasing number of links appearing that children click on, along with online videos that are edited and this is how children are being exposed to unsuitable images and videos. It is important that children are aware of this.

3. Emphasise to your child the importance of not clicking on unknown links, accepting requests from unknown sources or replying to messages that they are unsure about.

4. As parents, please be aware of the social media age restrictions and ensure that you are monitoring and checking your child’s social media accounts and digital footprint.


Dog Blog #27

I’m back!

I am now 11 months old and weigh 27kg.

On the 23rd March, I will be a whole one year old - I’m hoping for a birthday cake with candles! it is hard to believe that I have now been at Wrekin View since I was a tiny 8 week old puppy!

I have had lots of adventures over the past few weeks, some of them were good and some of them were not so good! I am all better now though and have missed the children and teachers at Wrekin View so much!

This week I have tried to see as many children as I can, I have been out at playtime and lunchtimes in the playground and had lots of lovely strokes.

I am getting so much more grown up, I can stay on my own now sometimes and I don’t chew things (most of the time) and I’m starting to spend more time away from Miss Till and in other areas of the school with different classes when they ask for me. I went into 5A this week to practise my training and I made them all giggle by laying under the table on their feet!

I still really enjoy the children who read to me and am learning to lay on the floor next to children that are working instead of wanting to sit on their laps!

Some of my friends have been to Arthog this week - it looks very exciting and they have had some brilliant adventures! Maybe one year I will get to go too - puppies can rock climb right?

Have a great weekend!

Maslow 🐶🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Dog Blog #26

Hi Wrekin Viewers!

I am 36 weeks old now and I weigh 26.3kg!

According to google this means I weigh as much as 8448 teabags - I’ve never tried tea, it’s one of the many many things they won’t let me have... pencils, rubbers.. I did manage to get away with a piece of Lego this week - it was a green piece! Extra yummy!

It has been a strange week for me... Miss Till had to go away for a day to collect an award that all the staff and pupils at Wrekin View have earned for improving behaviour - she was very proud and as part of it they showed a video of me! Everyone went awwwwww apparently. Not that I got a reward or anything! 😡

Anyway I got to spend the day with Miss Nickless in basecamp (with lots of visitors!) I had a great time and I learned to put my ball on the table and sit nicely so that the children could play with me.

Miss Nickless also helped me to practice being around younger children in preparation for me being able to go into nursery! I’m not allowed in nursery just yet, Miss Till says they are too little and I will knock them over with my wagging tail - so I had to practise laying super still whilst Oliver fed me treats! I really liked that. I hope the nursery children like me when I’m ready to go in - Watch this space!

My favourite part of the week was when I got to do reading time in 6A this week - the children read to me so clearly that I had a lovely nap, whenever they stopped reading I opened my eyes to look at them - that reminded them not to stop and I got a lovely bedtime story! I also snuck in the odd lick of their hands as they turned the page.. oops!

Hope you have all had a brilliant week! 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Dog Blog #25

Hey Wrekin Viewers!

I was born on the 23rd March 2018 - that means that it’s my 8 month birthday today!

This week has been very busy, I am having to do lots and lots of work on impulse control to manage my adolescence stage - can you believe that I have to practising sitting and watching the children play football? I have to watch? I don’t want to watch I want to play!

Nick the PE coach bought me my own ball so that I can at least sit and watch with a ball in my mouth but it’s not the same as running around with the children!

I was ‘cat tested’ this week - because it’s important that I have a very nice temperament I have to try and variety of different things to see how I react and then work with the reaction if I am not too sure. Turns out I LOVE cats. They are so nice to lick and sniff - I was very very good and laid nicely and let the cat come over and apart from when I patted her on the head with my paw I was the perfect gentleman! Miss Till said if only I could be so good with squirrels!

I have been practising my watch and wait and focus work in Apley woods. I might not have done quite so well there. In my defence I did NOT chase a squirrel......... I did however dive into the duck pond and spend 5 minutes swimming around with the ducks! I didn’t bark at them or chase them, I just liked swimming with them!

So now we have ducks and squirrels on the impulse control training list 🙄. I don’t mind, it just means I get to see more of them!

Thank you to all the children who have helped me this week by grooming me and reading to me! All these calm activities are really helping me remember to focus!

See you next week! Have a great weekend 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Dog Blog ##24
Hi Wrekin Viewers!

I am now 34 weeks old!

I have had an amazing week, I love my job!

Some of The Stars of the week this week got to use my new ball launcher, it’s amazing, it goes from one end of the field to the other - the children giggled so much at how fast I ran to catch the ball! I am super pup - I just need a cape now!

I have also been practising how to walk to heel, in Wrekin view we do not run in corridors - this is really tricky for children to remember when they are excited - it’s just as hard for puppies to remember when they want to get outside! So me and a couple of children have been practising, I’m getting very good at it - you just have to remember to walk next to the person who has the lead and then they give you food! It’s like a portable vending machine 😁 you put in a nice walk to heel and you get out a yummy treat!

I’m also getting so good with the children who are helping me train to be a reading dog - I cuddle up next to them now, sometimes when they read to me I like it so much that I have a little snooze. This seems to make the children happy and they don’t want to wake me up so they read even more than they were meant to!

Sleep is very important for puppies who are growing big and strong like I am.

I have been in several classes this week helping out, I’m getting really sensible now and sometimes Miss Till leaves me in the classroom to do my work whilst she goes off and does hers - this is brilliant as when she goes I get very spoilt!

Miss Nickless let me chew up a cardboard box, Mr Pembleton let me play ball INDOORS, and Mrs Colton gave me all my treats for the whole morning in an hour!

Sharon in the kitchen even cooked me some sausages at home and brought them in for me... I also gave Miss Harvey my Big puppy dog eyes and she took me for an extra walk! ❤️

I’m a very very clever puppy!

Thank you all for a lovely week

Maslow 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Last reminder.
Friday 16th November.
Non Uniform Day for Children in Need.
£1 Donation.
Something yellow
Something Spotty
Thank you for your support.


Dog Blog #22
I am 8 months old!

How was everyone’s half term? Mine was brilliant. I got to go to Wales for a social group!

There were lots of Labrador’s there and they were just like me, they love mud just like I do.

Then I got to run and run and roll in things that made Miss Till make funny noises!

I had to practise lots of skills that I use at school - waiting - I don’t like waiting very much right now, Miss Till said it’s because I am an adolescent now! This means that I am having hormone surges that means it’s a bit harder for me to remember to do as I’m told! This is a normal part of my development and so I have to practise even harder than I normally do!

This week I was also interviewed by Year 6 (so was Mr Pembleton and Miss Till but obviously they don’t count!)

They are doing debate writing on the pros and cons of having a school dog - I could find lots of pros, I get unlimited amount of strokes, people give me food, I get to play lots and lots of ball... Miss Till then pointed out that it was more about what I can do for the children so we talked about how I can help children control their anxiety better and that I can give them the confidence to try new things.

See you next week!

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


The first dojo badge of the year is a silver star and green Maslow Paw print. Well done to everyone who earned their badge today.


Here’s Wrekin View pupils, Mrs Dees, Maslow and Miss Till proudly handing over cheques for the £900 raised on their sponsored silence. The money was very gratefully received and will go to good use.


Here’s Wrekin View pupils, Mrs Dees, Maslow and Miss Till proudly handing over cheques for the £900 raised on their sponsored silence. The money was very gratefully received and will go to good use.


‪Y4 are having a great time at Cadbury World. ‬


Dog Blog #20
So.. usually my blog is filled with the adventures I have had at school during the week... this week I spent the whole day being looked after by 4A & 5A, I was very spoilt - they were so kind to me and even gave me my own spot to have a snooze on.. I do enjoy my nap time!

However... when puppies hit 7/8 months old they go through something called adolescence - basically I have become a teenager! It’s very exciting! Suddenly everything smells lovely and interesting and i also love chewing again! It’s even more fun now I have my adult teeth because I can chew stuff much quicker! Yesterday I was snooping around in Miss Till’s garden (got to keep an eye out for those sneaky birdies!) and I found a marvellous package... so I did what any self respecting puppy would do... I ate it.

However... it turns out that the postman had tried to deliver my weeks food and because Miss Till was at work, he had put my good over the fence.. hence the lovely smell. Miss Till was not impressed that I had eaten 2kg of my dinner (around a weeks worth) in one sitting!

Miss Till has had a little chat with the vet (again!) and apart from a bit of a tummy ache I’m going to be absolutely fine - The terrible news is......

I’m not allowed my breakfast tomorrow 😳 this is totally unacceptable as I’m sure you agree!

I will say though.. the new food is lovely! I’m a big fan!!!

It turns out when your Mums, Dads and carers tell you that too many sweets will make you poorly.. they might have a point!

From a feeling a bit sorry for himself Maslow 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


School Photographs, Friday 19th October.

8.00am -8.45am family photos and photos with any family members who do not attend Wrekin View.

Individual and siblings who attend Wrekin View will be taken during the day.


Thank you to everyone who took part in our sponsored silence. We have raised so much money to donate to mind We also helped to get people talking about Mental health challenges. We are overwhelmed by your support. ‪ ‬


The first Dojo badge will be given out to children with 95% positive Dojos next week. Please make your comments and suggestions.


Dog Blog #19

29 weeks old!

Wrekin View... I got my gold sticker! On Monday I had to get up in assembly and show the children the things I had to do, to pass my test.. the children then had to cheer if they felt I deserved the sticker! They cheered SO loudly! I was very proud and my tail wagged so fast it was like a blur - they also giggled really loudly when I played ‘peek a boo’ between Miss Tills legs!

Last weekend I went to Apley woods - have you seen the amount of squirrels at Apley woods? I love squirrels!! I ran round and round in circles because they smelt so nice! Miss Till then put me on the lead and said ‘we don’t chase squirrels, Maslow’ - I don’t know why I can’t chase them, they are super fast like me!

When I stopped trying to chase squirrels I got to come off the lead again... this time I behaved myself... and I found the biggest stick ever! I carried it around for the rest of the walk! I wasn’t allowed to bring it home though!

I’m looking forward to next week - Miss Till is on a school trip and she has said I’m not invited.. apparently puppies can’t climb..... So I’m getting to go and stay with some of the classes ALL day... it’s very exciting! I’m going to pack all my favourite toys and then share them with the children.. it’s nice to share!

I shall see if I can sneak in my favourite toy, it’s the chewy bone that 1A gave me... I love it so much and when I chew it, it squeaks.. I take it everywhere with me..... weirdly it keeps going missing... I just lay down for a good squeaky chew and then suddenly Miss Till gives me a treat and it vanishes! I must start looking after it better!

Have a great weekend!


Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


We are offering Childcare facilities for the PD day on October 26th. for Children in Reception - Year 6 (Sorry not Nursery this time!) Booking forms are available from the office.
Please like, comment and share.


15 and 30 Hours* Free Nursery places available!!!

We are currently taking applications for our January intake into Nursery.

If you have a child who is 3 or about to turn 3 before December 31st and you’d like a place in our Nursery then please come and speak to the office staff. We are able to provide a variety of hours and arrangements to try and suit your needs.

Visits are warmly welcomed.

*Certain criteria must be met for 30 hours.

Please Like and Share.


Please add this date to your diary and book an appointment. Contact the school office if you need any help.


Dog Blog #18
Today I am proud. (Please comment if you think Maslow deserves a sticker from Mr. Pembleton!)

At 28 weeks old I now have my Grade 1 Partnership award - this is the equivalent to the Kennel Club good citizen award. It was really tricky but I persevered and worked really hard and had fantastic feedback from the examiner.

Mr Pembleton hasn’t given me my gold sticker yet but I’m hoping! He gives them out very rarely when people have worked extremely hard on a project - I think I have earned one... don’t you?

I also got to go on another social walk at the weekend, there were lots of dogs there and I got to be just a puppy for a little bit - so of course I jumped into a very very muddy pond and then had a lovely roll in the mud - for a little while I looked like a chocolate Labrador!

Now I am growing up a bit I’m getting to do more things with the children, I spent 2 mornings this week in classrooms - sometimes I have a job to do where I will sit next to a child who is finding something a bit hard - stroking my fur seems to help them try the problem again! Sometimes I just wander around the classroom and the children sometimes stroke me. Mrs Dees said I am a very good influence because the children are so careful and tidy when I’m in the classroom - they know if they drop something I will try and collect it.

I’m very good at finding dry wipe markers and rubbers! I am very good though because I always return it to someone when I find it... after a little chew of course... after all, I am still a puppy.

I have also been working with some children who don’t always like reading out loud - they read me stories at my nap time and sit and stroke me as I fall asleep to the story.

My favourite stories are the ones about puppies but I like any stories really!

My Absolute favourite part of the day is when some children come and walk me at my walk times - they come and collect me with a helper and I get to go and play fetch on the field. Sometimes I’m a bit naughty and I chase the birds - I’m only trying to help keep the field tidy for the children! Lots of parents sometimes watch me in the morning tidying the field up - I have even had a few cheers!

Have a great weekend Wrekin Viewers!

Maslow 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Vineyard Road
Temporary traffic lights.
Please try to avoid.


Dog Blog #17

What a busy week I have had!

I only have one more test to pass and I’ve got my Partnership Grade 1 certificate! I am so proud.

On Tuesday I had my recall test and I had to run through ‘distraction alley’ - I was brilliant! I even got a mention on the trainers website because she was so impressed!

This week I have helped both year 2 classes, we had so much fun - they did my training with me and they were taught all about retrievers - I even showed off some of my finding skills! They will be writing reports on how amazing I am - I can’t wait to read them.

In other adventures I have learnt how to mop floors - this was thanks to the lovely cleaners who spent time letting me chase their mops as they were trying to clean the floor! I got very excited! Maybe if I’m good I will get my own mop for Christmas!

See you soon!

Maslow 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Friday 28th September 2018
Wrekin View Coffee Morning. Everyone welcome.

9am - Coffee Morning for parents in the hall
£1 Coffee and a Cake.

10:30 am – Cake sale for pupils
20p a Cake.


Good Luck to everyone who has put themselves forward to be a school councillor. Voting Booths and ballot boxes are ready.


Dog Blog #16
It’s Friday and my poorly leg is all better! I can finally chase the birdies on the field again 🐶.

This week has had lots of firsts for me, I spent the whole afternoon in Base Camp on Thursday - Miss Nickless and the Base Camp children had some reward time and they wanted to spend it with me! It was so much fun - I got to play with wool (I’m faster than Miss Nickless!) and the children gave me lots of strokes until eventually I curled up and slept whilst they did all their work - it’s a hard life being a puppy!

I have now also passed 5/6 parts of my Grade 1 training - I had to have a pretend vet check where the instructor had to check my paws,my ears, my tummy, my tail and my teeth to make sure I have the right temperament (Miss Till says this just means that I’m a nice puppy and I know how to play nicely with no teeth).

I did really really well until it came to the tummy and I just got too excited! Instead of standing still I threw myself on my back and demanded a tummy rub! So I have to practise this for next week. Mr Pembleton said when I get my certificate he is going to put it in a frame so everyone can see what a clever puppy I am.

Have a great weekend!

Maslow 🐾
Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Please like and share.
Many thanks.


Meeting for all parents who would like to offer some time to help the PTA with their projects, events and fundraising.
Thursday 20th September 3.15pm. Come to the main office. Read the attached photo for more information.


DogBlog #15

25 weeks old and I weigh 22.4kg!

Everyone who sees me tells me how big I’m getting.. I don’t understand it as I can still fit on Mr Williams lap when he sits on the floor to cuddle me on his lunch break!

I have been poorly! I was chasing my ball and I ran a bit too fast and I hurt my leg! I had to spend 3 days at kMiss Till’s house and I wasn’t allowed to run! So to lodge my objection I dug a hole in the garden and chewed a table leg! Miss Till bought me a lovely new chew to keep me busy and did lots of training to keep my brain from thinking up mischief!

I also got to visit the vet again! He gave me a big fuss and I got to lick his face! Ha! I’m a clever puppy, he didn’t see me coming!

This week I have worked really hard with 6A- Mrs Dees even shared her lunch with me.. well she would have shared if I had remembered to ask before I licked her lunchbox... sadly I was caught by Miss Till so I only got a little sniff... it smelt yummy though! I think she must have had chicken!

Even the kitchens have spoilt me this week! when they found out I was poorly they gave me a couple a sausages that were left over from lunchtime... I love sausage!!!! It made me a happy puppy! The cleaning team love me too! They often stay behind and give me a big fuss.. I think I’m their favourite member of staff!

My training is going really well! I passed my test of having to do a sit and stay whilst Miss Till walked off and left me in a big field.. then she came back and gave me a big fuss and we played a game of tuggy! Now I have my big boy teeth it’s super fun! I also had to wait patiently whilst The trainer put a toy at the other end of a field, I wasn’t on the lead and I really really wanted that toy... when Miss Till said GO! I got to run and get it and bring it back... when I got back I was so pleased with myself that I ran off again and went and retrieved a cone as well!!

I think my mum Holly would be very proud of how much I like retrieving!

Thanks for a great week Wrekin View!

Maslow 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Can all Parents/Carers please take care not to park in front of driveways of the local residents, school gates or zig zag lines. The following suggestions should be used.

1. Join the School Walking Bus from Morrison’s everyday leaving at 8.30am.

2. Use the 2 lay-bys on North Road.

3. Park in Morrison’s and walk up.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

telford.gov.uk 06/09/2018

School admissions - Telford & Wrekin Council

Applications for school places for September 2019 will be available online from September 10th

Closing dates are;
Wednesday 31st October for Secondary school
Tuesday 15th January for Reception places.

Please contact the office if you need further assistance.

telford.gov.uk Information about school admissions and appeals within Telford and Wrekin.


Dog Blog #13

Are you ready for September?

I am 23 weeks old now and my favourite thing in the world is to chase my ball!

I have spent the last 2 weeks with Lisa at Ashford Kennels - I got to play lots with my sister Indie, I am much bigger than her so I had to be very gentle.

I am sleeping much better now. I wake up at 6.30 instead of 5 every morning - Miss Till is very grateful!

I lost 3 teeth of my baby teeth this week! They were the big ones at the back, my mouth was very sore ☹️ - I am waiting for the puppy tooth fairy to come.. I’m hoping they will bring me a new squeaky ball so that I can play with the children at Wrekin View with it.

My new harness has now arrived, in Wrekin View colours of course, this means I’m getting ready to be a ‘dog in training’ instead of a puppy! I will be 6 whole months old next week!

I start my new training course next week - in order to pass and gain my grade 1 certificate, I have to be able to do all the things on this link:


I can do most of them already but I need to practice my scent work and having my ears and feet checked - maybe some children could help me practise when we come back to school?

See you soon!

Maslow 🐾
Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Dog Blog #10

I am now 5 months old!

12 weeks have passed since I was a tiny 8 week old puppy sitting on the welcome mat at Wrekin View.

I am very proud of tell you that I passed my puppy class with flying colours! I had to do a little test and Miss Till was super nervous but I did it all and my trainer said I’m a super pup!

In September I start my new training towards my ‘Partnership grade 1’ award!

I also have my adult teeth coming through, Miss Till realised this when I chewed through her handbag and then chewed her table leg. Oops. I’ve now got lots of new teething toys to help me remember to chew the right things (the table was amazing though, much better than the boring Nylabone she keeps giving me!)

This week I got to go swimming!!!

Miss Nickless drove me all the way to Wales and I got to run on the beach and swim in the sea! Miss Till got a bit worried because she didn’t realise that I am a Super pup and therefore can swim really well even though I’ve never done it before!

I also had a lovely walk in a forest where I met lots of new dogs and lots and lots of people, everyone wanted to stroke me! I even met some of the pupils at Wrekin View and they threw things for me to chase! That was a fun day!

Next week I am going on my Holidays, I am going to see my mummy and my sister at Ashford Kennels. I’m sure Lisa the owner will send lots of pictures to show you all what a wonderful time I’m having! I bet I can run faster than my sister now... after all I’m Super pup!

See you soon!

Maslow aka Super Pup 🐾

Ashford Kennels- Licensed Breeder


Maslow has been swimming today.
Wait for the next Dog Blog to see what he thought of the experience.

Videos (show all)

Pupdate.  Maslow has been swimming today.  Wait for the next Dog Blog to see what he thought of the experience.
Pupdate.  Maslow has been swimming today.  Wait for the next Dog Blog to see what he thought of the experience.




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