Rebecca Cooper ADI - AA Driving School

Rebecca Cooper ADI - AA Driving School

Hi, my name is Rebecca Cooper, I am fully qualified approved driving instructor (ADI)

Operating as usual


A massive well done to Sam for passing his Practical Driving Test on Friday 🚗 🎉 *BEEP BEEP* it’s been an absolute pleasure to teach you right from the beginning on your 17th Birthday!!

I wish you all the best for the future! And safe driving for life enjoy your new chapter! 😀🚗

Theorytestpractice on TikTok 01/09/2023

For those struggling with your Theory tests check this out on Tik Tok very helpful videos and daily lives I think they are 3 times a day!

Theorytestpractice on TikTok 915.3k Followers, 179 Following, 5.7m Likes - Watch awesome short videos created by Theorytestpractice


I have 1 available slot this week at 11:30 on Wednesday morning any takers?


Who can’t wait to get back to driving my Corsa?


I was talking about this earlier today after an incident at a set of traffic lights were my student was beeped at to move because the lights were on green what they didn’t realise was they had stalled the car and needed a second to start the car and get moving again


We recently received a complaint about a motorist who demonstrated impatience with a Learner Driver including beeping at the Learner and driving very close behind them. We would like to remind motorists that such behaviour could end up in a court appearance.
Learning to drive can be daunting, especially when other drivers become aggressive or impatient. Please try to remember what it was like when you were learning how to drive and be patient with learner drivers.


I now have a lesson available for this Monday 7th August at 9am any takers? Existing students only!




A good visual of what I’ve been explaining to you about using your mirrors as reference points to see where you are! Hope this helps make it a little clearer!


A few of you need a little extra help with your theory so let’s help each other! Put your answer below! Don’t read anyone else’s first, just answer you don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong 🙃


I’m certain this is how some of you feel on your first driving lesson 🤣 am I right?


Imagine a child throwing a tantrum because their parents won’t let them ride their bike as fast as they want.

That’s what I see grown adults do every day.

They’ll throw little tantrums because the car in front is sticking to the speed limit.

Especially in a 20mph zone.

Actual tantrums.

By actual adults.

(If you ask them about it, they actually try to justify it, the same way a child would!)

So if you’re learning to drive, and there’s an ‘adult’ behind you throwing a tantrum, try not to let them affect you too much.

Imagine them rolling around on the floor screaming in ASDA because the queue is too long.

That’s basically what they’re doing.


Lesson times will now be
9-11 / 11:30-1:30 / 2-4
Im making my day shorter simply because I’ve been working too much without a break and it’s beginning to take its toll I hope you understand 🙂


I know a few of you question the position of your seat at the beginning of each lesson hope this helps a little!


What to expect on your driving test.....

The UK driving test is designed to assess a candidate's ability to safely operate a vehicle in various road and traffic conditions 🚗. The test consists of several components:

1️⃣. Eyesight Check👀: You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters for vehicles with a new-style number plate or 20.5 meters for vehicles with an old-style number plate.

2️⃣. Show Me, Tell Me Questions: At the beginning of the test, the examiner will ask two vehicle safety questions❓. One will be a "tell me" question, where you explain how to perform a safety check, and the other will be a "show me" question, where you demonstrate a safety task while driving.

3️⃣. General Driving🚦: You will be assessed on your ability to drive in various traffic and road conditions, including urban areas 🏙️, rural roads 🛣️, and dual carriageways🛤️ . You must show good control and awareness of the vehicle, other road users🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️, and road signs🚸.

4️⃣. Independent Driving 🧭: For about 20 minutes, you will be required to drive without instructions from the examiner 🗺️. You may be asked to follow a sat nav, traffic signs, or a combination of both.

5️⃣. Reversing Manoeuvres 🔄: You will be asked to perform one of the following reversing exercises: parallel parking🅿️, parking in a bay (either driving in and reversing out or reversing in and driving out), or pulling up on the right-hand side of the road, reversing two car lengths, and then rejoining traffic 🚘.

6️⃣. Emergency Stop ⛔: The examiner may also ask you to perform an emergency stop to assess your ability to stop the vehicle promptly and safely in the event of an emergency🚨.

To pass the test, you must not accumulate more than 15 minor faults and must not have any serious or dangerous faults 🚫. If you pass, the examiner will issue you a pass certificate ✅, & send for your full driving license 🎫.

Any other questions just ask👇


👏🥳 a massive WELL DONE! To Matthew for passing his Driving Test today! With just 4 minors 👍 it’s been a pleasure to be your diving instructor, I wish you all the best for the future, stay safe on the roads 🚘


👏 massive congratulations 🥳 to Shelby for passing her Driving Test today! With only 1 Driver Fault! 💪👏👏 you smashed it!! So proud of you! Well done! I must be doing something right 😉🤣

Now on to the adventures on the road in your mini 🚘 enjoy and stay safe out there!


The No stopping game record has been broken! With a seriously impressive time of 30:49 well done James 😁👍


A massive CONGRATULATIONS 🥳 TO Charlotte for passing her practical driving test this morning with only 2 minors! 💪 what an awesome achievement!

And what a journey we have been on together! I can’t thank you enough! You have been a pleasure to teach! I shall miss the laughs and the catch ups.

But I wish you all the best in your new journey and adventures ahead with driving and university, what do we say every lesson …. “You’ve got this”!! Take care! Out there all the best Bec x


Car all cleaned ready for 2!! Driving tests tomorrow! 😁

Ready to Pass? 29/04/2023

Are you really ready to take your driving test? 🤔 Check out this link with some really good information and tips to help you be sure! And get that first time pass! 🎉👍

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I am planning a zoom call over this weekend either Saturday or Sunday evening whichever day would be more suitable for the majority, the zoom call will be to help you with your theory test! As there's been a few of you go to test a little under prepared so my aim is to get you ready for that test so it only takes that one more attempt! Or to pass first time!! 🤞 please let me know if you would be interested in this and which day suits you!


A massive well done to Josh and Lewis for passing their Theory test recently 🎉


Well done to everyone who took part in last months eco safe driving challenge the no stopping game!

A massive well done to Sam with the winning time of 26 mins and 55 seconds you get your prize on your lesson today!

Followed by an amazing time in rush hour no less and built up traffic by Matthew of 20:25 👌

Then Charlotte with an awesome time of 17:52

Philip next with 13:48

And Josh getting a very respectable 9:51


2pm tomorrow (Friday 31st March) has become available if anyone wants it? Please shout now!! 🙃


Not how I usually spend my Saturdays 🙄 not being able to move!

it looks like it’s a lovely day I should be out in my 🚗 but instead Carl is out doing his lessons in my car 🤦‍♀️ (and one of mine 🤣) what a week this has turned out to be 😳


I have a lesson become available on Thursday 30th of March @ 9am if anyone would like to take it please text or comment here! 😊


A bit of Theory help!

As I’m having to have the day day off 😫 I thought I will put some questions on throughout the day for you all to answer then I will post the correct answers later in the comments!


Something we talk about quite a bit during lessons but have you thought about it in this much depth before? We talk about the-
HOW .. to do with priority but have you ever put them in an order? Do you agree with this? What bugs you about having to give priority at times? Discuss 👇👇👇

DVSA's top 10 mistakes people make when failing their driving test 23/03/2023

Top ten mistakes that cause learners to fail their driving test: DON’T forget those early lessons and ‘the basics’ while building higher skills and knowledge!

Not making effective observations at junction
Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction
Not having proper control of the steering
Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions
Not moving off safely
Not responding appropriately to traffic lights
Poor positioning on the road during normal driving
Not responding correctly to traffic signs
Not having control of the vehicle when moving off
Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking…

DVSA's top 10 mistakes people make when failing their driving test The DVSA have revealed the most common reasons learners have failed their driving tests. Instructors received these communications during the backlog caused by the pandemic in the hope that these common reasons were focused on during tuition and refresher sessions, with many having been out of pract...


Welcome to my FB page! Here is where we will celebrate 🎉 your success with tests wether it’s theory or practical - also I will update you on anything you need to know, I will help with theory tests here too! 😃

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