National Register of LGV Instructors - NRI

National Register of LGV Instructors - NRI

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Our focus is on setting and improving the standard of Instructors and Assessors by maintaining a reg

The National Register of LGV Instructors (NRI) is a DVSA endorsed, not-for-profit register that aims to professionalise the HGV / LGV training industry. We believe that excellent Instructors and Assessors with a consistent, high level of knowledge and skill, result in safer and more proficient LGV drivers. Our focus is on setting and improving the standard of Instructors and Assessors by maintaini

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Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has announced that to help tackle high driving test waiting times, around 150,000 additional test appointments will be available over the next 6 months. They are deploying more trained staff to carry out driving tests full time, up to 31 March 2024. This will not affect the number of examiners doing vocational tests, though it may impact on other services. You can email [email protected] with any queries.

Share this news with trainee / / drivers and .


Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has issued new guidance to help those transporting goods in an / , trailer, van or car to make sure they are loaded, transported, and unloaded safely. It’s a great way to refresh your knowledge as an Instructor or Assessor, and also a great resource to support your LGV/HGV driver training courses. Read the new guidance here.


Keep your cool when delivering indoor or outdoor training and assessments with our branded short sleeve shirts. And if you buy before the end of September, you’ll get a free branded tie to further show your NRI status too. Shop now.


Be ready to meet your customers needs, with official branded clothing and accessories, high quality resources, and professional training materials. Whether you’re an Instructor or NRI Exam Centre, you’ll find what you need to show your status and maintain your high standards.


Blue Light Aware is an online resource for emergency service vehicle awareness on the roads. It provides information and videos to help / drivers better understand the needs of emergency drivers. This helps contribute to a safer road environment for all. The website is a great source of information for Registered Instructors and Assessors to share with LGV/HGV drivers.

Full details and resources here:

Blue Light Aware


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B+E Accreditation available from NRI is designed to help you prove to customers that when they choose you for trailer training, they get a high quality and professional solution. With independent validation from the NRI, they’ll know that your Instructors and Trainers are professionally qualified and knowledgeable, that the training covers the national syllabus, and that assessments are to Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency standards. Contact the NRI and start your accreditation journey now.


LGV/HGV Instructors and drivers, alongside the pedestrians they work around, will all be familiar with using PPE (personal protective equipment). But is it really keeping you safe? The British Safety Industry Federation has created a free checklist to help you assess if your PPE is fit for purpose. Don’t take any risks - be sure to read and share this with training candidates and all those on your sites that it may apply to.


Stand out from the competition when you’re applying for a new role as an LGV Instructor or LGV Assessor. Many employers will be looking to employ candidates that are with the NRI, as it proves their knowledge, skills, and high standards.

Learn how to join now.


Longer semi-trailers (LSTs) are a type of vehicle trailer up to 2.05 metres longer than the current standard semi-trailers on our roads – 15.65 metres instead of 13.6 metres. LSTs are now being brought into use on UK roads but if you’re using them, there are specific legal requirements and new practices that should be put in place.

Here is what you need to know from the Department for Transport:


With skills shortages across transport and logistics, the role of LGV Instructors has never been more critical. Having skilled and knowledgeable Instructors in place is essential for training candidates to fill the shortage of LGV/HGV drivers. Also crucial if we are to educate and inspire the next generation of talent too.

Show that you’re an Instructor our industry can depend on for the future – join the National Register of LGV Instructors here.


We all know that you shouldn’t drive tired, but sometimes fatigue sets in on the road. The Safe Driving for Life website has a great article to help you, your drivers, and those you train to understand how tiredness affects driving, and how you can stay alert to reach your destination safely.

Read it now.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency


Being an NRI Instructor is a great achievement – wear your professional accomplishment with pride! The official NRI online shop is the only place to get the branded accessories that highlight your NRI Instructor status. Look smart and stand out, with everything from t-shirts and hi-vis, to ties and clipboards, pens and stickers.

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Have you downloaded the official Highway Code App yet? It’s a great way to ensure that you, as an / Instructor are up to date with the latest updates and is a really important and helpful resource for the drivers you train too. Available now for iOS or Android. Learn more here.



Department for Transport has released its latest update following the consultation of driving licence flexibility for Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs).

The Government received 89 responses to the consultation. These are being carefully analysed to consider the potential impact of any changes on key departmental priorities, including road safety and AFV uptake. Read the full update at


Are you adopting a fleet which includes Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles ( )? AFV drivers with a Cat B licence must complete at least 5 hours of training in line with a specific syllabus, and training can only be delivered by NRI-Registered or NVDIR Instructors. It might sound complex, but it needn’t be hard to find a suitable training partner! You can find an AFV Certified Training Provider via a simple search on our website.


Today, is Disability Awareness Day, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance for people of all abilities. As we face such a skills shortage, growing our workforces with previously under represented groups in our industry, such as those with disabilities, may be key to future success. This day is a great reminder to consider your business’ approach to disability in the workforce and during recruitment. And of course, to celebrate the remarkable contributions to the world that disabled people have made.


The future of Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs) is driven by ground-breaking advancements in electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and biofuel technologies. As more focus in the and industry shifts towards sustainability, you’ll need Instructors ready with knowledge and skills to train AFV drivers. The good news is that NRI-registered / Instructors are approved to deliver AFV training, and we can provide the training materials too. Learn more about our AFV Certification.


The need for skilled / Instructors and Assessors is still on the rise. Although demand for these roles is high, so are the standards of most employers - they need reassurance that the Instructors and Assessors they employ are competent and will help ensure the right standards for safety and efficiency. If you’re an Instructor or Assessor, joining the National Register of LGV Instructors demonstrates that you have the right qualifications, skills, and knowledge to take on these vacancies that our industry still urgently needs to fill. Ready to join?


Unlock new business opportunities by becoming an accredited centre through the NRI's Trailer Training Accreditation Service (TTAS). NRI is recognised by DVSA as a national accrediting body for B+E training and assessment. Get accredited and prove to customers that your trailer training program aligns with the national syllabus and that your B+E Instructors/Trainers are highly qualified, knowledgeable, and committed to delivering top of the line training and assessment. Apply for B+E/Trailer Training Accreditation today.


Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency has announced a new trial programme - ‘road to DVSA earned recognition’. Open to / / / operators that have received their licence in the past 6 months, the 2-year scheme is completely free and provides support and guidance around 8 key milestones related to . At the end of which, operators can arrange a earned recognition audit - helping them prove standards, reduce roadside checks, and lower running costs.


Department for Transport has published a summary of the responses received to its recent call for evidence about potential changes to the driver licensing regime. One aspect of the call sought views on the training, qualification, and registration of / and / Instructors.

Learn more about the call for evidence at


is a perfect reason to celebrate the vital role the industry plays in keeping our world moving. Trained / drivers and ensure the goods we need reach their destinations efficiently and safely. And their expertise fuels our economy too.

Discover how we support the industry and the professionals it depends on.


Join us in saluting our brave heroes on . Today, we honour and appreciate the immense sacrifices made by our armed forces. Today, we stand united in gratitude and support for the men and women who protect our nation. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and service.

Armed Forces Day


Due to staff training, our phone lines will be a little busier than usual today. We thank you for your patience and understanding. We will be back to normal service from 8:30am on Wednesday 21st June.


Did you know that becoming an Exam Centre for / drivers could help you boost your income? If you provide Instructor and/or Assessor training already, it may be a simple value-add to also offer on-site examinations at the end of your training process. And as an Exam Centre, you could also generate extra income by renting out your vehicles and classroom space to candidates wishing to sit the exam.

Learn more about why you should become an NRI Exam Centre.


“The NRI provides the standard that needs to be met in our industry. By working with them, we can secure business because we can prove that we adhere to the high standards required,” says Hayley Norgrove, Operations Manager, Dulson Training LTD. The company has NRI Registered LGV Instructors, is an NRI Exam Centre, a B+E Accredited Centre, and delivers certified Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle ( ) training. And this has helped them to continue to secure business.

Read the full success story here.


We’re committed to helping our industry be ready for a more sustainable future this ! That’s one of the reasons why all of the Registered / Instructors we work with are certified to deliver training on Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs). This means the right training professionals are in place to support drivers as fleets transition to greener ‘zero-emission’ vehicles. Together, we can drive towards a greener future.

UN Environment Programme


Today is , where we are celebrating the advancements in science and technology that have made autonomous vehicles a reality. But more change is inevitable in our industry. As we all move towards a more sustainable future, Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV) will enter more fleets. And we're ready to support this evolution. NRI registered / Instructors are approved to deliver training on AFVs, and you can find registered AFV training providers easily on our website.


Did you know that our NRI online store offers a range of branded products to help you showcase your NRI registered status? From shirts and high-vis vests to training materials and clipboards, our products are designed to ensure you look professional and feel confident while providing high-quality training and assessment.

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Happy to everyone! At the NRI, we understand the importance of embracing diversity (and inclusion) in all aspects of life, including the workplace. On this important day, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds that make up our community of / Instructors and Assessors. And we recognise there is more to do – particularly when it comes to attracting more female Instructors into the industry to address skills shortages.

Learn more about this important day.


Looking to develop your career as an / Instructor? Look no further than the NRI. We have exam centres stationed across the country to help you - and we're continuing to expand. You can easily find one near you to become NRI registered, proving your professional standards to potential employers, helping to develop your career.


20,960 people responded to the Government consultation regarding a change in the policies that affect learning to drive and driving tests. A number of important topics were covered, from the collection of data on driving Instructors to the digitisation of pass certificates.

You now can read the results on the government website and find out more about what comes next.

UK government


Save time and gain valuable information in supporting your / drivers for their theory tests. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)'s official publishers, The Stationery Office (TSO), has launched a new multiuser tool to allow you to check on progress as they prepare for their theory tests. Learn more at


This Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to highlight the importance of supporting / drivers and Instructors alike. We recognise the challenges they face on the road and the toll it can take on their mental well-being. A great way to tackle this is for Instructors to build the topic of mental health into the training they deliver, as well as taking the time to check in on their colleagues.​


The Highway Code is undergoing a digital revolution! The new Highway Code app, available to purchase now on iTunes, makes it easier to keep up to speed with all driving regulations and the rules of the road. Additionally, the app offers engaging interactive components, such as quizzes, a stopping distance calculator, and a road sign identification tool. Be sure to share this with the drivers that you train.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency


Attention / drivers! Did you know that as the world moves towards Net Zero emissions, your role in reducing carbon footprint is crucial? By adopting eco-friendly practices in your transport operation, such as efficient route planning and maintaining vehicle health, you can help pave the way towards a greener future. Let's all work together to achieve Net Zero! Read the recent 'Net Zero Report' to learn more.


Get all the NRI material and resources online at the click of a button! Exclusive to and Instructors, LGV Assessors and Exam Centres, we have all the NRI branded essentials you need to promote your NRI status at your registration or exam centre. Browse and buy now.


Did you know that, by becoming an NRI Exam Centre, your training business could generate additional income? You can rent out vehicles and classroom space to candidates wishing to sit the NRI examination. And that’s not all!

Learn more about the benefits of being an NRI-approved Exam Centre by heading over to our website.


Are you an active / Instructor? Consider joining the today to take advantage of a recognised professional qualification. By passing our series of exams (which can be done in a single day) you can join the register, demonstrating your expertise and knowledge, while expanding your career prospects.

Find out more today.

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