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Becoming a parent is a pretty life changing experience isn’t it?

You go from laughter to tears, joy to frustration, love to worry and back again every day, if not every hour!

This is something we really understand at Tots Play, and why our Baby Development course is especially for parents with new babies, and the perfect first baby class for you and your little one.

Not only will you learn lots of different ways to connect, bond, play and have fun with your baby during the course, but you’ll find a welcoming, supportive environment, surrounded by others who “get” that your life just changed completely, and that can really help when you’re navigating all the ups and downs that having a new baby involves!

The course is everything you need for your baby in one, and you and your little one will experience a wide range of activities to support different areas of development, including baby massage, baby yoga, baby sign language, tummy time, calming techniques and sensory play, but you’ll come away from the course having learned and gained so much more.

Come and join us. Book now to reserve your place and make some special memories 🥰 xx


Hey new mummy! Congratulations on your new baby!

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to start your parenting journey? If so, a baby class is a great option. Tots Play classes offer a wide range of activities, including massage, yoga, sign language, sensory play, music and movement and lots more!

Book now to start your Tots Play journey with us today xx


Are you thinking about joining a baby class? If so, you're probably wondering what to expect. Perhaps you’re looking for:

🧡A safe and nurturing environment.
🧡A chance to connect with other parents.
🧡Activities that are fun and engaging for your baby.
🧡An opportunity to learn about infant development.

If you're looking for a class that offers all of these things, then you're in luck! At Tots play we understand all the changes your baby is going through and what they need at different stages, and you will be able to share this time with a tribe of likeminded parents with children of a similar age to share the rollercoaster of emotions that go with this amazing but exhausting stage of your life! Come along and join in with a whole range of activities - yoga, massage, sign language, sensory play, music, movement and so much more, which have all been carefully researched to aid your babys development.

Come and join us today, head to xx


🧡 Why touch is so important for your baby...

A new-born baby needs very little; it will be some years before they start demanding bikes and computer games. Apart from feeding and cleaning, one of the most important things you can do for your baby is to hold them.

Our babies need touch to survive and thrive just as much as they need food. Modern science has studied the chemicals that the baby brain releases when touched and also the different ones released if they are not!

So apart from a nice cuddle what else can you do to promote touch between you and your baby?

*Baby massage

*Story massage

*Baby yoga

*Bonding time

You can learn all of these techniques at Tots Play, along with enjoying many other games and activities, all of which are designed to promote your child’s physical, cognitive and physiological development in age appropriate ways.

To find out more about all the amazing activities we do in every Tots Play class, and see if there's a space available for you, please visit the website xx


Have you recently had a baby? If you’re looking for some fun ways to play, connect and communicate with your precious bundle, and support their development at this crucial stage then our Baby Development course is the ideal first class for you and your little one, and will give you all this and so much more.

Head to or pop me a message if you would like any more information! Looking forward to meeting you and your gorgeous baby very soon xx


Here's a fun, but simple, learning activity that older tots can do at home... All you need is some paper cake cases and small pieces of pasta or cereal hoops.

Write a different number in bottom of white paper cake cases, from 1 up to 5, or a number appropriate for your child, and help them to count the same amount of pasta or cereal pieces into the cake case. Great for both their numeracy and fine motor skills as they pick up each of the pieces.

Let me know if you have a go, and pop a picture below too - we'd love to see them. Happy Playing! xx


Being two years old means lots of very strong feelings 😤 that they don’t yet fully understand or know how to control, and when they take a shine to something such as a special item or a toy, then they see this as an extension of themselves and so to be asked to then “share” this special item can cause much hurt and upset, and for the parent it can be frustrating and embarrassing to see your child not behaving as you’d expect them to. But don’t worry, it’s completely normal and all part of learning, with lots of praise and patience they will get there 😇
And don’t ever worry about your child acting this way in class, we get it, and every parent has been or will be there one day, especially me, I’ve seen it ALL!xx


When you look at your new baby, it's hard to imagine them growing up, never mind consider how the experiences they have now, as a baby, will influence their learning journey later in life 👶👨‍🎓

Your baby will naturally develop motor skills and move more and more each day; including reaching and grasping, rolling over and even pulling themselves up 🧍‍♂️

Each time they do something new, connections are created in their brain (neural pathways), and the more they repeat the tasks, the stronger these connections become. Over time these movements occur without thought, they just become automatic. Literally, as your baby moves, they are changing their brain! 🧠

You have a big part to play in supporting your baby's development too. Simple activities like baby yoga, movement as you sing favourite songs and even just bouncing your little one on your knee, all stimulate and strengthen your little one's brain, body and in particular their vestibular system, which is crucial for learning to coordinate movement, as well as balance, spacial awareness and more.

At Tots Play, each of the activities within our programme is tailored to your little one's stage of development, and designed to support them as they develop, change and grow.

With baby yoga, physical, musical, sensory play and more in each or our classes, you can feel confident that, when you join us, your baby or toddler is getting the very best start on their development journey. They (and you), though, will just think you're having fun!

💖 Visit for details of our classes, and come and join us soon xx


Young children experience many of the same emotions adults do. Children can feel angry, jealous, excited, sad, silly, frustrated, happy, and worried. The difference is that very young children often lack the self control and language skills to express their strong feelings in ways that adults find acceptable. Instead, babies and toddlers communicate strong emotions through their sounds and actions.

You can help to teach your child to understand their emotions by demonstrating the feelings, rather than explaining them. Communication doesn't always have to be talking, you can sing, play, act, dance. Children learn in lots of different ways, through speech and language, through body language, facial expressions, gestures and lots more! By matching words with an emotion, a child will connect both and get to know them - even from an early age!

Coming along to Tots Play can promote great communication between you and your baby, by learning, laughing and playing together xx


One of the things we always keep the same each week here at Tots Play is our welcome and warm up songs. They help our little ones remember where they are, get ready to play and feel secure in their environment. 😁

It's particularly important for our Discovery Tots and I just love to see the excited hand waving and feet kicking that goes on when our welcome song starts to play! And the Totsy Monkey love is always very real when he comes around to say hello! 🐵🥰

Don't forget you can get your own Totsy to take home too! Just ask me at class or you can use my shop link which you will find on my page xx


What?! You haven’t been to Tots Play yet? 😮

Are you wondering what to expect when joining us? Here's a quick snapshot of what we get up to in our youngest classes....

At Discovery Tots (suitable for babies from around 8 weeks to active crawling) our yoga, signing and sensory activities are chosen especially for our younger Tots who are not yet on the move, and provide a great range of experiences to help boost their development as you enjoy special time together. Sessions are very much baby led, and we take everything at a pace that's just right for this age group, in a relaxed environment that allows you to get to know other parents and babies in your group too.

Next is our Baby Development Course. This is a gorgeous 6 week course designed to give you an introduction to all the key elements of the Tots Play programme, plus special activities just for these littlest of Tots. You will find a range of activities and techniques to encourage you to play, bond and communicate with your new baby, including baby massage, baby yoga, sign language, sensory play, tummy time and calming techniques, songs, rhymes, bubbles and more. We make it really easy for you to continue to practice what you learn at home too, with a glossy workbook, massage oil and music all included in the price.

All of our classes are kept small, as I love to get to know you and your little ones and they're a great place to meet other parents and tots of a similar age. You will never be just a number as I make sure I get to know all your names. I understand it can be scary trying a new class for the first time but I promise you won’t regret it, so choose the class that's right for you and come and join us soon. xx


If your little one suffers from reflux, wind or colic, try not to fret - at Tots Play, we can suggest a number of ways to try and help you help calm your little one, from baby massage to yoga and calming holds. Look at this Mummy and baby enjoying baby massage together 💖 if you haven't booked already follow the link to my website to book your place and begin your Tots Play journey with me xx


💙🧡 As a parent, you probably choose to take your child to a class like Tots Play so you can not only spend quality time together, have fun and learn new things but also to give your little one the chance to meet and socialise with others their own age (and to get the same benefits for yourself too)! BUT some babies and toddlers just don’t want to join in with class activities.

Perhaps you have a child that prefers to sit on the side lines, clinging to you and less keen to join in and play independently?

It is a common worry that if your child is a little more reserved or isn't "joining in" in the way you might expect them to then they are missing out, but that’s really not the case.

This response to the class environment is very common, especially in the early weeks of joining a new class. While some children will get stuck in straight away, most need time to settle in and get used to all the new things going on around them, before they start to engage more in the activities them - and even then, they will do so in a way that feels right for them.

Every child is unique and will explore the world in their own way and at their own pace. They also learn in different ways, some by doing, some by observing, some prefer to figure things out for themselves and some for you to take the lead first - and there’s nothing wrong with any of those approaches.

You can be confident that through being in stimulating environments they are learning and growing and taking things in, even if it isn’t in the way you expect. You’ll be surprised at just how much they are taking in without you realising. and you may well find your Tot doing the activities at home, even when they didn’t join in with them at class - all of which is perfectly NORMAL. In fact, it shows that your little one’s brain is absorbing information brilliantly!

Your child (and you) will get so many benefits from coming along to classes, no matter how they choose to take everything in! 💙🧡

To find out about all the amazing activities we do in every Tots Play class, and how they can help support your child’s development, whatever their personality, pop over to and we can’t wait to welcome you soon! xx


While they are still tiny, your first instinct might be to keep your baby indoors as much as possible. But although you might think this is the safer option, health professionals will tell you that spending time outside can actually be healthy and have some great benefits for your new-born.

And what better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by going on a walk? You'd be surprised how much fun a stroll around the corner could be for your baby. Not only does this open their eyes to new possibilities, but it also provides a fantastic way for you both to bond. Have a read of this blog post which tells you all the benefits of taking your little one for a walk xx


Often we hear new parents saying “I wish I knew what he was thinking!” or “if only she could tell me what she wants!” 🙈

Wouldn’t it be great if your baby could communicate his or her needs BEFORE they learnt to speak?

The good news is, they can! At Tots Play we teach you and your baby simple signs, throughout all of our classes, that you can use to communicate with your baby from an early age!

Sound good? Come and join us to start learning together xx



It's Random Acts of Kindness Day, but we want to give you a reminder that self-care is just as important ❣️ Make sure to take the pressure off yourselves! 🙌


It’s the thing we all dread, what if my baby cries in class?? 😭

We know that feeling, we’ve been there, that heart wrenching, knot in the gut feeling that YOUR baby is the one that’s crying and everyone else’s is perfectly content. But EVERYONE is that mum/carer at some point, not that it makes it any easier when it happens to you, but it is completely normal and it will happen.

Coming to a new class is daunting for you and your baby, you may ask yourself: "Can I get there on time? Will I find it ok? Will the other parents be nice and friendly?"

And your baby is feeling things too, this is an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar lights and smells and sounds and people, so mummy I NEED you NOW! I need cuddles, I need b**b, I need milk, I NEED to feel comforted! And all this is completely fine.

If your baby cries in class we know how that feels and we know you can’t just switch it off, so we will always encourage you to do what you need to do to calm your baby, that might be a feed or a bum change or a walk around the room. Do whatever you need to do and we will support you all the way.

If you do have any worries or concerns about coming to any of our classes feel free to pop your class leader a message xx


Gathering a selection of instruments is a great way for our Tots to explore sounds, we can also help them to identify different instrument sounds in the songs they hear.💖

Can you help your tot play the instrument loudly and then softly? Can you play it together fast and then slow? Can you make the instrument sound different by playing it in different ways?

You can have so much fun at home with your little one just using simple musical instruments to engage them, and help them learn about different sounds too! xx


Have you voted yet? We need your help in choosing your favourite Tots Play activities for our special anniversary classes this year! Submit your vote by clicking on the original post and following the link - don't forget to like the post too, thank you and we can't wait to celebrate with you!🧡


In honour of Tots Play's 15th anniversary this year we are going to be running some special classes in March to raise money for RMHUK and celebrate Totsy's birthday! But, we need your help..

We want you to get involved in helping us chose the most loved Tots Play class activities so that we can hold our “Tots Play Favourites” classes during our special week. Please using the form in the link below for your favourite Tots Play songs and activities and we will include the most popular in our classes across the country that week 🧡


When you submit your vote you will be entered into our prize giveaway to win a Totsy Monkey and a lovely bundle of Tots Play sensory goodies.

All you need to do is:

✅Click the link and submit your vote by 18th February
✅LIKE this post
✅Follow this account

Don’t forget to tag your Tots Play friends here too so they can vote and be in with a chance to win! Our winner will be chosen at random on 18th February and contacted by email - GOOD LUCK and happy voting xx

Prize draw terms and conditions:

*Entrants must be over 18 years old and either currently attending or have previously attended Tots Play classes. Open to UK or Dubai residents only. One entry per household only.

*Your entry will only be confirmed when you respond to the confirmation email that will be sent to the email address you provide, as this allows us to email you further regarding your entry.

*Winner will be contacted via email to arrange for delivery of prize. If no response is received within 72 hours, we reserve the right to draw another winner.

*By entering you consent to your name being used on social media should you win.

*No cash alternative to advertised prize available and no correspondence will be entered into regarding this draw.


Did you know? Just some of the great benefits of baby yoga are to improve muscle tone, stretch, stimulate and soothe. Not that our babies would know it, they just call it fun! 😁

We put our yoga to familiar songs and nursery rhymes too, you can even download them to use at home too so the fun never stops!

Want to give it a try? Come and join us at class soon xx


🥰 Are you a new mummy? 🥰

On the hunt for an instruction manual to help you navigate these early days? Unfortunately there isn’t one! Don't despair though - by regularly engaging with your baby through activities such as massage, yoga, and sensory play you can build up your ability to read your babies cues, those subtle ways they communicate even when they're tiny, which will help strengthen your bond and the trust between you.

While it's not quite an instruction manual, a little bit of understanding between the two of you can go a long way to helping with some of those, often tricky, early stages of getting to know each other!

Get your parenting journey off to the best start by joining us at our gorgeous 6 week Baby Development Course, where you'll learn about all these activities and more, in a small group of other parents and babies of a similar age.

If you have any questions about the course then please do give me a message, or book onto my next course now at xx


💙👶🧡For a fun, interactive weekly play session that you and your baby will both enjoy, come and join us at Discovery Tots, ideal for babies from around 8 weeks to when they are on the move! 💙👶🧡

💙👶🧡 It’s an age where those little ones love to learn using their whole body and all their senses, and Discovery Tots provides so many opportunities to do just that! 💙👶🧡

At each Discovery Tots class we will:
⭐️ Introduce you to a whole range of activities and techniques to help you and your baby get more out of your play times in ways that are not only beneficial for baby’s development, but also lots of fun.
⭐️ Support your child to feel secure in the class environment, give them the confidence to explore, learn and grow
⭐️ Provide lots of different experiences to stimulate, delight and encourage development in a relaxed, loving and fun environment.
⭐️ Create a welcoming space for your baby to start building social skills, first by watching and later through interaction with the other babies.

Each session includes:
🧘‍♀️ Baby Yoga
🤚 Baby Sign Language
🧠 Sensory Play
🎶 Songs and rhymes

💆‍♀️ Baby Massage
🤗 Cuddles, smiles, bubbles and lots of fun!

Find all this and more at this lovely friendly, relaxed class. What’s not to love?! Head to to find out more about my classes and book! xx


At Tots Play we know that parent and baby are a team. A happy mum (or other caregiver), makes for a happy baby; and vice versa! 😁😁

Getting out of the house together and spending some special time playing, singing, dancing, stretching, signing and cuddling, sounds great, doesn't it? Head to to book your class today 🧡 xx


What are you waiting for? Places are limited, so grab yours now and come and join in with our fun filled, award winning Tots Play classes!

Just click here and pop in your postcode for all the details you need ➡
I can’t wait to welcome you. xx


Are you at the toddler/pre-schooler stage yet?

If so, our classes provide a fun and engaging way for little ones of this age to explore their emotions and learn how to manage them in a healthy way. Through lots of activities from Yoga and Signing, to balance bikes and music, we aim to provide opportunities for your child to learn about emotions and feelings, as well as encouraging them to express their own. xx


Ready to make some memories with your little one? Laugh, play and learn together at Tots Play! Classes will give you that time away from the busy world to spend one on one time with your little one, with lots of different ways you can interact through massage, sensory play, yoga and more! 💖


Sleep 💤 it’s one of the most talked about topics when you're a new parent isn’t it! We all know that babies need sleep to grow and develop, but did you know that it’s likely your baby will sleep more deeply and soundly after their baby class with us?

Why? Our classes provide a wide range of stimulation, appropriate to your little one’s age. They’ll see new sights, encounter new sensory experiences, take in the different surroundings and enjoy lots of engaging activities. Sleep is how they process everything, and get ready for their next adventure!

Lots of our parents tell us that their baby sleeps well after class, so you might be surprised at how much “processing” they do after a session of exploring and learning - great for their development, and perhaps a few minutes for you to rest a little too! 💖


One of my favourite things about Tots Play is that it’s so much more than just a class to come and enjoy once a week.

From our yoga, signing, music and sensory with our Discovery Tots to our full body massage and tummy time tips for our littlest babies, we provide a toolkit of techniques for you to easily replicate at home. So when you find yourself in the house and at a loss, there’s always something we’ve done that week that you can use to keep your little one entertained, and even better, help them develop and learn through play.

Now that’s
Come and join us!


Tots Play is Every Class You Need in One!

​We've been bringing fun and learning to families since 2009 so you can feel confident that you’re in safe hands when you join us, and rest assured that every element of our programme is included for the benefit it provides, not simply because it’s the latest fad.

​Our sessions are very much baby led and you’ll always be encouraged to follow your own instincts and join in in a way that’s right for you.

Of course, play and learning don’t stop when class is over, so you’ll also pick up lots of simple ideas to continue the fun (and learning) at home too.

Pop your postcode in to find your nearest class and take a look at my schedule here - 💖


Have you recently had a baby? I understand that becoming a parent is a life changing experience, and that these early days with your baby are precious but sometimes overwhelming. Tots Play is here to help. 💗

Our Baby Development course is especially designed for babies from birth to 6 months, and aims to support you both through this crucial time, providing simple ideas and techniques for loving play times that will help you connect, calm and have fun together while aiding your baby's development.

Running over six weeks the course introduces a range of activities, suitable for even very young babies, including:

- Baby Massage 💛
- Baby Yoga 🧘‍♀️
- Calming Techniques 💤
- Baby Sign Language 👂
- Tummy Time Play 🥰
- Sensory Play 🌈
- Songs and rhymes 🎵
- Cuddles, smiles, bubbles and lots of fun! 🥳

The classes are also a great way to get out and meet other parents in your area with babies of a similar age 💖 Book your place now at xx

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