Great Property Meet

Great Property Meet


Any Property Investors here based in Rugby? Would love to connect
MAY 1st
I will be doing 2 hours on property
due diligence! It's FREE join me 🙂
Hi Everyone,

I am representing a business who are looking for property to take on a lease from Landlords who have property in either Warwick Council area or the Cherwell Council.

They will pay based on number of bedrooms which is usually above market rate. The advantage of working with them is;

1. Zero voids
2. Zero maintenance and the house will be returned in the same condition.
3. No tenant contact for you, the landlord. We all know the fear that goes through us when a tenant phones. It always means money to be spent.

They are a professional organisation established in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire who are now looking to expand into the Warwick Council and Cherwell Council areas.

I'm about to sign over my 5 bed HMO in Warwick to them but they need a lot more.

10 things you can get from your local authority!
📌Grants (improvement/help)
📌Asset list (what they own & whats for sale, where)
📌Tenant demand (Info)
📌Private landlord register (priority info & meetings)
📌Planning portal (info)
📌Article 4 directive (how it works)
📌Conservation area (where and what you can/can't do)
📌Listed buildings (what they are listed for)
📌Section 106 (S106 when it kicks in for development)
📌CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)(How much £ per Sq.Mtr)
Take advantage of your local authority after all if you don't someone else will!
Ealing Property Meet are pleased to be hosting a Zoom online property fundraiser in support of our local Soup Kitchen next Sunday (28th June).

Ealing Soup Kitchen is a registered charity that provides a hot meal, shower and fresh clothes to the homeless.
We are asking for a donation equivalent to what you would pay for an in-person property meet and in return we have secured a top-draw property practitioner to do a one-off talk and Q&A.

Fiona Talbot is Director of Aitus Group, a Cambridge-based operation that she founded in 2001. The company invests in property assets ranging from Single Lets & HMOs to Commercial Properties including Offices, Bars and Short Stay Accommodation.

Fiona started with one house and has steadily grown her portfolio into a business with a £10m+ asset base that generates revenue in excess of £1m per year.

Fiona’s day-to-day priority is on scaling her companies, using solid business principles and strategies that are largely overlooked by most investors.

She has consistently used first-mover advantage 2 or 3 years before strategies become mainstream and is a self-confessed asset builder.

Fiona has largely withdrawn from speaking due to her busy schedule so this will be a rare opportunity to hear a prolific business practitioner share some of the tips and techniques that have compounded to consistently deliver success.
I am doing my Goals for 2020 now. Taking my time and delving deep using these 150 ideas to get started! Are you doing your 2020 goals? If you want the 150 goal ideas to help just send me you email address and i will forward them for free!
Would you like to have ONE Book that Includes:

✅ Building Regulation and how they affect you. .

✅ The Party Wall Act 1996 and your obligations.

✅ How to Rapidly Cost a Refurb.

✅ Real Case study- Learn how Mike got a building plot for FREE’ Page 206

✅ Real Case Study- learn how to Buy a property and get ALL of your MONEY out of the deal Page 191

✅ Real Case Study- learn how Mike Bought, refurbished and rented two houses and cashed out over £38,000 Tax Free. Page 191

✅ Real Case Study- How Mike bought a house and a building plot and got a 65% discount Page 182

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✅ Real Case Study – How Mike made a HUGE Profit of £42,000 from one flip deal Page 195

It's ALL in The New Updated Edition of Mike Woods’ Amazon No1 Best Selling book ‘How to Successfully Invest in Property’.

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Mike has been a professional in the Architectural and Construction Industry and a highly successful Property Investor for over 30yrs, he has crammed all those years of experience into this one book.

Some have called the book ‘The Haines Manual for Property Investing’
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How to Successfully Invest in Property- New Updated Edition has been written personally by Mike Woods who includes ‘Real Life Property Investing Strategies’ you will also Learn The strategies of the UK’s leading and Trusted Professional Property Investor.

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Do you want to know what the goldmine strategy for 2019 is? Bet you won't guess it!

Do you want to know why Ranjan Bhattacharya a landlord of over 25+ years is getting put of residential property and getting into commercial?

Watch Ranjan's video at to find out the answers to these and more detail to follow on the 18th March
You will kick yourself if you miss this party with the speakers.

LAST COUPLE TICKETS available don't miss out on the party to be at on 10th December

Only £30 3 course meal games prizes and speakers.
I've briefly spoken a couple of times about Lets Delight properties and they say a picture paints a thousand here is the advert for our recently refurbished rooms in .
Any feedback would be welcome.
As a follow on from speaking at the GPM last month we're running a free online training in case you missed the talk … and even if you didn't. There is a valuable bonus at the end plus shed-loads of valuable information for anyone wanting to kick-start a lucrative Rent 2 Rent business.

Free online training this Wednesday - the 31st October at 7pm: Click here to register >

We shall be bursting the 3 R2R myths that just might be holding you back and laying out exactly what every Rent 2 Rent business owner MUST have to ensure you become a thriving success!

1. Solid Foundations
2. Savvy Marketing
3. Strong Negotiation
4. Efficient Management
5. Clear-cut Systems

💥 Jump on 15 minutes early for a bonus Q and A and post any questions you might have below or in the Inside Rent 2 Rent Facebook group.
💥 Make sure and secure your place BEFORE the start (like right now!) or you risk getting locked out and won't be sent the replay
💥 Remember to download and PRINT the workbook from the Files of the Inside Rent 2 Rent FB group - PRIOR to attending the training for maximum efficiency
Stealth photographer hitting those angles

3rd Monday Every Month - Starts 7pm with networking from 6pm. No-one knows everything! How To Maximise Your Evening:

1. What will you do with your new contacts?

There are many events being held all over the country each and every week, where you can meet like-minded people who understand what you are doing and, provide a supportive environment for you to constantly learn. Sometimes property investing can be a lonely business, as well as the fact that your family and friends probably just don’t get it. Popular topics include

How to acquire property fo

Operating as usual

Photos from Great Property Meet's post 14/06/2022

Celebrating 10 years hosting


Who else enjoyed the strawberry 🍓 moon 🌙 tonight


Great to catch up with property mate at celebrating his 10th anniversary


What a great location for great to catch up with sponsor
Buzzing with about 200


University challenge winners


This month Ranjan Bhattacharya and I are joined by Mike Bristow CrowdProperty Xuen Meng Property Elevator & David Kemp DRK Planning Ltd we share property strategies for surviving the next couple of years at this months Baker Street Property Meet Book now

Join 300+ property professionals and entrepreneurs at this months


Is financially free really your goal?
Location free is more important to me which comes after financially freedom. Here is today's office share yours.
Learn how Ranjan Bhattacharya and I achieved this 29th June at less than 80 places left to join 350 investors


Can I convert a locally listed building in a conservation area using class MA?

This week has been asked another Permitted Development question.

Is it possible to convert the upper of a shop to residential using Class MA on a Locally Listed Building, which is also in a conservation area?

In the past we’ve talked about Grade 2 Listed buildings, Permitted Development and Prior Approval. Do the same planning rules apply to Locally Listed Buildings as Grade 2 Listed Buildings? Are PD rights removed?

How does being in a Conservation Area effect your permitted development rights, can you still use Class MA to convert the uppers of a shop to flats?

As always Linda Wright of PLANiTWRIGHT has the answers.

Great video with Linda Wright who can be contacted via LinkedIn

Let us know your questions below and we will answer them. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to be advised when we release new content and if you what we're sharing please hit the like button.

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Great session on Direct to Vendor strategies at with .chopra and


Auctions have changed since Covid hit. Is it really for the better? See what and I have to say on this controversial topic full video


fantastic Strategem show at haven't laugh so much in years. Great to be live again with best friend


Your TAX wasted as government staff refuse to return to office.   Bhattacharya - Succeed In Property  and I debate the impacts on the UK 🇬🇧 and why the public sector and private sector vary so much and compare and contrast global data post COVID trends.

Is Jacob Rees-Mogg MP taken seriously as Minister for Efficiency?

See Andrew prank Ranjan about Jeremy Corbyn

Help! Conservatory on Grade 2 listed building without consent - what are my options? 30/05/2022

Help! Conservatory on Grade 2 listed building without consent - what are my options?

Do you have a Listed Building that's had work done without permission? Find out what your options are in our latest video with

Help! Conservatory on Grade 2 listed building without consent - what are my options? Tony posed a familiar question to us this week.What are your options if work was done on a grade 2 listed building without planning permission? Is deemed co...


Sarah .ba_97 is a regular at and works in commercial property for a major agency and starting to build her portfolio with the support of

Join 300+ High calibre property professionals with and myself. BOOK NOW for this sell out event.

June 29th we answer the question HOW TO GET STARTED IN PROPERTY


What's your views on a Property Market Crash?

Ranjan Bhattacharya and I share our views live and answer your questions with a panel of seasoned experts


Government rejects Article 4 applications great discussion with


Listed Building work conversion of Grade 2 listed use class E to Takeaway? with Linda Wright of PlanItWright

Permitted Development PD and listed building conversion work.

Gorilla investor poses some great planning questions today. Linda Wright and I both saw the same Phil Collins image of a guerrilla investor!!!

Today we seek to answer the following questions.

1) Can you use permitted development to undertake a commercial conversion on a listed building?

2) Can I convert a use class E building to a takeaway without planning permission?

3) Does permitted development class MA apply to grade 2 listed buildings?

4) Do I need planning permission to do building work on a grade 2 listed Building?

5) Can I convert garage to residential at the back of a listed building?

6) Are commercial to commercial conversion easy?

7) Differences between a cafe / restaurant and a takeaway

8) Delisting a listed building

9) suis genesis planning application

10) A useful quick guide to the different listed building types from Grade 2 listed to Grade 2* listed Grade 1 listed and scheduled ancient monument and the reasons why a building is listed

11) Requirements for works within the setting of a listed building

Packed with useful questions and no nonsense answers for property developers undertaking commercial conversion on commercial property.

Great video with Linda Wright who can be contacted via LinkedIn


Happy Commercial Mastermind Students and Investors in the Royal House Leicester project with . Find out how you can join these guys at


Sorry to everyone who tried to book for last months SOLD OUT CONGRATULATIONS to all those who booked VIP tickets to GUARANTEE they don't miss this UKs #1 property meet with the best property networking and the leading property

Photos from Great Property Meet's post 02/05/2022

What have you been up to this bank holiday?
Beautiful walk in the bluebell woods while the bluebells are at peak in bluebell season + 11966 steps


Fantastic learnings and engaging debate about Landlord Tenant Act 1954 at todays Commercial Property Mastermind


Tell me what you would like to see below.

Decided to get my hair done and rock a new style for tonight's Baker Street Property Meet with Ranjan Bhattacharya best property networking

Special Thanks to Victoria @ Beauty With Inn


Great tips to avoid landing in hot water with direct to vendor marketing with


Are you going to the UKs No1 property meeting? See you there next Wednesday 27th April


Beautiful days property mentoring with client today I love being a property coach. Love ❤ breaking with conventional methods of property coaching and helping move entrepreneur property investor client out of their comfort zone. Walking talking exercising

Our Story

No-one knows everything! There are many events being held all over the country each and every week, where you can meet like-minded people who understand what you are doing and, provide a supportive environment for you to constantly learn. Sometimes property investing can be a lonely business, as well as the fact that your family and friends probably just don’t get it.

We meet on 3rd Monday of the month in Warwickshire and 1st Tuesday of the month in West Midlands

Popular topics include

How to acquire property for virtually nothing
How to massively increase your cashflow
How to find the best property deals
How to avoid the biggest property mistakes
How to use Lease options to make money
Cutting edge tax and wealth planning
How to recycle your property cash
Why cash flow is king
How to control property with little input
Turning property into a business and what systems you need
How to maximise refurb’s

You will find service providers and other contacts from word of mouth recommendation, this is far better than the trial and error method that most investors experience.

While the market has been changing so much over the last few years, it is now particularly important to keep up to date with new strategies – the strategies that worked two years ago are probably not the best strategies to use right now.

These are just a few of the great reasons to attend property networking events, so get along to at least one a month!
How To Maximise Your Evening:

1. Make sure you have plenty of business cards to share your contact details. Aim to make 5 new contacts each month.

2. Make the most of your networking time arrive early at the event – Chat to the speaker and get to know the organisers, don’t get tied up with one person. Catching up with old friends is great but that should not be why you come!

3. Keep an open mind – There is always something new to learn, make sure you go home with at least one pearl of wisdom.

4. Why are you there? – What would you like to achieve from the evening?

5. Do you have a skill or service you can offer? You may meet a Joint Venture partner with complementary skills, speak up but don’t share your life history (interesting as it may well be!)

6. What will you do with your new contacts? Spreadsheet? Mailchimp? iContact? Your choice, but don’t just waste them in the bottom drawer of your desk!

7. Can I bring brochures, business cards and samples? Yes we have a PROMO table to help you promote your property business to landlords and investors and actively encourage you to do so!

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Dunchurch Park Hotel, Rugby Road
CV22 6QW

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The School of Art & Design is a long established part of further education in the town formerly as part of both East Warwickshire and Rugby Colleges, and now the Rugby Centre of Warwickshire College.

Piano and Flute Tuition Rugby Piano and Flute Tuition Rugby
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One to one professional qualified private music tutor Teaching the Flute and Piano from beginners through to diploma. musuc Theory lessons and grades.. Lessons are now face to face and are successful online via Skype or Zoom

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Rugby TKD is a Taekwon-do school teaching ITF Taekwon-do and self-defence. Based in Rugby, we run classes for Ninjas (4yrs-6yrs) and TKD (6 year olds to "never too olds"...!!!). TKD Weds @ 6 pm Ninjas Weds @ 5 pm

Our Lady's Primary School, Princethorpe Our Lady's Primary School, Princethorpe
Leamington Road
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Our page is for information sharing.

Moo Music Rugby Moo Music Rugby
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Moo Music is a brilliant fun music class for babies and children up to 7! We use multi-sensory props, games, actions and roleplay to bring our own professionally written songs to life!

DDMIX Midlands - Diverse Dance Mix DDMIX Midlands - Diverse Dance Mix
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Experience a new, fun, dance fitness full body workout created by Darcey Bussell and Nathan Clarke. Just bring your enthusiasm, trainers and get grooving!!

BJS Pre-Loved Uniform BJS Pre-Loved Uniform
Plantagenet Drive, Rugby, CV22 6, United Kingdom
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Buy donated items of school uniform for £1.00-£2.00 all proceeds go straight to the school.

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Amanda Black, Menopause Coach Amanda Black, Menopause Coach

Offering menopause coaching for women in their middle years. If you want to understand and tackle your peri-menopausal challenges, and embrace healthy ageing, visit my 'Tame the turbulence' FB group at

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Using my 15 years experience as a successful personal trainer to Improve players athletic ability in all sports Making expensive agility, speed and power testing equipment accessible to local teams, schools and players