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📢 Exciting News! 📢 Exciting News!
Mark your calendars for the UKs first ever in person Dyscalculia Show on March 15th-16th 2024, at the NEC Birmingham.
Join us in association with the Dyslexia Show for a two-day event dedicated to raising awareness and support for dyscalculia.
Let's make a difference together!

Register now via the show website

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Saying goodbye to beautiful Suffolk today… but excited to see my lovely families, students and clients again soon 🧡.

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Long post alert 😊.
So many misconceptions and wrong information floating around in so called ‘dyscalculia’ groups on FB.
Please note that these are not monitored and international. I don’t want to go into a full blown rant but just thought I’d give some of the facts for dyscalculia diagnosis in the UK.

You might know that I am a maths teacher with nearly 20y of teaching experience and also a level 7 qualified dyscalculia assessor with AMBDA and APC. I’m just saying this to let you know you are getting correct information because some of the information given in the posts are unfortunately inaccurate.
So… apologies for long post but here are the facts for dyscalculia diagnosis IN THE UK ONLY.

1. Educational Psychologist are very good at pinpointing something if you are not sure what it is you are looking for. Up until a few years ago that would have been your only option. However…

2. There are now a small number of highly qualified (level 7) dyscalculia assessors. I would recommend you see if one of them have availability to assess yourself or your child, they are specifically maths and dyscalculia trained and do a more in depth maths (and maths related issues) assessment in addition to all the cognitive tests an Ed Psych would do.

3. Please note that A LEVEL 7 DYSCALCULIA DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT TAKES AROUND 4-5 HOURS TO CONDUCT and that you need to make sure your assessor has a lot of maths teaching experience in order to give the right and specific recommendations for you or your child. The report you will receive should be 25-30 pages long and written according to SASC requirements.

4. Maths and dyscalculia specialist and L7 dyscalculia assessor with AMBDA and APC are very few and far between so I’m afraid you might need to travel. Many of us are listed on the dyscalculia network (link attached so you can search for someone nearer to you).

5. Schools can not do it. They might do a screener which is often inaccurate. Schools only have a few hours available with an Educational Psychologist who will most likely not be commissioned to look at dyscalculia.

6. some schools (local authorities) can buy in a service where they have someone come in to do an ‘assessment’ to look at the child’s maths. They will say there are ‘specific learning difficulties which are maths related’. THIS IS NOT A DYSCALCULIA DIAGNOSIS.

7. Unfortunately Dyscalculia/dyslexia diagnosis is a private service, the NHS doesn’t cover any dyscalculia/dyslexia assessments. No point asking your GP, they can’t refer because it’s educational not medical. Rates vary between £500-£900.

8. A dyscalculia diagnosis (or any diagnosis) does not automatically qualify someone for an EHCP.

Hope this helps 👍😊.

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It’s a recurring theme with the families I work with. Many schools don’t get that Rote learning DOES NOT WORK FOR OUR LEARNERS (sorry for the shouting) 🤦‍♀️.
This week again I had a meeting with a mum who’s daughter is expected to ‘learn’ a times tables by a certain date and WILL BE TESTED ON IT (sorry, shouting again, just frustrating when mum and I have been trying for the last year to explain to school that this poor girl has not even met the Y1 criteria and needs concrete and visual ways of learning, making connections rather then memorising facts).
Anyway, this might help some of the parents out there going through the same thing. Cat from the dyscalculia network is an authority on this and I definitely recommend both parents and teachers to do this course. Incredibly good value as well 👍👍.

Learning times tables and division by rote doesn't work for learners with dyscalculia or maths difficulties find out more about an alternative way with this webinar! Parents welcome!


Can you help the dyscalculia network?

We’re looking to speak to a parent and child affected by in , or for a BBC news story. Please get in touch if that’s you!


Save the date and look out for more details soon!


Joe’s an adult with dyscalculia. He’s sharing his story of how finding the right support has made al the difference xx

'I was a child trying to navigate a world that seemed to revolve around numbers, while those very numbers felt like an ever-shifting puzzle. It was like playing a game without knowing the rules.
The emotional toll was immense.'

Read more about Joe's journey with Dyscalculia here -


A beautiful poem about what it feels like to be a child with dyscalculia, written by my dear friend and dyscalculia specialist colleague Sarah Jones.

In the first week of term we reflect on this fabulous poem by the talented Sarah Jones... let's keep an eye out for learners struggling with maths and be the ones to make the difference...


I get contacted by many people who say their child has dyscalculia because they have been diagnosed by ... (fill in the blanks). At some point I do intend to have a massive rant about the misleading practices of some people who call themselves assessors but that is not the point here. Today I would like to point out that I tried this screener to see if it would add anything to my assessment of a lovely young person. According to the screener she scores 'high' on all the criteria... I watched her complete all the questions and all my observations show that yes, she did get the right answers but after putting in a lot of effort, finger counting and doubting herself several times. The young person is Dyscalculic... according to the screener there is absolutely no issue whatsoever!!! These screeners also produce many FALSE POSITIVE results!!! If you or your child have a maths learning difficulty please speak to a qualified dyscalculia assessor. A diagnostic assessment takes 5-6 hours to conduct and comes with a 30 page report... a diagnosis is not achieved in a 30 minute online test. Rant over (for a bit).


As requested! Our first full day online Dyscalculia CPD /training day! Will be recorded for those of you not in the UK.

Contact us to book in!

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Highly recommend this webinar by Pete Jarrett! I have no doubt it will be very interesting👍👍👍

Don't miss Succeed with Dyslexia's Dyscalculia in the Workplace webinar! 🧮 📣

Join Pete Jarrett as he sheds light on dyscalculia challenges for adults in the workplace. Discover effective strategies, seek support, and gain a holistic understanding of dyscalculia.

Register here:


That was a brilliant day 🧡

One of our Level 7 specialist Dyscalculia Teachers and Assessors Marijke Walters was invited to deliver a workshop to the current cohort of trainee teachers at the University of Sheffield.
During teacher training most trainees usually receive only a very small amount of input on how to support the young people in their classroom with Specific Learning Difficulties. The University of Sheffield is trying to change that by bringing in highly experienced specialist teachers to work with their trainee teachers.
It's fantastic to see now many were interested in Dyscalculia!
Well done Marijke!


Dyscalculia in Adults Webinar... if you missed it not to worry you can watch it here - our amazing Adult Dyscalculic team sharing their stories and a GREAT bit of news at the end!


Highly recommend these sessions! Rob and Cat are extremely knowledgeable 👍👍

Just a reminder that we have two great sessions coming up this week on using games for learners with dyscalculia and maths difficulties.. a session for parents and one for teachers!

More info in comments ❤️


Sounds like they’ve only just started!!!! The Dyscalculia Network have definitely put dyscalculia on the map now!!!!! Can’t wait for next year’s event 👍👍👍👍 # # #

Wow! What an AMAZING day yesterday was! Huge thanks to -

Our sponsors Katie Nelson- Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Academy, Arran Smith SENDGroup and!

The educator conference speakers Mahesh Sharma, Steve Chinn, Kinga Morsanyi, Judy Hornigold, Pete Jarrett and Jane Emerson - you were all FANTASTIC!

The parent Conference host Katie Nelson and Alison Tallentire Dyslexia Services, Maths and Dyscalculia Tutoring Fixit Maths (thanks for the photo too!) Louise Langford, Carol Handyside, Spot On With Numbers, Amanda Davey Dyscalculia and Jet Lewin for BRILLIANT parent webinars!

The most amazing adult Dyscalculia Advisory board group Peter, Silvie, Rose and Emily! Your dedication, fabulous videos and heartfelt webinar were all OUTSTANDING!

Everyone who participated, shared and got trending.

THANK YOU ALL! Together we can make a difference # # #

Photos from Dyslexia & Dyscalculia Academy's post 04/03/2023

Proud to have been able to add something to this amazing event 🥰


Rose came to me for a dyscalculia assessment. I often get asked the question ‘what’s the point of being assessed?’.
Well… have a look at this little video Rose made 🥰

Have you considered a dyscalculia assessment for you or your child? Here Rose shares a little of her experience as an adult going for a dyscalculia assessment...



We are super excited for today and hope everyone has a wonderful day! See you soon!


The lovely Rose explaining one of the little things that help her with her dyscalculia 🥰


Dyscalculia Day 2023 - FREE WEBINAR with the Dyscalculia Network team!

More information here-


Dyscalculia awareness the celebrity way and another shout out for dyscalculia day on the 3rd March 👍👍. Get tickets if you haven’t done so already 👌.


It is imperative to note that Dyscalculia Assessors are highly qualified individuals who have spent thousands of pounds and years of their lives completing a degree, postgraduate degree, working in education often for ten years or more (but min. 2), and then go on to study (and pay for) another two years at post graduate level in order to become qualified.


Fabulous opportunity for parents, educators and individuals with dyscalculia. I am doing a little session on GCSE support but judging from the programme it will be full of other really interesting stuff!!!! Get yourself booked on 👍👍👍

Dyscalculia Day 2023!

Our Educator Webinar Conference! AMAZING world renowned Dyscalculia specialist speakers!

Buy your tickets here with our special early bird discount! Webinar link and later the recording will be sent to all delegates.


It is so important to know that unfortunately Dyscalculia Diagnosis is NOT funded by the NHS and yes, it is expensive.
Next week I will publish a post explaining the WHY behind the cost of the assessment 👍.


Working with older learners it’s not something I often need to work on but I absolutely love the way Rob shows a way to help children who tend to write their numbers the wrong way round 🧡

Writing numbers the correct way around can be difficult for younger learners and learners with Dyscalculia and Dyslexia.

In this great video Rob shares his top tips for helping students to form numbers correctly!


Very very humbling to read this…. So proud of this lovely student!! If you can, please could you put a little comment on the original post. She has decided to remain anonymous and it would be so encouraging to her to feel all your support and admiration at what she’s achieved 🧡🧡🧡🧡

A Dyscalculia Network success story...

'In school, I couldn't get my head around maths. I always struggled...'

Changed to ...

'As an adult I never thought the day would come that I would ever understand maths, let alone pass my maths exam.'

Read more about this fantastic success here -

If you need some extra support please don't hesitate to reach out and make that first step towards your own success story...


Great meeting last week with other dyscalculia professionals 👍👍👍

Last week Dyscalculia Network listed assessors took part in an exclusive CPD training session on adult Dyscalculia assessment with the amazing Pete Jarrett!

Everyone learned so much and left full of enthusiasm to assess more adults! ❤️

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I’m doing it !!!!

O my word, I am quite nervous but here we go... let the tutoring begin.

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I AM CHUFFED TO PIECES🤩🤩🤩! We can now help even more learners to achieve their full potential in maths!!!!! My little te...
Number Bonds
Square roots
A remake of my original 'square numbers', now with voice-over.



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