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Cutting through the confusion surrounding nutrition, why diet's don't work and proving that "simple

Operating as usual

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 15/08/2021

and courses are back on at post lockdown.usinf the purpose built studio kitchen!

We've got a full house today covering prep, portioning, jointing, seasoning, cooking, flavour science, calorie control and of course, BBQing out in the sun!

Were going to be playing with whole chickens as students learn to joint, season, brine and portion them aswell as some amazing brisket mince, marrow and marrowbone and local breads for the burgers, along with slaws and other salads

A great course to brush up on skills and knowledge or equip yourself for some new habits and with new skills going forward post lockdown!

Interested in booking for yourself or a group?
Get in touch asap for a custom day

More dates soon.

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 27/05/2020

Today was a Chilli-Cheese Dog day.

Had the little ones as kitchen assistants again, as is the norm these days- who were very perplexed at the idea of putting chilli , on a hot-dog.

But upon tasting the finished article were pleased with their efforts.

Bit of an American theme with baseball in the field and hot-dogs for lunch but everything you see here was from less than 5 miles away, thanks to , save for the buns, because I forgot to grab bread whilst I was shopping and the mustard.

Hotdogs don't get much love at all, but can definitely be a show-stopper if you do them right.

Might be one for the BBQ courses when all returns to normality.


Shake it off!!

Do you have any pics of your doggo shaking their weird floppy faces?

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 05/04/2020

Use up the leftovers in your cupboard to make Homeland wraps! A BBQ fave.

Marinate cubed beef in lemon or lime juice, salt, garlic, paprika and coriander leaf.

Skewer and slow grill over the BBQ.

Make salsa with tinned tomato, lemon or lime juice, chipped onion, chilli puree and peppers, throw in fresh coriander leaf if you can.

Make potato salad with the mountains of potato you've panic bought.

Put it all into a wrap (garlic naan here)

As always - proudly fed by


A little BBQ recipe I use and AWFUL lot, for Pit-beans and a good way to use some of the tins from the cupboard.

It works really well with your own BBQ sauce!

The Sun is out and we're almost all staying at home!

Next time you fire up the BBQ don't forget the sides, this recipe for Texas-style beans from Perrys BBQ Tutor Rich Sennewald is a great way to make use of the tins in the cupboard, working really well with any and all tinned bean, but especially Pinto, Butter or kidney beans and goes amazingly well with bbq pork dishes.

1-2 Tins of beans
1 large red onion (Shredded)
1-2tbs of butter
2 cloves of garlic per tin of beans (Minced)
1 tsp per tin of beans of cumin, chili flakes, smoked paprika & flaked sea-salt
300g of cherry tomatoes per tin.
1 cup of stock of your choice+ cornflour to thicken
2 cups of beer (one for you, one for the food)
(Optional) Diced bacon lardons.
If using a bbq - a good handful of wood-chips to smoke.

To Garnish:
Spring onion, coriander leaf, salt & pepper to taste and season.
Soured cream, to serve with the final product.

This one is so easy!

This cooks low and slow, in the bbq on a low-burn, so is an ideal one to throw in next to larger joints, ribs, forerib and so on, or equally can be done in the oven.

Slap an ovenproof onto your BBQ with the lid-down (We have an old crock-pot that we use for the BBQ as the smoke and heat will permanently discolor it) over a low-heat.

Put all the ingredients bar the tomato into the pot - give them a good stir together and allow them to sit and sizzle and the flavors mingle.

Pop a wire-mesh over the top of the crock-pot or pan and sit your tomatoes on top of this, sitting over the top of other ingredients
(this is so they can cook an take in a little smoke where possible, and contribute to the below ingredients) throw your wood chips on and close the lid to your bbq, allowing the smoke to circulate as the tomatoes soften and cook.

After about 15 to 25 mins of sizzling, drink cup of beer #1 and pour cup of beer #2 into the mix and smash the tomatoes into the mix as well; stirr the mix and allow it to bubble for another 5 or 10mins.

Pour in your cup of stock that you've already thickened. give it a good stir together and pop a lid over the pan, leaving it in the lowest heat area until the beans are cooked and the rest of your food is ready - then serve it all up garnished with the sides.

If you like it a little more firey - throw some dashes of hot-sauce or bbq sauce of your choice over the top and dig in!

Timeline photos 28/03/2020

Time to polish up my trainer badges.
Stocked up on restore pots and got all the HMs ready.

Jenny's cooking up some low-level minions.

Chris and I are looking forward to all the "kids eat free" deals we can take advantage of and a good excuse to go visit the science and history museums.

There's also gonna be one to spot each end of the barbell for Kat and Helen.

Time to start my own E-sports team too.


House full of kids has me flexing my muscles as the Science teacher for the foreseeable future.

Today we're learning about heat and air movement and will build on that each day to cover all the basics of physics.

Only then, with a proper understanding of physics will they be able to learn how the BBQ works properly 🏋️

So today, heat, Air flow, convection and radiation means making Ghosts fly around the kitchen

not just a nutritionist 😂


It's got to be somewhere between 3 and 4 for me.

Delicious, crisp saltiness.

This is crucial research.


We are making the ENTIRE back-catalog of the Applied Nutrition & Supplementation course FREE to everyone as of today.

visit to create a free account and simply follow the instructions there to gain access to everything.

You will find a simple sign-up form. once you fill that in with a name, password, and email you will get immediately sent to the course landing page - click "take this course" and that's it.

This course was initially accredited by the AfN and although no longer accredited the content is still valid.

It is suitable for FitPro's wanting a bit of nutrition revision but also really useful for people stuck in the house wanting to do some education in the field of nutrition and exercise.

My own personal success in the fitness industry (back in the day) was very much down to the kindness and cooperation of others whom I have had the pleasure to work with over the years, who to my pleasure as still very-much active now (such as the Lift The Bar team, the Elite Fitness Mentoring group, and my very humble beginnings way-back-when with the BTN crew.)

I hope that with making the Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course entirely free to access, for all of you will likewise help yourselves.

Some of you may use it to help yourselves day-to-day, with the information about energy tracking, diet, and health or some may use it in your new move towards being online trainers, with the closure of your studios and gyms.

Whilst myself and Dr. Mendoza are not actively teaching or monitoring this course, you can still interact with us through our social media profiles

This content has been used as the foundation of education for literally thousands upon thousands of students who have gone on to do incredible things from PHDs to running international sports teams.

This site includes access to the entire Applied Nutrition and Supplementation course and Foundations of Nutrition Course that previously carried AfN Certification and elements of Gary's behavioral change courses and doctoral research.

This content ranges in depth from that suitable for a beginner to a seasoned fitness professional.

Now - this whole site is a one-man job in terms of maintenance and upkeep, so - fingers crossed you don't all explode it.
Remember guys - stay kind, stay positive and keep yourselves occupied

Lots of love

Rich & Gary.

Timeline photos 07/03/2020

Food is never boring, if you know how to use spices, herbs and aromatics, along with salt, fat, acids and heat.

Do you recognise everything on the plate?


Couples pole workshop with the other half?

Why not.

I've learnt over the last few years to stop only doing stuff I'm good at and to cease giving a s**t about being a total novice at things.

It only serves to deny you the opportunity to try (and enjoy) new things.

We were. An absolute mess and probably the instructors worst nightmare, but we tried hard and had a proper laugh.

Try new things, be active, even if you're crap.

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 27/01/2020

Had the opportunity to work with three amazing chefs at these last few weeks.

Three different chefs and three very different meals!

It was an absolute pleasure to watch work and his fish dish almost made me emotional.

created the most amazing lamb dish I'd ever had

And created the most beautiful chocolate cake, with buttercream I just wanted to drown myself in.

Keep watching and for their cooking tips videos and their course dates, learning to create Spanish tappas, bake incredible cakes and work expertly with fresh fish.


Timeline photos 20/01/2020

An afternoon with chef at ahead of his course working with fish.

Salmon Tartar anyone?

Yeah... It didn't last long after filming 😂❤️

Timeline photos 08/01/2020

I'm with of the Secret Kitchen and Wild Shropshire restaurant and the team today.

I've spent all of a few hours around James and his knowledge has blown me away.

My BBQ recipes are about to get a serious kick up the arse.

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 25/12/2019

Ho ho ho
Merry Liftmas 💪👍

May Santa bring you lots of gains and happy times today and for the rest of the year 🏋️‍♂️

And yes, that Santa is me.
Jen pimped me out this year as a charity Santa

I only made a few kids cry and we made a killing from mom's wanting to sit on my lap

Who knew so many of you were so naughty this year. 🤔


Timeline photos 20/12/2019

Top tip for serving the best steak.

I always prefer to season the board that I carve and rest on when serving something like a T-bone.

Black pepper, garlic and rosemary take on entirely different flavours when you simply rest toss the meat through, rather than cooking a peice of steak in the pan which was seasoned with it.

It also makes for easier sharing and pretty presentation.

The cut used here is a dry aged Tbone from a locally reared Dexter, from

New dates for the couples steak nights in janruary and February at
Are coming soon, be sure to follow my pages to be the first to know about them!

Timeline photos 23/11/2019

A successful evening at for the Merrymaking evening!

Loads going on in the kitchen, baking demos, butchery and pie making with the little ones, who loved getting stuck in!

Same time again next week people! (Wednesday at 6pm).

Families, kids, kitchen-ophobes all welcome, so pop down for some drinks, nibbles and more if you are close by!


One for my local friends.

On the 25th, we're trialing our Steak workshop at Perrys of Eccleshall , which means our very first workshop is insanely good value, as a way of christening the new kitchen!

It's going to be an awesome evening for 4 pairs / couples / buddies covering the science of cooking perfect steak.

We will discuss everything from cooking, where the cuts come from, how that impacts cooking and prepare a tasting board of every cut of steak you can imagine during the evening.

We then finish the night with some proper food, a steak dinner cooked for you both by myself and Master Butcher Stephen HIll of Perrys.

Tickets are £40 for a pair for this first time workshop on Monday the 25th of November.

See you there!


This is your friendly reminder to get up and move about today, weather you use one leg, two legs or swing from some monkey bars.

Photo by Lynda of CrossFit Allied 💪


Everything you ever wanted to know, about cheap cheap protein - shin of beef, on the bone.

Might post a video about it later. Idk 🤷🏻‍♂️

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 25/10/2019

Don't you wish your food-tech lessons were like this as a kid?

When I was in school, I remember the lessons quite well.

I am lucky, as a kid, having always been allowed to run free in the kitchen, 10 year old me was puzzled when our teachers taught us to make 'soup'...

We were asked to bring in a tin of soup, like tomato, beef broth or chicken and then added a few cut up vegetables to it - informed that this skill of making a cheap meal would serve us well in later life.

Instead, today, in the lesson delivered for these kids, we talked about, herbs, oils, colours, textures and tastes, before using a chicken carcass and offcuts to make our own stock.

We are super happy that one of the local schools have taken a leap of faith and decided to allocate a portion of their teaching budget to having the kids come to us for their lessons.

A chance to get into the schools and work with the kids when they are super interested and engaged, outside of the classroom is awesome and incredibly important if we want to make a difference!

Keep watching this space to see this project grow as we offer workshops and more to schools and fammilys over half term 💪

Find out more by following my updates and checking out:


Just a short Video for you guys, giving a glimpse into just one of the methods used to make charcoal at the Pics and Sticks site in Telford with Mark, who manages the entire woodland as its Coppice worker.

Mark supplies charcoal from the site to myself and the team at Perrys Field to Fork for classes !


Share this with all your buddies who give a crap about the food they eat, or tag some of your buddies who enjoy pottering in the kitchen! - the bbq aficionados and trainee gastro-pros.

Sorry for the echo, but we just finished building the kitchens this week and I had to get something on film!

I've been pretty quiet for the last --- very many --- months, everyone needs time off.. well - I guess this marks my return.

Whilst I was gone, we built a school!

I taught our first class of 10-11 year olds alongside Steve's other half, Deb last week, about food miles, kitchen skills and how to join chickens - it was the most fun I have had in a long time, we're with them again Monday and covering batch cooking, food prep and SOUP!

Anyway, Here's a sort video on jointing chickens with Steve at Perrys Field to Fork

I thoroughly enjoy working with Steve and Deb - and what better way to focus on teaching nutrition, than getting stuck in at grass roots level?

Do us a favor and support what we're doing however you can.

Obviously, I'll be running loads more courses, from the kitchens here - but - if you want to see more of this (with less echo) then let us know.

Love you all .

Timeline photos 19/08/2019

Happy Birthday

My absolute favorite person in the world to over-eat with.

Thanks for dealing with my s**t for another year.
You haven't aged a bit!


(don't worry , she'll never take our schwarma and bacon making us)

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 15/08/2019

cookery school update!

The build has nearly finished!

First class of kids will be coming at the start of September!

I might have to re-surface on social media now, I've been enjoying my haitus!

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 17/07/2019

Happy third birthday to my diva dog Harper who has helped keep me in my toes and fit and healthy for a long time now. ❤️🐾

She may be super snooty and a bit of a mard sometimes and annoying as hell, but I love her to bits.

I like to sniff her head sometimes, which people think is weird.

Happy 3rd birthday 🎉

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 29/05/2019

Trialing some locally sourced charcoal this week from Pics and Sticks, an anchient forest, twee Hem woodland in the Shropshire region, managed by traditional coppice methods.

Pics and Sticks

Verdict on the Tommahawks - amazingly good for some dirty bbq steaks.

Timeline photos 19/05/2019

is strong today.

I need new socks. Lots of new socks..

What're you rocking? I need inspiration.

Timeline photos 03/05/2019

Newest addition to the reef.
I've waited a long time to get a nice bubble tip.

Its likely going to be descended upon by the droves of sexy shrimp in the tank as I don't have clowns to host it.

But I think sexy shrimp wiggling their bits around an anemone looks pretty cool too.

Timeline photos 03/05/2019

Hurricane Harper is very happy that spring has sprung and she can frolic amongst the bluebells once again!

Timeline photos 03/05/2019

Meal prep like a pro, with &

Cannot wait to get my students in the kitchen at the cookery school, which is sooooo nearly complete...

I've been holding back my recipie books and videos for the launch and am itching to get going...

Today I've created three meals for Jens lunchboxes for the weekend, ranging from beef shin chilli (see our video from a few weeks ago for this one)

Thinly sliced Japanese beef salad

Shredded chicken and green bean salsa.

Everything will be taught on the various classes and courses we will run

Timeline photos 10/04/2019

Photo from the competition a few weeks ago.

Event 2 had a 5 min time cap and required us to work through the complex of:

1x full clean, 1x hang clean, 2x front squat, 2x Overhead press

The complex had to be performed Unbroken (the bar cannot touch the ground)

One event that was a little more to my strengths.

I spent a full 15mins warming up in the athlete area before this event, until the last possible second, so that I could open on a solid weight rather than spend valuable time building during the time cap.

This was my opening lift.

I placed first in the first 30 seconds of lifting.

(granted this was always going to be an event I was going to do well in)

I did everything to make the event as easy as possible for myself by preparing.

I've competed in various sports over the years and it seems to be common across all of them, that many, many people don't warm up sufficiently.

As coaches we really need to promote the importance of proper preparation for lifting ESPECIALLY where maximal effort is concerned, or variables the lifter/athlete comes into contact with are going to be unpredictable, such as in team and contact sports.

Basically... Just all round..
Teach your clients to warm up properly!!

Photo by

Timeline photos 08/04/2019

Little bit of non exercise activity to stay trim.. Ish


Did you catch this Week's video from , where we looked at beef shin on the bone and made a one pan beef chilli?

Stop buying expensive steak mince from the supermarket and look at some of these far cheaper and more flavoursome cuts!

Youl get way more for your money, richer taste and be able to support local businesses!

Mobile uploads 05/04/2019

The school is being built....
The kit is being ordered...
The designs, plans and decorating are coming together...
The courses are being created...


Where are you?...

I can't wait to start teaching and producing content from inside this purpose built studio and classroom. 💪 💪 💪

I'm approached all the time, by people with 'visions', plans and ideas, it's been refreshing to see Perrys of Eccleshall work so hard to achieve theirs.

Keep your eyes peeled for the final build pictures and release of cookery, nutrition, butchery and bbq classes and much more!

Perrys Field to Fork brickwork coming along nicely 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Photos from Rich Sennewald's post 31/03/2019

So, I started seeing this crossfit chick back in 2018...

I was super into her and wanted to impress her so went to one of her crossfit classes as a way to spend a bit more time together.

In the spirit of constantly trying to impress her, I ended up entering a competition this weekend at the The Rainhill Trials where they made me run around and jump over things and lift stuff... A lot.

. I tell you what.. one thing I have really gotten an appreciation for, since trying my hand at crossfit is Pacing.

You see, my history of sports, never required this sort of sustained effort.

Strongman is a sport that involves tactics sure and pacing the big lifts over shorter time periods, the most reps, lift the most weight or do the sprint the fastest - but never in my training career have I had to chip away at workouts like I have here

When I was a linebacker for my university team I just did loads of rowing and trained mostly GVT style outside of training drills.

When I did shot and hammer, I just needed mobility and some decent strength endurance...

Before joining Jen at I realise had no concept of pacing in training.

I feel very niave as a coach (an arguable very experienced coach) to not have had any real appreciation of pacing in a race sport or this sort of hybrid power endurance sport, Having never taken part in them.

I thought I was conditioned because I could run 100meters with 300kg over my. Shoulders and throw 10kg over a house or drag a car up a hill.

I thought the prowler work we did for powerlifting was tough...

I feel I have a new appreciation as to why it really helps coaches, to get stuck into various sports or persuits practically aswell as theoretically.

I'm very fortunate in that, at Crossfit Allied I have seen programing for this sport done intelligently, with proper coaching and managing of lifters of all ability levels.

I had a pretty enjoyable day with my homie and home girl eating all the moam and of course, would have been somewhat lost without by my side.

@ Sportcity


Meal-Prep is always a pain - there is a constant struggle between creating something tasty and using good, high quality ingredients, versus saving money so you can actually afford enough food!

Our Beef chilli recipe works wonderfully with shin on the bone, which is one of the cheapest cuts you can get from your butcher and because of how it's cut, you get an incredible, rich flavor from using on the bone cuts.

If you are trying to save money and all you use is steak mince, perhaps you should re-think your cuts and look at the traditional less popular meals.

These also lend themselves really well, to slow cooking - which means, fire & forget cooking, for people that like to leave the crock-pot on whilst they're at work.

From Season 2, Episode 2 of the food-cast, here is the chill being made "time-lapse" using shin of beef, on the bone from Perrys of Eccleshall - we got LOADS from the lot we grabbed from Perrys, here is just ONE QUATER of what we bought being cooked on camera, which still created 4 bowls, costing less than a single 750g pack of supermarket mince.

Shop smart, feel good.

Enjoy xoxox

Watch the full episodes on the Norsegym page or on youtube:

Timeline photos 25/03/2019

Hey folks

Its again.

Here are some wise words to help you feel inspired and get through the week, focused on your work and because you are a .

Did you know, when you look into the night sky, you are looking back in time?

This is because of how far away the stars are, stop living in the past, keep your head down in the present and finish writing that thing you keep saying you will, or you'll end up like me with 9 ebooks and video series all half done and nothing to show for it.

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