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I am an online coach, dedicated to empowering women and men and introducing them to weight lifting a Want to achieve the fitness results you have always wanted?

With lots of successful stories from a range of clients, I can help you reach your desired goals. Whether that is muscle gain, weight loss, nutrition for weight management or a specific event you need to train for. I am dedicated fully to my clients needs and will do my up-most to help them meet their goals.

Operating as usual


Happy Monday 🍁🍂🤎


training on holiday ☀️

quick answer? it’s not that deep - if you want to, then train. if you don’t, then rest.

long answer? for me, always. training makes me feel better, I love moving my body and the feeling of sweating or getting a pump, that doesn’t change just because i’m on holiday. I don’t train with the same intensity just the added heat, but I enjoy it nonetheless 🔥

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10 bloody kilometres! 🏃🏼‍♀️

not far for some but such an achievement for me. aren’t our brains mad though because as soon as I finished I thought - ‘I should do 10 miles and aim for that’ so here’s a moment for being proud of what I have achieved so far.

Now get me two weeks in the sun 🌞✈️


Monday mantra 🤍



As of the 1st of October, Myfitnesspal will be charging users £15.99 a month to use its barcode scanner feature. Understandably, this is a HUGE increase so here’s my tips;

1️⃣ Scan as many foods as you can before the 1st, they will be saved as your frequent foods 🍔

2️⃣ Trial the various apps that are out there for free still such as Lose it, Macros or Cronometer 📱

3️⃣ How about using this time as a natural end to tracking? You could start to investigate intuitive eating or simply try to step back from the barcode scanner and use the apps search feature. Challenge yourself for this change to not throw you off or panic you 😵‍💫



Being more intuitive with the way you exercise can help you enjoy exercise more, but what is it?

✨ It is learning to listen to your bodies cues, when it’s telling you to rest, rest!

✨ It can be taking a break from your fitness tracker sometimes, this can always prompt you to train for pure enjoyment rather than an X amount of time or calories.

✨ Participating in movement you enjoy. If you dread dragging yourself for a run, why not try an exercise class?

✨ It involves focusing on non-diet related progress. Such as on improved wellbeing, sleep, PB’s in the gym or being more active!


sunset walks are my favourite 🌤


the BEST time seeing .hobbs for a sweaty squat session 🫠🍑

changed Rea to a low bar position and she smashed singles out at 70kg, just getting started.

I hit some 100kg squats 3 x 3 and then was a sweaty mess 😅


Friday reminder 🧡



I absolutely love the heat and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while, so here are my tips on how to not let it affect your training;

• train earlier ⏰ you won’t be sleeping well anyway, so set your alarm earlier and get that workout in before the heat starts.

• stay hydrated 💦 when you’re dehydrated you’re at higher risk of injury, so in general throughout the day, drink far more than you normally would.

• get inside 🥶 swap your outdoor run or garage workout for a workout in front of the fan or utilise the air con in a gym!

• train later ⛅️ not an early bird? push your workout back to later on, around 8/9pm it will start to cool down!

• rest 😴 If the heat is really not for you, plan your rest days for the hottest days of the week & avoid them!



it comes as no shock that i’m a personal trainer that doesn’t like to focus on weight loss - but why?!

first of all, weight loss is a very valid and totally acceptable goal. second of all, i’m capable of helping you reach that goal. BUT…

when you’ve lost your desired weight, what next? that’s where I like to focus 🙋🏼‍♀️

let’s have a look at long term goals, how much strength you have, what goals can we set and meet to help support your mental health or your long term fitness.

i’m not anti weight loss, so much as i’m anti the belief that the pursuit of thinness should be your highest ambition in life 🙌🏻

send me a DM if you’re fed up of focusing on weight loss as a goal and feeling unsatisfied 📩



I’ve been working with for over a year now & here is her fantastic squat progress.

From squatting 20kg reasonably high, to squatting 40kg for sets of 6 reps to this depth 🤩 Proud of you!

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7.5 mile walk with Oz 🌳🐶👣



Do you ever get confused with all the training terminology that gets thrown around? Here’s a handy guide.

What else have I missed? 🤔


a new Monday, a new month, a new week… ready for another adventure 🏔



Quite often we hear the phrase ‘what is your why’ as a reason to scope out your motivation, & I think it’s a great idea… to an extent.

Once you’ve found your ‘why’, what keeps you going? I don’t even consciously think about training anymore, it’s as natural as brushing my teeth/having a shower/eating breakfast.

This is because it has become a habit that is fully integrated into my life. You must choose things each day that make your habits easier.

Choose a gym that is on your route to & from work, set a dedicated space in your home to practice yoga or home workouts, get a favourite podcast and take yourself for a walk each day.

Make it SO easy for yourself to create habits that they become as natural as brushing your teeth 🦷


110kg PB for 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

so proud of Ness for this lift, a PB was planned for today but this has exceeded my expectations 🥳

online coaching is working SO well for Ness;

🆙 strength is on the up!
⬆️ confidence with lifts is improving!
💯 PB’s are frequent!
✔️ technique is the best it ever has been!



if you’ve got 3 different types of protein powder, but not a regular gym routine, your priorities aren’t right.

if you’re worrying about hitting your macros but not encouraging a good relationship with food, your priorities are wrong.

focus on maintaining good habits, take yourself outside for a walk every day if you can, drink more water & eat a variety of food. THEN introduce macros, a good training routine & supplements if you want to 👏🏻

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Penyfan with 🏔☁️☀️


not a 30 day squat challenge, not ‘genetics’.

just a lot of squats, deadlifts & food 🍑


90kg PB for 👏🏻 and an easy one at that!!

so lovely to have a facetime session with Ness focussing on deadlifts, next stop, the road to 100kg 💯


‘each weekend I undo all my hard work’

no… no you don’t.

you cannot ‘undo’ training.
you can’t undo the endorphins training has caused flying round your body.
you can’t ‘undo’ the PB you got in the gym this past week.
you can’t ‘undo’ the fact that you’re now consistently doing a form of exercise more so than before.

the idea that enjoying yourself at the weekend and leading a life that involves training and being healthy are not mutually exclusive.

the only thing that might happen is you’ll be in a calorie surplus. this might be counterintuitive if you’re looking to stay in a deficit but you are not going to ‘undo’ your weeks work.
we need to look beyond things being as simple as calories in vs calories out, life is not that simple so nor is training or having a healthy relationship with food 🙅🏼‍♀️

lets also remember we are adults, allowed to have a wide scope of social life’s, training, food and bloody well enjoying it!

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the BEST time seeing @rea.hobbs for a sweaty squat session 🫠🍑changed Rea to a low bar position and she smashed singles o...
110kg PB for @nessgar 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻so proud of Ness for this lift, a PB was planned for today but this has exceeded my expect...
90kg PB for @nessgar 👏🏻 and an easy one at that!!so lovely to have a facetime session with Ness focussing on deadlifts, ...
120kg sleeve PB ✅pretty sure time stopped still as I was coming up 🥴 thanks @carl.thompson & @nickthicccmellor ✌🏼•••••#s...
Ness is ON FIRE at the moment 🔥 100kg hex bar deadlift for a solid double, and @nessgar PB is 105kg 🙌🏻 could not be prou...
On Saturday I had a fantastic Facetime session with @nessgar and she smashed a bench PB 🥳 This has been a long time comi...
110kg x 2 ✌🏼heaviest double in sleeves for a long time. next time it’ll be deeper 👀•••••#squats #squat #pb #sleevedsquat...
140kg🤌🏼 it’s been a while. my little nod at the end says it all, happy with that.•••••#deadlift #conventionaldeadlift #g...
100kg x 8 reps 😅felt like this deserved a place on the grid, the heaviest and highest amount of reps I’ve done in years....
not mad about 110kg moving like this 🤩•••••#squats #legday #heavysquats #sleevedsquats #l4l #humpday #lifting #gym #gymm...
60kg for 3 👏🏻I have no idea if this is a PB but it feels like it is, 60kg bench for a triple with suicide grip because m...
💥PB time for @nessgar💥during an amazing facetime session, Ness pulled a PB of 87.5kg! online coaching is working wonders...






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