Aisling Magill Photography

Aisling Magill Photography


Thank you to everyone who joined us at our on Tuesday morning! We found both Adam Rooke and Lexi Murray incredibly inspiring and hope you did too, thank you for talking to us and sharing your knowledge and experience! 👏
Once again, a special thanks to Aisling Magill Photography for these fantastic photos of the event!
It was fantastic to have Aisling Magill Photography in the office today.

Keep an eye on our website for shiny new photos coming soon!

We were delighted to attend the culmination of Reminiscence Learning's Chrysalis Butterfly Project on Sunday 3rd April. The award-winning Somerset charity worked in collaboration with GoCreate Taunton to create 9,413 handmade butterflies to represent the number of people living with dementia in Somerset.

A Butterfly dinner was held on the Saturday, a family Funday on the Sunday and ended with a Musical Extravaganza on the Monday. The charity was joined by a special guest – their Patron, popular television presenter Angela Rippon.

The dementia awareness project, covering Somerset, has been bringing together people from eight hubs across the county.

Photography: Aisling Magill Photography
Helen’s property tips!

“What is the best way to find your dream home?”

If you want to find your dream home, or simply just your next home this year, here are my 3 tips to find property in your area…

1. The perfect property won’t necessarily exist so prepare yourself for compromise; write a list of your must have’s, compromises and absolute no’s before you start your search. Being flexible will get you your new home sooner and you may be surprised what you end up buying, often it is outside of the spec you wrote initially.

2. Register with estate agents in your area and ask each one how they market their homes, do they publish on their website first, Rightmove or On the Market; each one works differently. If you want to be one of the first in to view a property, then agents mailing lists are the best place to look first.

3. Package yourself so your offer is better received. When you find the home of your dreams make sure your mortgage is agreed in principle, you have SSTC so you are in a proceedable position. Talk to the agent because understanding the buying process early will set you up for success.

Property Finders do this work for you, we spend many hours building our contact book, creating relationships with agents and searching for homes on and off market. Our local knowledge and property expertise supports our clients to find their dream home.

Photo: Aisling Magill Photography
Location: StayAtNo.2 in Taunton, Somerset.
Run by Sharon Grant from DaffodilPR&Communications

This week Nige & Kim spoke at the OD Talent Solutions Taunton Breakfast Hub alongside PR specialist Bethan Turner. Their first talk this year around the importance of strategic marketing & who we are as a business.

Thanks so much to Laura & the OD team for making us feel so welcome!

Photos: Aisling Magill Photography

🎄🎄🎄It’s the 1st day of December and Christmas is fast approaching!! 🎄🎄🎄 But what do you get the man in your life who has everything? 🤷🏻‍♀️Have you ever thought about a Personal Styling consultation? 🙋🏻‍♀️ (It’s obviously serious business, going by my expression in 🤣)! It’s just as important to men, as well as women, to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear every day. 😊 I have recently enjoyed a Men’s Image consultation which led on to a seasonal personal shop for a winter wardrobe. It was great to take the stress of shopping away from him and see how happy he was with the choices I had made. I achieved this by taking into account his colouring, build, style personality, lifestyle and of course budget. He now has a wardrobe of clothes he loves, he can mix and match but most importantly he feels confident and comfortable in everything. If you, or someone you know, needs a little help with styling, transforming their image or wardrobe then please do get in touch with me at [email protected] 🎁🎁🎁GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE 🎁🎁🎁 Aisling Magill Photography
Thank you to everyone who attended our final business networking event last Friday. It was a perfect send-off. Also to all the people and their businesses that have attended over the years. We will never know the amount of business made, help given/taken, knowledge gained and friendships made, but what we do know is that setting up this group in my first year of business was the best business decision we ever made. Watching people connect and grow is good for the soul.

We look forward to catching up with lots of you on the networking circuit and for our next chapter with Word Gets Around.

Thank you to Aisling Magill Photographyfor the photos.

I’m sharing a lovely piece that my friend Teresa wrote recently. For all of you beautiful ladies 50 years plus, grab a cuppa and take a moment to have a read, it may just be what you need. 😘 Credit to Aisling Magill Photography
Apologies for the quietness from me lately but it’s been a tad busy at Style by Louise HQ! Not that I’m complaining, It’s always wonderful helping women and men with their styling needs. 🥰 Clients in the “hot seat” recently have learned which colours make them look most radiant and youthful and been shown how to wear them for best effect, which styles suit their body lines and style personality and what make up compliments their individual look and style. No two clients are the same but they all have something in common. They want to feel the best they can from the inside out. They want to project the person they really are and feel confident and comfortable in what they wear every day. Do you feel like that? If not, why not book yourself in for a consultation with me. I’m happy to chat with you to help you decide what consultation would be best suited to you. Send me an email at [email protected] or give me a call on 07557858069 😘 Aisling Magill Photography
Wishing Tim aka My Carbon Coach HUGE congratulations with the opening of his new eco store!
It was so lovely to raise a glass among some friends who we haven’t been able to ‘mingle’ with for such a long time! Aisling Magill Photography, Titmouse, Slummy Single Mummy, All About You, Rachel, it was lovely to see you!
Bird couldn’t resist checking out Tim’s till system!!! And I’m proud to say I started my Christmas shopping!! 🙌🏻

You can find Tim’s new shop on Bridge Street in the ‘Company’ building
opening hours are tuesday-Saturday 9.30-5pm

Ps. bakes Cakes were amazing 🧁
I want to say a big welcome to my new followers. To introduce myself, my name is Helen and I have a big passion for property. I love my role as a Relocation Specialist and Property Finder; it is my pleasure to find your dream home in your dream location.

Here are my 3 favourite reasons why using a Relocation Specialist is the best way to start your dream life: -

• I will find you the home of your dreams
• I will support you and your whole family
• I will help you to become part of the community

I am passionate about making your dream life come true! If you have any questions, or you would like to share your plans to move to the South West, contact me at [email protected].

Photo by Aisling Magill Photography
A big thank you to Aisling Magill Photography for my brand photos. I can’t wait to share them over the coming weeks 💕

Creative Photography for Business, PR, Commercial, Small Business and Big Business promotion, Social Media, Mainstream Media, Head Shots. Food Photography

Operating as usual


I wanted to share with you today another recent Brand shoot. This is Rachael Howourth from My Sales Mentor, Rachael Howourth.

Rachael is a brilliant sales coach who helps businesses across the globe. This kind of Brand shoot is perfect for her type of business, which is lifestyle lead. Could a brand shoot work for your business?

Let's have a conversation and find out.


Back in 2020 I did my first shoot with the very lovely Helen Heyns from Love Lifestyle.

It was one of the first one to one shoots coming out of the first lockdown. A wonderful feeling to be back out again and on the hottest day of the year!

We have kept up our shoots since then making sure Helen has up to date brand imagery for her business through the seasons.

Well here we are again on the hottest day of 2022 so far. Looking forward to another shoot today.

A shout out to the wonderful ladies at Somerset Ladies in Business for introducing us.

Want to know more about my subscription service to see if regular shoots would be useful for your business, or if you want to know if a brand shoot is right for you?
Get in touch, This doesn’t suit everyone but I will give you honest advice that suits your business, even if that means not working with me.


Happy world Penguin Day.
The day is held annually to conincide with the annual northern migration of Adeline penguins.

I however am basically just using this as an excuse to share this picture of me in South Africa at the start of 2020.

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with penguins, and remember hours stood watching them at London Zoo as a kid.

So this experience was one of THE most exciting for me, most certainly over the past two years. Slightly edging going full time with my business I think 😉.


I’m really looking forward to doing some recipe testing with these incredible olive oils from . I think my orange polenta cake is going to go next level using the flavoured oil. Now I just need to find the time for some baking!


One from the archive today, from back in my old press days. Shot in 2012, 10 years ago!

But the question of the day is, Is it time for Boris Johnson to get on his bike and wave goodbye to the job of Prime Minister?


This time last week , I was just about to start the coverage of this 3 day event for charity Reminisence Learning based in Wellington.

All part of a two year long project called the Chrysalis project, where community members created over 9000 butterflies to represent all of the people in Somerset living with Dementia.

Here are just a fraction of the pictures from the Ball. I’m looking forward to seeing the video from Jonathan Warner too.

If you haven’t heard of the charity before please go take a look, they do brilliant work.


WOW! What a weekend.

This is the first time in the last 2 plus years that I have spent the whole weekend photographing events. And like they say if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life!

I don't know what was my favorite thing?

Happiness practices provided by Dr Vikki Barnes?
Stand out food and exceptional service from the team at no5 in Exeter?
Watching Leeds entertain the crowd and Matthew Porter PCC getting the crowd started on the dance floor?
Clinton Rogers dressed as Elvis?
Or the Conga with Angela Rippon ?

Mainly though it was the chance to be social and meet up with some wonderful people. More to come on the Conga. But for now here are some of the photos from Friday night's bash.

Thanks to Victor Williams for organising this Audacious event!

How was your weekend?


Dear Alisling,

I just wanted to email to say think you so much for my photoshoot - I need a supply of professional photos for my personal styling business to showcase the Cabi clothes twice a year so your subscription service is perfect for me. We had great fun, I am quite camera shy (not great for a stylist I know, but I empathise with my clients on that one!) and you were able to help me build my confidence in front of the camera. I totally forgot you were there at one point so you were able to capture the essence of how I work with my clients.- Really looking forward to our next session in the autumn!

Thanks for such kind words Penny. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch


I love working with charities. It’s so rewarding to be able to make a small difference, so I’m really looking forward to this fun filled weekend with Reminicence Learning. There is still time to show your support.


A beautiful spring day seems the perfect time to share some of the photos from my shoot with Penny Gunter Style, showing off the new Cabi Clothing spring collection.

Penny is one of my new subscription clients. My starter package is perfect for her business. model. She has two clothing collections a year, so we can time our photoshoots perfectly.

If you would like to find out how my subscription service could work for your business, message me for a chat and I can talk you through the process. Here is what Penny has to say about it.

"just wanted to say think you so much for my photoshoot - I need a supply of professional photos for my personal styling business to showcase the Cabi clothes twice a year so your subscription service is perfect for me. We had great fun, I am quite camera shy (not great for a stylist I know, but I empathise with my clients on that one!) and you were able to help me build my confidence in front of the camera. I totally forgot you were there at one point so you were able to capture the essence of how I work with my clients.- Really looking forward to our next session in the autumn!"


springtime in bloom


Have you thought about how to add value to your business using your end of year budget?

As the new tax year draws ever closer, you might find yourself looking for smart ways to spend any extra funds that remain in your budget, especially if they do not roll over to the next term.

Some fresh photography for the year ahead could be the perfect way to maximise this opportunity.

Come and talk to me about how I can help your business make the most of this asset before it’s too late.


Happy International Womens day.

I’ve felt very priveaged today, to spend it with a wonderful group of professional women, shooting photos for Penny Gunter, Stylist, the first business to sign up to my subscription service.

My tip for today, especially if you are a service provider, is to surround yourself with good people.
Good people that will turn up and model as customers for you when you have your photoshoot!


A little shout out today to the very lovely Ann Shorthouse from Taunton Kinesiology.
If you are feeling a little out of sorts she can help with all types of issues from her very beautiful and peaceful home therapy room.

So If you need help with any of the below, go check out her website ( in Comments)

* food sensitivities
* nutrient deficiencies
* which organ in your body needs attention
* which emotions are impacting your body


Behind the scenes. The mobile studio set up for some coporate headshots over towards Bristol yesterday.

Yes that’s right. Have studio, will travel.

So if you need new team pictures, but don’t want to travel. Don’t sweat it. I will come to you, with everything I need.


A little bit of good news this week. If you haven't already heard.

Taunton Pride is back. 16th of July 2022. Save the date. This was a brilliant event last year. One of the favourite things I worked on, and it's going to be back this year even bigger and better. I for one can't wait.

GoCreate Taunton


Excited that i’ve finally made it to Chetwood Wealth Management Ltd today for thier staff headshots after months of planning, and lots of delays due to covid ristrictions.

Great to be back in a buzzing office.
If you are thinking of updating your team and headshots, now is a great time to start the conversation

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