We are always delighted to share links from our positive friends at Qualitymind. With possible easing of Lockdown rules around the corner and things looking to change, now is the time to to become your own pilot for the journey ahead.
Cliff Jerred 👏
We have know Qualitymind for a good few years now and can thoroughly recommend his life coaching skills. These recent VLog’s are short and hit the right note.
Have a look at his page and get in touch with Cliff for inspiration and motivation 👍

Whether a one off session or a series of sessions, As The No nonsense Coach, I’ll help you look at

Operating as usual

Photos from Qualitymind's post 31/05/2023

A trip down “Amnesia Way” for those of us at a certain age, and Raleigh are launching a brand new version of the MK1 1970 original.


Applause! I thank you. 🙏


It’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mental ill health can be crippling. The effects of anxiety on your mind,
having a regular sense of dread, or fearing the worst. Feeling like the world is speeding up or slowing down. The paranoia of everyone looking at you. Feeling like you can't stop worrying, or that bad things will happen if you stop worrying. That intense overwhelming feeling is so difficult to untangle. Talking helps. The most daunting first step in all things is the hardest. Weight lifts when you find someone who listens. Reach out. Take that first step.


What is it?

Life coaching inspires coachees to turn their dreams into action.
Real results are demonstrated through actions not just words. Repeating good habits creates transformational thinking and sustainable long lasting benefits for you and everyone around you. Being present allows you to live your desired future in the now.


A really good reminder for us all. Sometimes going back to basics is a great leveller.


When you get this into your inbox you know you’re doing something right.

“Through my coaching with Qualitymind I have been encouraged to and have been given the tools to become the person I want to be. I have been given a safe place to vent with no judgement.
I have been able to take the right steps to improve myself in ways I never felt was possible. This has enabled me to grow as a person and progress in the workplace.
From the beginning of my coaching journey January 2023 to now I can feel the difference in not just my mindset but my attitude to life. I no longer feel like I am a burden to the world, I know my purpose and I can finally say I see a future for myself.
The journey I have been on and continue to be on hasn’t been easy or without set backs but with the support of Cliff I have been able to give myself permission to feel emotions the ways I do and given the right ways to deal with these feelings healthily.
Overall I cannot express how grateful I am for the support, tools and guidance given over the last four months as I would have never thought I could be as positive as I am today knowing that if something is to go wrong I have the capability to influence the way I respond.


Forward thinking in the present.

I have been fortunate enough to bring coaching to a group of people for whom private life coaching may not have been a practical consideration.

I’m working with a business who adds value to their employees outside of the key business metrics. The ability for staff to book time for coaching, to discuss any and all issues. If I can help, I do. If I need to signpost for specialist counselling, I do. If I see a requirement for a GP referral or a meds review, I do. One size does not fit all. This work is showing positive results, proving that listening really works. When people tell me frequently, “you’ve hit the nail on the head”, I am privileged that they open up and find a way to move forward. Never underestimate the power of listening, the glory of action and the bliss of growth.


Happy Sunday - a different perspective can energise, vitalise and create growth. This week has been enabling coachees to see more clearly, nourish their soul and untangle their mind. Join me, if you too want to feel more in control.


People talk about a new chapter in their life. Sometimes it’s possible to finish that book and start a new one. The new you can take learning from volume 1 but as the author of volume 2 you can make it whatever you desire.


I dislike this phrase. You live every day, you only die once.


Always good to keep current. Always good to keep learning.
Always good to keep mindful.
Always good to repeat good practises.


This is a picture of Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) he was an American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, his quote which I use a lot is…. ““Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,” Enable yourself to believe you can!


I’ve talked a lot about washing machines this week, as an analogy which resonates with many of my clients, translating theories or models into plain simple language is key to using knowledge to benefit others without using jargon or fancy titles! Happy Friday everyone 🏆


“Time to talk” day today - I’ve listened to and talked with 7 clients today all of whom needed to talk - what a wonderful opportunity to support people who have been coping with so much and can now start putting themselves first and working on dealing strategies towards taking back control. Such a privilege for me to be a safe space, a confidant and a listener. You are important, you are worthy, you are unique and you are beautiful.


Too busy? Make an appointment with yourself and make yourself as important as everyone else.


What a lovely piece of writing to receive. ❤️

Thoughts are not reality, just take it from the best.
Leave off the victim t.shirt, time to take a rest.
Take the time to help yourself, it's really for the best.
You really can't imagine the freedom that it gives.
When all the bad things in your brain, move out so you can live.
I can't describe the freedom when they all move out,
Those unwanted thoughts and feelings, the element of doubt.
So come on 'bite the bullet' it's the only way,
Sign up and get your toolbag from your Life Coach today.


This week has been heavy in terms of subject matter. Mental ill health is seriously on the rise. People this week from 19-70 yrs old from all walks of life trust me enough to share their historical trauma and their current struggles so we can work on carving out a much more hopeful future. Tears aplenty this week but every person has told me they are tears of relief and or enlightenment from knowing they can start to regain control, did you know, we have three distinct types of tears: basal tears, reflex tears and emotional tears. Most researchers believe that emotional tears—triggered by strong feelings such as joy and sadness—are unique to humans! Crying is good.


This week has been heavy in terms of subject matter. Mental ill health is seriously on the rise. People this week from 19-70 yrs old from all walks of life trust me enough to share their historical trauma and their current struggles so we can work on carving out a much more hopeful future. Tears aplenty this week but every person has told me they are tears of relief and or enlightenment from knowing they can start to regain control, did you know, we have three distinct types of tears: basal tears, reflex tears and emotional tears. Most researchers believe that emotional tears—triggered by strong feelings such as joy and sadness—are unique to humans! Crying is good.


For a variety of clients, I use the Stephen Covey’s CIA circles which can help to break a problem down so it is less overwhelming. Which strategy or strategies work for you?


The days are short, prices are rising, wherever we look the world is demising.

In December we have hope, when it can be difficult to cope.
In December we have trees adorned in decoration, yet put on a smile of adoration.
In December we hope for a better year ahead and let aspirational thoughts fill our head

Let’s do what we can to be the best we can be, kind to all, how good would that be?


Human Flowerpotting for 24hrs - what’s not to like? 🌻


We can’t erase trauma, however, we can reduce the impact it has on us through coaching. Taking control rather than it controlling you provides immediate lightening of that burden.

Here’s a waterfall, unrelated but what a lovely picture!


A fantastic opportunity to facilitate
a new initiative which is being run in a group setting, immediate feedback is always good and here’s a snapshot from some of the participants…

“The session was a good way to view how everyone works and give a fresh perspective on the job and coming to work”

“I found the session very useful. It helped me from a management perspective, to understand how different people operate and then how to manage different characters”

It reinforced that I wasn’t the only one dealing with these conversations and feelings.

Discussing common difficulties with colleagues and bouncing ideas and comments off each other gave me a different perspective of these situations , and opened new ways of dealing with them”

“The biggest takeaway for me was realising life isn’t a rehearsal . It’s not selfish to look after your own happiness”

“It helped me focus on the positives in life and not to dwell on the negatives. To know that everyone is different and to look to the future.
A space to offload and reflect”

“The untangled session was really useful to wind down after work and dedicate some time to do something for myself and my mental health.

It was really comforting as some people shared their own experiences & ways of thinking, a lot of which I could also personally relate to. Was super helpful to learn some new perspectives and also some techniques without the pressure of feeling like I had to divulge my personal experiences. “


Show you love by listening not just hearing.


This is truly amazing - what a mind blowing figure - thank you to all involved for making this an incredible success.
In such difficult times for people it just goes to show what can be achieved.

Pleased to say that an amazing figure of £32,000 has been raised for the Forgotten Veterans UK charity by the Portsmouth Remembers group. A final thanks to all those that walked the walk, the organisers, the business sponsors, staff at the charity and of course the magnificent community of Portsmouth. The bottom line is to increase awareness for the charity and enable the funds to help the lives of armed forces veterans who find themselves in vulnerable situations…. Of this we should be proud.


A lot of the issues in life would not exist if people talked to each other rather than talking about each other.

Are you having problem confirming conversations or problem solving conversations?




This morning whilst driving on a beautiful country lane on the way to a meeting I saw a child cycling furiously, blazer flapping in the breeze - I thought, I bet he hates cycling to school but one day he might return to that lane to reminisce about his “good old days” cycling to school along that beautiful lane. Enjoy the moment, be present and celebrate the mundane as well as the big events. What will you centre on today?


Why eggs?

The egg, an ancient symbol of new life, has been associated with pagan festivals celebrating spring. From a Christian perspective, Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus' emergence from the tomb and resurrection.
Whatever your stance or belief, grasp this time of new life to start living and stop procrastinating! Do it, do it now. If not now, when? If not you, who? You’re the CEO of your life. 😀🐣


This edited photo was a gift from a client while I was typing some notes. Just a simple kind action shared is literally worth 1000 words. What will you do today to brighten someone else’s day?


Selfless commitment to others. ♥️


I’m quietly enjoying seeing the sun rise before the day starts to unfold. What are the highlights of the day you're looking forward to?

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