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Good Morning

Time has totally flown by and although Iv seen some of you around town I haven’t been around nursery much as Covid and our recovery has got in the way slightly.

But our baby girl arrived on Thursday 4th November 2021 at a mini 3lb9oz

Orla-Mae was born at 35+4 weeks and so was slightly early and given her weight and me having covid again she spent time on the neonatal unit where the care was second to none.

In light of this we have decided to raise money for Octopals which is a project designed to make octopus teddies that help distract the little ones from pulling at all the wires and tubes they have attached to them. In the new year we will be looking at different projects to support the worthwhile cause.

We look forward to being able to say hello to you all and the children in the new year, it was very hard not to be able to say goodbye as things changed so very quickly.

But we wish you a very Merry Christmas 🎄 and a happy new year 🥳
Only a couple of weeks now until we will be able to offer viewings of the nursery 😬😬😬
In light of the announcements made yesterday with regard to covid, we will now be able to offer viewings of up to 2 households at a time. Therefore if you and a friend would like to look around together, or nan and grandad would like to come along, you are more than welcome 😊
If you have already registered your interest to view, you do not need to do anything, we will contact you as soon as viewing appointments have been allocated, and give you first choice of your appointment time 😊
If you have yet to register your interest, you can do so by sending us a message on Facebook or emailing us: [email protected]

We look forward to meeting you all, and hope that you will love our setting as much as we do 😊

Ready Steady Go Nurseries

Supported by staff with over 15 years experience working with children in both early years and prima

Operating as usual


Nursery is looking to collect wall mounted photo frames. If you have any that you are throwing out, please bear us in mind. Thank you very much 😊

Timeline photos 24/02/2022

Timeline photos

Make sure you check and reconfirm your childcare account details every 3 months to keep your 30 hours childcare place.

Confirm it here:


Across the water, through caves and caverns, up and down many steps… we finally made it to China!! 🐼


Starting School
If your child was born between 1 September 2017 – 31 August 2018 they can start school in September 2022. Remember to apply for your child’s school place by the deadline – 15 January 2022.
Link to application -


We would like to thank all of our families for all the lovely gifts and cards that we have received and hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🎅


In light of Boris’s announcement over the weekend, could all adults wear a face mask when dropping off or collecting a child and ensure that you social distance yourselves from other households at the gate.
Thank you 😊


Ready steady go nurseries are looking for a level 2 or level 3 qualified practitioner to join our team.
Candidates must be self motivated, reliable and trustworthy.
The ideal candidate would be creative and passionate about delivering exciting and fun activities for young children.
Please ensure to leave an email address and telephone number when applying.


Due to poor attendance, we are in danger of having to close this group!

If you or anyone you know would like to spend some time each week focusing on yourself, your well-being and your own needs as opposed to your day-to-day responsibilities.

if you would like to do some fun craft activities, some pampering sessions, some games, some well-being workshops etc.

If you want free refreshments and a free creche, please join us this week.

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 25/10/2021

Bob the Builder… can we fix it?? 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️our construction topic was a hit with both the girls and the boys at nursery. We covered a lot of maths during this topic, from counting to balance, measure and spacial awareness 🧱

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 01/10/2021

Did somebody say emergency? Quick ring 999!!!
Last week we finished our first topic of the new academic year - EMERGENCY SERVICES
A special thank you goes out to Newport Police and HEYs first aid for coming to our nursery and showing us all the things you need for your special jobs.
We had our very own jail, hospital and fire station training yard in our role play room, which we could use to reinforce what we had learnt in the mornings through our play.
And you wouldn’t believe it, but we had a call off Fireman Sam, as a cat was stuck up a tree in the woods and Sam’s fire engine had broken down. So off we went, with our trustee emergency backpack. We made it through the woods using the equipment in our backpack, and successfully rescued the cat!
The cat is now safe and well at home 🥰🥰

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 02/09/2021

🥳🥳It has now been 1 year since we opened ours doors to all of our lovely children and their families, and what a blast our first year has been 😀!! Covid restrictions haven’t made things easy for us here at Ready Steady Go Nurseries, being a nursery that revolves around real life experiences, life skills and social skills, but the team have all worked very hard to maintain our ethos throughout the last year, but keep things safe at the same time, so thank you very much to all of our staff for all their hard work and dedication. We would also like to thank local business’s that have allowed us to visit for private sessions to keep us safe, we wouldn’t have been able to experience some of the wonderful things we have done without your efforts and co operation, so thank you again!
And here’s to the next academic year starting again on Monday!! 😬😬 where will we go? What will we see? 🤩


Some of our emails are ending up in junk mail, please add our admin email address to your email address book, thanks 😊


Hi All.
We appear to be missing a navy blue waterproof regatta suit, and a bag (disposable nappy bag) of boys dirty clothes. If anybody has had them sent home by accident, could you please let us know
Thank you 😊


Could all children coming to nursery tomorrow (Friday) please bring a swimming costume or something similar
Thank you

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 20/07/2021

Well the end of the summer term has finally arrived and we are going to miss our pre schoolers sooo much as they leave us to start school 😢 we hope that you have the very best time and come back to see us now and again.
We have had some fun times, some laughs and some challenging times, but we went out with a blast at Thomas Land and can honestly say we all had a great time - staff included. Don’t forget us pre schoolers 2021 - you’ve made us proud 👏🏼

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 17/07/2021

Our last topic of the academic year saw us down on the farm for most of the fortnight finding out “Where Our Food Comes From”. We followed our food from the farm and fields to the supermarket, back to nursery and into our belly’s ☺️
We started by visiting some very special animals that give us food as we were fascinated by how the milking robots work in the parlour and had to be very gentle when we collected eggs from the super soft chickens.
Our older children then took to the supermarket with their own shopping lists, reading for themselves what they needed to buy, finding it on the shelves, looking at how much it cost, and paying the cashier, making sure we remember our P’s&Q’s. We had to remember how to behave in the supermarket and how to manoeuvre our trolleys so that we didn’t crash.
We also visited the pigs, where we fed them and even got to make our very own sausages right there on the farm 🌭
We used all the food we had learnt about to make our own food for our lunches over the fortnight, and when we were at nursery we got to interact with some classic stories such as “The Little Red Hen” and “Oliver’s Milkshake”.

With our last topic of the year completed it is now time to have a little rest and have some fun over the summer holidays!


Nursery mobile back up and running 😃


We will be back at 6!! See you all then 😊


Could all children who are going to Thomas Land tomorrow, please ensure they have sun cream applied BEFORE coming to nursery. Also please DON’T send sun hats
Thank you 😊

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 24/06/2021

Last week we took a walk on the wild side in our “Wildlife” topic. Children of all ages throughout our nursery took great pleasure in engaging in this topic. We spent the week with our wildlife friends and took our own journeys into their lives, including making homes for fox, badger, hedgehog and the bugs, and learnt about the dangers our wildlife face in the wider world around them.

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 05/06/2021

We would like to thank the local business’s in Newport and further afield who have supported our children’s learning over the past couple of weeks by allowing us to visit them.
Firstly, JONES CHIP SHOP, for the very yummy chips you served us which supported our Chip Shop play in our seaside town themed role play room.
Secondly, MAIDENHEAD AQUATICS, for letting us visit and feed the fish.
And finally to those not in Newport, but equally as appreciated, Alderford Lake and Sabrina Boat Tours.
Without you, we couldn’t continue to offer the children those very special experiences and learning opportunities, so THANK YOU 😁

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 05/06/2021

Under the water part 2

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 05/06/2021

Under the water part 1. The children have taken so much away from this topic, not only have we looked at the different species that live in water, but we have looked at water pollution both at the setting; creating our own water ways with various hazards along the way for the frogs and ducks to encounter, but also through our trip to the canal where we looked at what hazards were present and what impact this could have on those who live in the water. By using tongs and nets to catch and collect the litter we found, we not only helped to look after our community, but we worked as a team becoming more aware of why we need to respect the place we live in and strengthened the hands, fingers and upper arms, essential for writing - but had soooo much fun doing it.
We caught our own tadpoles and looked after them at the setting observing them daily, learning about their lifecycle.
We went above the water on a boat, learning about water safety and developing an understanding of how to adapt our behaviour to different social situations.
Amongst many more activities that developed a strong sense of world outside of our nursery and home, adapted and carefully planned to meet the EYFS, we had an awesome time throwing a great beach party!!!! We made orange juice, had our own ice cream stall with real money and price lists, and had lots of fun splashing in the paddling pools and building sand castles

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 10/05/2021

This fortnight we have done all things princess, knight and dragon.
From princess pamper parties to jousting, re-enactments of the story of St George saw the children’s imaginations come alive as we fort off the dragon.
As not to scare out littlest children, we avoided the big bad dragon and opted for playing “kiss a frog, catch a prince” and moved our bodies in the swirling bubbles to “puff the magic dragon” in our music and sensory session.


Half termly April newsletters are out. Please check your emails. Thank you 😊

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 01/04/2021

Wishing all of our children and their families a very happy Easter 🐣
From the Biblical Easter story to all things cute and fluffy... and not to forget the chocolate.... we have ended our 2nd term here at Ready Steady Go with big smiles on our faces 😄😄

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 25/03/2021

Our St Patrick’s Day outing led us over the rainbow, until we found all 10 rainbows and of course the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And just by some special stroke of luck, that evening a beautiful rainbow spread across the sky above nursery 🥰

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 17/03/2021

World book day celebrations was fun for all ages. With jack and the beanstalk we practiced climbing stairs and counting.
The gingerbread man saw us running as fast as we could.
A naughty girl called Goldilocks came into nursery and stole our bears porridge that we had spent all morning making.
We went into the deep dark woods and followed the white pebbles to find our way home, after our nasty stepmother left us in the woods.
It’s 1,2,3 into the river they go.... we raced our stick men in the river.
And after all of that... we found a tiger in the nursery, so we thought we best make him some jam sandwiches

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 06/03/2021

Chinese New Year celebrations 🎉
Unfortunately we didn’t get to go on our trip to “China” or the Chinese restaurant due to lockdown restrictions, but we still had a lovely time. We raced across the river using different animal movements. We rebuilt the Great Wall of China and learnt some martia arts skills in our PE sessions. We tried some Chinese food and had a little party and our role play room turned into China for the fortnight

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 18/02/2021

It’s raining ☔️ it’s pouring... but we have an indoor garden 🪴

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 14/02/2021

All of our children thoroughly enjoyed our science topic. We got very messy!!!!!
We looked at simple reactions, colour mixing, made our own play dough, what floats and what sinks. We tried to defy super hero GRAVITY.... but he beat us every time, and we experimented with momentum, getting our cars up our tracks, keeping our swings moving, and getting up some very steep hills.


Science experiment fun 🧪

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 01/01/2021

Happy New Year from us all at Ready Steady Go Nurseries!!!!
Here is the last half terms best bits.
We are hoping for a brighter 2021, but would like to thank all of our children and their families for their support during 2020.
We aim to continue to allow children to experience the world around them in a covid secure way this year, and are excited about all the things we will see and do in 2021!!!
See you all on the 4th 😀😀

Photos from Ready Steady Go Nurseries's post 24/12/2020

One more sleep to go!!!
We would like to wish all of our children and their families a very Merry Christmas!!! The children loved Santa’s visit to nursery and they all did an absolutely fantastic job in our nativity!!!
Thank you for all the lovely cards and presents we received. We will see you all in the new year!!!

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