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New Kettlebell Fitness Class in Telford | Personal Trainer | Shropshire | DanTFitness

Sign up for Kettlebell Fitness Today!

Bring a Friend for £2 (Normal prices are £4.50)

Class starts 6 pm - 7 pm at the HLC.

Call/Text Now! 077 2344 1118 *************************   Fit Body Kettle Camp    ********************************** Want to get into the swing of things this summer? If you want to lose wei...



Love training with Dan. Fully recommend his services, value for money all the time. Some trainers charge a fortune and only give 45 mins... Dan kicks your but for over an hour and keeps you laughing all the way. Brilliant trainer.


Want to lose weight and look toned this summer? Feeling like, enough is enough!? Then come along to Fit Body Boot Camp, which is now on @ Hadley Learning Community (HLC) on Wednesdays: 7:30pm - 8:30pm and Fridays: 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

These 1 hour sessions are designed around circuit style training involving various equipment, such as battle ropes, kettle bells, tension bands, slam balls etc.
Training styles may vary from time to time.

Excellent for losing weight, toning up and getting fit.

Suitable for total beginners and intermediate level "keep fitters".

Only £4.50 per session, per person

Any questions feel free to text 0772 441 118 or message me on Facebook.


Tonight's Fit Body Boot Camp is on at 6:30pm - 7:30pm at Hadley Learning Community (HLC).

Remember! First time members get a FREE session...

Its the last session of the week people, so! Try and motivate yourself to come and reap the benefits of feeling achievement throughout the weekend. There's nothing as rewarding, plus your body will thank you for it to :D

See you all later...


Well done to all of those who have measured themselves on Monday, your results have shown that you are working very hard and the program is really working for you. Everyone has lost inches and some more than others, but this is not a competition, this is all about your own self development. Overall, everyone who was brave enough to be compared has had very positive results, which will be emailed or PMed to you very shortly. Again!Well done people!!! keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you today Wednesday and Friday. See you all soon :)


Well done to those who push hard last week. As you know there are a few changes with the inclusion of TRX and other exercises to work your whole body.
If you've missed a few and feel anxious over about getting back in, don't be, as you can build up to you're old Fitness again by coming in at 30 seconds per station.
Remember! First session is completely FREE, so give it a go, you might surprise yourself.
See you all at 8pm people :)


Fit Body Boot Camp session is on tonight Learning Community (HLC), starting at 7:45pm - 8:45pm.
A new routine to the way we train, was introduced on Monday. If something in this routine it causing any issues, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing you all soon :)


Fit Body Boot Camp session is on tonight @ HLC. Its another week and a new change, speaking of which, there will be changes to the way we train. TRX exercises and a change to our routine will take place this week. I look forward to seeing you all there :)


Smoked Mackerel Beetroot Fennel Salad | fight2befit

Try this easy to make, healthy, nutrition packed meal out in your eating plan. Just another healthy meal tip to throw in your diet! This is for those people who like fish, mackerel to be more precise! This meal will provide you with a goo...


Fit Body Boot Camp tonight at HLC - 7:45pm - 8:45pm. Bring friends/family for FREE.

Our training plan is a great to get in shape for this summer coming up. Though it may seem along way off, if you are setting yourself realistic goals for this year, its a really good time of the year to start now, so you will see your hard earned, noticeable results for the summer season.

Believe me!!!There is nothing as uncomfortable as wearing baggy clothes in warm weather and we've all been there. Its down to you whether you want to stay there.

TIME TO MAKE REAL CHANGES!!! So, come down to the HLC and give it a go!!!


Well done everyone!!! for your hard work Monday, its starting to pay off after looking at people's results :)

If you feel as though you would like to push harder within each activity of the main circuit, variations to our current layout will be added as options. This will all take place as of NEXT WEEK. This way, will give you the opportunity to make it harder for yourself, say for instance, you feel as though the exercise has now become too easy for you, but you would like to try a harder variant. This should not only allow you to gauge your own levels, it will also allow you to optionally tailor your work out with the prescribed variations offered. This can also help you to work around any injuries, God forbid!

Wednesday and Friday, measurements can be taken as a benchmark. Benchmarks are completely private, personal and confidential and will never be shared with other members, unless on your request. For me, they are simply feedback for me to do my job as best as I can in pushing everyone towards a universal goal of achieving a fit, strong, healthy looking physique.

Once again WELL DONE LADIES!!!, KEEP WORKING HARD!!!KEEP MOTIVATED!!! and I will hopefully see you all on Wednesday and Friday :)


Well done to all of you who have worked hard in coming to boot camp this week!!! Nothing is achieved without hard work, perseverance and being as consistent as you can be. I know we can all get sidetracked, as life takes over, but please do your very best to get back whenever you get the chance, no one will to look down at you, if anything, everyone like myself, will work with you, in helping you achieve your very best - Team work.

Remember!!! Nothing is achieved over night, only working towards small achievable targets to fulfill a distant goal, is the only mindset you need to have in making big changes.

Next week, another bench mark of measurements will be taken. For some of you it might be your first time getting measured and that's OK, as these results will be used to see changes or to prompt a change in lifestyle I.e. eating and drinking etc.

Have a relaxed and lovely weekend, see you all next week :)


Well done for pushing yourselves on Monday!!! two more sessions to go for this week. Battle rope circles have been changed to Slams now. If there are any of you with any issues or suggestions, maybe you are struggling, please feel free to PM me. See you all Wednesday and Friday..


Well Done!!! Everyone really pushed hard tonight... Keep pushing through, to get those results you really set your mind on and focus on those results as an end goal, then work as hard as tonight and you'll definitely, gradually reach them in the end!!! Don't feel irritated with slow results. Gradual weight loss through our training is key to gaining best results for a leaner, fit and toned looking physique.

Keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you all next week..


Tonight's class is on in the secondary hall (HLC) 6:30pm-7:30pm and the last one for the week, so come along and bring your friends, as first class is COMPLETELY FREE. Don't miss out on getting those results guys, its only one hour people...see you all tonight!!! :)


Mondays FBBC session turned out fantastic, where you all worked extremely hard again and it was nice to see some new faces. Well done to you all!!!

Tonight's session starting at 7:30pm-8:30pm (not including set up time) is the half way point to the week, try and come to get top results, plus you will feel so much better, no matter how tired you feel before coming.

If you have missed sessions or are a complete newbie, I can make accommodations for you too by modifying the program to you level. Try not to miss out...

Hoping to see most of you all there tonight :)


Tonight's class is on at 8pm-9pm at the Hadley Learning Community.

Getting that first session out the way starts the week off on a good foot, which will not only make you feel better about yourself but will help motivate you to continue training throughout the week. Remember! Results are produced by consistency.

See you all tonight :)


Fit Body Boot Camp - Tonight at 6:30pm - 7:30pm at the HLC in Hadley, bring a friend or just turn up for you FREE FIRST SESSION!Look forward to seeing you all there :)


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Check this quick and effective recovery meal, which packs a protien punch and folic acid (asparagus) for repairing and maintaining cells on those sore muscle days... Why not try a quick and easy recovery meal after training? which will not only help with weight management, but will help repair damaged muscle tissue after a h...


Seriously well done people!!! again a great performance for those on the FBBC training program and those new/returning Boot Campers. Changes to the program design of FBBC should help make the program inclusive, no matter where people start, therefore giving wiggle room for new comers.

Remember! To see faster results, Reduce the intake of carbs after tea time, slightly increasing protein intake throughout the day for muscle repair and optionally adding the intake of BCCA and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), both have proven in extensive studies to repair muscle and reduce body fat, regulating the metabolic levels and other proven benefits such as decreased breast/colon cancers and increased energy...

Now you know all of that, enjoy your weekend and hopefully see you on Monday, failing that, Wednesday and Friday..! ;)


Fit Body Boot Camp is on tonight at 6:30pm - 7:30pm at the HLC (secondary hall).
Its the last night of the week, which means you'll feel like you've done something positive for your bodies over the weekend, and what a great feeling that is..So! Just turning up is most of the battle, the rest will follow.. And guess what?? It will be worth it!!!
See you tonight people.. :)


Well done again ladies!!! ,Last night there was top performance being displayed. Slight changes with an additional cardio set and you still did extremely well, everyone pushed until the end, so! That's another day you can tick off bringing you closer to your end goals. Keep up the hard work!!! It really showing in most of you.

Food planning help is still available still, so drop me your diet record sheets.

Soon!I will be placing up quick healthy meal tips, so keep checking this page.
See you in next session :)


Once again, fantastic session today ladies!!!! It was so good to see improvements and hard work throughout the session. Consistency is the key to success, but hard work and consistency is the key to reaching your highest potential successfully. Keep up the HARD WORK!!! Well done!!! :)


Fantastic tonight ladies!!! WELL DONE!!! You really worked hard again, considering there has been a change to the whole workout plan and the additional increase in interval time per station for the circuit and our new comer tonight coped really well to. This change will shock to the system, only produce one thing... REAL RESULTS!!! Please remember though, that a balance eating plan will produce best results with this type of training, so! If you need guidance in producing a realistic eating plan that you can stick to, drop your diet plan record sheets with me ASAP please and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask...


Seriously!!! Again, this Monday just gone really turned out to be a great session in Fit Body Boot Camp people!!! where everyone pushed so hard, even with the new change to interval times. Speaking of which! Apologies for finishing a little later than usual.
Keep up the hard work!!! and stick to a balance eating plan!!! and I can guarantee you results, but the diet has to be the right plan for top results, so if you still need help in constructing your own weekly eating plan, please give me your diet record sheets this week, so that I can help you, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!


For all potential late starters interested in making real, noticeable changes to their Health, Fitness, Strength and Physique. You have the opportunity still to sign up for FIT BODY BOOT CAMP @ Hadley Learning Community. Mondays (8pm-9pm - Secondary hall), Wednesdays (7:30pm-8:30pm - Primary hall) and Fridays (6:30pm - 7:30pm - Secondary hall). £4.50 per session payg. First session completely FREE!!!


Top performance tonight people!!! Seriously well done!!! It has already been noticed that several of you are starting to see and feel small noticeable changes to your fitness level and physiological improvements. In other words, everyone is working hard and your hard work is showing people.
Keep focused on the end goal, knowing that each week will fly-by and all you have to do is turn up, no matter how demotivated you feel, because there is one guarantee at the end, SUCCESS..
Remember!!!BCCAs and CLAs.
Have a good rest over the weekend and see you all next week..


WELL DONE FOR TONIGHT LADIES!!!!!!! You all worked so hard.
For most of you, you are in your second week of training, this already shows that you are dedicated towards getting the best out of your training by sticking to a plan, as training isn't the only plan we are going to concentrate on, if you require help with your diet planning, the most essential part of a healthy/fit lifestyle, then please return your diet record sheets back to me by next week. Next week in all sessions, I will bring tape measures, where you will measure yourselves and record before we get started, this will be used as a "sign post" of your development throughout the 8-12 weeks. Once again, WELL DONE!!! See you next session :)



Fit Body Boot Camp is on every Mondays (8pm-9pm), Wednesdays(7:30pm-8:30pm) and Fridays (6:30pm-7:30pm at the Hadley Learning Community (HLC). £4.50 per person.

Get super fit this year! No excuses! All you have to do is turn up and train in this 8-12 week progressive, full body work out program, as everything else is catered for you. See you there if you really want to make changes to your physique and lifestyle this year :)

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