Hospitality Management Coaching and Education I help people to work within their own abilities to create good and profitable business within the Hospitality and Tourism fields.

I specialize in Emarketing, Quality Management and Futurism. However I am stron in HR and Operational Systems.

Operating as usual

17/09/2013's cover photo


Corporate uniforms gone mad in the N&N hospital - 12! Next we will have visitors uniforms - perhaps morning, afternoon and weekend uniforms.
Actually Serco showed me back stage in the kitchens - last week it was Richard Hughes turn.


Student project ready for Poster presentation


Use when you can

[04/02/13]   Professional coaching & advice for workable solutions to improve your hospitality business performance problems.

[03/29/13]   Google Glass heralds a Brave New World for Skills Training.
The dream of placing an old head on young shoulders can now become a reality.
"OK Glass, record to my portfolio and connect me to my coach."
Response, "David, I think you should try that again, only this time why not follow the notes I am sending to your monitor. I will watch your performance and we will discuss it with the video at our next reflection meeting."
I look forward to an enormous expansion in effective skills training and monitoring using Google Glass.
Just who will be the first to share my vision for Vocational Training.
Serge I'm all yours!


Jamie's Italian better reputation than value - good ideas in chaos.


SEO so more important than eMarketing theory. Who ever heard of a great book that was never published?

Food Days out 19/03/2013

Food days out

Food days out


My favourite view off the train at Motreaux calmed me for the 40 minute queue at Geneva Airport. Not a great goodby to visitors at this time of year. I used to be able to go from train to aircraft seat in 25 minutes but now its 1hour and 15 minutes.

[03/17/13]   Another TRIZ theme I learned from students. The Sock Squad in London got the homeless to act as tour guides. Lemons into Lemonade


Lean Six Sigma project done for IT.
Sometimes the talking and communication does as much as the analysis.

[03/16/13]   Back to the UK and a 4 Dissertations to mark.


Working on Web Site plans in class


Plan your Social Media Strategy.

Untitled Album 15/03/2013

Untitled Album


Six sigma teams to report their work on the print shop


MBA Emarketing course - Awesome work and great learning from students.

[06/15/11]   I try to keep relevant hospitality Emarketing articles in my focused blog. 14/06/2011

Hotels in 2030 'will feature virtual love making'

Well those Trends classes have proven that we too can be futurists. Done this and more in class! Virtual love making, dream management, and high-tech contact lenses that allow guests to check their emails will all feature in the hotel rooms of the future, according to a new report.


Social Media-Using Guys Are Lovin' The Fast Food [INFOGRAPHIC]

Well I thought so In a survey filled with statistics both obvious and surprising, we find out about the junk food preferences of certain social media users. 08/06/2011

The Future of Hotel Websites…isn’t Flash | buuteeq | Online Marketing for Independent Hotels

I told you! Now someone with real clout is agreeing. Adobe Flash® is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. Flash gained popularity as a website development technology because it offered high-impact, rich Web capabilities at a time when there were no other alternatives (other contemporary web technology opt


30 April 2011


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