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Trust the process, work hard and get results 📌
Do you struggle to build muscle or gain weight?

Jordan came to me with no experience with nutrition or training.
He has taken everything on board and smashed it. We’ve adapted the plan, nutrition and routine to make sure it’s enjoyable and we get results.
We had some bumps in the road which is inevitable with any client. However, we’ve worked together to make sure we stay on track on working towards his goal.
The next step is to maintain until October until we push the calories back up as we’ve reached a sticking point!

Weight gain and muscle building is TOUGH as it takes a lot of hard work, consistency and patience. Jordan is now in a position where he knows his body, nutrition and how to train properly.

Well done Jordan, you should be proud, as I certainly am!👊🏼

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First 1 back after a week off 🔨


life is moving faster than ever, so make sure you stop and take time for yourself

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Front n Back🫡


The new HQ 📌

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Clothes are on for once 🫡

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Be grateful for what you have, and you’ll always be smilin’ 💫

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A big round of applause for Saff as she’s hit every goal she wanted to hit.

She came to me mainly for fat loss and just general confidence. We’ve lost over 10kg🙌🏼

I find Saff being much more comfortable and HAPPY in and out of the gym, a much better relationship with food and a basic understanding of what we do.

Saff also had some mobility issues which affected her movement quite significantly, so we altered her training plan multiple times; adding in more functional movements alongside some strengthening exercises. Now she can deadlift and squat!

Not everything is about appearance of course, it’s how you feel - with this we’ve done both!

I like to take pride with every client, no matter their situation.

I always give a sh*t. I always want you to improve.

Well done Saff! You smashed it. Onto the next phase🙌🏼🤩

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Leg day went down 🥵


Still nowhere near where I want to be, but just like I tell my clients; trust the process and enjoy the journey

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Where do I even start?!🤩💫

The other half has improved so much! Ruth really struggled with being underweight, just weighing 42kg. We’re now sitting at a much healthier 51kg!

Lockdowns was a huge struggle mentally and physically, skipping meals, snacking and becoming ill. However, she’s weighing more than ever, feeling amazing inside and outside the gym, and has a much better relationship ship with food.

Ruth has been following an online program designed specifically for her. It’s helped create structure and also understanding of how to hit her goals in the most effective way.

It hasn’t been an easy journey but we’re always pushing for more.

Coaching aside, I’m also massively proud of her for getting here. I know how much she’s been through and she knows how proud of her I am. This is the only the beginning ❤️


we getting there ✌🏼


Client is looking f*cking amazing! 😲🔥

Ben had been going to the gym on and off, struggling with motivation and direction to go in to hit his goal. He had a good base to begin with but wasn’t entirely sure on what approach to take.

With some alterations to his diet, training application and structure, we’ve achieved this in just over 14 weeks!

It’s crazy what you can achieve with the right plan and application.

Every client is different and all have varied experience but I make sure the plan I give you is sustainable AND enjoyable.

It’s a pleasure working with Ben and we always have a good laugh, as well as keeping the energy high.

We have another 2 weeks to go until we do a mini cut before his holiday! 🌞



always trying to improve 📌

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86KG >>>> 79KG in JUST 6 Weeks with 🔥🙌🏼

We started off with a simple meal plan and a 3 day training routine as Jordan had limited experience in the gym.

After 4 weeks, we changed up the meal plan, keeping the same amount of calories(2300) but giving him extra options.

Once he got to grips with the basics of training application and form, we introduced a 5 day training plan to improve his overall muscle mass.

I’m very excited to see how much more he will improve and build from this! It’s only the beginning 🤞🏽



and the diet begins… ✂️



90% lighting 10% pump 🤕

The cut starts soon ✂️


Ready for another big week📈🔋

Coaching enquiries 📧

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Jordan is an absolute pleasure to work with! As you can see he’s pulled it out the bag in just a few months ⭐️

Jordan and I have been working together for around 16 weeks. He originally struggled to gain weight and was pretty new to strength training.

Jordan has put on around 7-8kg with minimal fat gain. Each week he is improving in more ways than one. He’s stronger, more knowledgeable, more flexible and doesn’t have any random aches and pains like he used to.

On to the next phase 🙌🏼 well done Jordan, keep smashing it!🔥💙


2022 mood🔋😁


Do you struggle with squat depth and deadlifts? Or just feel tight all round? 💡

Try this deep squat pose a go!

This will open up the hips, ankles and stretch your groin, back and legs. It will also allow you to maintain proper posture. It can also relieve muscle tightness and pain.

Don’t worry if you can’t do this perfectly, not even I can! Ease yourself in to it and try and get deeper each time.

Enjoy! 🔋



- 7 Years between these photos

First photo was when I first started to train, working abroad as a rep and not really caring about my health 🤣🙌🏼



Happy Monday 👋

It’s international chest day so here’s a workout that I would do; Check it out!



How’s everyone feeling?

Today is an off day for me today, sometimes everything just feels overwhelming, but after spending time with clients and coaching them it makes me realise how important and rewarding my job can be.

I’m sure it’s just a phase tho!🙌🏼

Currently looking fluffy but that’s the goal; to build strength and mass.

Are you struggling with your goals?
DM me 🙌🏼💚


Back doing what I love 💙

Can’t deny it’s been difficult the last few months with the uncertainty of life, but if you made it to 2022, be grateful.

I’m really excited about the next few months!

I have a couple slots left for 1-1 PT at , drop me a message 🙌🏼


No pump update ✌🏼

- foods increasing nicely, I like to try stay lean all year round.
- training is going really well



I’ve been working with Tay for a while and it’s been an absolute pleasure!

- we started just before lockdown and her goal was to feel more confident, lose some body fat and become stronger.

- We kept her calories fairly high as she has a demanding lifestyle and enjoys the little things in life.

- We smashed every goal we set! Tay listened to every word and applied it to her lifestyle.

Let’s give Taylor a round of applause 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I am so proud of you !!

DM for coaching 📧 💙

We’ve now upped her calories and increase her workout intensity ready for next years cut 👏🏼👏🏼


Feeling fluffy ☝️


Have you ever just not enjoyed training as much as you used to? 🤔

The last 2 years I’ve kinda been half arsed, but recently I’ve found that spark again. Even when I feel sh*t I’m actually enjoying the grinding of the session.

If you feel like you’re falling out of love with training; reevaluate your goal, do the things you enjoy, find a structured plan and stick to it ⭐️

I’m currently sitting at 82/83kg, fluctuating a bit!

DM for online coaching 📧

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Every foot position will still hit your legs, but these little changes can help emphasise different parts!

Switch up your leg day with different variations.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on! 😁



I see many people perform bent over rows in various different ways, and that’s okay! However, I’ll show you the most effective way to hit your lats and middle back.

Notice how my knees are bent and my chest is up, keeping the pressure in my legs rather than my lower back.

Give this a go and see how you feel!


The more energy you give out, the more energy you will receive.

You can make your days so much better just being positive and enthusiastic even when you don’t want to be!

The next time someone asks “how are you” respond with something exciting like “Terrific thanks! How are you?”

Most of the time people ask how are you as a conversation starter. No one really wants to hear you complain about work or this or that. Respond with something positive, and I promise you, you’ll receive positive energy back!



Photos from bradleybowdenpt's post 19/02/2021

Photos from bradleybowdenpt's post

Photos from bradleybowdenpt's post 19/02/2021

Have you set any goals yet?

My goal is to beat my physique in 2020, whilst always feeling fitter, more mobile and happier! I’m optimistic the world will get back to normal, so I’m planning ahead!

Goal setting is so important. It’s important because it gives you something to reach for, to motivate you and to make you BETTER. Without having a goal, how can you find your passion?

If you don’t have to BIG goals, try setting out daily goals.

My current daily goals include:

1. Drinking 3L water a day
2. Read

Now, I know it’s not much, but I hit these goals everyday and it’s crazy how much it affects my mindset and drive! I just wanna GO and GET sh*t done.

If you struggle with goal setting, drop me a message and let’s see if we can get you on your way!👊🏼

Have an awesome weekend ❤️


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