Hem Coppice Honey Bees

Hem Coppice is a 10 acre ancient woodland in Telford that I have been managing since 2011. I have re

Operating as usual


Hope the bees have got their thermals on 🙂


Going ape late September

It's good to see lots of activity around the hives today, the bees are still bringing in lots of nectar and their numbers are looking good which is a positive going into Winter for them.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 07/08/2022

I rendered down two buckets of old comb today and quite please with the wax disc I ended up with.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 12/07/2022

Nice size swarm collected from Lilleshall, I'll take them over to Eccelshall tomorrow morning to install into One of Perrys of Eccleshall hives. Thanks to Alison's Bee Class for the info on the hive.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 05/07/2022

Checking out the hives when this Giant woodwasp landed by me, one impressive insect.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 20/06/2022

Nice swarm collected from the one of the gardens in Benthall Hall NT, once all the bees were in the box I took them over to Eccelshall to be rehomed in one of the hives belonging to Perrys of Eccleshall.


I've got a love hate relationship with the Brambles in my wood, how ever I'm loving them at the mo and so are the bees who are going ape on them.


Ash log hive

Look like the new Ash log hive is now occupied, the bees have moved in by themselves possibly a swarm from one of my hives. An additional bit of interest is the nettle stalk in front of the hive, it looks like it's releasing smoke every now and then, but it is it releasing pollen.


Its going to be bee suit time shortly, sounds like one of the hive is ready to swarm.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 15/05/2022

I find faces in trees all the time, but I've never seen a bee Cowboy log hive before, just shows you how many bees are in a hive. I'm guessing that these bees fancy moving into my new log hive and are just waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to come out.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 09/05/2022

One of my hives swarmed yesterday around 3pm, I collected them into my swarm box and returned this morning to house them in their new hive. All went well and they are now settling in to their new home.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 08/05/2022

I collected yesterday's swarm from Benthall Hall NT this morning and set up a ramp for them to walk into their new hive, they are busily marching in at the mo, but it shouldn't take them to long.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 07/05/2022

Today's swarm from Benthall Hall NT was a bit of a strange one. The bees has swarmed behind some vines which made them a little difficult to get to, luckily I had my trusty goose feather with me so I was able to use it to swish them out. The bit that was strange was that the bees were balling around at least 3 other queens to kill them, making this swarm one made up of multiple queen's, something I had not seen before.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 01/05/2022

It's all go down here on the coppice, second swarm installed, I collected this one from Leegomery last night.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 30/04/2022

It was a week later than planned(would have been ideal for last weeks Balanced beekeeping course) but I got the call from Benthall Hall NT that they had a swarm. It was quite a large prime swarm that was virtually on the ground. After cutting some of the branches and putting them ,complete with most of the bees into my box, the rest were not far behind. I've just installed them into a hive in a new location in my wood so hopefully they will enjoy it there.


Starting to hit the Bluebells now that they have opened up a bit more.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 24/04/2022

What a fantastic weekend spent in the woods hosting Phil Chandler who was running one of his https://biobees.com Balanced Beekeeping courses. People had came from as far as Scotland, Devon and inbetween. The weather was a bit chilly Saturday but today was just fine for looking in the Top bar hives and nadiring the Warre. Emma from The Barn at Lees Farm provided the food for both days which went down a treat.
The general consensus was that the course was very informative and Inspiring.


Silver Birch tapped

Just tapped one of my Silver Birch trees to collect the sap, I'll use this to mix with sugar on a 1 to 1 basis and give it to the bees to help with their spring build up.


Joy of joys, the bees have found the Marsh Marigold that has just come into flower.


Interesting to see the bees collecting either water or something else from the moss today.


Beautiful start to the day, luckily the Hazel catkins are fully out and the Norwegian Mapel is in flower so the bees will have something to forage on.

Natural Beekeeping training 08/02/2022

Natural Beekeeping training

Good news if your interested in keeping bees naturaly. Phil Chandler is running one of his courses on the 23rd -24th April in The Hem Coppice. If you click on the link below and you can book directly with Phil.

Natural Beekeeping training Please support Friends of the Bees to keep this site free to use. You can use this button to make a regular or one-off donation.


Last year I used hay bales to create a wind break around the hives, this year I've gone for making a wall from the Hazel faggots that I make. It's two faggots deep so hopefully it will aid the bees to get through Winter, albeit a very mild one so far.


Active bees

All the hives are very active today, looks like they are stretching their legs after a couple of days of confinment due to the weather.


Good to see all of the hives this active, bringing in plenty of Ivy pollen ready for when the queen starts producing the Winter bees.


Early Autumn 2021

Nice to see a burst of activity today, just as the Ivy is coming into flower in the woods. The Wasp Bane trap has done a great job of trapping the Wasps, its about 1 1/2 inches deep in dead Wasps and as a result no issues with robbing todate🤞

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 23/08/2021

I popped over to Woodside Allotments Telford to meet up with Ella to check up on the bees that were installed into their hive 3 weeks ago. It was good to see they had built out comb onto an additional bar, giving them 11 bars in total. Their was plenty of honey stores together with eggs, larve and capped brood so all in all they are set up well for going into Winter.


As my mini top bar was free I thought I would have a go at making a late season split. I bought a mated Buckfast queen from Black Mountain Honey and made the slit this morning. I've put a bit of grass in the entrance so the bees will reorientate to this hive, once they have removed it.
I'll leave the queen in her cage for a week then release her and hopefully by then she will have been accepted by the bees.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 02/08/2021

Back in June I started off a 5 bar nuc ready to install at Woodside Allotments Telford. Ella who sorted out the funding and prepared the plot is going to take over the care of the bees. This is a new venture for the allotment and Ella has already got her bee watching bench set up 🐝☕

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 27/07/2021

I'm giving the Waspbane wasp trap a go this year. I added a mix of 2 to 1 syrup, Guiness and larger to the supplied powder. I'll give you an update in a couple of weeks to let you know how it performs.


I really usefull bit of kit, towling head band from Simon The Beekeeper, first time in ages I've not had sweet dripping in my eyes during a hive inspection.


Log bees zipping around

Good to see the log bees zipping around, enjoying the brambles and lime trees.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 04/07/2021

Great to see the Lime trees out in flower and attracting the bees. I have 6 large trees in the woods so plenty for them to go at.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 23/06/2021

Nice swarm collected today from the rose arch at Benthall Hall NT. I took them over to the coppice and installed them into my Warre hive. The hive had windows and it was good to see how they were settling in.


Buddleia globosa is like a bee magnet 🐝 it's covered in honey
and bumbles bees at the moment.


Small log bees

Inside the small log hive, the bees have been in the log since the 25th May and you can see they have been busy building new comb.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 30/05/2021

The hive that swarmed last week has thrown out a quite a bit cast swarm onto a nearby crate. I thought I would use my Skep on this one. Once set up a scooped up a few handfulls of bees and placed them at the entrance of the Skep, I must have scooped the queen and the rest quickly followed in. These bees are moving to a new home over by Limeklin wood a little later once it's cooled down.

Photos from Hem Coppice Honey Bees's post 26/05/2021

The second hive to swarm yesterday was caught and spent the night in the "Really Useful" swarm catching box before being released this morning and walking into their new log hive. These bees will be completely self sufficient and hopefully I be able to capture the activities inside, with my enderscope, once they have settled in.

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Going ape late September
Ash log hive
Silver Birch tapped
Active bees
Early Autumn 2021
Log bees zipping around
Small log bees
Bee swarm....May be
Bee swarm number 2
Bee hives March 2021
Collecting Silvet Birch sap







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